#TextileMinistry: Four member NDTV team begins its mission

A couple of days ago, writing on Modi’s Cabinet reshuffle, I had said that it appears there is a reward of some kind for being the first Mameluk news agency to find something wrong with the Textile Ministry. Poor Pallavi Ghosh was the first to try with her “5000 crore jobs” tweet, but she got disqualified after her effort was widely mocked.

Yesterday, NDTV showed why they were always favorites to win this contest. A heavyweight, hard-hitting FOUR member team from NDTV consisting of Sonal Matharu, Manas Singh, Aishwarya Iyer and Sreenivasan Jain (captain) swooped in and decisively won the crown:


So what harm has Smriti Irani done to people in textile already? Oh well:


You have to give credit to NDTV here. See, it is rather easy to discover controversies at the HRD ministry. What controversy could possibly exist over there at the Textile Ministry? Can you imagine the amount of brainstorming that went into NDTV’s FOUR member effort to find a controversy  with textiles?

Over the next few months, I am sure we are about to see an explosion of creativity as ingenious techniques are researched to manufacture controversies in the Textile Industry. But, for starters, I think I can see the first draft of the action plan. Read the first few lines of the NDTV article:

In a room in Kapasera, at the southern edge of Delhi, we meet Navitha, and Geeta. They came as 1000s of other women to seek livelihood in India’s booming garment industry, supplying the world’s best known brands: Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, amongst others.

Very quickly, in her first job at a company called Maharani Exports, she learnt the toxic rules of how the units worked.

Navita said that her supervisors passed a comment saying, “Yeh maal khaane wala hain, chorne wala nehi.” (This woman is for eating, not to be left.)


See the part I have put in boldface? My guess is that there is an effort underway to create a worldwide buzz with the big brands like Gap, Banana Republic, etc. to say that Indian textiles are “tainted”, trying to get the big global brands to pull out and boycott us. The resulting situation can then be neatly blamed as a failure of Smriti Irani. Don’t forget that textile is actually India’s second biggest employer after agriculture. It’s one of our biggest exports. Discrediting India’s textile sector can cause significant loss of revenue and jobs …and the losses will then be laid at Smriti Irani’s door.

After all, Smriti Irani’s entry into Amethi  has threatened none other than the Shehzada himself. The Mameluks will do anything, absolutely anything to stop her.

In fact, I think those lines from NDTV above can be slightly changed to give a more accurate picture of how things work in Delhi:

In an office in the Textile Ministry, we met Smriti Irani. She came as one of 100s of MPs from all over India, to represent the people as part of a full majority Central Government for the first time in 3 decades. 

Very quickly, in her first job at the HRD Ministry, she learned the toxic rules of how things work, especially for commoners who dare to challenge the Shehzada.

The dalals and newstraders in Lutyens Delhi said: This woman has to be stopped, not to be left. 

More accurate, don’t you think?

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16 thoughts on “#TextileMinistry: Four member NDTV team begins its mission

  1. Looking forward to the day when Rahul Gandhi fails to win a LS seat has to enter Parliament through the lone Mizoram RS seat(Mizoram is the only safe state for Congress right now).


  2. She hasn’t even been the Textile Minister for a month and these morons are alredy trying to shoot her with flimsy ammunition!!!
    As for these flimsy foreign brands.I can assure you,they wont gain any ground in India.The colours fade easily and the tailorship is awful.They are designed for places where clothing changes dramatically with season.


  3. Having first hand knowledge of how the brand for a product is created commercially, whereby millions of items are sold at several times the price of similar no brand products sold in thousands at most, the political use in destroying or neutralizing the subject, simplistically known as disinformation or misinformation is known for centuries. The country which allows this under the cloak of any fancy name is doomed for ever. These satanic journalists should be effectively and democratically handled.


  4. Just a small dissent here..

    The Textile Ministry in fact is a centre of massive freeloading and mooching on taxpayers money. How many people know that promotion of khadi/handloom industry comes under this Ministry? Khadi exhibitions and showrooms are subsidised 100%. Yep, cent per cent in the holy name of Saint Gandhi. Now just close your eyes for 30 secs and imagine how you can misuse this horn of plenty. Phony exhibitions; phony sales; phony co-op societies turning out phony handloom products; over-invoicing; floating a co-op society, taking loans from Khadi Gramodyog, then quietly fading into the sunset, only to float another co-op in the next village… the list is pretty big.

    An example. Many years ago a guy came to me and said he and i should open a khadi village industry in my home district with generous loans from the khadi wallahs. The paperwork would be in my name and he would be the tech and admin support. And why wasn’t he doing it in his own name? He was honest: “I’ve been blacklisted”. When i spoke about breaking even after returning the loan he was genuinely shocked. “Nobody returns khadi loans!” he said with his refreshing honesty. “That’s why i’m blacklisted.”

    So there’s an army of muftkhors and corrupt officials who have built entire careers living off the Min of Tex. NDTV already knows this. That’s why they had headed straight to the Tex Min for some lucrative “khadi promotion” when they were hard up. If Smriti isn’t careful NDTV is going to explode this mine i just described above, under her one fine day. Then there will be Smriti pieces scattered all over the landscape, but none in Amethi, the Dauphin’s pocket burrough.

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    1. This is true. The fact is that there are endless buried and inbuilt scandals of past sixty years secretly catelogged by anti nationals and mameluks, selectively used by them at appropriate time. Unfortunately, our response always have been reactive and not so far strategically proactive. Normally, this takes years of system building to cure and prevent all kinds of system abuses.


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