How a united Hindu vote put “Deviji” on the run

Caste is the favorite topic of Break India forces. For Break India forces, it is the favorite form of historical injustice and  the only one that requires reparations. Because it is a stick to beat the Hindu right wing with. Never mind that the Hindu right wing has never really shown any interest in propagating the caste system and has, in fact, actively opposed it. Even the foundation stone of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya was laid by a Dalit. On the flip side, no Dalit has been allowed to enter the Politburo, the high temple of Indian leftism, for the last 50 years. It is quite evident who *actually* practises untouchability. 

Nevertheless, the Break India forces continue with their smear campaign against the Hindu right, accusing them of having deep seated casteist prejudices. So when the media, doubtlessly under the command of the “deep state” (we all know who runs that), recently managed to string together some random incidents to create a narrative of “BJP against Dalits”, these forces were thrilled. The Lutyens media was filled with a spate of articles declaring the end of the BJP campaign in UP and hopefully the BJP as a whole. I think I read two separate articles by Aarti Jerath and Ajoy Bose (if my memory is correct, they are husband-wife…but I could be wrong) triumphantly announcing the complete alienation of Dalits from BJP, that BJP is forever damned to be an upper caste party and what not.


In your face, Lutyens! In your face!

So what happened on the ground there? Why did “Deviji”, who was just receiving all round praise from Madam’s darbaris for being such a formidable politician, suddenly on the run? Why did the swagger vanish so quickly?

Why Deviji, why? Where did all your aggression go?

Ha! Is it possible that Dalits rebuffed you on the ground? Is it possible that Dalits were sensible enough to realize that Dayashankar Singh, a hitherto unknown BJP leader, had been punished enough already? Is it possible that Dalits were smart enough to know that the profane remarks of one random Dayashankar couldn’t possibly be the stand of the BJP?

And here is the most scary part for Lutyens.  Is it possible that Dalits have developed a new sense of confidence so that one profane remark by one random leader no longer sends them into a paroxysm of insecurity? Is it possible that Dalits are seeking deliverance through prosperity, empowerment and achievement in their own lives? Is it possible that Dalits no longer get their self respect from watching the personal fortune of a certain “Devi” grow everyday through scam money? 

You must be worried, Deviji.  No one in this country is a bigger beneficiary of the caste system than you are. 

Make no mistake friends. A united Hindu vote has put Deviji on the run. Dalits have weighed the matter sensibly and realized that the offender Dayashankar has already received all possible reasonable punishment. And on the flip side, “upper” castes have become polarized against Deviji for her party’s crass attack on a 12 year old girl. That the demand to present the 12 year old girl for gangrape came from a peaceful Naseemuddin Siddiqui didn’t help matters at all.

I said yesterday that BJP is playing a high risk, high reward game in UP. They needed to show just the right amount of aggression. Get too aggressive and Dalits will revolt. Stay too tame and Deviji will squeeze them dry. To their credit, they played with finesse. The party stayed mostly in the background, let Swati Singh lead the way, providing only the subtext of “Beti ka samman”, a not so subtle reminder of peacefuls vs the honor of Hindu girls.

It worked. The BSP blinked.

Deviji is now facing an unconvinced Dalit vote and an angry “upper” caste vote. She needed both. I have written before on this blog that in UP 2017, both Deviji and BJP are fighting for a united Hindu vote. It was a sign of desperation and perhaps force of habit that Deviji tried to rupture this Hindu vote fabric. Now one section of Hindus is angry with her and the other section is unconvinced. 

Check. Your move, Deviji…

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22 thoughts on “How a united Hindu vote put “Deviji” on the run

  1. BJP seems to be more cautious after Bihar debacle. Every action has consequences. Some have immediate and some have long term. Somehow I feel BJP has abandoned”Gaai hamari Mata” type of campaign as it hurts more than gaining few thousand votes. It’s also rather stupid and sometimes irritates an average voter irrespective of his caste. Dayashankar with episode was avoidable but media flared it up like Amut Shah did something. Also I think there’s a sizeable population of middle class Muslims who can wooed by the BJP as they too like average people are fed up of the ineptness of BSP,SP and Cong. These people are educated and won’t follow the Maulvi’s Jumme ka khutba. They can prove detrimental in Urban Areas. MJ Akbar is one person who can be of good help. He is someone who actually deserves to fill Sushma Swaraj’s shoes once she retires. But for now he must be roped in UP with full swing.


  2. I am of view that Cow Slaughter is being taken to an extreme by so called Hindu Vigilantes. An inquiry must be done to check if these are real VHP/RSS people or congressis Trojan Horses. Modi must step in really hard way to stop this.


  3. If Dalits move en masse to BJP(and that is already happening),the only two Hindu groups that are still hostile to BJP in UP would be Yadav and Jatav Dalits.Wonder how we can bring them to our side.Nationally too,the only people who seem to be pro-Congress are Muslims,Christians and some old generation people and the 3rd group of people will vanish soon.


    1. And see, Yadav and Jatav votes are not ideologically opposed to BJP. They are just sentimentally attached to their leader. Which means they can be convinced to strategically side with BJP in General Elections. And of course, BJP can inherit their votes at some distant point.


  4. CW I am reproducing two of your fantastic/profound statements of this post!!

    1.’Caste is the favorite topic of Break India forces.’

    2.’Is it possible that Dalits are seeking deliverance through prosperity, empowerment and achievement in their own lives?’

    POINT 1…I read somewhere how the western elites are trying to break BRICS…In that article they made a statement which said ‘as long as there is cast system in India we can control these Indians’!!

    POINT 2…I think this defiantly is the requirement of all sane Indians! Dalits have realized that these politicians who represent them are living the life of kings/queens whereas the poor people remain where they are!


    1. Thanks man. There is no better proof of the saffronization of Dalits than seeing the manner in which Mayawati had to back off. Dalits have become wiser. The emotional appeal against the mythical, non-existent, upper caste chauvinism of BJP is losing its charm.


  5. VHP/RSS/BJP should educate themselves with cast iron arguments put forth by Rajiv Malhotra Ji. His books must be digested by them and he be invited to all their gatherings get philosophical and intellectual inputs to counter so called liberals, Hindu Haters and caste mongers


    1. Well said. I just recently ordered “Breaking India” and “The Battle for Sanskrit” on Amazon. Still awaiting them and looking forward to reading them. The West has huge vested interests in keeping India economically poor – the average kid here in the US doesn’t care for the Church and it is fast losing relevance hence they need the Indian “recruits”. But if Modi is halfway successful in uplifting India’s economically backward classes, then the conversion drives will become unsuccessful. The premise of conversion is fundamentally based on feeding on poor people’s lack of the basic necessities of life. Islam has a problem and that is a topic that needs to be dealt with but we shouldn’t for a minute take our eyes off the Christian world. They will convert through sweeteners (which is why they don’t get vilified as much) versus violence but the end result is the same – a broken and divided India.


  6. I dont agree with you in your proposal that BJP play Hindu card increasing tensions between Hindus and Muslims which will have impact on national security with lurking danger of ISIS.
    What BJP has to do is to is do Hindu unity in positive manner with out muslims being brought in to picture.
    Secondly RSS needs to do is to rein Gau Rakshak who are attacking dalits,defeating the purpose of Hindu Unity across all the casts including Dalits.


    1. The Gau Rakshaks are good for nothing, as far as I can see.

      I agree with you in a long term sense about Muslims, but in a short term sense, BJP needs to play a Hindu card to prevent the seculars from creating a mess.


  7. Some Gujarati news papers have started publishing reports about the possibility of anti-BJP forces conspiring to create anti-Dalit atmosphere in Gujarat as all Gujarati Hindus know that for last few thousands of years, Dalits have been taking possession of dead cattle and processing them for their hides. So why Gujarati Hindus get upset all of a sudden with Dalits for doing that?


  8. The attocities on cobbler sections of the Dalit community is highly condemnable for its inhumanity.
    Apart from this the misguided Gaurakshaks should understand that when Ambedkar left Hinduism and embraced Budhism the cobbler remained firm on being Hindus with utmost loyalty to their ancient faith as they have Bhakti tradation with many saints from this community who helped preserve Hindu religion during long Muslims rule.
    In Maharashtra the infamy of cobbler cast is not strong.
    In fact they are highly cultured people who are doing well in leatherware and are part of main stream of Maharashtra.
    In fact I know many of them are sangh


  9. It is high time a critical analysis is done of Jaitley. This guy sleeps with Lutyens media. He doesn’t know finance/economics. Can’t win elections. Doesn’t have equity in opposition to get bills passed. And is corrupt.
    Why aren’t the Augusta Patrakaes being investigated?
    Why is BJP trying to play by rules of this media. Now watch. Every day a Dalit attack will be on front page. Like church attacks. And Dadri.

    Your estimate of Dalit sentiment may be optimistic.


  10. The enemy of Hinduism is out naked in full force. He has attacked the core value of Hinduism by twisting the meaning of law of Karma. The platforms created and nurtured exactly for this moment are used like forts to protect the enemy and to launch the attacks on those people who have allowed this disease to grow. NDTV is enemy ‘s the helpdesk in final assault on Hinduism. Leeches after leeches are spinning the meaning of Karma to mean that caste is by birth and to accept the role destined by karma by birth. AND THIS IS LIE. No scriptures say so. In fact Sri Krishna in Gita says do your duty according to your inclination (Svabhav) and aptitude for profession like Dronacharya became warrior where as his parents were Brahmin by profession in earlier true meaning of caste system. No where Karma says to accept the fate and not try to overcome it. The whole Mahabharat war was fought exactly to slap the enemies of Hinduism who teach tolerance of injustice. Dalits are Hindus and that is why they are fighting and that is why all Hindus are supporting them. To avenge the conspiracy of the Dalit beaters of Congress, the each perpetrator when caught should be similarly thrashed by each all castes Hindus symbolically in public, legally and democratically. On the other hand, until the fourth principle of Chankya, dand is not developed by only true representative party BJP, no true development will happen. The enemies of Hinduism are talking of blast all Hindu shashtras which in realty are asking for do their duty (Karma) to fight injustice.


  11. I am surprised that so many here have swallowed the media narrative of Dalits being attacked in Gujarat. It was a put-up job from beginning to end. After Chaiwallah’s earlier column, it has come out that (a) the “victim” forcibly re-admitted himself into the hospital just in time for RaGa’s visit, and (b) the “mother” comforted by RaGa wasn’t the mother of the “victim.” The presstitutes might play up this and other similar stories but they won’t succeed in my view.


    1. A lot of fake narratives have been created since Modi came to power. But the “Dalit attacks in Gujarat” are among the worst. Every part of the incident reeks of a conspiracy. Read yesterday that 150 Dalits are threatening suicide in Bhavnagar. Total lies and nonsense.


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