JNU videos were genuine but Kejriwal was a masterful liar

I believe it is Ravinar of Mediacrooks.com who used to repeat the line “LIE BIG RETRACT SMALL”. Because in media and politics, the truth doesn’t matter. Only the narrative and the storyline matters. The media created the “church attacks”.  The media created  the Dadri lynching. The media crafted the doctored JNU videos.

No, not literally. The media did not tell some gambler to go throw a stone at a church in Mumbai. The media did not tell some thief to steal Rs 8000 from a missionary school in Delhi. The media did not tell someone to go steal cattle in Dadri, neither did the media carry out the actual murder.

But the media gets to pick and choose what we remember and which possibilities are played up at what time. THAT is the sense in which media invents these stories. Later on, long after the stories have run their course, these smug Lutyensites actually recline indulgently and often taunt us openly by saying that “mistakes were made”. One prominent journo sued and silenced a poor blogger for criticizing her 2008 Mumbai terror reporting and then years later admitted in an interview that “mistakes were made” that might have helped the enemy. She must have felt good while making that confession… the smug joy of having done something and gotten away with it.

Another prominent Lutyensite recently wrote in her column that media might have been guilty of exaggerating the church attacks…it was a big F**k you to us all. What she was really saying was: yes we lied and it worked, what are you going to do about it now?

And so, not surprisingly, the JNU doctored videos story goes the same way: get this!



Come again please… 

Did someone just say:

In its final report, the CFSL has stated that the raw video footage of the Feb 9 incident on JNU campus aired on Zee News was authentic


Will every single journo and intellectual who talked about “doctored videos” please render an unconditional apology to Zee News and all the “bhakts” ? And you know what? They just might. In some cozy interview, many many years later, they might smugly admit that they were wrong. Who cares? They spread the lie successfully when it mattered, didn’t they? Who cares now? That story has run its course.

Whichever way you look at the JNU story, there is no doubt that the masterful Kejriwal has just shown the world how to lie with aplomb. I remember when the videos first came out and the Left was totally on the mat. Even some leftie loons wrote in the DailyO not exactly condemning the video, but scolding the over-enthusiastic cadres at JNU for being dumb enough to be so open about their treason.  Then, some journos on Twitter began a whisper campaign calling the videos “doctored”. I don’t remember precisely who started it, but if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, I think Simon Sharma was among the first few to jump into this campaign.

And then the master liar Kejriwal played his innings.

Kejriwal quickly took some random videos from who knows where and sent them off to some random “Truth Labs” somewhere in Hyderabad run by his friends. It didn’t matter at all that Truth Labs isn’t accredited by NABL. Kejriwal knew that his media friends would take care of those little details. Then Truth Labs faithfully sent back a report to Kejriwal saying the videos were doctored. It was now a simple matter for 526 crore media to claim that the videos had been proved to be doctored.

Let’s not get angry over what Kejriwal did. Let’s appreciate his guile. This was smart politics. He proved nimble footed in his response. Would Rahul Gandhi have thought of quickly inventing some “Truth Labs” and getting the videos discredited by this unaccredited Lab? I don’t think so. But Kejriwal was resourceful; he managed to fight the perception battle brilliantly on television. The question is, why didn’t BJP invent its own “Satya Labs” 2 days before Kejriwal discovered “Truth Labs” and get the videos certified as genuine? Why couldn’t the BJP have paid off people in the media to say that CFSL has already found the videos to be genuine? As I said before, truth doesn’t matter here, only the narrative does.

Even when Kanhaiya’s history of exposing himself to women came out of the closet, the BJP was only half-successful in making it a nationwide headline. Kanhaiya becomes a celebrity throwing every possible slur at Narendra Modi. And the BJP gets a massive opportunity when Kanhaiya is caught quite literally with his pants down misbehaving with a woman. This should have been enough for the ruling party to create a storm and sink Kanhaiya Kumar. The woman in question was furious with Kanhaiya Kumar (and why shouldn’t she be?). The BJP could have finished Kanhaiya Kumar’s career then and there, gotten him rusticated from college by pressing the issue. But the BJP was flat footed and let go of the opportunity. Yes, he has retreated into his dark hole now, but the BJP came out looking weak and unable to pick its opportunities.

What do you guys think?

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24 thoughts on “JNU videos were genuine but Kejriwal was a masterful liar

  1. Chaiwallah, I think you are too pessimistic. To me the BJP approach has been exactly right. Kanhaiya Kumar soon “exposed” himself (ahem) with the airplane “strangulation” incident, and is now history. Giving too much importance to foot soldiers is not a good strategy for the BJP to follow. Even Krazywal now seems to be at the end of his rope, trying to invent new tricks every day.

    The memory of people isn’t as short as the media thinks, or you think. I interact with a reasonable number of “labour class” people (and I mean that in a strictly literal sense, so please don’t read any deep meanings into the phrase). I can tell you that the media’s tricks are getting more and more stale/transparent. Now the reaction of even “labour class” people is to begin by mistrusting the media.

    To me the key is not this at all. Rather, it is something else that you have touched upon in other posts. How come the laws of economics don’t seem to apply to MSM? When even the mighty Khans are forced to apologize after facing fan boycotts over their “intolerance” remarks, how can NDTV carry on for years with huge losses and zero audience? Where is their money coming from? And how come no one in the Enforcement Directorate is looking into that? Is that why NDTV seems to have at least one minister on speed dial? Do NDTV and its kindred spirits have an “abhaya hastam” from you know who? I really wish you would write a blog upon that.

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    1. Vidyasagar,
      So glad you are asking the same question about how come laws of economics dont apply to the MSM? When the Khans are put on the backfoot, how come media is able to carry on its propaganda. It means clearly that media is not making its money through the front door from the free market!

      On the JNU issue, I think BJP got saved by the decades old Commie-traitor reputation of JNU and Modi’s massive personal credibility. Otherwise I think the other side got the talking points like doctored videos, “oppression of students” fairly right with solid timing. Yes, in the final calculation, it seems that public opinion did actually swing in favor of BJP, but this was like winning by 1 wicket in the last over when the other side has scored barely 150 runs in 50 overs. This should have been a 9 wicket victory with 15 overs to spare… The JNU video was a massive goof up by the left, this should have been hit for six after six…


      1. Dear Chaiwallah,

        You speak of “the decades old Commie-traitor reputation of JNU.” You and I may be aware of that reputation. However, many my circle were not at all aware of the anti-national antics and anti-national professors at JNU. When they saw the videos, these friends were totally shocked. The very fact that a “poetry reading” was staged to support Afzal Guru made many, many people angry. The fact that Arnab Goswami went ballistic against the JNU “students”, at a time when Lance Naik Hanumanthappa was fighting for his life, really turned the tide against the JNU.

        In my view, you are giving far too much credence to the charge of doctored videos. iI it wasn’t that, the MSM would have cooked up some other “doctored” charge. I repeat that the memory of the public is NOT so short as you think. All of the MSM tricks are like the Brahmastram — each trick can be used only once, So no more talk of intolerance, no more returning of awards, no ore “church attacks,” etc. Sooner or later (perhaps already), the MSM will run out of tricks. The fact that now Arnab has apparently “crossed the floor” so to speak has really hurt the anti-nationals e.g. NDTV, Arnab was literally bursting with pride after NaMo’s address to the US Congress; I have never seen him like that before.

        I think you are overly swayed by your dislike of Kanhaiya Kumar, but please try to see the larger picture, as DallasUS has stated below. I think the BJP has carried itself quite well.

        Just now watching the fun of Kraziwal and his bandits shouting themselves hoarse on various TV channels. 🙂


  2. “The BJP could have finished Kanhaiya Kumar’s career then and there, gotten him rusticated from college by pressing the issue. But the BJP was flat footed and let go of the opportunity. Yes, he has retreated into his dark hole now, but the BJP came out looking weak and unable to pick its opportunities” I rarely disagree with you but I have to disagree with you here.I hope these types keep opening their mouth and keep asking for destruction of India and Hindus.Congress and the rest will support these types and if they keep spewing their venom,Hindus will vote en masse for BJP again.BJP could finish these Kanhaiya types now but It would be better to keep them till 2019.Same with Cong.I want them to be weakened to such an extent that they can no longer win a national election and are just a glorified regional party but till the 2024 election at least,I want them to be the #1 opposition because BJP can beat them easily in most places.Aggression but not annihilation is the key.Weaken them but don’t finish them off yet.That can be done after 2019 or 2024.We need them to keep opening their mouths.People have a short memory and are like sheep and need to be herded.They need to be constantly reminded of how anti-India and anti-Hindu the anti-NDA guys are.That will help BJP and Modi immensely electorally.


    1. Enigma, somehow Kanhaiya really got under my skin. You can call it a character weakness or my impatience, but I really wanted some revenge. I wanted to see Kanhaiya cry and curse the day he decided to take on Modi. And the BJP got a tremendous opportunity to finish off his career when the indecent exposure incident came out. Somehow I am not satisfied with the way the issue was pressed.


  3. I entirely agree with the conclusion that the BJP is still playing this game copybook style.

    BJP should adopt similar tactics that its opponents have perfected and hunt in packs that these mameluks do.

    The issues that the JNU episode threw up should be utilised effectively by the BJP to expose the freeloaders in the JNU and the support that they get from the political establishment- the Congress, the entire Left Spectrum, the AAP.-

    The way name of Durga was sullied in the JNU should be effectively used against all these parties, in election campaigns( I still remember the shouts that ensued when this was highlighted in Parliament) so that their double standards get exposed. After all, all these parties were in the forefront and supporting the JNU students led by Kanhaiya in the name of freedom of expression.

    Ruthlessness is something BJP should learn fast to strike at these parties and make ineffective, the entrenched interests in all spheres who have had a symbiotic relationship of “Give and Take” all these years with the political dispensation which ruled this country for nearly 7 decades, and who together have brought our country where it is today.

    It certainly is going to be a long haul before we get to celebrate our genuine independence which to me was certainly not August 15, 1947… On this day we got freed from the British but as they say, went from the Frying Pan to the Fire.


  4. There’s no good reason for Modi to answer the AdarshLiberals’ dirty tricks with dirty tricks of his own. From what i read of his performance so far, it seems he believes in giving the adversary a long rope and allowing him to hang himself with it. It may be the crooked media or now Pakistan. It took 12 long years for the media to make him PM; their lies just backfired. And their credibility is down in the pits. The famous MSM journo (the blogger suing one) you mentioned, her credibility is so low that if she said the Sun will rise in the East tomorrow, i might set the alarm for 5.00 am to check and make sure.


    1. Well, Kanhaiya Kumar was always going to self destruct. He was too unprepared and untrained for the big time political scene. But I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to self destruct. I wanted his career to be destroyed proactively. Yes, he really got to me…


  5. They fooled everybody with their lies ,how long can they continue?

    People are clearly aware of these lying MSM journos,the days of accepting whatever they say is over!

    This GOI had a perfect reason to clean up this commie den JNU,but this GOI did not do,thus after all that has happened JNU are allowed to continue their anti national activities!

    Only few knew of the anti national activities in JNU ,Well now the whole of India knows what is happening in JNU .

    What is preventing the Indian government from cleansing JNU of criminals engaged  in secessionism, Maoism, naxalite and terrorism. 

    The JNU academics, masquerading as liberals and feminists, have been engaged in nefarious and anti-national activities by maligning Bharatmata .


  6. I agree when you say BJP is flat footed when the adversaries are caught unawares. At top level, we have good orators like smrithi Irani, Meenaxi lekhi, Madhav ji and many more who are capable of defending the party successfully. But BJP lacks defense is at a level where roadside goons like Kanhaiya kumar who understand only a language of Taporis. I doubt if BJP could cultivate Tapori defenders considering the fact that most of the party’s members are disciplined RSS or ex-RSS cadets. Moreover the types of Kanhyia kumar and Hardit patels die instantly when their promoters like RG and Kejriwal fall in to pits, which is what happening now.


    1. Yes, BJP’s best communicators are at the top. And you cant have the PM and Cabinet Ministers responding to a student union president. It only raises the student union president’s profile. The party needs better communicators at the lower ranks. The Mameluks successfully changed the narrative at the most critical moment.


  7. The media helped Communists and Pseudo Seculars in changing narrative at the time of JNU protest with false claim of doctored videos. Now that the video is proven authentic, will it help government’s case of sedition against Kanhaiya? Sometime I wonder if we (and BJP) should go out of our way to keep urinating expert like Kanhaiya politically alive? Because sooner or later they will end up hurting their own supporters like who rushed to his help him at JNU.


    1. Exactly. They managed to change the narrative at the most critical moment. Now the story is over and so the truth doesn’t matter. There is a chance the sedition case can be pushed again when Kanhaiya’s bail ends after six months and then the public memory can be set straight with the authentic videos.

      I know we are all guilty of giving Kanhaiya too much importance, but I really want the government to finish this fellow’s career.


  8. With due apologies, CW, I agree (with some of the views here) to disagree with you on this 🙂 . I think the BJP has handled the situation quite masterfully, in fact, were it not for the media brouhaha, BJP would not even have responded when the incident broke. If you remember, the first responders to the JNU incident were Kejri, RaGa etc and it was only after repeated media hounding that Smriti Irani/Rajnath Singh even uttered anything. It basically conveyed the image of “let official investigation run its course and then we will talk” which I will really solidified its image as a responsible political party rather than the loud-mouthed aforementioned idiots who all have egg on their face now. In the long term, I really think this will hold them in good stead.


    1. Ha ha, you dont have to apologize for disagreeing with me …ROFL! I should make clear that by BJP response, I dont mean responses from Cabinet ministers, let alone the PM himself. I wanted a response to come from lower level people, the spokespersons on TV, the IT cell folks, etc. Yes, BJP squeezed out a win on the JNU issue after all, but this was such a loose ball it should have been hit for massive six after six. If JNU hadn’t built up a “reputation” of being a crazy Commie place over so many decades, BJP would have lost the game there.


  9. I believe this is a delibrate strategy of the NaMo govt. With all this tamasha going around, there is little focus on Govt. workings.

    1. NaMo takes the DD on all his interactions. Thus the price for a interview with Govt. is very high. It is literally impossible for the current MSM to get one.

    2. By using Twitter and Mann Ki Baat, NaMo is controlling the narrative of the development work. People see the development in photos and it cannot be denied. People are aware that MSM is nautaki baazi. Also, most people in India rely on the local channels / vernacular Media. People who read “The Hindu”,TOI, Tribune and other paper media are anyway lost cause. They have been ingrained so must that it is waste of resources.

    3. With regards to JNU incident, this has been an eye opener to the whole of India. Every citizen saw what JNU is and What Communists stand for. The fact that it happened freely without any restrictions was a positive point for GoI. If it wanted to crush, it would not have taken a second for it. I believe Communists were expecting this. NaMo was too clever for this trap.

    4. JNU cleanup will be done in such a way, no can smell it. Every student who does belong to JNU is inching for a cleanup. Had Govt. thrust itself on JNU, then all students would have come together and be against the Govt. It would be spun in this way. It was a master stroke to give sufficient rope to hang themselves.


    1. Call me vengeful or impatient, but I wanted Kanhaiya Kumar to be taught a lesson by the government. This Kanhaiya really got under my skin. He was always going to self destruct, that was for sure. I didn’t want him to be given that opportunity. The BJP should have made an example of him by destroying his career and sinking his reputation.


  10. The other point of view is that the BJP is ideologically not sincere. Because it is also corrupt. 282 came because people were repulsed by scams.
    But the way BJP is going. 2004 repeat is a high probability scenario.


      1. I think that also comes from ideological corruptness. There is no logical explanation as to why NDA ministers line up at NDTV.
        Nothing is being done in Augusta Patrakar issue because Jaitley sleeps with them.
        The trimurti of BJP seems has almost bought the media narrative. We both agree that MSM blokes are sinister, but also dumb. But no cogent response from BJP.
        And the trimurti is muttering the development as if it was given by Einstein. Please note that they have not won ‘any’ election on development. In any case, development and Hindutva is not either or issue.
        The cadre gives it sweat and blood on the street, and then ideological frauds come and run the Govt. I feel sorry when I hear BJP spokesperson parrot the word ‘development’.
        It didn’t get them Maharashtra or Delhi or Bihar or Assam. Nor will it get them anything in future.
        They should learn from the islamists.


  11. Kejriwal’s credibility (whatever was left that is) has suffered a lot because of the doctored video allegation. Nowadays, when Kejri makes a statement, the first question to my (and many others) mind is – Why is this guy lying ? He has cried wolf too many times and is now deemed to be a liar. BJP has to be thankful that Kejri is shredding is credibility himself.

    Supporting Kanhaiya was a very bad hit wicket moment for Kejri. It is possible to photoshop an image but difficult to doctor a video to a large extent. Kejri should have realized this and kept quiet. But the IIT graduate has no understanding of technology either (how did he graduate from IIT – that is another question for a different day)


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