Did Narendra Modi purchase a Rs 45,000 crore watch?

You have to give the Congress credit for having a sense of humor. First, Rahul Gandhi, then Priyanka and now this: on July 6, Congress spokesperson R S Surjewala put out what may possibly be the most ill fated tweet in history :

I’m all ears. What did Modi do now, after historic scams such as wearing 10 lakh suit, selling tea without a license at Vadnagar Railway Station as a kid, etc. etc. What “telecom scam” is about to come out now? Did he make too many expensive international phone calls from his office? Let’s find out:



A 45,000 crore scam under Modi’s watch?

Okay…now I get it. After 10 lakh suit, Narendra Modi must have purchased a 45000 crore watch. For a change, I agree with the Congress, it is indeed obscene for the Prime Minister to flaunt a Rs 45,000 crore watch on his wrist, when millions of people still struggle to make ends meet in our country.

So, which company makes this 45,000 crore watch? I’m curious about that too.  Let’s read the whole thing further.

During a press conference today, Congress legislator Randeep Surjewala said that a Comptroller And Auditor General (CAG) report had accused six telecom companies namely Aircel, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone, and Tata of portraying their net income between 2006-2010 less by over Rs 46,000 crore.”


Wait! What?

Come again, please…

Aircel, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone, and Tata of portraying their net income between 2006-2010 less by over Rs 46,000 crore” 

You know ROTFLMAO is just an abbreviation people use on the internet for almost anything that’s remotely funny. But this time, I think I really am:


It’s from freaking 2006-10!!! Thank you Congress for unearthing yet another scam of Manmohan’s government! Have all of you been bitten by Pappu? Or have you become determined to go from 44 to 4?

Dear Congress, if you wish to block the GST Bill in the upcoming Monsoon session, you will really have to do better than unearthing your own scams and blaming them on everyone else… At least go find some Sadhvi somewhere saying something outrageous and get your Mameluk news outlets to declare her a “BJP MP”.

Wait, was this your new leader Priyanka’s idea to block GST? See, I knew it. The only one dumber than Pappu is Priyanka…

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10 thoughts on “Did Narendra Modi purchase a Rs 45,000 crore watch?

  1. There are dumb people. There are halfwits. Then there are these people.
    These people are so restless being out of power, wonder what would happen after 2019 GE. Some of them might permanently take a hike. Pappu would surely marry a girl 20 years junior to him following the footsteps of his mentor DickVijay.
    I wonder what these folks smoke before going in front of camera and making a fool out of themselves before the whole nation.


    1. They have entered the phase where they are so desperate to hurt India and stop GST Bill that they will even discredit their own government. After all, what is left to discredit in UPA2?


  2. HA ha. Really funny. These guys have gone mad.

    Just for fun, I feel that, these guys are somehow working for BJP even after staying with congress. See, BJP does not have to do any thing. Either Pappu or one of his pet have to open their mouth to give any statement.

    BTW, CW, do you know that, Modi drank water worth of 10 crore during navaratri fast. So when you do not get any scam on Modi, you can also attack on basic needs like Water, food etc.


    Believe me or not, but these guys will even make a news that, when Modi is breathing, he is actually taking clean air, which our minorities would have taken., since they have first right to do so. So this fascist Modi and RSS are not even letting our peaceful minorities breathing properly.


  3. Agree with CW on Priyanka Vadra. I remember in 2009 general elections, she was hyped like the next best thing to sliced bread. Her only notable achievements in politics are campaigning and winning family bastions. Sometimes people achieve a lot in corporate or public sector or something else and use that to come in to politics (e.g Jayant Sinha) – she doesn’t even have that. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time that Congress is putting her in the forefront of the political battle in UP and I can’t wait when they realize she is no better (and probably worse, if such a low is even possible) than RaGa.


  4. The only thing the CONgis see in Priyanka (Swamy calls her Bottle for some reason) is that she has that shrill voice like Indira Gandhi. Hence proved that she will bring back the old glory days of IG’s dictatorship, when even 2-bit CONg goons strutted about like gauleiters.

    About the “scam under Modi’s watch”, don’t be so surprised. These crooks did so many scams in a mere ten years, they don’t even remember the scams which have less than eleven zeroes.


  5. At last…The Burhan Wani is sent to his 72 virigins…


    Some of these tweeting ‘mameluk’ journalists/TV programme anchors should be told in no uncertain terms that there’s no such entity as a ‘militant’. Certainly not after 9/11. Anyone attacking soft targets & causing loss of innocent life through force of arms is a terrorist. Labelling them as militants means harbouring hopes of such entities surrendering their weapons & being ‘born-again’ as model citizens. It is such presumptuous tweeting ‘Mameluke’ journalists that sow doubts in the minds of others, while innocently or deliberately failing to acknowledge that we are dealing with irreconcilable folks who have no love for humanity.

    India’s national security establishment must now ensure that the dead body of this terrorist poster-boy is NEVER handed over to his next-of-kith-n-kin for burial. Instead, just like the disposal of OBL’s body, this terrorist too should be given a burial in the high seas. That will send a very clear message to all other creatures who are thinking of following in this terrorist’s footsteps.

    Or as rightly said by Tarek Fateh…burn the bastards body…


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