#RSpolls : Full marks to Raghubar Das and Manohar Lal

There is a very popular saying in Hindi that says :

जब सीधी ऊँगली से घी  ना निकले, तो ऊँगली टेढ़ी करनी  पड़ती है  ।

(When you can’t get the ghee out with a straight finger, it’s time to bend the finger)

The BJP won the Lok Sabha elections with a clear majority and went on to win several states, including the mammoth Maharashtra. Yet, the nation was treated to a curious spectacle where the unelected Rajya Sabha snatched the reins of power in Delhi and the Congress effectively returned as India’s ruling party.

NEVER, I repeat NEVER in my life had I known that the Rajya Sabha could thus rule the country with a free hand. Several parties such as DMK, BSP, JDU, RJD  actually boast more Rajya Sabha MPs than Lok Sabha MPs! Wait…how could I forget 🙂 So, does the Congress! The Congress has 50+ MPs in the Rajya Sabha and only 45 in the Lok Sabha!

But the gates of power have begun to open and they can’t keep the people out any more. Enough! Enough is enough! I have had enough of parties with 0 MPs in the Lok Sabha lecturing the BJP on how to run the country. So, in the Rajya Sabha, they say cross voting…I say well done! In Hindi, there is another famous saying:

कुत्ते की दुम कभी सीधी नहीं होती।

(A street dog’s tail will not become straight by itself…)

The BJP had to straighten the street dog’s tail…

Very very well done. An epic smackdown for the Congress in Haryana and Jharkhand. Somehow, while the Haryana episode has been discussed a lot in the media, Jharkhand was neglected as usual. But, the Rajya Sabha seat that BJP snatched in Jharkhand is worth every bit as much as the seat it snatched in Haryana. Full marks to Raghubar Das and Manohar Lal. Congress can go to hell. Madam ji, you can run the country again as and when you reach 100 seats in the Lok Sabha again with support from all your slaves in JDU or RJD or BSP or SP or AAP or DMK…whatever. Till then, why don’t you cool your heels in the opposition benches?

And the Congress can stop whining, because votes were “managed” in Karnataka too. We all saw the sting operation on the buying of votes. Pity…the Congress has like 3 governments left in the whole of India and still 2 of them are caught in sting operations (Uttarakhand and Karnataka). The Grand Old Party always manages to stay the market leader in corruption no matter what…

And as a special gift from Modi ji, the Congress can now enjoy the rebellion in their ranks in Haryana. You can fight with your own local leader B S Hooda in Haryana, just like you are fighting Ajit Jogi in Chhattisgarh and Captain in Punjab. Let us know what comes of it… By appointing Kamal Nath, with his promiment 1984 association, as Cong in-charge of Punjab, you have offered the state to AAP on a platter. Very good. Congress is eagerly working to finish itself off..

But it is Jharkhand that gave me the most joy, where BJP won both the RS seats on offer. By ordinary calculations, they would have got one seat and the opposition would have got the other. But the BJP fielded two candidates and cleverly used the fact that the Opposition was not using any second preference votes. After that, it was a simple matter, especially this:

In the end, the Opposition was left ruing the absence of JMM MLA Chamra Linda and Congress legislator Devendra Singh, who failed to reach the assembly. Of the two, it was Linda’s absence, following his arrest, that sent the political temperature in the state soaring with police detaining him at a private hospital in Ranchi on Friday, where he had been admitted. “What we have seen in Jharkhand is shocking. Just before voting, three MLAs were issued warrants of arrest, and two of them could not vote for the fear of being arrested. The kind of money and muscle power that the BJP government has used to win these elections is disturbing,” said Congress spokesperson R P N Singh.


Ah! Jharkhand! That name should bring back sweet memories for the Congress of how they repeatedly murdered democracy in that state. Remember? Remember how in 2005, the Jharkhand Governor crowned Shibu Soren as Chief Minister even though the BJP had more seats and more MLAs supporting it? Remember how in 2005, Deputy CM Stephen Marandi and Bandhu Tirkey forcibly boarded the plane carrying NDA MLAs to Delhi for parading before the President? Ha! The BJP had secretly smuggled its MLAs out by train to Odisha and planted a decoy plane to throw Madam’s dogs off the trail…

कुछ याद आया?  Remember anything? हम नहीं भूले, हम नहीं भूलते… We haven’t forgotten. We don’t forget…

Jharkhand has been the scene of repeated murder of democracy. Today when the Congress is getting the short end of the stick, they want to whine, don’t they?

There’s more. In 2009,  two Rajya Sabha seats in Jharkhand had fallen vacant. Going by the arithmetic in the Assembly, the UPA would have got 1 seat and the BJP would have gotten the other. So, what did the Election Commission do? The Election Commission decided to hold polls to the 2 seats separately, which meant that the ruling UPA in the Assembly got BOTH seats!


Please take a moment to understand how the RS seat was stolen in 2009 with EC support. Rajya Sabha seats are won on the basis of proportional representation. But if you hold the poll for each seat separately, the ruling party will win every single seat because it has a majority in the Assembly. For instance, 11 RS seats from Uttar Pradesh voted the other day. Due to proportional representation, the results were:

SP 7 BSP 2 BJP 1 Cong 1

But imagine if the EC had decided that the voting for these 11 seats will be held separately on 11 different days. Then, since the SP has a majority in UP Assembly, it would win the election on every one of those 11 days and the results would be:

SP 11 Others 0

But the Election Commission cheated in Jharkhand by holding the RS poll for each seat separately. This is how they steamrolled democracy in 2009. Now they have come to whine.. Get used to it, seculars. This is how it will be from now on… You started it.

There is one more saying in Hindi, which perhaps cannot be translated well :

लातों के भूत बातों से नहीं मानते  |

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10 thoughts on “#RSpolls : Full marks to Raghubar Das and Manohar Lal

  1. Vajpayee once apparently called Advani and Pramod Mahajan(then BJP president)the Ram-Lakshman of BJP.I think this is more apt for Modi and Amit Shah.These two are wreaking havoc in opposition lines.I love the party that BJP has turned itself into after Gujarat 2012.


    1. Ha ha… that was the BJP’s silver jubilee celebration in 2005 in Mumbai. The BJP has tragically lost two great assets from Maharashtra: one is Pramod Mahajan and the other is Gopinath Munde. Munde would surely have been Maharashtra CM today if he had been alive. If I am not wrong, Mahajan was married to Munde’s sister.


    1. AAP will definitely win PUNJAB, I was there last month and talked to so many people about election and potential winner. almost all of them are so sure that AAP is going to win and change face & fortune of PUNJAB for a life time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even they knew what happened and happening in Delhi, but they so enthusiastically say that it’ll never happen in PUNJAB because of some local AAP leader, good workers blah, blah, blah………… they are in “divine denial mode”……….. so whole of India can get ready for one more NAUTANKI SARKAR very soon


      1. Most importantly, we should remember that BJP is not ruling Punjab, Akalis are. Akalis have not allowed BJP to grow in the state, in fact. BJP is allowed to contest just 18 seats in the 130 member assembly under the alliance formula. The next year election can be a new beginning for all. Let Akali and Congis fade. Let BJP emerge as real opposition in Punjab.


    2. Vidyasagar, I wish I could say no. But I am pretty sure Punjab is going the AAP way. I think the important point to remember is that it is Congress that is losing Punjab, not BJP. BJP has just 2 seats from Punjab, which it can win on its own without the Akalis in 2019. BJP contests just 18 seats out of the 130 available in Punjab under the current alliance formula. After this election, BJP can actually be free from corrupt Akalis and spread its own wings in Punjab. The party has made a start by appointing a Dalit state president.


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