How the Commie dream of keeping Hindus divided is collapsing

I had a great beginning to my day, reading through Dr. Praveen Patil’s first blog post on the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh. As usual, his writing has a soft flow, with a near lyrical quality and so I just had to share it with you:

A brief electoral biography of Uttar Pradesh’s tryst with Hindu nationalism

I learned some really new stuff, like the Ekatmata Yatra (a brainchild of Balasaheb Deoras) through Uttar Pradesh in 1983: carrying Gangajal and a portrait of Bharat Mata, seeking to unify the castes to build a single Hindu identity. I was reminded of some stuff I knew but had forgotten about, such as the far reaching symbolism of a Dalit being the one to perform the Shilanyas at Ayodhya. What Modi reaped in 2014 was the work of generations. As he himself put it in his speech in the Central Hall of Parliament, generations of Sangh workers khap gaye   (got consumed) in the struggle for a united Hindu identity.

Most of all, I was thrilled that Dr. Patil had the same opinion that I expressed in my blog post here (; that Mayawati’s 2007 UP victory by means of a Brahmin-Dalit alliance put the Dalits of Uttar Pradesh on a one way road to saffronization:

It was Sushri Mayawati who provided the final and the most powerful thrust to the course correction of Dalit demographic shift in Uttar Pradesh in the 2007 election

So, today’s post is more or less like an addendum to Dr. Patil’s post, collecting some of my thoughts on why I think the Commie project of keeping Hindus divided has collapsed.

From the very beginnings of the “idea of India” around 1947, the leftist minded elite that governed our country understood that their subjects suffered from a deep seated inferiority complex, fostered by 1000 years of foreign rule. The day the Hindu begins to take pride in his civilizational heritage, it will be curtains for the rule of the elite. The consciousness of Bharat had to remain in deep slumber, with the average Hindu kept in a perennial state of shame and guilt over history. As a result, the Hindu would be forever ambivalent, always apologetic about his position in modern Indian society and the position of Bharat in the world.

This guilt was nurtured by harping on the 2 major dividing lines in Hindu society:

A) Casteism

B) Regionalism.

Let’s take casteism first. A project involving everyone from politicians to academics to intellectuals to journalists was kicked off to reduce Hinduism merely to the evils of the caste system. The mischief was rarely questioned and even the most obvious questions weren’t asked: for instance, if Hinduism can be reduced merely to the treatment of “lower”castes in Hindu society, can we similarly reduce Islam to the way kafirs are treated in Muslim societies? 

The aim of this project was to create a militant Dalit identity that would secede from Hinduism and tear the fabric of Hindu society apart. People like Kancha Ilaiah are products of this project. Political parties were born to take this radical Dalit ideology to the masses.

But what happened? Where are those political parties today? After a short life, they have all found themselves in the orbit of the BJP. Take the once outspoken RPI(Athavale), now a minister in the Modi government. What about Ram Vilas Paswan? Also a BJP ally. What about even the most militant political movements like Udit Raj’s “Justice Party”? Merged into BJP and Udit Raj is now a BJP MP. And what about the biggest Dalit political movement of all? Mayawati’s BSP and the BJP are now fishing in the exact same waters, banking on a combination of upper castes and lower castes! In other words, a Hindu vote!

Elections mean a lot. To me an election is worth more than a thousand rootless pundits in academia and TV studios. And the six decade experience of “Dalit parties” in electoral politics shows that Dalits are not and cannot be divorced from Hindu society. The jholawallahs can raise their slogans in the halls of JNU, but they cannot take the Dalits out of Bharat.

A side note on tribals, where Commie thinkers have tried to sow similar seeds for breaking India. Let’s check quickly with the two tribal states:

Who rules Jharkhand?

Who rules Chhattisgarh?


The project to break India on caste lines has failed on the ground. The tires have exploded, the wheels have come off and the engine has died. The jholawallahs are still in the driver’s seat, desperately trying the ignition hoping that the car will come back to life. Keep trying 🙂

We can’t forget regionalism, the other big hope of Break India forces. The idea is that India’s linguistic diversity means that there is not one Bharat but several disparate nations that just happen to be in the same geographical neighborhood. No one Bharat means no one Hindu identity. Jackpot for them….

That’s why you see comments like these from Commie parasites:

No Ma’am, no one sees Tamils as anti-nationals. It is just that you nurse a fond hope that Tamils will become anti-nationals. Everyone, including Tamils, is laughing at YOU.

So, let’s examine the whole regionalism angle. Let’s go all the way to Assam! The AGP was the party of Asomiya regional self expression. What happened? It got swept away and its gems like Sarbananda Sonowal were absorbed into the larger national narrative of the Sangh Parivar. Assam is as different as you can possibly get from the “Hindi belt, vegetarian” stereotype that the BJP supposedly stands for. Ha! The wall that was thought by intellectuals to separate the Hindi belt from Assam turned out to be non-existent. It really is one Bharat.

Cut to Maharashtra. What about the expression of Marathi regional pride and the Shiv Sena? Long term BJP allies and now completely overshadowed by the BJP. The single Hindu consciousness overrides all. Same with Sikh consciousness. The effort to tear Hindus from Sikhs flopped badly. That’s what the SAD-BJP alliance signifies in Punjab. Down south, the BJP is making inroads in Kerala. They already enjoy a great equation with the ruling, so called “Dravidian” party. No, madam Meena Kandasamy, this prison house of nationalities isn’t about to break apart any time soon.

Another pipe dream gone really sour…

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15 thoughts on “How the Commie dream of keeping Hindus divided is collapsing

  1. Congress is solely responsible for South-North divide due to forcible imposition of Hindi. South Indians were already learning Hindi willingly and there were numerous ‘Hindi prachar sabha’ functioning successfully. The authoritative act by central govt. ruled by Congress bruised the ego of non-Hindi speakers in South and few opportunists took advantage of the situation to further their careers. I challenge no South Indian is less loyal to Motherland than other Indians.


    1. Of course no South Indian is less loyal. Why would they even consider such a thing? It is a fond dream of quasi-Commie anti-India crowd to tear apart the country on lines of regionalism and casteism. Whatever progress they made in this direction in 50 years after independence has also been nullified in last 10 yrs.


  2. Communists have lost almost everywhere in the world. Yet our Communists refuse to accept that Communism is going, going…gone. They recently tried to blame the major countries of the world and their approach towards Muslims which is responsible for the creation of ISIS. They conveniently forgot that it was China which banned Muslims from fasting during Ramazan.


    1. Actually here, I was referring not just to actual Communists, but also to the quasi-Communist elite that rule our public discourse. Their fond hope was to tear India apart. Day by day, it is becoming clear that game is over for them.


  3. The rapid unifying process of the Hindu community is making these commies shiver.They tried making certain Castes feel like they are not Hindu,that backfired.They tried the same with tribals,that didn’t work.They tried it with Sikhs and that failed miserably.Slowly but surely what is false fails the test of time.
    The reason the Unholy trinity (of Commies,Christians and Peacefuls) is in panic mode is that their sloppy foundation of lies is giving way.The truth is that we are a Hindu nation and people are starting to take pride in the fact.
    As for the people who are suggesting we are a “prison house of nations”,they are still praying towards the west and searching for ideas to plagarize.We should stop giving any importance to them enmassé.
    At any rate,in the future,say 50-60 years from now ,caste and regional politics will be absent from politics.


    1. Yes, caste and regional politics is collapsing. The biggest Waterloo of Break India forces was with the tribals. I think tribals in most parts of the country have been voting for the so called Hindu supremacists for over a generation now. Now the Dalit vote is collapsing. The regional secessionist aspirations pushed by Commies have faded out a long time ago and the final clean up is happening now.


  4. On a different note,I am under the impression that Smriti Irani ji has slightly lost her wits temporarly due to extensive interaction with commies.The Dear episode was an unnecessary waste of time,but it has to be noted that if someone from the unholy trinity had made such a statement the reaction would have been different.


    1. Yes, the Dear episode showed her in poor light for sure. I was quite surprised by how she could have spoken so foolishly. Perhaps she needs to cool off a bit. Main thing is that she has to be fighting fit for beating the Shehzada in 2019.


      1. I wish not only Shehzada, also the ‘jane come late’, Priyanka Vadra (becomes Gandhi during elections) who is arrogance personified, to be dealt by Smrithi Irani & show them what it takes to be a successful woman with own efforts and not with inherited name tag.


  5. I don”t know why we even discuss the Communists anymore, the party has been burned to ashes and scattered into the peninsular seas.

    As far as Tamils are concerned, the Dravidian parties did succeed in getting power and wrecking the state for sometime by raising the Hindi bogey. But Tamil Nadu is the land of temples, the land where Hinduism probably survived better than the rest of India. That culture and memory is strong and will soon assert itself over the petty politics that corrupt parties like the DMK have instituted.


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