Shame on you Meenakshi Lekhi

What is this? No seriously, what is this?

And a shameful moment for all of us, watching a BJP MP standing and smiling with …. I don’t even want to take the name of the vile person…you know who.

What is worse, you actually go ahead and say this:

Yes, WE are the idiots! Of course we are! You are out there having a whale of a time with someone who despises your party, your PM and insults his supporters. And we are the idiots.

Really? Are you with your “voters”? Is Ms. XXX your voter? Are you sure? If you have managed to really convince yourself that she is one of your voters, tell me Meenakshi Lekhi, who is the idiot…

Believe it or not, Meenakshi Lekhi had a “defense” on this issue. And it was as lame and lackluster as Delhi BJP’s performance over the last 20 years:

So, the defense goes something like this: the money for the project came from the local Congress Councillor, who probably invited Ms. B***. The great Meenakshi Lekhi went to register her presence at the event, to prevent the function from turning into a Congress show.

Can you believe this rubbish?

Madam Meenakshi Lekhi, you are the sitting MP of the ruling party from the area. And even the Municipal Corporation is run by BJP. Are you seriously telling me that you were helpless in front of one individual local Congress corporator?

Listen to that people: our great sitting MP cannot even show a local corporator who’s the boss. And we depend on this team to fight Kejriwal’s guerilla armies in Delhi. Thank you for making it obvious why the BJP has lost 4 successive elections in Delhi. Mind you that this is the highest in the country… in no other state with a significant BJP presence has the party ever lost 4 successive elections!

Ha ha…well done madam.. Meenakshi Lekhi you rock!

It seems that you can only breathe fire Meenakshi Madam when attacking BJP supporters on the internet. Even a small corporator has shown you who is boss. Waah…

And then you give this lecture to us:

Oh wow! The ground, eh? Delhi BJP wallahs will now tell us what the ground feels like. Good joke. If Delhi BJP knew anything about the ground, they would have dared to call elections in June 2014 and ended Kejriwal’s political career. Instead Delhi BJP wallahs dithered and delayed and gave AAP a lifeline…ending in the massive debacle of Feb 2015.

Ha ha…and now you Delhi BJP wallahs are lecturing us about “the ground”. Let me ask you what you have done on the “ground”, Madam Lekhi. Have you been able to expose Kejriwal in any effective manner? Go learn some politics from Ajay Maken. If I was not emotionally attached to BJP, let me promise you I would have voted for Congress in Delhi if I was living there. They have far better leadership than you people.

Madam, forget about us online supporters. Go gather 10 BJP workers from the ground  and ask them how they really feel about Ms. XXX who was at the event and ask them how they really feel about the leadership of BJP’s Delhi unit. You do know 10 BJP workers, right? At least please tell me that you know more BJP workers than you know journalists in Lutyens Delhi.

Finally, let me leave you with this:

This is Manohar.



Manohar is a BJP leader.

Manohar lives in Delhi.

Manohar has no friends in Lutyens.

Manohar does not care two hoots what elite Lutyenswallahs think.

Be like Manohar!

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28 thoughts on “Shame on you Meenakshi Lekhi

  1. Cw….AAAHAAA….that feels nice after reading your post on this idiot ‘Lekhi’ calling us idiot!! what audacity!

    You gave it her maan ,that feels nice …I was fuming….these bums once they come to power it goes into their head …they think they are invincible!!

    You Rightly said too ,these idiots should learn from humble people like Manohar Parrikar!

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  2. I don’t even want to talk about that c!@$ Lekhi.Hats off to Parrikar though.He really riled Lutyens up.There seems to be a battle going on in Delhi with the Delhi Lutyens Brigade(this include the likes of Lekhi,Shourie,Delhi Media,Libtards,etc) on one side and the BJP Maharashtrians and Gujaratis on the other side.

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  3. By now all decent faujis should be keeping a respectable distance from Ms Latest Update on Indian Army Movement. And yet there’s some retired fauji gent on the stage. I should consider proximity to her very harmful. As for Ms Lekhi, she was probably blind-sided on this. Too bad the BJP wallahs since the Vajpayee days persist in getting blind sided.

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    1. Of course she was blind sided. But it is her responsibility to keep her eyes open. The reason we have 3/70 in Delhi today is that because BJP Delhi enjoys keeping eyes closed.


  4. Parrikar ji is a true patriot.Ms B***** on the other hand……
    Why was this demale even at an event to honor the army?Isn’t she a fan of Mr Whiny and his ilk?As for Menakshi Lekhi,she is just a symptom of a larger problem of how BJP does not assert its stands on issues and the inhabitation of Babus in the party.

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  5. Good tight slap CW. Some of the BJP leaders truly baffle me – if there is someone who doesn’t understand the cause, it’s them. If she wasn’t a lady, I would have responded with some pretty strong language on Twitter.

    Parrikar was brilliant. Did you read the OpIndia article taking Outlook etc to the cleaners for misrepresenting what he said?? The Lutyens media is out in full force and we are going to see this for the next three years i.e. till 2019. Twist and turn every and any small remark into a secular vs communal, patriotic vs nationalistic etc debate.

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  6. We are crippled by not using all four methods of getting results, uniting India and creating a strong detterance. That is saam, daam, bhed and DAND. These are required to be used in domestic matters as much as in foreign policy. The appeasement is form of using daam, but corrupt and mostly anti nationals overwhelmingly use this to drain the resources and to create friction between citizens instead of creating frictions among anti-national groups. So using Daam and for that any method must be used with great care by legitimate players with a long drawn strategy. Right now BJP policy in using daam looks like headless chicken.


    1. Frankly, I don’t entirely disagree. She did a wonderful job as spokesperson during the run-up to the 2014 elections and seems a capable person. The question is whether a) she has been seduced by the corridors of power and b) if not, does she have the courage to own up to a mistake (albeit a massive one) and move on for the betterment of the country and the party


      1. The answer to (b) is clearly NO! She does NOT have the courage. Why call a supporter as an idiot, and then dig oneself into an even bigger hole by making flimsy excuses? The Twitter Generation seems to have a lot of difficulty owing up to their mistakes. These people all seem to have outsize egos.

        Smriti Irani will surely dethrone RaGa in the next election in Amethi. She is investing in it very heavily. In fact, if the BJP had had the courage to nominate her a bit early instead of waiting until the last minute, she might have done so in 2014 itself. No comparison between her and Meenakshi Lekhi.

        Another very effective BJP spokeswoman, Nirmala Sitharaman, has quite nicely morphed into the Minister of State (with Independent Charge) for Commerce. Perhaps Meenakshi Lekhi’s problem is that she is not a Minister.

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      2. Fair enough. Her work as BJP spokesperson was indeed great in the run up to 2014. Post 2014, her political career has been drifting. She needlessly took on Smriti Irani during the BJP National Exec meet. She might be frustrated now, looking for friends in the wrong places.


  7. Meenakshi Lekhi exists because of her father in law and Jaitley. She is influenced by this snake Jaitley. When she sees her boss Jaitley cozying up to Burkha, she may not have much choice.
    Jaitley and Modi decide to not do anything against these corrupt Augusta Patrakars.
    Delhi BJP is ruined by this compromised chela of Chidambaram.

    Attack Jaitley. Modi is now living in a bubble. This media defeated BJP in 2004/09. It will destroy Modi in 2019.

    Modi is living in a bubble. And I think he is under drugs of 2014. Sand is shifting very fast.
    UP and Gujarat are questionable.

    Attack Jaitley or Hindus will live to regret squandering mandate of 2014 for their lives.

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