Media Omerta code breaks Part- I : “An idea whose time has come”

Folks, it’s finally happened. The Indian media has finally been split open. In 1991, we got freedom from a Soviet style monopoly based economy. But many of the pillars of the Left remained standing, above all the cartels in academia, in media and in the so called intelligentsia.

For a while, the old elite class actually had it much better. With liberalization, a lot of new money flowed into the Indian economy and suddenly the rewards were much bigger. For the elites, oligarchy actually worked better than Communism. 

Now, Mameluk intellectualism has always been a lucrative career pursuit, as you can find out easily by reading Arun Shourie’s books. But as outrageous as those cases of systematic academic corruption were, you cannot help notice that the amounts of money were often in the low thousands of rupees. Even adjusted for inflation, the payoffs weren’t massive.

But, the post 1991 era brought real, big money into the economy. The ruling class was no longer handing out few thousand rupees scholarships to its water carriers, now the ruling class could offer glitzy foreign trips on government jets! When an initial bout of insecurity over liberalization brought down the Vajpayee government in 2004, the sun *really* began to shine brightly on these Mameluks. Now they could be dalals in billion dollar scams. One can imagine that the payoffs too would be massive! 

As I said, for a certain class of people, oligarchy was much more profitable than the Communism of old.

This dream went sour in 2014. The Prime Minister’s aeroplane went off limits for newstraders. This was only the flagship move of a deeper change in the power corridors of Delhi, as you can see Ms. Dutt complaining about bitterly here:

It is remarkable how openly Barkha Dutt admits that while RG and SG were “inaccessible” and had a terrible record on censorship, what really sucks is that Modi has cut off their “inside access” to the establishment. Of course Barkha brings up the PM’s plane ..and then immediately claims that it doesn’t matter. Surely it matters to YOU Barkha, or why else would you bring up  the PM’s aeroplane at all? ROFL!

The other remarkable part in this conversation is when Barkha tells Madhu Trehan that no one talks to journos any longer and then immediately admits “except for the Press Secretary” 🙂 Wh-what? So, the Press Secretary IS talking to you! That’s his JOB! He/She is doing his JOB! The Press Secretary is doing his job of talking to presswallahs like you and every other official is simply doing his/her own job. So, what are you complaining about? Ah, I know…you are complaining about the fact that other people are not giving you insider information like they used to. Ha, I read this somewhere:

When you get used to special treatment, equal treatment can feel like an imposition.

Yes, Barkha, you have become so used to special treatment that being treated like an ordinary citizen feels like censorship to you. You have gone so far down the road that you probably no longer realize that the government does not owe you a damn thing extra…your NDTV identity card does not allow you privileged access to any information. I am an ordinary Indian citizen and so are you. I do not expect top government officials to feed me insider information. Why should you?  Because you work for a private organization called NDTV? LOLOL… 

Get used to it Barkha. You are one of us. Yes, just one of 1.2 billion Indian citizens. How does that feel? Like a grave insult, no? Get used to it…

If you want special treatment Barkha, you will now have to go across the border where your admirers are waiting to roll out the red carpet (or green, as may be appropriate)

As I was saying, in the UPA years, the media got to keep its cartel like monopolistic quality. There were a zillion times when I sat looking at the television screen, fuming, wishing there was a way I, an ordinary person, could make my voice heard. But there was nothing I could do. There were millions of other Indians across the country who felt the same, helpless in front of a liberal media that spoke in one united voice on every single issue. And that united voice was always the same, more unfair stigmatization of the BJP/RSS worldview, more Muslim appeasement and the most blatantly unfair double standards on evaluating the political scene.

When the Radia tapes broke all over social media, I remember it was a good two weeks before any media organization made even a blurb about it. Meanwhile social media was on fire. And even then, Barkha got herself “acquitted”  with a mock trial on NDTV in front of her friends on her own terms. Please don’t think that this article is all about Barkha. If anything, I actually sympathize with her a little on the Radia story…at least Barkha Dutt was hit by a little mud. A lot of other journos got away scott free without the slightest taint. This was the Orwellian face of Indian media, united against the people.

Then, of course, there was the cash for votes scandal during UPA-I’s vote of confidence in 2008 and Rajdeep’s amazing charlatan act. A sting that they refused to air. A sting on members of Parliament being offered bribes to vote in a crucial confidence motion. Of course, it was a sign of the spectacular incompetence of the BJP leadership that they had given the story to CNN-IBN. What were you thinking, Advaniji? I can only imagine how hard they laughed in Lutyens that night.

More helplessness for the common Hindu. Helpless before big media and big government.

You have to have lived through those despairing years of 2004-2014 to realize how good it feels to see the media cartel ruptured brutally by Arnab Goswami. I wouldn’t say that Modi himself caused this rupture, I would just say that his arrival was a huge catalyst. The power of the Dynasty to give out favors being drastically reduced and their future looking real bleak, this had to happen.

Someone had to notice that with the gravy train from upstairs in Lutyens grinding to a halt, the media would have to go to the people. And media would have to work as a market instead of a cartel.

And that man was Arnab Goswami, right man at the right time. Honestly, I don’t even know what Arnab believes. I don’t care. All I know is that he is the first person (at least in English language media) to realize that if you want the masses to tune in, you will have to think like the masses do. No, the Indian masses do not cry buckets when some stone pelter or terrorist is shot down by the Army in Kashmir. The Indian people don’t actually give a damn about how Pakistan feels. Unlike media barbies, we do not have “good friends” in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and  Karachi. We do not get nostalgic and emotional walking the streets of Lahore because we have never been there and do not expect to find  anything there that is worth aspiring to. And we are not paid to hypocritically support Maoists in the jungles of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh while enjoying our bungalows in Delhi. So, we don’t care for your “Bharat ki barbaadi” chants. I went to college too. Fully paid by the government. I was focused on my career. I had neither the leisure nor the desire to sit there plotting the downfall of the Indian state.

It took a while, but the rupture in the media had to happen. The market has finally arrived. Update your bearings, Barkha. The PM’s plane will remain off limits in the foreseeable future. And there is NO MARKET for your anti-Hindu, anti-Indian bullshit here in India. The market always arrives and the market always wins. As Dr. Singh used to say, “No force in the world can stop an idea whose time has come”. 

It’s time to join us, Barkha and all you out there in Lutyens. It’s time to come join the rest of us and make a living on the free market. You’re welcome.

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39 thoughts on “Media Omerta code breaks Part- I : “An idea whose time has come”

    1. Enigma good thread he seems to have stitched it up nicely the way things are unfolding from a different angle!

      Hope it is like the way he sees it …it will be good for BJP and the country!


  1. I’m trying to find the video of Ms famous Anchor broadcasting live during the Kargil war. Goes something like this: “Boom”. That was the bofors gun firing on Tiger Hill. There are also multibarrel rocket launchers going to blast that hill. The army is just going to launch the final assault.

    Imagine the ISI man in the Pak embassy monitoring the live news in Delhi. “Hello? Pindi? Get me Colonel Afeemchi. Colonel sah’b, kaffar Tiger Hill par final assault launch karan waley haan. Uthhe mundiyan nu keh do, this isn’t a diversionary or sham attack. So get out of the bunkers and man your guns.”

    Either this assault was compromised due to naivety or something else. Either way, the Paks got advance warning. So some of our dead heroes of Tiger Hill may still have been alive today. Who knows? Things move swiftly in wartime and sometimes brains don’t work properly.


    1. And then years later, she sits down in a cozy interview and says smugly that “mistakes were made”. Ya, they don’t teach basic journalism at Jamia Milia or Columbia? Now that I think of it, they probably dont…


  2. CW excellent post! You hit the nail on the head,exact spot!!

    As Arnab said ,this “cottage industry” of media and pseudo liberals down playing pakis directly creating havoc in Kashmir is fully and without mincing words has been totally and loudly exposed! Hats off to Arnab!

    The way burqa has been exposed, what with the endorsement of Hafiz Saeed,she has nowhere to hide,her desperation can be seen in her blabbering and ranting….serves her right for being a anti national,a Hindu hater ,a lier and a pro Pakistani ..even though she is a Indian!

    This female had the gal to think that people would buy whatever she says…what conceit!

    As you said these people miss those good old days of power mongering ,doles from GOI,free expense paid trips to foreign countries with PM!Thoes days are defiantly over!


    1. Ha ha…an endorsement from Hafiz Sayeed. Burqa must be mad at him. He gave the game away. Hafiz does not understand nuance. He openly named his allies and now they are in a spot.


  3. Barkha’s article in NDTV does not any where talk about how her acts of helping the terrorist was not anti national. Instead she keeps equating normal efforts of any government/party to accept to engage in a dialogue as the same as helping the terrorist. There is so much hatred in her post for Arnab which easily gives away her mind being totally out of control. This happens when you cannot do a thing about what Arnab is doing. Just the same feeling we all have been having all these years with herself. ROFl


  4. CW you are being kind to these people who have sold their souls to carry out the deeds as per the buyers agenda of breaking India and selling Kashmir and be pro Pakistan,belittle our armed forces !

    These people has been at it for years!

    Do you really think they will change their ways as suggested by you?


  5. Long story short Burqa Madam has become so used to special treatment over the years that now equality feels like discrimination and insult.


  6. Barkha (and ofcourse all the Communists and Leftists in India) have a peculiar trait.

    They have mentally seceded from India. Hence they cry over Palestine and Kashmir, yet feel no sympathy when Kashmiri Pandit families are butchered and driven out. They will cry when a terrorist is killed but will shed no tears for the Army man who enables the freedom they enjoy. They will tear into Hinduism while enjoying the freedom and real secularism that Hindus have enabled.

    Having mentally seceded, the Lutyens zone has developed an invader/occupation force like mentality of putting down the local people and expecting to be treated like Gods. Their channels keep spouting meaningless Leftist propaganda on the television which no Indian can identify with. These are foreign news channels that thrived on secular largesse and took delight in kicking their customers. Now those customers have got tired of these kicks and are taking a liking to kicking back.


    1. Yes, these Lutyens lefties think they are gods doing us a favor by existing. They have been fed and fattened by the establishment too long. Now the gravy train has halted and the gravy addicts are going berserk.


  7. One of your most hard-hitting and to the point posts, CW and that is saying something when you consider that I have been a daily reader for over a year. Line for line, this post is worth its weight in gold.

    “I wouldn’t say that Modi himself caused this rupture, I would just say that his arrival was a huge catalyst.” – that is the key for me. Modi’s rise to power has stirred a hornet’s nest – for the first time, a carefully nurtured ecosystem is facing an existential crisis and their panic is showing. Arnab seems to have seen the light at the end of the tunnel but his counterparts are so deep in the well that they are going to eventually just run out of air (colloquially speaking) and fade away.


    1. Thanks DallasUS for appreciating. Honestly, I was feeling a little pressure. This whole Barkha vs Arnab thing is so juicy that I was feeling pressure to write really well. This is the main reason I chickened out of blogging on Thursday…lol. I was scared my post would not be good enough for all of you folks 🙂


  8. Friends,

    I am sorry to pour cold water on your happy celebrations, but we BJP supporters have the bad habit of celebrating too soon. We did it in 2004, thinking that “India is shining,” which resulted in the UPA-1 & UPA-2. We are doing it again with Burqa.

    I am ready to take a bet that within a week at most, Jhootley will revive the sagging morale at NDTV by giving an “exclusive” interview. He will (off the record of course) reassure that so long as he is FM, they don’t have to worry about the Enforcement Directorate going through with any investigations of NDTV’s FEMA violations. And so on.

    A few days back I had an epiphany as to what precisely was bothering me about the Modi government. I finally came to the conclusion that he is running a “minimally honest” government. By this I mean that he is doing the absolute minimum possible to ensure that his government is perceived as being honest. So, while he ensures that there is no corruption in decisions taken during his watch, he will not pursue wrong-doers from the previous administration. Worse, he allows those wrong-doers to continue in their posts. He will not rein in the anti-national media. No, I don’t mean “shut down NDTV” — that sort of thing always looks bad. But ALL the prsstitutes are maintaining lifestyles beyond their reported income levels. The first newstrader couple supposedly have an 80 crore bungalow, while Shekhar Gupta has a 52 crore bungalow. Why are these people not being prosecuted for that? Remember that the US law enforcement agencies could convict Al Capone only for “income tax evasion” even though they knew the extent of his criminality. Similar charges could and should be placed against the presstitutes. But they won’t be, so long as Jhootley is FM.

    At some point we have to stop blaming Jhootley, and start blaming Modi for being Jhootley’s slave.

    I repeat, if you think that Burqa is finished, you couldn’t be more wrong.


      1. This is why I wrote about the rupture in the ecosystem like it is a force of nature. The change has happened and its irreversible. Now Jaitley, Modi, Shah…no body can stand in the way.


    1. Professor Vidyasagar I too agree about AJ who have bailed out burka earlier.

      Even a hard core terrorist chief has recognized and appreciated her efforts on Kashmir!!

      I have a feeling AJ may not support burka this time,even her journalist friends are distancing from her !!

      Ravinar of mediacrooks has written about burka…pls do read if you have not yet read.

      “Someone certified by Hafiz Saeed cannot claim to be talking about journalism, ethics, nuances, freedom of speech, freedom of media as a cover-up.Barkha cannot claim to speak for Indian media.”


    2. Prof. Vidyasagar,
      I honestly think this is about more than just Barkha. I don’t know what Jaitley can or will do for Barkha in next few days. I think this is a process, like a force of nature. The cartel has been broken, the facade ripped apart. It’s like entropy. Now no force can put the cartel back together: it is beyond the capability of Jaitley or even Modi to stand in the way. The time has come for a competitive media in India. The change is irreversible.


  9. Jaitley was responsible for dealing with CNN-IBN on cash for vote scam. Hope u know that. It is high time this Jaitley fellow is studied properly.


  10. Google “India’s Worst Journalist”you will get several article on Burka !

    Ravinar of Mediacrooks and so many others have conducted polls on “India’s Worst Journalist”the winner incidentally is Burka D!!

    My point is everybody knows that Burka is “India’s Worst Journalist”…period!


  11. Wonderful blog cw. Burqa and her gang will go to lowest leve. Jaitely is proving useless to bjp. I hope modi moves him somewhere else. If not done, by the time 2019 comes, he might have done enough damage to bjp, that retaining 250+ will be difficult for modi. The moment i see burqa’s face anywhere even online, my blood boils. A huge negative feeling comes to my mind. How come this traitor is still roaming freely.


  12. Off the topic guys, but I am worried by the sudden disappearance of air force AN 32. Since 15th August is coming and modi will be giving independence day speech, I hope there is no conspiracy.


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