Get well soon Angshukanta Chakraborty!

If there ever was a case of Modi derangement syndrome, this must be it. The shock is that a major news outlet like India Today would publish such an assault on good sense and logic. Guess what Modi did now?



OMG! By talking of going from “Swaraj” to “Surajya”, Narendra Modi has raised the curtains on his evil plan to snatch our democracy.  Tell me, Madam Angshukanta, what exactly are the spirits whispering in your ear?

After all, as Madam Angshukanta says, “Surajya” is open to Hindu supremacist interpretation and is bound to lead to fascism. A bit like the “Ram Rajya” suggested by Mahatma Gandhi. But then, that old Mahatma guy had a lot of really bad ideas, chief among them the idea that the Congress party should have been dismantled after independence. After all, who in his right mind would want to throw away such a fantastic vehicle for bestowing patronage on flatterers and sycophants?

Can you believe her madness?

He said: “Surajya is a qualitative and positive change in the lives of the citizens of India. It is to make administration sensitive, accountable and dedicated to the common man.”

The only problem is, minus the self-rule, the democratic republic vanishes into thin air. Self-rule, or Swaraj, is the bedrock of a republic – rule of the people. Self-rule is the premise and guarantee of the universal adult franchise, the backbone of democracy.”

Yes, my friends, this is what Modi derangement syndrome looks like in the final stages, before the victim finally has to be checked into a mental health facility. What is Angshukanta talking about? When did Modi call for an end to voting and universal adult franchise and democracy? What a bizarre thing to say…

I swear to god some of the hyperbole here reads like Faking News and is beyond parody:

The (intended) journey from Swaraj to Surajya may be couched in an apolitical language of “Reform, Perform, Transform”, but in reality it is the relay race from an India of multiple faiths, cultures, languages and sexualities to the quasi-fascist uniformism of “Ek Bharat, Sresth Bharat”. That is, in fact, what the Sangh Parivar desires and has made known in no uncertain terms.”

Yes, indeed the road to fascism begins with calling for “Reform, perform and transform”. The quasi-fascist uniformism of “Ek Bharat, Shresht Bharat”? Apparently, that is the antithesis of the democratic war cry of “Bharat tere tukde honge”. We need to break the country into pieces. Just to make sure we do not end up “quasi-fascist uniformism”.

PM Modi’s role seems to be to wrap the complete Sanghification of India in the glittery paper of technocracy, aided by an army of Twitter handles and Facebook pages…

Don’t worry Angshukta Madam, those Facebook and Twitter armies will never succeed in snatching India, not as long as our democracy is being guarded zealously by about 4-5 multi million dollar media houses. You know…like India today group. I don’t know about you, but I feel really safe leaving our national conscience in the hands of these 4-5 media conglomerates…

he laid out his idea of Surajya – another version of Good Governance – in which online availability of services, the pop economics of digitalised India and a jumble of feel-good numbers replaced Swaraj…”

Yes the “pop economics” of digitised India, as opposed to …you know…that visionary Communism of the Soviet Union that Nehru described as the only reason “the future is full of hope”. Sure, as Pandit Nehru conceded here, much has happened in the Soviet Union with which he doesn’t agree:

But then those events were small in the grand scheme of the great new future of humanity being unveiled in the Soviet Union. Who cares about a few million people massacred … In his own words, Panditji explains:

If the future is full of hope it is largely because of Soviet Russia and what it has done, and I am convinced that, if some world catastrophe does not intervene, this new civilisation will spread to other lands and put an end to the wars and conflicts which capitalism feeds.”

Thank god for Soviet Russia and the hope it gives us. No fear of “quasi-fascist uniformism”there…the one thing guaranteed by the Soviet future is true democracy, no?

The rest of Angshukanta’s article continues in the same vein, throwing bizarre allegations.. finding wildly ridiculous connections to attacks on Dalits and what not. And all sorts of made up nonsense about secret designs of the Sangh parivar to do this or that.

Despite its faults, Angshukanta’s article is a fantastic case study in liberal schizophrenia. Modi makes a perfectly tame call for “Surajya” and liberal losers manage to decipher behind it fantastic secret designs to take away the right to vote! On the other hand, Pandit Nehru used to openly slobber over Soviet dictators and express his fanatical admiration for the Communist system. But he never gets accused by any liberal of nefarious designs. That wild allegation is placed at Modi’s door…

Just let this settle in: Nehru used to call the Soviet Union the “great hope” and no liberal ever heard any fascist undertones there. Modi calls for “Surajya” and liberals find in it the blueprint for taking away our voting rights.

And remember, this is not just liberal schizophrenia. This is also a failure of the right wing to make its place in the intellectual discourse.

Meanwhile, let me tell you this, Madam Angshukanta. To borrow a line from South Park, there is no need to be scared of things that don’t exist. There are lots of real  things to be scared of: like ManBearPig! It’s a creature that is half man, half bear and half pig! Look…it’s coming for you 🙂 Run!

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14 thoughts on “Get well soon Angshukanta Chakraborty!

  1. Conspiracy theory has arrived…..this author is making up conspiracy where there is none!

    The congi’s tried with hindutva terror ,RaGa even went ahead and told the world at international level,now the cat is out of the bag…..everybody knows the truth!

    As usual you have shredded her article and her theory!…well done!

    CW she is already scared of her imaginary theory,on top of that you are scaring her even more with ‘ManBearPig’….poor thing!


  2. Of course when one has gotten used to sops of durrajya under the mask of swarajya one gets terrified when surajya is ushered in.These libs are no different from the rakshasas of yore.


  3. Type writer. This illiterate presstitute must be using typewriter. She has never heard of upgrades, like window 1234567 or apple iphone new upgraded versions. She has never imagined any other name for Indian Film Industry than Bollywood. So, she thinks from Swarajya to Surajya does not mean human civiliizational path like building up educational institutions to preserve and innovate every next generation because she is illiterate presstitute.


  4. How can a Leftist/Marxist ever get well ? Once afflicted by this disease the individual starts talking trash and behaving in a rubbish manner The typical Leftist trait is to use lots of words to express hatred of Hindus in overt and covert manners and Angshukanta’s rubbish article just that. There has to be a digital dustbin on the Internet to throw such rubbish.


    1. As I said before, this article is embarrassing even by standards of conspiracy theories. The author should be careful because she is fully in the grip of Modi derangement syndrome. There is only a short distance left before she finds herself in a mental asylum, angrily scribbling Modi this, Modi that on the walls…


      1. I am now wondering if a lunatic asylum is located near the dailyO office and inmates who scribble Modi this or that on the walls escape and start writing Modi this/that on the Internet


        1. He he..quite possible. We cannot assume that these writers are on their way into the mental asylum. Probably they have been brought out of asylum specifically for this purpose.


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