Can Modi turn around his Pakistan policy?

If there is one aspect that Narendra Modi has definitely mishandled (very) badly, it is Pakistan policy. We have seen nothing but confusion on this front. The nadir was reached when the Prime Minister showed up on Nawaz Sharif’s birthday. No wait…the nadir was reached when Pakistan’s ISI came to our soil to investigate the Pathankot terror attack. What was gained from this will always be an abiding mystery….

But finally, finally we have seen some “green shoots” (the color is ironic, I know) in the Modi government’s Pakistan policy. Here’s to hitting exactly the right note:

Precisely! FINALLY…finally someone is asking the right questions. Why on earth must India allow itself to be lectured by the Pakistani government and intellectual terrorists from Arun***i Roy to Kanhaiyya Kumar regarding Kashmir? The real international issue should be Pakistan having to answer the world on atrocities in PoK (including in Gilgit Baltistan) and Balochistan. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan are among the most oppressed people in the whole world. Even whatever little tottering democracy Pakistan has is denied to those people: they do not even get to vote for any representatives in Pakistani parliament, they even need an “exit visa” from the Pakistani Army to travel outside Gilgit Baltistan into Pakistan.

The real human rights tragedy in the Indian subcontinent is not Kashmir, but Balochistan. But of course liberals would never be interested in Balochistan. Why? Because liberals are basically parasites who live off the fat of the land. The corridors of Lutyens Delhi actually have something to offer, which is why liberal parasites go there to feast. They wouldn’t care about Balochistan, because Pakistan does not have any extra fat that the liberals can eat. Pakistan is a beggar itself. How will it feed the parasites?

Have you ever wondered why liberals never take on peaceful countries but only worry about “human rights violations” in US and Europe? Because these wealthy countries have a lot of extra fat for the parasites to feed on..

Coming back to Balochistan, this is without doubt a historical failure and a missed opportunity for India. It has always been a full toss ball right there for the hitting. Instead of hitting it out of the stadium and putting Pakistan on the mat over its conduct in Balochistan, we have been stupidly defensive, trying to explain our actions in Kashmir. Perception is everything and when a country spends that much time explaining why they are innocent, people begin to suspect that they MUST be guilty. That’s what has happened to India.

For now, Modi has decided to turn the tables. Forget Kashmir. What is there to talk about? We are a sovereign democratic country and we know what we are doing. We have nothing to explain. It is time for the wild, chaotic, failed state next door to explain what they are doing in Balochistan. It’s sort of amazing as well as pathetic that we have not been able to capitalize on this issue…despite the fact that Pakistan has ZERO international credibility. This should have been super easy. I can’t believe we are only starting NOW!

The question is whether Modi can stay the course. If he can hold on to this line, he will enjoy the legacy of being the Prime Minister who decisively turned around the India-Pakistan equation. We won all the wars, but we have been failing at this insidious rudaali game over “human rights” being played by Hafiz Sayeed certified intellectuals in India.

As an added bonus, Modi gets to make the lemmings in the Opposition take the most suicidal political positions:

Of course they will blindly oppose anything Modi does… Please use this fact to your advantage, Mr. Prime Minister. Against both Pakistan and the Opposition. The lines between the two have become really blurred anyways…

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PS: 1) I am guessing the PM will use the Red Fort tomorrow to speak on attacks on Dalits. Let me see if I win this bet.

2) Oh…and its August 14th today. A very Happy Independence Day to all our intellectuals…


17 thoughts on “Can Modi turn around his Pakistan policy?

  1. Yes Modi’s statement on POK and Balochistan are a welcome sign. It signals the realization of the establishment that only after Pakistan is broken into smaller countries will the terror factories stop.

    Stopping the terror factories of Pakistan should be the top priority of not only India but the world. If the cancer called Pakistan is not surgically repaired in next few years, this cancer will take down humanity.


  2. Actually its all part of a big game. Believe me or not but sometime in 2018-19, America with allied Nations and with some help from India will denuclearize Pakistan. Reasons…
    1) Pakistani is a National Security state. As we have witnessed in past, National Security states have do not last long. Example USSR and Nazi Germany.
    2) National security state that upholds any religion as a national foundational ideology cannot be either sustainable, nor stable, nor believe in peaceful co-existence.
    And there are more reasons as such that will compell the like minded countries to carry out the denuclearization of Islamistan.


  3. I do not doubt that at some future date the US Government may want to denuclearize Pakistan. But it won’t happen if Hillary Clinton becomes the President. She is deeply DEEPLY beholden to Saudi Arabia and won’t do anything to anger them. So this is one more reason for us Indians to pray for a Trump victory.


    1. Sir I will have to disagree with you. Any Person who takes the oath as POTUS will and has to keep the National interest of US above his or her thinking. Also, Hillary like her brainbrain less contender Seems to be clueless wrt Pakistan. Even if Hillary comes to power which is more than confirmed, she will have to carry out remaining tasks chalked out by her predecessor. That’s a hallmark of American Foreign policy . No matter who warms the chair, policies are implemented ruthlessly. Saudis won’t make noise. Believe me sir, only reason why Iran agreed to tone down its Nuclear program was the assurance by US that Sunni Pakistan will not create problems for the Shiite state of Iran with its Chinese toys(everyone knows who gave those IRP scientists bomb-making material).


      1. Below tweets of KanchanGupta is the reality!!

        1. কাঞ্চন গুপ্ত ‏@KanchanGupta  8h
        If Hillary goes to White House, she will unleash both Tim Kaine and Huma Abedin on India. The trio will pump up Pakistanis, Khalistanis.

        2.কাঞ্চন গুপ্ত ‏@KanchanGupta  9h
        Tim Kaine has been lending voice to Khalistanis, savaging India on bogus ‘award wapsi’, and demanding unrestricted right to convert Hindus.

        3.কাঞ্চন গুপ্ত ‏@KanchanGupta  9h
        Hillary Clinton as POTUS, with India-baiter Tim Kaine as VP and Islamist Huma Abedin as close aide, will be a total nightmare for India.

        4.কাঞ্চন গুপ্ত ‏@KanchanGupta  8h
        During Bill Clinton’s first presidency India had to suffer a meddlesome & obnoxious Robin Raphel who gifted us Hurriyat Conference in 1993.


  4. Despite his unparalleled political wisdom, Modi has failed miserably in handling the Kashmir issue. In fact right from the beginning of his tenure, he has been dithering, confused and procrastinating. He moved in a diametrically opposite direction to what he professed before the elections, in fact he just followed the Pak policy of the previous government by being submissive, patronizing and defensive. India has seen abject failure of this pacifist approach for last about seventy years, we were always soft and diffident, and the result was that the Kashmir problem instead of resolving became more complex. During the LS election speeches, he had always sounded aggressive and assured “TALKS AND TERROR CANNOT GO TOGETHER.” And this was mood of the nation when he was elected. Instead Modi fell into same trap of internal and international pressures of pro Pak brigade. We have seen talks fail time and again. You cannot expect Pak to act against Terrorists, they are their own men without uniforms. They are soldiers of their guerilla war against India. They are intrinsic to Pak’s internal politics and external policies. So, though belated, the aggressive retort from the PM is a welcome step, but it remains to be seen whether this time he will stand firm or again veer around.

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  5. I don’t know where I read, but actually around 1980 when morarji desai was our PM, Israel suggested a plan, where Israel had would destroy Pakistan nuclear facilities by attacking from air. Pakistan was developing nuclear capability and Israel was afraid that, Muslims can use that nuclear bomb on they requested India to enter from balochistan side, to keep Pakistan army busy there. But as expected being from the family of incompetent party. Desai rejected this deal. I am sure, at least modi will not commit this mistake. Modi has asked a valid question, which not a single Indian PM has asked.

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    1. We missed our opportunity. China would love to see a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
      The west would be indifferent, they would use it as an example to the rest of the world of how ” immature countries” shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.
      Our salvation lies with Israel. It is the only country that can and WILL help us.


  6. CW you are so right …Pakistan which is a miserably failed state manufacturing terrorists,carrying out cross boarder terrorism,atrocities being carried out on Indian territory…. why should India answer to anyone!?

    If at all the pakis have to answer!

    All those diplomacy thingy carried by Mr.Modi in continuation to the earlier government was the dumbest thing to do in my opinion!

    It is about time India starts talking of taking back POK and liberating Balochistan!


  7. Modi is essentially playing a 60-overs limited overs match, and he has just completed 27 overs. The real action will be seen only in the slog overs above 40. Talk of POK/Baluchistan is the first six he has hit, showing the audience that he will hit many 6’s after 40-45 overs.


  8. These are some excerpts from another blog.
    “The ‘Mansooba’ (plan) for de-nuclearising Pakistan was born way back in 2003 itself by the US neo-cons & over the years this policy approach has been adopted by both the US Democrats & Republicans, as well as by the GCC member-states & by Iran & Afghanistan. For, everyone today believes that Pakistan’s ‘zaroorat se ziada thekedaari’ attitude will one day (by 2018) cause it to threaten Israel with nuclear WMDs once the Type 032 Qing-class submarines armed with SLBMs & SLCMs start arriving at Ormara’s PNS Jinnah naval base. This in turn will severely threaten both Saudi & Iranian leaderships of the Sunni & Shia sects. The GCC member-states know the apocalyptic consequences of all this only too well & therefore they have since ditched Pakistan & have turned to India & Israel for strategic protection & for maintenance of balance-of-power in the Middle East. So, how did this all come about?

    Details of India’s contribution remain secret to this day & will be till 2018 at least, but what I can reveal & share on the eve of Independence Day is that it was for this reason that Saudi Arabia bestowed NaMo with its highest civilian honour during NaMo’s last official visit to Saudi Arabia. What possible strategic assistance could India have extended to the GCC member-states? Possibly about 6 Agni-3 ballistic missiles (that never entered service in India) have ended up in Saudi Arabia (to replace the CSS-2 MRBMs of Chinese origin that were supplied in the late 1980s) minus their nuclear warheads, with the Israelis being the supplier of such warheads. Such tectonic strategic re-alignments & convergences have allowed the GCC member-states to start distancing themselves from Pakistan & therefore Pakistan has become totally irrelevant to the Arabs. At the same time Iran, which has a robust arsenal of MRBMs & IRBMs of North Korean origin, requires the finances of India & the GCC member-states for revitalising the Iranian economy & those of Afghanistan & the Central Asian Republics. Thus, a multinational coalition of the willing has since emerged comprising the GCC member-states, the US & EU, the UK, Israel, India, Iran & Afghanistan that are unanimously in favour of de-nuclearising Pakistan.

    This will remain a world-classic example of ‘multinational realpolitik’ as propagated by Kautilya/Chanakya for several years to come, & that’s how big countries play games. In case of Pakistan, when the ‘Dug-Dugi’ starts getting played, the only ‘bandars’ dancing to the beat are the ones in Islamabad & Beijing–one more reason why Mr.Wang Yi was looking so glum yesterday in New Delhi.”

    This can surely answer many questions.


  9. I believe Narendra Modi has applied our age old policy tricks of “Sam, Dam, Bhed and Dand” on Pakistan. Apparently he is at “Bhed” part of that policy when he started to emphasize on Pakistan’s weaknesses. His unannounced visit to Pakistan, paying utmost respect to Nawab Sherif’s elderly mother and going out of the way in providing ‘Guided’ tour to ISI must be part of “Sam” equation which obviously did not work.


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