#ImranMasood: Rahul Gandhi steps up to protect India from Narendra Modi

A few days back, the Indian National Congress tweeted out this picture from their official handle, in usual sycophantic fashion:


Such is the expression of the Shehzada here and so are the expressions of the gathered “janta” around him that I couldn’t stop laughing. I felt this picture deserved a caption that truly captured the sycophancy and entitlement mentality underlying this moment that was dutifully tweeted out by the INC. But I am not particularly good at these things and so I dithered, thinking and waiting to find the “perfect caption”. From the way Rahul baba looks in this photo and the faces of the people around him, the working title I had in mind was  “The Adarshliberals“.

But something happened yesterday that suggests that these lines are not for simple comic value. If at all there is humor, it must be dark humor. For yesterday, the Vice President of the Indian National Congress Shri Rahul Gandhi decided to elevate the following person to the post of Vice President of the Indian National Congress in Uttar Pradesh:

As if we need to be reminded, here is Mr. Imran Masood’s famous threat of chopping Narendra Modi into pieces:

Consider the two events together and you have to wonder what Rahul ji meant by “protecting India from Narendra Modi”  a day before he elevated Imran Masood to the post of state vice president in Uttar Pradesh…

I suggest you click on Imran Masood’s speech not just to listen to the (in)famous “boti-boti” part, but also hear out the first 4 minutes of the speech, where he makes various statements about what % of people are Thakurs, what % are Dalits and what % are Muslims in various parts of the country, including his own local area. Then listen to him point out which communities are getting more representation in MLA/MP faces than their % of the population. Please listen to it in full, my friends, to get a nice unabridged version of the totally non-divisive, unifying rhetoric of the peacemongering secularists of our country. This is the famous Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb my friends, this is the “idea of India” that secularists are so intensely proud of. If there is one thing that truly inspires national unity and harmony among the people, it is a proper headcount of which castes and religions are unfairly getting too many of their members in elected government and how other castes and religions should practice proper strategic voting to keep the enemy castes and religions out. It’s just lovely…the all embracing human spirit of brotherhood in the secular rhetoric will bring tears of joy to your eyes…So, friends, please listen to the entire video…

Finally, I wanted to say something about a certain state whose name rhymes with Vindhyachal Pradesh, but I am scared to be in contempt of the powerful. As  free people of a democratic country, it is important to remember that we do not have the right to speak out against those who have power over the citizens. In fact, the whole of democracy depends crucially on this. And of course if the class of people who have this power over citizens are not actually elected nor accountable to elected officials, but have the privilege of choosing their members through internal consultations among themselves, well that just makes our democracy all the more vibrant, doesn’t it?

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14 thoughts on “#ImranMasood: Rahul Gandhi steps up to protect India from Narendra Modi

  1. Who in your opinion should be BJP’s face?Could Keshav Prasad Maurya or Swami Prasad Maurya be good choices?I’ve heard that Maurya votes will go to BJP this time because of these 2 Mauryas.Many seem to think that BJP has a great chance.Even 5forty3(he thought that BJP would lose in Bihar and he was right).If BJP does pull off a win,it will be incredible going from 47 to 200+(quadrupling).


  2. In Arunachal,there will be a floor test and unlike in Uttarakhand,NDA seems to have the numbers.So it’s only a temporary victory for Congress.


  3. In Punjab,AAP made 2 big blunders recently and those blunders could hurt them hard apparently.Seems as though AAP peaked a bit too early in Punjab.Not sure who is ahead now.


  4. “protecting India from Narendra Modi”….I wonder what he smokes when RaGa makes such stupid statements!!

    Imran Masood sounds like a joker!

    Arunachal Pradesh goes back to Corrupt Congress again.

    Unelected Collegium Melords of supreme court is doing everything against the decisions of Elected Govt in the center. SC has taken over the job of Legislature.

    There is no point in having a Democracy, Government, Laws, Constitution, Lok Sabha etc if unelected Collegium Judiciary and unelected Rajya Sabha plays god and has the power to VETO any and all decisions taken by the Elected Representative of the Government.

    Why conduct elections every 5 years (Eyewash) if unelected Collegium Melords have the last say and has the power to overthrow government. Final decisions must always be made by elected representatives and not unelected Judiciary.


  5. More people attend “Gram Panchayat” meetings than the number attending Rahuljis meeting. If you ask them what RSS abbreviation stands for, I bet 90 percent attendees will copy Bihar toppers.


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