Is Baba Ramdev to blame for the Orlando shooting?

After two days of dithering, we have a winner. Liberals have picked the man who was really to blame for the Orlando attack. Wonder what took them so long…

Two days ago, when the Orlando shooting story was still breaking, our secular intellectual Rana Ayyub put out this attacking, sarcastic tweet:


Later, as more details about this story began to roll in, Agent Ayyub grew defensive for some mysterious reason… Today it appears that the tweet itself has been deleted. Wonder why…why didn’t Agent Ayyub complete her thought? The best response to this now deleted tweet came from Yashwant:


I must say there are some times when I look at a Mameluk article and break into a broad smile. This is one of those times. This is one of those times when you cannot help but roll your eyes. Here’s the headline in The Quint:


And so does stupidity, but never mind.

Admit it folks. You chuckled too when you read this headline. Who carried out the shooting? A peaceful. Where did the shooting happen? America. In whose name was the shooting carried out? ISIS. Who are the liberals going to blame? Baba Ramdev, of course…

You have to feel sorry for liberals on this one. For long, it has filled me with astonishment, and I am sure you have felt likewise, about the contradiction at the heart of modern liberalism. How can modern liberalism claim to be vocal about equality of women, rights of homosexuals and gender queer persons, free speech, freedom of religion, etc. when it is constantly coddling militant Islam at the same time? How can liberals be in favor of freedom and still support Hamas and Hezbollah against the only democracy in the Middle East? The same goes for liberals and Communism. In India we are used to the unreal spectacle of avowed Commies, cheering fans of Stalin lecturing us on free speech and democracy!! I mean…what’s next, will they raise Heil Hitler slogans to show how much they are opposed to anti-Semitism?

Nevertheless, this working partnership between Communism, elite liberalism and rabid Islamism has blossomed over the years. But the extreme contradictions are bound to bubble up every now and then, causing embarrassment to the zamindars of liberalism. Every now and then an Omar Mateen comes along and sticks the liberals between a rock and a hard place: are they going to make excuses for militant Islamism or stand up for the most basic, fundamental right of homosexuals: to live! How are they going to reconcile this? They can’t blame Islam. After all, Muslims are the helpless oppressed “minority” of 1.6 billion people who control 57 nations across the world; they can’t be blamed for anything. On the other hand, how are liberals going to tell the LGBTQ community that they are passionate about transgender bathroom access, but not about the right of homosexuals not to be mass-murdered by peacefuls?

Should the liberal blame the peacefuls? Should the liberal blame the homosexuals?

There is ONE way out…

Blame Ramdev Baba!


So, how is Baba Ramdev to blame here? This has to be fun… Let’s find out:


Ha ha…nice one. Baba Ramdev should take “responsibility” for his words in the media because someone might walk into a gay night club and kill people. Apparently, Baba Ramdev’s fault is magnified for two further reasons: he has political backing AND he influences millions. 

Let’s try this line of argument in other contexts. Let us consider Nitish Kumar’s recent call for a Sangh mukt Bharat.

Political backing for Nitish ? Check!

Nitish Kumar influences millions? Check!

OMG! The next time an RSS worker is slaughtered, you guys now know who needs to take “responsibility”…

And what of all the intellectuals, TV reporters and the like who are irresponsibly promoting this Nitish Kumar? Will they all say sorry to the families of murdered RSS workers and the organization at large? Or will they run away from their responsibility?

What about all these liberals writing everyday spewing venom at the RSS? Will they take responsibility when a Sangh worker is murdered?

So who is this Suhasini Krishnan that wrote this article? Obviously, I can’t be sure this is the same Suhasini Krishnan, but a google search shows that this is just a baby intellectual:


History student at St. Stephens? The nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree, does it? Oh young one, you came to the right place! You are already hanging out with the right crowd at Huffington post. You won’t have to be a student at St. Stephens for long, you have a long rewarding career ahead of you studying gender discrimination at Columbia and all where you can do your graduate thesis on “Why Hindus are monsters”, etc… For history buffs like you, I can suggest a career path in Aurangazeb glorification; it is a hot new field of research that has just opened up…

One more thing you might need is a Twitter account where you can lie in wait for ONE random RW tweeter who throws a word of abuse at you. Then, you can tell the entire world wide web about the trauma caused by that tweet…  Then throw in a couple more insults at “bhakts” and you are all set for the big leagues…

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30 thoughts on “Is Baba Ramdev to blame for the Orlando shooting?

  1. Both Islam and Homosexuality aren’t good for India.The libs here are spreading the pro-homo propaganda here as well,just like their Western friends are doing in the West.Shocking to see that many so called right wingers are also in favour of abolishing sec 377.Homosexuality may on the surface seem to be harmless but it is VERY harmful in the long run and it is one of the hydras of liberalism(will explain why I’m anti-Homo at a later date).Strangely,Islam gets it right as far as homosexuality is concerned.I guess even broken clocks get it right twice a day.


    1. I’m sorry Enigma, but I have to strongly disagree. Homosexuality and homosexuals do not pose a threat to any one. There are crazy places in America where liberals are making 4 year olds read about gay and transgender relationships. THAT is a problem. That’s just liberals using gays as an excuse to weaken society. Just like liberals in India use womens’ rights, caste system, etc. as an excuse to attack Hinduism. But gays by themselves pose absolutely no threat to anyone. They are adults and have a right to do what they want with their own bodies.


  2. I must thank Christine Fair for providing me two sources of entertainment. One is the Pak discourse another is her own views on Hinduism. And the third is your blog. Lol. Libs have completely gone berserk. I wonder what will be the discourse in 2018 when this is the situation in 2016 itself. May be they will blame Modi for weather also.


    1. Homosexuality is a curable disease, that suffers could seek a cure….this is what Baba Ramdev said!..this kid author must be nuts to connect to a event in USA!

      The liberals have been talking of gun control,sec 377,and everything else in the world except ‘islamic terror’!


  3. Because of their warped DNA they where born that way,fine they want to live that way that is OK.,but the west is trying to prove that this LGTBT community is the bounty of the planet!!


    The Western media ramped up their flagrant promotion of homosexuality.

    The induction of homosexuality in India by West is on the rise.

    The Western media Present homo-sexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 

    Discredit the family as an institution.  Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.  Encourage living together. 

    Even multinational companies have been roped in to tear asunder our cultural fabric .  The west is jealous of the happiness and harmony in Indian homes.

    Gays are being made out to be a protected species

    There is intense brainwashing even in schools that  homosexuality was not only natural but noble and a preferable way of life,  one of many exciting items on a menu of “life-choices.”

    In India the gays are just 0.001% of the population . .


  4. Suresh Kumar Kaushal on why he challenged the Delhi High Court judgement on Section 377

    No right is an absolute; it has to have certain restrictions. You can’t allow anal intercourse. The back portion of a body is for throwing out the waste of the body. It is like an exhaust fan. If you allow it, then it is like reversing the motion of the earth, like reversing the blood flow.


  5. Homosexuals are just errors in nature, not offenders. They are not killing people or spreading epidemic diseases. When Baba Ramdev says this can be cured, he is helping people those who have un-natural instincts. That is a sympathetic gesture from a spiritual person, unlike diktats from Mullahs against homosexuals.


  6. These liberals are hypocrisy galore. Do our Communist and other Pseudo liberals say a word about China stopping Muslims from celebrating Ramzan?

    It is pretty well established that Gay and Lesbian trait is from the birth. It is like transgenders or Hijdas. Poor gays are cursed with an added problem. They are highly susceptible to HIV infection, which turns into AID. They have been among us through out of Human history. Only thing is they are some what more accepted now a days. Radical Christianity and Muslims are staunchly against them. Even their “Books” suggested that they should be killed, but many of their religious leaders (Priests in Churches and Imam in Madrasas) are known Gays.


  7. I was waiting to find out what fiberals would spin up this time to blame us Hindus. To be honest I am impressed.I had really thought this horrible incident would finally stump them and that they would finally just mourn an attack,but no they came up with something before the newsvwent cold.
    I don’t get there squable with Ramdev Babaji.He is an economic asset and he is doing service to society by promoting yoga.So he has some views,but isn’t there atleast freedom of expression?It isn’t like he has insane followers who will go on killing sprees.
    The Anti-Hindoo made a crafty headline and report where they didnt mention that it was a peaceful terrorist they just wrote ISIS and Islamist (it should be -ic ,not -ist) .It sickened me.


    1. I was going through my cousins Economics textbook and realised that they don’t call Commies “Communists” any where.They are all “Socialists” apparently.


    2. Exactly! Thank you for saying this. Baba Ramdev has some views, but it does not take away from the fact that he is a tremendous entrepreneur, perhaps one of the biggest entrepreneurial stories coming out of India in the last 10 years. He is entitled to his ideas, but he is not killing any one.


  8. It is diversion to turn a human tragedy brought up by terrorism or hate for gays crime to gay tolerance debate only. It is two different issues that gay sex or transgender life are beneficial for society or not and have the followers of that choice is protected and have equal rights or not in a civilized society. I think I have equal right to held that homosexuality is an abnormal, uncivlized, beastly development but as a Hindu I will respect the right to their protection, equality and empathy similar to any sick person. What presstitutes want in India is to force me to change my opinion as well. W ell homosexuals and not presstitutes only may hold straights are outdated, boring and backwards. Let the nature select the winner.


  9. Before steering back to terrorism in Orlando, the question of tolerance different from extremism of hate killing dozens of innocent people holding different opinions and protected behaviour rights should be understood in different societies. As regards terrorism mingled with hate crimes should be identified and dealt. Even though the perpetrator in Orlando might be gay himself and shameful and angry as per reports that he applied for different gay club memberships, to intimidate and terrorize for larger agenda of political subjugation of free people must not be ignored.


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