War on Pipal trees : Secularism reaches peak of self parody mode

If you thought it was just about Vande Mataram, think again.

If you thought it was just about “Bharat Mata ki jai”, think again.

So, we heard last week that there is a school on Indian soil, operating in a large Indian city like Allahabad, where the national anthem is banned.

The excuse? The anthem contains the words “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata”, which apparently makes the one true god very angry.

As the next step, someone may object to the Ashok Chakra in the flag and want it to be replaced by a crescent. Someone might point out that depiction of living things is haraam in the religion of peace and so we have to change the 4 lions appearing in the Sarnath symbol….and so on. Not to mention that the big saffron band on top of the flag is already an affront to the messengers of peace. As it is, in the fashionable circles of Lutyens Delhi, it’s already considered regressive to refer to “saffron” as “saffron”. The politically correct name is “orange”.

Here is one member of the Lutyens nobility, who couldn’t get the name of the color right even after two tries:


Here’s the second try, six minutes later:


And that’s India’s “Numero Uno” historian, like India’s “Numero Uno” political analyst used to tell his friend who happened to be India’s “Numero Uno” psephologist. Remember?

See, we can try, we can make jokes about them, but secularism has gone so deep into the realm of self parody that it now beats our efforts at satire:


For friends who might not be able to read Hindi, let me summarize quickly: the Uttar Pradesh government recently began a statewide tree planting drive. Saplings were planted across Lucknow and many other cities. Now, a few weeks later, the UP Housing Development Board has actually come and uprooted the newly planted peepal saplings from several parts of Lucknow!! Why on earth? Because there were worries that Hindus might start worshipping the peepal trees… And the article literally quotes the officer of the government saying that “there is a concern that people might build temples at the foot of the peepal trees”. What else? The article also says that the UP Housing Board officer clearly told the people that he was under “orders from above”. 

Yes, my friends, this is where secularism has brought us. The reality actually beats any satire we could have come up with!

Just think about that for a second. The tree plantation drive was started by Akhilesh himself and it was the UP government itself that planted the peepal trees. But such is the strength of the Sharia complex in the shadows of Lucknow’s power corridors that they actually came back and uprooted the peepal trees! The monster of secularism is not only on a rampage, the monster has now broken free of its secular masters. The Chief Minister himself was blindsided by the Sharia lobby. He did not see it coming. In a  top rung secular party like the Samajwadi, secularism is no longer an instrument, it has taken on a life of its own. Inside the Samajwadi party itself, Mullah Mulayam and Akhilesh have unleashed forces that are no longer under their control. 

Yes and it comes to this. We used to laugh at absurd and silly fatwas in distant countries in the Middle East and Africa. Fatwas against eating samosas in East Africa (locally called “sambusas” because the triangular shape is “unIslamic”. It’s all coming to a city, to a neighborhood near you… In my whole life, I could never imagine someone hating a peepal tree. It’s a peepal tree…folks! Little children in schools are taught to plant trees…we are all told to love trees. In a rapidly urbanizing country where environmental pollution is becoming an existential threat, you would have thought that at least the shade of a large tree would be something above controversy! No, thanks to secularism, we now gotta check the tree before we sit in its shade: is it a secular tree or a communal tree?

We did this to ourselves.

PS: I understand that many readers may not be familiar with “iNext”, the newspaper from which this news item is sourced. It is a part of the Jagran group and the original article can be found at this link: (http://inextepaper.jagran.com/898546/INEXT-LUCKNOW/07-08-16#page/1/1)

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31 thoughts on “War on Pipal trees : Secularism reaches peak of self parody mode

  1. Independence Day coming up.Hoping that a libtard makes an anti national statement so that BJP can use the nationalism card again.


      1. CW – I agree that UP is important from a momentum perspective, RS numbers etc. But by treating every election as a Modi/BJP vs “them”(the them changes depending on state), I feel we tend to dampen the power of the Modi brand and put it at risk for a 2019 win. State elections are very state-centric and based on people’s perception of what the CM-elect can do for the state. However, when voting for a national leader, people have a different perspective. I have numerous friends who would always vote Modi at the national level but probably wouldn’t vote BJP at the state level because of differing ideologies.

        On a separate note, agree about a Dalit-centric focus on I-Day…he needs to ram home the advantage.


  2. Pseudo-Secularism is a dangerous disease, more fatal than cancer. Few victims are Ramachandra Guha ( History + PS), Girish karnad ( Art + PS), late UR Ananth Murthy ( Academics + PS), who have become zombies & must be kept away from Public domain in the interest of Society’s health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best tweet, I feel is this by Omerta:

      Omerta ‏@loud_engineer · 10h @MaliniP @acorn @the_hindu the communists still feeling ignored. They can’t believe that democracy spoke in favour of BJP


      1. So true. The Commies have been aware of their increasing irrelevance for a while now. But they never imagined in their wildest dreams that India would speak so loudly in favor of BJP.


  3. Hi,
    Seems Ramachandra Guha is not ignorant about the colors in the flag..it is just that he wants to be secular even while commenting on “saffron”..



      1. According to strategy maker Prashant Kishore, wooing Brahmins in UP is top priority for ma-beta mafia party. However, the clown prince has no sense to realize that by overplaying the dalit card in Una, he has antagonized the Brahmins (and other upper castes), the very caste that they are supposedly relying upon.

        This will work to BJP’s advantage, as any apprehension of Brahmins alienating them will quickly evaporate. And then they can declare a CM candidate from lower castes, possible Kesav Maurya.

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        1. Unfortunately for PK, Brahmins have the highest levels of literacy. They know a vote katwa when they see one. Brahmins have rarely voted for the losing side. With Congress likely to come 4th (or worse), Brahmins are not gonna vote Congress.


  4. WOW this is a new level of secularism!

    With this it is clear the seculars are going slowly mad trying to please the M community!!

    Next these stupid seculars will ask for ban of India’s highest award –given to the Jewel of India–on a Peepal tree leaf.

    It is written in the Rig Veda written in Sanskrit in 5000 BC, that the Vat Vriksha has a spiritual role in human life and must be revered.

    The tree symbolises eternal life, due to its unending expansion. 


  5. I wept on reading this. Let us pray that our culture still has the strength to produce a few more Guru Gobind Singhs and Shivajis.


  6. Are you sure his name is Guha…are you missing a k here…i mean Gu#ha. Wtf is wrong with these people. Shitheads.


  7. Right on the track. That is what they were doing secretly for last several centuries. Any potential threat of Hindutva should be uprooted. Hindus themselves are potential builders of great Hindutva symbols, temples. So for the sake of candle light peace, brotherhood, charity & love, for the sake of secularism, for the safety of peaceful mosques and churches, for the building of peaceful mosques and churches all poor but potential peeple planters, temple builders should also be uprooted. There should be only one house for one God, mosques or churches we will decide after a duel. Temple builders, peeple planters have no place in India. Go back to your idea of vasundhre kutumumb from where you came.


  8. In my childhood, we used to talk about Hindu and Muslim friends. They used to tease each other about each others belief. So when Hindu started praying to ‘Tulsi’ and called it mother, his Muslim friend took the ‘Tulsi’ plant out and rubbed against his own buttocks and teased his Hindu friend, OK I did it how your mother is going to punish me? Next the Hindu found ‘Poison Ivy’ plant and worshiped it as father. Muslim friend did the same thing which he did to Hindu’s mother plant. !!


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