Why Indian liberals are DOUBLY unbearable

Now, liberals almost anywhere in the world are unbearable … and arguably getting worse with each passing day. Just ask any college kid in the United States who is walking on eggshells every moment, timidly navigating a maze of  “speech codes” and “diversity requirements”, where anything from using words like “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” to eating overcooked sushi can be viewed as an offense against the Orwellian establishment of liberalism.

But today’s post is about a special form of liberalism that seems to exist in India, which I feel is DOUBLY unbearable. What do I mean by “DOUBLY” ? I mean that it is an extra order of ridiculous over and above the existing level of ridiculous.

What do liberals generally try to do? The idea goes that certain groups of people have been systematically oppressed historically and in the modern world we should enact (legal) provisions to compensate for past sins. Now, liberals ALWAYS go too far in doing this, the governmental regulation required ALWAYS becomes too cumbersome and intrusive and the ones who really need help almost ALWAYS get screwed over by the compensation mechanism. But at least, even if the execution is not effective, one can at least try to give the liberals some credit for good intentions. They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But hey, at least you can suspect them of having good intentions…

For instance, let’s sample some typical liberal causes:

A) Protect women from patriarchal oppression: Sure, feminism has its faults (lots of them!) especially in the West, but at least I get it. I get why women would be systematically disadvantaged due to history.

B) Protecting (American) black people from white establishment: Personally, I think race baiting in the US has gone too far and has actually kept blacks in poverty instead of lifting them out of it. But there is no denying the injustice suffered by blacks at the hands of whites. So, there is a decent chance that liberals began on this path with good intentions.

C) Protecting “lower” castes from oppression by “upper” castes: Again, we can argue about the methods needed to compensate the systematic disadvantages that lower caste people suffer in modern India due to their historic plight. But there’s no denying that the injustices happened and something should be done to remedy the situation.

D) Protecting Indian peacefuls from oppression by Hindus: HUH! THIS ONE I DON’T UNDERSTAND! This is the odd one out.

Tell me liberals, which historical injustice are you compensating for when you give peacefuls special privileges in modern India? What did Hindus ever do to Peacefuls? As far as I know, we Hindus were enslaved for 8 centuries in this land by Peacefuls. The Hindu kids born in the 90s and later are the FIRST generation of Hindus in 1000 years whose parents haven’t lived directly under the boot of an oppressor from another religion.

We the Hindus of India are seeing freedom for the first time in one whole millenium. What on earth could we possibly owe the Peacefuls? We paid dearly for this independence. One-third of the country was permanently taken from us. All Hindus  on the wrong side of the line have either been massacred, chased away, forcibly converted or currently live in a fashion worse than death.

The modern Republic of India is the one place on the entire Indian subcontinent where Hindus have taken refuge. We are happy to live with Peacefuls in our midst and accept them as our fellow citizens with equal rights and responsibilities. We will defend their right to be EQUAL to us until our last breath. But to be told by liberals that we must make reparations to them? That we must give them special privileged status? Why? Why on earth? What historical injustice have Hindus committed on Peacefuls that we are on the hook?

I am a Hindu male, from a so called “upper caste”. I do not think I have, consciously or unconsciously, discriminated against anyone on basis of caste. I hope similarly that I have never discriminated against anyone on basis of  gender. But when I read Munshi Premchand’s stories on caste oppression, I feel ashamed. If there was a way to go back in history and make that right, I would. If you have an idea that will remove the effects of caste discrimination in modern society, let me know. I am eager to listen and try it out. But when I read the history of India with regards to Hindu/Peaceful, there’s absolutely no guilt in my mind. What on earth do I have to feel ashamed of? In fact, I *hope* that Indian Peacefuls reading the same history are wishing there was something Peacefuls could do to put balm on the historical wounds of Hindus. Perhaps they could at least make a gesture, like letting us restore the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?

Maybe liberals, who love to fight historical injustices, could ask Indian Peacefuls to give Hindus some special privileges. Or at least they could tell Peacefuls to let us equal rights? How about that? We don’t want special privileges…just give us equality. Is it too much to ask?

Instead, in a bizarre turn of events, liberals look at us Hindus like we are supposed to do something to compensate Peacefuls.

To demand special privileges for Peacefuls in modern India is maddeningly ridiculous. It is the equivalent of demanding that white people be given special rights in the United States… It is the equivalent of demanding that reservations should be given to “upper castes” instead of lower castes! WE Hindus are not the historical oppressors, THEY are!

The world over, liberals stand up (or at least that’s their rhetoric) for the people who have been historically oppressed. It’s only in India that liberals demand that the historically enslaved community must make reparations to their former slave masters!

It is the one case where liberals cannot even claim to have good intentions. The only plausible explanation is that liberals want Hindus to be exterminated from this planet. And the volume of evidence supporting that theory is not insubstantial.

That’s what makes Indian liberals DOUBLY unbearable in my opinion.

I just wanted to say that out aloud.

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31 thoughts on “Why Indian liberals are DOUBLY unbearable

    1. Thanks, but more of dynastycrook readers should similarly put a link of dynastycrook in mediacrooks website. The readers of both sites have similar interest and writers of the blogs are similarly dedicated, patriot and capable. I have done my part many times. If mediacrooks stops dynastycrooks link, no complaint.


  1. You cut through the clutter and create perspectives which is very very sensible. This is something no one has asked to the liberals. Hope the right wing establishment understands this and uses it effectively when they discuss issues in media. That is the only way the non sense justification for minority privileges need to be countered. This would require putting this perspective loudly and for times to come to remove the notions etched in mindset of general public. Hats off to you


  2. Great post on ‘dumb Indian liberals’ who are DOUBLY unbearable!

    You are absolutely right any which way one thinks we Hindus do not owe anything to these peaceful community what so ever…period!

    This distorted,pathetic requirements of liberals for ‘special privileges for Peacefuls’ is difficult to understand,but I guess the seed for this was sown by M K Gandhi!?

    The beginning and strengthening of Muslim appeasement by M K Gandhi in India started During the Moplah rebellion in Kerala!

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    1. Quote:
      “During the Moplah rebellion in Kerala in 1921, thousands of Hindu men, women and children were killed by the Muslims. Hundreds of women were raped.
      And yet Gandhi supported the Moplah Muslims and not the Hindu victims of Moplah violence and oppression. In fact Gandhi had no sympathy for the Hindus.
      Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his “Young India”, “it is wrong to say that Islam has employed force. No religion in this world has spread through the use of force. No Musalman, to my knowledge, has ever approved of compulsion.”
      Does this not show that Gandhi practiced political deception? According to Gandhi, the Moplah Muslims were guilty of no crime.
      But as a Hindu, I am more ashamed of Hindu cowardice than I am angry at the Mussalman bullying.””

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    2. You are right about MKG being the original Liberal. I’d add to that, MKG was the Appeaser-in-Chief. Meddling in the Khilafat jihad was merely the appetizer. The main course was served in 1946-47, with the partition killings. ALways he advised the Hindus to observe restraint, offer thier necks to the swords. BTW, he gave similar advice to the Jews of pre-war Germany: cheerfully commit mass suicide (no doubt thereby saving Hitler considerable expense in carrying out his “Final Solution”). He even advised against Hindu women resisting rape; fill your mind with pure thoughts whilst being violated he said. The famous “soul force” fasts-unto-weight-loss only came into play when Hindus (and Sikhs) actually started resisting and paying back in the same coin. Not once did he ever go on a fast to make Jinnah do his bidding. He must have known that Jinnah would have been delighted to let him starve himself to death – or better still, find some lame excuse to break the fast and thus end his political career.

      The modern day Liberals are merely following in the eminent footsteps of the fake Saint.

      Google “George Owell, reflections on Gandhi”. Then please read the article. George Orwell wasn’t his real name; he was in fact a British Cvil servant in Burma and India. This Civil Servant writes: (Quote) ‘..Strictly speaking, as a Nationalist, he was an enemy, but since in every crisis he would exert himself to prevent violence — which, from the British point of view, meant preventing any effective action whatever — he could be regarded as “our man”.(Unquote).’


      1. As they say, MKG was the first non Muslim to lead a jihad. But, truth be told, it is politically inconvenient to criticize MKG. Let me tell you openly, for the moment it is better to pretend we are devotees of the Mahatma. Exactly what Modi is doing.


        1. Stop being a goddamn coward!! GANDI is not a God he was an upper caste bania lawyer from africa and his movements amounted to nothing!! Why is he the Father of nation? He is Father of 10 piglets not India.


  3. Gr8 cw. When I think the current blog is your best one then you come with another better blog than previous. Your all blogs are awsome. You have been taking liberals from everywhere. As Raghav rightly commented, if rw establishment takes ur few ideas then they can easily win over Indian crooks I mean Indian media.


  4. No matter how close the “peacefuls” live with Hindus, laugh with them, play and enjoy time with the families, when “time” comes they show the true colours. I’m pretty sure a lot of us experienced this in our adult life. Now liberals are fighting tooth and nail to bring that “time”.

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  5. It s first time, you have written a really dumb article. The labeling of anti Hindu echo system simply as double liberalism is misleading and simplistic. I AM A LIBERAL and subscribe to all conditions described in A B & C in a world or Indian context. It also gets to my nerve when the different methods used to address them, like prolong reservation or mindless affirmative actions in place of merit etc. are applied by crooked, corrupt and vote bankers. But still, I subscribe to justice. However, how is it a liberalism, single or double dose, when a thousand years of suppressed patient and noble survivor is systematically robbed, converted, killed, displaced, raped is asked to facilitate the crimes in the agendist spin of and in the name of a good intentioned cause. These few anti national parasite thugs in media, politics, academia, cinemas, have any word to describe them far from liberal, it is the word Madarchod.


    1. Ha ha ha ha 🙂 As I said in one post, I am a huge fan of strong language. But I don’t use it on my blog because we have all these silly laws in India that oppress free speech.


  6. Liberals all over, but especially in India, they are rank hypocrites. In the name of liberalism, they support the most conservative society in the world. Although I will (we will) not be here when our liberals’ wishes of Hindus free India are fulfilled, but I would love to see what Peacefuls will do to those liberals left behind. Today I love to know when prominent liberals or their family members become victims of the terror attacks by the peacefuls and love to know how they react.


  7. Recently heard a phrase that portrays liberalism in it true sense.

    Liberalism is: fake courage of true cowards.

    Simple and hard-hitting.


  8. I frankly do not identify with the feminist cause.They come across as a bunch of man hating morons.My first tryst with a feminist was a sociology professor whose elective course I took,the lady told us “Do not use sexist language like he”.Feminists in India keep selling the same BS that has worked in the West,but if you give a good look,eastern society has treated women much much better in the overall period of 2000 years (ie.In the year of their lord).I don’t approve of the fact that feminists keep potraying women as victims and men as opressors when men also have their own set of issues.Then they bring up the preferance for male children but they dont examine the context.The context is very simple to understand,Indian society wanted to protect its daughters from peaceful invaders.
    Then there are the liberal hacktivists against caste.IMO thes people have done more damage than good.Building amicability does not come via reservations,if anything it just increases resentment.Besides why should caste be equated with economic stature?I know many people from the so called upper castes who are in economically pitiable conditions.I recall an instance in college when two so called lower caste girls got hostel rooms even though they lived just five km away where as another girl had to wait two months to get a room even though she lived 45 Km away.This is the sort of little little things that widen the gap between communities over time.
    In all honesty “liberalism” has done nothing but increase animosity between various sections of society with there everyone is equal nonsense.The correct staement is thay everyone is equally important for society and that we all have roles that are complimentary.

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    1. Usha Kiran Excellent comment!

      ‘They come across as a bunch of man hating morons.’

      ‘eastern society has treated women much much better’

       ‘ feminists keep potraying women as victims and men as opressors’

      ‘everyone is equally important for society and that we all have roles that are complimentary.’

      The above points made by you are great points indeed! 


    2. OMG! A sociology professor! I once went on a date with a woman who was a sociology PhD student. On the date, she was 15 minutes late. The reason she gave was this :

      There was this debate on NDTV on Arund***ti Roy and I couldn’t stop watching.

      I am NOT kidding! You can imagine how the rest of the date went.


  9. Liberals say they are for equality yet they are the first to oppose uniform law because f** you Hindu facsit pig!! Muslims will “reform” their “own” laws when time comes until then they are free to Marry&divorce 10 wives.. we should also allow them to practice jihad i suppose.

    Liberals 24/7 whine about the growing “intolerance” yet they are the most intolerant of Hinduism on this planet…

    Like why can’t there be a goddamn Ram temple in AYODHYA!? Babar’s mosque belongs in Turkey not AYODHYA.

    For liberals… Hindus must always compromise, accept bitter step 2nd class citizen treatment and shouldn’t harbour any political aspirations..


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