Hi folks,

I promised. I am groggy and sleepy at Delhi airport, but I just had to say hello to all of my wonderful readers.

It is indeed lovely to be back in the free world! Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, but there is something special in the feeling of being able to say and speak stuff without having images racing through my head … that stone faced policemen might break down my door anytime and put me away in a dungeon for the rest of my life!

A big thank you to all of you who kept the conversation going when I was away. I can’t wait to read all the comments you folks have left. There have been so many things I have been itching to write about and now I can do it all again. Liberty is a wonderful thing indeed 🙂

Whoa! 156 comments. You folks really kept your promise to keep the conversation going. Seems I have a lot of reading material here 🙂 A ton of thanks all over again…




22 thoughts on “Back!

  1. Welcome back CW. Yes, it was a record of comments ,since people were eagerly waiting for you. Many things happened in past two weeks as Santhosh said.


  2. I think I can make a guess about which country you visited because of a line in your post.It starts with “s” .Good you came back from that hellhole.


    1. Saudi? No way… the place had nothing to do with “peace”. In fact, the only political topic that I felt was safe to discuss over there was that world peace is troubled by the religion of peace. And they were MUCH more politically incorrect in expressing that view than I was…


    1. Ha ha….no it most certainly wasn’t a land of peace loving community. But a scary dictatorship nevertheless. I actually liked interacting with people there. Learned a lot. It’s like …they don’t really express their views on anything…they just work on their own profession. Honestly, it seems to work quite well for them. The government has a bunch of people who tell them what to think and they just accept it. It works for them, but definitely wouldn’t work for me!


  3. Welcome back from Siberia. I know because I am similarly politically incorrect and am ahead of proclaiming it much before Donald Trump made it fashionable. And I also believe in system working and suitable for country and not country working for and adapting blindly the system handed over with agenda. Reference: Raam and Aam Rajya, India’s next contribution to world civilization, a decade before Khujliwal stole Aam concept from Raam to use in destroying the civilization.


  4. Welcome back, CW…..hope you had a great trip.

    If I may, requesting you to add a topic to your blog – the baby steps toward a Uniform Civil Code taken by the BJP. I remember many comments/discussions around the fact that BJP has not really done anything for its core base, make no mistake, nothing is bigger than the Uniform Civil Code…it is A HUGE STEP.

    Great to have you back…gotta leave now, got some catching up to do on your posts from the last two days 🙂


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