How to burn Gujarat : a beginner’s guide

With Uttar Pradesh elections around the corner, the ecosystem comes alive. To add to that, there is a Parliament session in progress and something has to be done to block the GST Bill. They have to find a new Dadri.

For the first step, gather a bunch of random people, call them “Gau Rakshaks” and get them to beat up some Dalit tannery workers:

Now make this go viral and right on cue the “Dalit organizations” and “Dalit panthers” and all those groups that never actually win any Dalit votes will be on the streets demanding “justice”. Then, get some Congress workers to “attempt suicide”.

And there you have it folks, you now have a license to do the following:

(1) Burn Gujarat

(2) Block GST Bill in Parliament

(3) An issue to attack BJP in Uttar Pradesh.

In their hurry to manufacture another Dadri like incident, they forgot to even make sure that all the “gau rakshaks” were even Hindus.

Oops! Mistake…mistake …mistake… But they swooped in swiftly to correct this mistake.


See? The Muslim boy was “forced” to join in beating up people. Does it sound like the lamest excuse ever made on this planet? Sure! But, the Indian Express will take it nevertheless.

And of course, the political vulture of Delhi will be coming to Gujarat tomorrow to show just how much he sympathizes with Dalits. And so will Rahul G, so that he can be “relaunched” for the 1000th time.

Once again, Dalit lives are being thrown under the bus by secular vultures to fight the BJP. Every time, every single time, seculars choose to put Dalit lives on the line for their anti-Hindu politics. It is poor Dalit students who are the No. 1 target for Commie brainwashing agents at universities. The tragic end of Rohith Vemula is of course the main case in point. They didn’t even let someone try to see if Rohith could have been revived, such was the Commie thirst for a dead body. All so that elite liberals could let out cries of ecstasy, like Sujata Anandan, political editor of the Hindustan Times, Mumbai:


Another Dalit life ends. Another liberal celebrates.

Dalits are made into cannon fodder for the liberal anti-Hindu agenda. And poor Dalits also have to be the worst victims of violence from the peaceful community. So, when Tuktuki Mondal in West Bengal, a mere schoolgirl, is snatched from her father and raped for months by a bunch of peacefuls, she can’t get justice. Another Dalit life that doesn’t matter to India’s liberals.

Of course, not one of these liberals would let a Dalit into their actual circle. As poor disillusioned Rohith Vemula said himself:


no Dalit is ever allowed to step into the Communist Politburo. Similarly, Mr. Kejriwal, who will arrive in Gujarat tomorrow to express his solidarity with Dalits, would never consider giving the MSc graduate, NET qualified brother of Rohith Vemula for anything more than a temporary Grade-IV staff job.

Will the elite liberals in this country allow Dalits to step into Aligarh Muslim University? Of course not! Even though AMU is paid for by public money, Dalits in our country cannot enjoy the benefits of reservation at AMU. Why? Because liberals see AMU as their property. And they can’t share any of that.

Ask the liberals and peacefuls to give Dalits their fair share at AMU and the threats become quite explicit:

Dear Rahul Gandhi ji,

If you want to show Dalits that you care, do not go to Una. Go stand at the door of Aligarh Muslim University and demand that Dalits should be allowed in. 

Dear Sujata Anandan, Dear Arvind Kejriwal, Dear Sitaram Yechury, Dear Rahul Gandhi,


It is time for Dalit brothers to realize the secular game. And I actually believe they are. It is time for Dalits to realize that the anti-Hindu politicians, the Dalit panthers and the so called Dalit organizations have done absolutely nothing for them. These front organizations of the Congress exist to break Hindu society.

Dear Mr. Yechury, may I remind you that while your Commie politburo does not admit any Dalits, the first brick for Ram Temple at Ayodhya was laid by a Dalit?

So, yeah, well, we all Hindus sink or swim together. Get that straight, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Get that straight, Mr. Yechury and Mr. Kejriwal. Go ahead, do your worst. But let me tell you that Dalit youth are not with you. They don’t want to die so that you can rule. Keep trying.

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16 thoughts on “How to burn Gujarat : a beginner’s guide

    1. UP election result should be a storm whichever way it blows. Happy to see 543’s predictions. Usually, UP starts as a 4 way race, becomes 3 way, then 2 way and finally one side wins big. Hopefully it will be BJP this time.


  1. CW great detective work…like Sherlock homes?!?

    I did read these head lines ,but never connected!

    I read the below tweet I still don’t get it…but your this post was a real eye opener! I hope BJP has by now has some antidote to counter such activities by congis eco system!

    #GauravPradhan ‏@DrGPradhan  14h
    .@ArvindKejriwal Met @RajBabbarMP PROVED Dadri part 2 orginating from Gujarat, its coming


  2. Dalits are realizing this game. If BJP wins UP then these commies will not be able to carry on this drama. As you said this is to stop passage of GST bill.


  3. It would be very interesting if the captured “Gau Rakshaks” are properly interrogated. Quite possible that they were paid ‘Stone Pelters’ from Gujarat. And this mild poison injesting drama should also be properly investigated.


  4. Now that you have brought up, I suspect the whole thing was pre-planned. I doubt that there must be very many high quality cell phones in such small village in Gujarat. The video taker must also be a paid person. He should also be interrogated by the police.


    1. Of course it was preplanned. One of the “victims” had to be readmitted in hospital before Rahul came. Dainik Bhaskar yesterday exposed that one of the mothers of the “victims” wasnt even the actual mother. Total farzi.


  5. I dunno if any of you are on Twitter but there is this person (Dr G Pradhan) that I follow and he put out a series of tweets yesterday explaining how this is all pre-staged. It is incredible the levels to which Congress and its non-BJP allies will stoop to get back in power. I am from Gujarat and can tell you that if there is one place in the state which still has Congress sympathizers, it is Una and its surrounding areas. In any case, it doesn’t take much to incite a riot, no matter whether you have backing or not.


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