Fuhrer of Bihar : Nitish Kumar demands 165 crore from Bihar to feed his Army

As worries in Lutyens pradesh mount over Modi’s fascism, the newly sovereign Chief Ministers such as Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar have begun their work creating their own private brainwashing armies. Not surprisingly, this terrifying development has mostly been ignored.


I am not 100% sure, but I think the genesis of this idea lies with Kejriwal and his creation of the “Delhi Dialogue Commission”, headed by supari journalist Ashish Khetan. But, Nitish Kumar is taking this further…much further ahead…into a truly terrifying monster.

At the spanking new state construction corporation office in Patna’s very own Lutyens’ zone called Rajbansi Nagar, a small corner room seats two officials confabulating about job applications for recruitment to 328 posts for the Bihar Vikas Mission… Kishor was made a member of the governing body to oversee the Bihar Vikas Mission, an ambitious programme that seeks to achieve the ‘seven resolves’ promised by Nitish during his election campaign….One of the first ideas seeing the light of the day under the mission is setting up of district registration and counselling centres (DRCCs) in each of Bihar’s 38 districts. Each district will have a manager with an annual salary of Rs 9.6 lakh. An MBA degree holder with five years’ experience and IT proficiency is being sought. An assistant manager to handle accounts and four assistant managers in each district to deal with various government schemes are being recruited. These too will be MBA degree holders. They command an annual salary of Rs 7.2 lakh with an assured increment of 10% a year…

Officials at the district level have been told to start preparing the necessary infrastructure for setting up DRCCs. “I was told to get things ready for a DRCC in my district. So we have got the land and a building will be ready in the next 3 months,” says Deepak Anand, the district magistrate of Saran district.

At the district level across Bihar, there is still a lot of ambiguity on what exactly will be the role of the private recruits.


Yes, friends, Nitish Kumar is getting ready a parallel army of bureaucrats who will be personally loyal only to him, called “District Managers”. Now, it is nothing new for a ruling party to bring to the forefront bureaucrats that are sympathetic to them. But this is a whole new level, replacing the entire official bureaucracy by a personal army of party recruits personally loyal to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

It is understandable that Nitish Kumar, who won a mere 16% of the vote (I love to remind liberals of this figure) feels that he has to consolidate his power. The way to do this is to replace the state completely by the party. You know, people often wonder how the Left Front ruled for 35 years in Bengal at one stretch. Ask a Bengali: he/she will tell you that there were two reasons: the first was something called Operation Barga (will talk about this another day). The second reason was that every single function of the state was taken over by the CPIM. The state was completely inaccessible to the ordinary Bengali, you had to go through the party for everything.

The only difference though, is that, the CPIM never made it official. Locally everyone knew that going to the government office was pointless, you would have to start with the local party office. But Nitish Kumar is making it official, the District Magistrate office is now officially useless, you have to go through the District Manager personally appointed by the Chief Minister. In a state with as much poverty, illiteracy and under-development as Bihar, you can imagine what that means for the people…

Especially, think about the 84% of Biharis who didn’t even vote for Nitish Kumar (again, I love pointing this out). For the vast majority of downtrodden Biharis, Nitish Kumar is making it crystal clear, go get your JDU membership or forget about getting anything done by the state ever again. The DM is being replaced  by JDU’s District Manager… Of course, like any conquering army of medieval times, Nitish Kumar’s occupying army of the 16% will be feeding off the land… So, Biharis will have to shell out Rs 165 crore to feed this occupying army, which will be headed by the general Prashant Kishor, again personally loyal to Nitish Kumar, the Fuhrer of Bihar. 

Of course, the people of Bihar have to be thankful for small mercies. It’s 165 crore. Over 5 years. Sure it could go up and it probably will as the occupying army gets more comfortable and therefore, more hungry. But Delhi is getting fleeced for 526 crores by its sovereign Chief Minister. 526 crores each year. Does Delhi have it worse? I wonder. There is after all a crucial difference between Kejriwal and Nitish. Kejriwal actually won Delhi. He has 67/70 seats and a 53% vote share. We can’t argue with a democratic mandate like that and we shouldn’t. Nitish has 67/224 seats in Bihar and a 16% vote share. Huge huge difference there between Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar! I guess the moral of the story for Biharis is that elections have consequences. Even if it’s just 16% of the vote… Next time, choose wisely. Till then, get ready with your tributes, because the Fuhrer of Bihar has only just started opening his mouth…

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22 thoughts on “Fuhrer of Bihar : Nitish Kumar demands 165 crore from Bihar to feed his Army

  1. Modi wants to double farmers incomes by 2022 and hence has a plan that will enable farmers to sell directly instead of doing it through APMC cartels and wants states to amend their acts.Maharashtra well on it’s way to doing so.So the APMC cartels were unhappy and called a strike but Faddy held firm and they called off the strike.This single act alone could get him re-elected in 2019(and also if he makes Maharashtra drought free through Jalyukta Shivar).


    1. These are the real things that can win Modi the 2019 election: boosting farm incomes, nurturing the Dalit constituency and showing real infrastructure progress. The new fast trains being tested in Mathura are very impressive. This is what will really shut up the naysayers.


  2. I dunno why but I get the feeling that either : A)Kishore is a mole planted by BJP in JDU/Congress or B)Kishore is a mole planted by JDU in Congress to damage Cong’s prospects in 2019 and to prop up Susu Babu….I mean Sushashan Babu(joker actually thinks he can win in 2019 despite not being able to win Bihar on his own lol).


  3. Sheila Dikshit all set to become Congress’ CM candidate in UP.To get an indication of how her performance in the election will be,just read the last 4 letters of her surname.


  4. CW, I am surprised that Lalu is mum on this action by Nitish Kumar. Is Lalu giving Nitish Kumar long enough rope so he hangs himself? Is our media making Super Man out of Prashant Kishor just like it did to Mr. Rajan?


    1. Here is what I am thinking. We have for long been going with the calculation that there is at some level, a battle of supremacy between Lalu and Nitish. What if there isn’t one? Nitish doesnt have a political heir and at this point Lalu’s only aim is to settle his kids who are in their 20s. Nitish can retire smoothly and hand it over to Lalu’s kids when they are older…


  5. Now the Citizens are paying for party expenses themselves.Such brokerism for public services via political outfits should be brought to an end.A good way to do that would be to make government jobs like corporate jobs.


    1. And now these District Managers of JDU will take over the powers of the DM. For rural poor, the power that the DM holds over them can hardly be overestimated. Party fusing with the state.


    1. Two and a half years will soon be over. The rough edges are gone, now its smooth sailing till 2019. Next year hoping for easy wins in Uttarakhand, Goa, HP, Gujarat and a hard fought victory in Uttar Pradesh.


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