Letter to a Kashmiri stone pelter : How to end Indian occupation

Dear young stone pelting friend,

On behalf of all Indians, let me first of all apologize to you, especially on behalf of all the Hindu, upper caste, heterosexual males who are reaping the maximum benefits from our colonization of Kashmir. Moved to tears by Burqa Dutt’s recent rapportage and Umar Khalid’s slogans, I have decided to break ranks with Indian chauvinists  and give you a hint about how the break the strong arm of the Indian state.

Maybe I should also take this opportunity to acknowledge how unfair it is that you must occupy yourselves with this nasty stone pelting business at such a tender age. At a time when your young mind is generally busy contemplating the mysteries of the universe like Newton and Gallileo,  I understand that stone pelting can be quite a distraction.

Here’s how you can bring the Indian state to its knees: it’s called non-cooperation and non-violence. To break the force of Indian colonial rule, you young Kashmiris have to stop paying those taxes that we have imposed on you. Boycott all the Indian made goods that are being flooded into your market. If you young Kashmiris can block all those crucial trade routes passing through Kashmir, you can bring the Indian colonial empire down. Stop working in all those mines from which India is tapping your mineral wealth. Stop working on those plantations of tea, coffee, tobacco and sugarcane. It is the blood of the Kashmiri plantation worker that has made India so wealthy and prosperous. Don’t let Indian merchants siphon off Kashmir’s wealth in their ships and trucks. If you stop working on them, their business empire will come to a standstill.

Inside Kashmir, you can do more. You can stop working on all the factories owned by Indian capitalists. At this time when India is fighting colonial wars all across the world, a stoppage of production in Kashmiri factories will paralyze India’s war effort. And please, please don’t let the jewel of Kashmir’s youth become cannon fodder for the Indian Army to fight colonial wars on distant continents.

This is the way. Your non-violent non-cooperation can put an end to India’s global dominance through colonialism. Yes, you can. You do as I say and you will have your freedom within a generation. You can have your own idea of Kashmir, free of Hindu, Sikh, Shia and Ahmadiya spies…

Hindu males have been fooling and misleading Muslims for a long time now. Even Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace, recommended violent jihad for you guys during the Khilafat movement. It was obviously a trap laid by Hindu-Zionists to push young Muslims into generations of violence. The unsuspecting innocent believers, the lambs of the one true God, walked into it.

Also, like any young boy, I understand that you are horny. As shy nerdy kids who are absorbed mostly with physics (Newton died a virgin too!), I can see why 72 virgins can seem so tempting. But for your own sake, for your parents sake and for the future of your country, stay away from stone pelting. Especially now that the cruel Indian Army is using non-lethal pellet guns to deny you the passage to heaven  and instead damning you to a lifetime of blindness. Open your eyes.

17 thoughts on “Letter to a Kashmiri stone pelter : How to end Indian occupation

  1. Of course you should be very proud that you guys are way ahead of the Separatist leaders’ sons who study and live away in infidel countries as far as winning hearts of 72 virgins. Will you be generous and offer part of your share of 72 virgins to your Gurus (separatists) as Guru-Dakshina? Or you will be greedy and keep all 72 virgins for yourself?


  2. CW, did you notice that articles against “pellet guns” have suddenly mushroomed in the media in the last few days only? They all hammer on the same theme, all written by erudite journos. Only one little problem. The only pellet guns available are the air-guns you use to shoot balloons with at the fairground at a rupee a shot. The sudden use of this misnomer for the riot control shotguns means that one single source is feeding the propaganda. That guy was probably getting complaints from Islamabad/Rawalpindi that these “Chharre wali bandookein” were spoiling all the fun. So the media manager opens the Urdu-English phrase book: chharre = pellets, bandookein = guns. Presto, the whole Indian media is wailing about the horors of the “pellet guns”. The riot control shotguns are just your ordinary 12 bore guns having a short barrel and loaded with low power cartridges firing a spread of small size pellets; these pellets have little kinetic energy to peneterate very deep into the body. Unless of course they are fired point blank.


  3. On a serious note though.This is to Kashmiris.How are you going to get freedom from India? 1)Are you going to whine on the Internet? That surely won’t affect anything. 2)Are you going to become terrorists?You are vastly outnumbered and untrained unlike those who infiltrate , 3)Are you going to ask fellow Pakistani youth to join you? Infiltration has become more difficult ,4) Are you going to ask the US or the rest of the west for help – India is a major market for Western companies,an ally against China and also a major market for defence deals so dream on , 5)Are you going to ask Pakistan for help? They have lost all wars against India and also don’t have the diplomatic clout to match India ,6)Are you going to ask UN for help? All those UN resolutions haven’t helped you at all, 7)Are you going to try and internationalize this issue and try to get sympathy like the Palestinians do-good luck with that.India has hands down beaten you in the information war and the West won’t highlight this much either due to reason 4) , 8)Are you going to ask the world to try a BDS style(they do it against Israel) boycott of Indian products? India has a comparatively low share of exports to GDP compared to other emerging countries so a boycott won’t affect us much(although India is trying to increase its share of exports in GDP but still), 9) Are you going to keep throwing stones? Lol at this and finally , 10)Are you going to ask your god Allah for help? Even after almost 70 years of independence,we still have Kashmir.Clearly,either a)Allah just isn’t interested or b)has better things to do or c) loves India and Indians more than Kashmiris/Pakistanis or d)is good for nothing.I’ll put my money on d.So what are you going to do Kashmiris?Waiting for an answer but I am pretty sure I won’t get it.


    1. The world’s patience against Islamist massacre has worn very thin. ISIS was the last nail. Kashmiris can continue their hopeless struggle, but they should understand that its hopeless. No chance.


  4. Twitter trends in Pakistan right now: Trend #1- #FreeKashmir , Trend #9(1 hour back) – #ZuckerbergsupportsIOKmurders . Let them spend all their time,resources and money on Kashmir and defence while we focus on the economy and foreign policy.Glad that we have learnt the basic lesson that a country’s economy is everything and they don’t seem to have learned that.India can drain Pak through an arms race.Our economy is growing fast so we can spend a greater % on Military but Pak instead of trying to grow their economy are making the mistake of spending a greater % of their budget on defence.Thus, a situation may arise in the future when India spends 15% of its budget on defence(more or less the same as it is right now) but a greater amount in billions due to the growth in economy whereas Pak may have to spend 25-30% of their budget on defence just to match India because their economy isn’t growing.Their heavy dependence on their military will prove to be the reason for their downfall.All India has to do is focus on the economy.The rest(more diplomatic clout,stronger military,etc) will come automatically.India’s economy is 9 times greater than Pakistans and in 2050,it will be 40 times larger.


    1. Subramanian Swamy ‏@Swamy39 Jul 14
      Now that we got the ground situation in K valley under control Pak is going berserk. The Nostradamus predicted destruction of Pak near?


  5. Open Letter To Burhan Wani Gaurav arya of Indian army

    Dear Departed,

    Ever since you were terminated in a forces-led operation in the Valley, 23
    people have died. I don’t know why they died. The majority were possibly
    overcome with grief and fury and wanted to avenge your death. That did not
    happen, for obvious reasons. A policeman was thrown along with his vehicle into
    a river and he drowned. I grieve with your family and with the families of all
    those who lost their lives. Despicable though you may have been, I cannot find
    it in my heart to blame your family.

    You could have been an engineer, a doctor, an archeologist or a software
    programmer but your fate drew you to the seductive world of social media, with
    its instant celebrity hood and all encompassing fame. You posted pictures on
    the internet with your “brothers”, all you fine young Rambos holding assault
    rifles and radio sets. It was right out of Hollywood. Your rifle’s fire
    selector switch was set to “safe” and your weapon rested on your shoulder. I
    know it’s too late to advise you on such matters, but NEVER do that in an
    operational area.

    The day you started with your social media blitzkrieg, you were a dead man.
    You encouraged young men of Kashmir to kill Indian soldiers, all from behind
    the safety of your Facebook account. Your female fan following was delirious.
    You were a social media rage. Unknown to you, there was probably some nerd with
    a laptop sitting in HQ XV Corps, tracking you 24/7. You died when you were 22.
    Had you survived this operation, you would have died when you were 23. Just a
    different date on the calendar, that’s all. The intensity of violence and the
    result would have been the same.

    I wish we had met and I could have explained to you (before killing you)
    that the old men of the Hurriyat Conference are like leech. They feed on the
    blood of men. They send young Kashmiris to face the Indian Army. What sort of a
    war is this, where lambs are sent to fight lions?

    I would have shown you the sheer duplicity of the Hurriyat, with their sons
    living abroad, pursuing professions other than jihad. Name one relative of Syed
    Ali Geelani, the head of the Hurriyat Conference, who is fighting the so-called
    Indian “occupation”? His son Nayeem Geelani is a doctor in Rawalpindi, and
    lives under the patronage of the Pakistani ISI. Zahoor, his second son, lives
    in South Delhi. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s sister Rabia is a doctor in the US.
    Mariyam Andrabi, sister of head of the radical Dukhtran-e-Millat, Asiya Andrabi,
    along with her family lives in Malaysia. Every Kashmiri separatist leader’s
    daughter or son is rich and safe, outside Kashmir. Jihad is for other people’s

    And your parent’s son is dead. Dead from a 7.62 mm full metal jacket round
    to the head.

    Kashmir’s young and restless blame the security forces for killing them. But
    they never question the Hurriyat. No one asks Syed Ali Geelani why Burhan Wani
    is not from his family.

    Pakistani media was ecstatic when Kashmiris celebrated Eid this year along
    with Pakistan and not with the rest of India. This was reported as a blow to
    the unity of India. This is the first time in the 1400 year history of Islam
    that Eid was declared, not by witnessing the Shawwal moon, but by looking
    towards Pakistan. Well done.

    The Hurriyat has nothing to do with Kashmiris. This unrest, this bloodshed
    is just another business. If not, I would like to see the list of martyrs from
    the Hurriyat leadership’s families.

    The Hurriyat knows too well that Kashmir has fallen off the map of the
    world’s attention. No one cares and everyone knows that it is an artificially
    manufactured conflict. The Kashmir dispute exists because it is an inexpensive
    way for Pakistan to keep Indian forces bogged down in the valley.

    You were a terrorist. You chose to wage war against India. Like for all
    other such perpetrators in the past, it didn’t go too well for you. When you
    choose to fight against the Indian Army, know this; THEY WILL KILL YOU.

    Your supporters now want blood. So be it.



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