Why I am planning to sue Moneycontrol and Firstpost for plagiarism :)

No, of course not! Just joking. But it does feel good to be proved right…And to see mainstream media finally admit what I said a long time ago 🙂

Here is my post on July 12, titled “Dear Swaminathan Aiyar, it is time to answer some tough questions of Rexit


In this post, I demanded that Swaminathan Aiyar step up and tell us what happened to his prediction of a market crash following the exit of Purushottam Shri Raghuram Rajan. Well, “Rexit” happened. The same week, the world was rattled by the news of “Brexit”. Yet, Indian markets have soared, laughing off the fools who worried about Rexit. What happened to the predictions of “Billions of $$$ leaving India” along with Rajan? Mr. Swaminathan Aiyar had even estimated an outflow of $100 billion. Well, the $100 billion question today is: where are those “experts”? And it feels good to see this in Moneycontrol:



What? Billion dollar INFLOWS, did you say? Ha!

Welcome to the party, Moneycontrol! You are more than two weeks behind me, but thanks for spitting right in the eye of liberal “analysts” by putting Rexit right in the title.

Let’s read Moneycontrol’s article:

During the buildup, some analysts had even warned that were Rajan not given an extension, it would lead to a crack in markets, and may even trigger outflows of foreign capital by the billions. But as it happened, the reality turned out to be the opposite.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Say it brother! Gosh…that feels good. Reality has taken a chokehold on the liberal liars…spin your way out of this one, you charlatans. This is not “intolerance” or “church attacks” that you can cook it up in TV studios …this is cold hard cash amounting to billions of $$$ that have flowed in. Deny this one, let’s see.

Let’s read this article for more unadulterated joy:

There was also a view that more than the equity markets — which draw cues from a number of other factors such as earnings — the worse hit would be currency and bond markets, where monetary-policy developments have an impact. ….But, the forex market showed a very mature reaction to the exit,” the note says. The rupee, in fact, has appreciated since the announcement.”
Slap it brother. Smack those liberal liars! In your face, you lying losers! So, the forex market reacted in a “mature” fashion. Guess who reacted immaturely? You guessed right 🙂

A similar trend is seen in the 10-year bond yields which have moved down sharply from 7.5 percent on June 20 to about 7.25 percent now.

Aaargh! Will reality be so unkind to liberal intellectuals? Oh…the humanity…Oh the cries of agony from Sonia’s slaves….

One of the big setbacks expected from Rajan’s exit was in terms of foreign fund sentiment towards India, thanks to his popularity with FIIs. However, here too, they have so far taken the announcement in their stride. Since June 20, net foreign fund inflow in equity has been roughly around Rs 7,863 crore …   “In fact, FII investments in government securities, which went through a slowdown in the first few days after Rajan’s exit announcement, also stabilised in July,

That’s a Rs 7863 crore slap on the faces of all Indian liberals. How much is Rs 7863 crore? It’s a LOT. Remember that all it took to purchase the entire Indian liberal establishment was Rs 526 crores… In fact, from what I am reading, it seems Kejriwal didn’t even need the full 526 crores, he purchased them all for substantially less…

On to Firstpost. 

We’re gonna read their article on Sidhu, but first you should read my post on why Sidhu joining AAP means that Kejriwal is dropping Punjab:


In my post, I had argued thus:

there is a fundamental barrier for personality based parties to become national parties.  The  fundamental problem is that a party with more than one Chief Minister has, by definition, more than one top leader. This is a situation which no personality based party can tolerate. I am sure Mayawati would be happy to see a BSP government in Madhya Pradesh, but will Mayawati be able to share her supreme control of her party with someone else? Inevitably, a BSP Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh would be a serious internal challenge to Mayawati’s authority. This is why personality based parties never spread outside a single state…. The chances of Sidhu agreeing to be a puppet of Kejriwal are near zero. Why should Sidhu listen to Kejriwal? He will be CM of a bigger state, he has his own base and his own nationwide name recognition.

And now this:


And this coming from a Mameluk like Sanjay Singh. Let’s see what Sanjay Singh has to say:

Sources told Firstpost that there are far too many complications about Sidhu joining the AAP and be the party’s chief ministerial candidateFirst, Sidhu over the years has gained unmatched flamboyance and celebrity status, as a political campaigner, commentator, TV presenter, humorist, a master on Hindi couplets, phrases, idioms and so on. He has a following of his own. None in AAP has that kind of celebrity status and also a mass appeal than Kejriwal himself.

Ha ha…dear Firstpost, if only you were reading my blog, you wouldn’t need those sources. You just needed some common sense to see this coming 🙂

In AAP, Kejriwal’s word is law and no one else matters. Remember what happened to those who had an independent mind, the likes of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. AAP can’t take the same risk….

Again, thanks for being a week behind an amateur blogger in a small corner of the web. And finally, this:

Kejriwal can’t cede that ground to Sidhu. …Also, as chief minister, if at all, Sidhu wouldn’t beholden to Kejriwal and act according to his own heart and mind than on Kejriwal’s diktat.

Dear Firstpost, you could have just linked to my blog 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Why I am planning to sue Moneycontrol and Firstpost for plagiarism :)

  1. Please don’t call yourself an amateur blogger.And yes,one should never trust a so called “market expert”,unless of course,it is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or maybe Raamdeo Agarwal.


    1. I think Modi’s main contribution has been a cut down in corruption at the top level. I think the absolute top business houses (crony capitalists) will be unhappy with him, but vast majority of corporates overall will be happy.


  2. Please visit indiafacts.org and see the socalled church attacks in Mangalore and elsewhere and regarding SP Ganapathy who comitted suicide.CW might be interested in giving his thiughts on this matter.


  3. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Regarding the Punjab election, Dr. Praveen Patil (who has correctly called all elections since 2014), says that AAP is running third, and also that the BJJP ground forces are scared of the AAP, just like in Delhi. He seems to invest a lot in on the ground interviews, which is why he gets things right. When he said that the BJP was going to lose in Bihar, he was vilified by BJP supporters, but he was right. He was right again when he said that the BJP would win in Assam. So I would take his analysis quite seriously. One point he makes quite forcefully (and in a non-PC manner) is that Sikhs would never accept a bania like Crazywal as the CM. He also says that BJP supporters in web-land are absolutely convinced that AAP is sweeping Punjab, and nothing will change their minds! 🙂

    Regarding Sidhu, I cannot imagine what his next options might be. Though you have rightly said that he has no future in AAP, do you think he will actually return to the BJP? Any predictions?


    1. Prof. Vidyasagar, I read Praveen Patil’s blog on Punjab very carefully. I looked at the data he has himself collected. Honestly, I think this time Dr. Patil is getting swayed by emotions and not looking at his own data correctly. The surge for AAP is clear, the anti-incumbency wave is clear. Now, in recent times, we have seen Indian elections start out as multi-cornered affairs. As the game heats up, the game becomes bipolar and finally one side gets a landslide victory. What Patil is saying is that Akalis are still in the game, but with them slipping in perception everyday…the game is likely to become bipolar by the time the election comes. And Congress isn’t looking like it can get a landslide. That leaves only one winner.

      Speaking of Sidhu, I actually want him to be in AAP. For one, Sidhu will make AAP less unbearable. And secondly, if Sidhu rises in AAP, it is sure to make AAP implode because of inevitable war with Kejriwal. I feel this with the certainty of a mathematical theorem.


    1. Thanks Mr. Srinivas for posting this beautiful tribute! Is there a URL that I can share with others?

      On his first “vardhanti” I too, like millions of our countrymen, offer my “shraddhanjali” to a great boss and a great leader.


  4. Your blogs are far better than any other so called “experts” . Agreed with P B Josh that, your blogs should be studied in political science.


  5. looking forward to your post on arnab barkha stand off. it is out in the open full blown. barkha is raving and ranting finding herself cornered. will this do anything to mameluks


    1. Ha ha… please see this confession I wrote today:

      “Here’s a little confession. As regular readers might have noticed, I didn’t blog on Thursday. I’d like to say that happened because I was busy, but that’s not the real story. The fact is that I simply chickened out:) See, this whole Barkha vs Arnab thing was so juicy that I felt pressure. Pressure from all my readers to write something up to their expectations. I was scared of disappointing them. So, I chickened out on Thursday because I was worried my blog post wouldn’t be good enough. I’ve tried my best in the last two posts. I am hoping I have met at least some of your expectations. “


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