Resurrect The Rapist: Liberals need Tejpal’s magic fingers in the fight against Modi!

Ha! It’s finally happened. India’s liberal conscience has decided that it’t time to call Tarun Tejpal for reinforcements. Here is the article in Mid-Day calling for a “re-think” on the great anti-communal crusader Shri Tarun Tejpal.


Before I say anything else, let me point out that this is, first and foremost, a slap on the face of the likes of Kanhaiya Kumar and Hardik Patel. Your liberal sponsors have given up on you… You guys tried your best but it simply wasn’t enough. Dear Kanhaiya, they even looked into your pants hoping to find the magical elixir they need to destroy the dragon called Modi. But the fountain of your youth has failed to revive them…

Dear Rajdeep, dear Barkha, dear Sagarika, dear Kumar Ketkar, *this* article is a massive vote of no confidence in your abilities. Liberal India has lost faith in your efforts to take on the Prime Minister. C’mon Rajdeep, all you have offered by way of opposing Modi is one successful fistfight against ONE Modi supporter in faraway New York. Modi has 170 million supporters; was this your grand plan to stop Modi? Fight his supporters one at a time? C’mon genius, even Rahul Gandhi would have thought of a better plan. Other than that, there was the time Raju cried for attention by running away from Twitter for a few days. That’s IT? ROFL!

C’mon Sagarika, your idea of destroying Modi was to take potshots at his shawl? C’mon Mihir Sharma, all you got was whether he was wearing headphones? And Barkha, you have to do better than occasional newsbreaks seeded by “Ankit from IIT”. If these were your grand plans to stop Modi, can you really blame Indian liberals from exploring other options?  It was  about time they brought  in the “big boys” with their big …. ummm … well … fingers … to begin the battle against Modi in right earnest.

So, it is time that you frontline Mameluks out there listened to the whispers coming from your cadre. Listen to what they are saying:

Has the time come to reassess our response to the Tarun Tejpal THINK brouhaha now that the need for strong liberal voices is called for?

Hear that? That’s the Mameluk cadre speaking in an unsigned article, calling for “strong” leadership. They want “strong” leadership that really takes on Modi, not the idiots whose best idea so far was to attack Modi’s shawl…

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. This is no time to worry about irrelevant details like rape. After all, what does it matter if some smalltime reporter has to go through a bit of secular rape every now and then? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. In these desperate times, top level MSM journos cannot get so much as a free ride on the Prime Minister’s plane. Can you imagine the day to day plight of the peeps much lower on the ladder?

No doubt Tejpal had committed a grave error … but was there really need for such a vociferous dragging through the coals?

Indeed, this is no time to be hindered by these grave errors. We can take stock of these little grave errors later when life is normal. Even terrorists who had come to do “chota mota blasts” are generally forgiven because of the larger cause of fighting Modi.

And that’s when Modi was just a Chief Minister of one state. Now he is a ruling PM with 281 seats. Can you really expect a liberal to give a damn about these chota mota grave errors now that India is faced with the spectre of Modi’s fascism? You must be kidding.

This line of thinking has been finding more and more takers especially now when regressive thoughts and actions seem to rule

Indeed, generations of Indians will look back in shame at that moment in 2013 when the Indian media failed to protect a rapist in their midst. Why did they drag him over the coals? Why didn’t the media do its real job and discredit the character of the victim? What kind of girl from a good family gets into an elevator alone with her boss? Did the media check whether the girl had a boyfriend (and god forbid…even past boyfriends…shudder!!) and came from a good family with good morals? Did the media find out the length of the dress the girl was wearing that day, which might have tempted Tejpal? No, the media didn’t do any of these important investigations properly. And now that Tejpal has gone down the drain, who will save us from the regressive mindset that BJP has unleashed upon the country? Who can we turn to except for the progressive rapists to show us the way ahead…?

As I pointed out before, the *real* news here is the part about “more and more takers” for the Tejpal revival squad. Liberal cadres are upset at the ineptness of their leadership and their blatant failure to dig up dirt on Modi. It is time for Tarun Tejpal, the king of slime, to pick up the battle axe. Let the great warrior wrap his magic fingers around the axe of truth and let out his war cry…It is time for Indian liberals to stop doing penance that lacerates them and start giving out punishment that lacerates their enemies…

And you better learn something, little Kanhaiya Kumar, you don’t expose yourself before a woman and pee like a fool to win the day for liberal values .. you have to use your fingers like a professional…

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8 thoughts on “Resurrect The Rapist: Liberals need Tejpal’s magic fingers in the fight against Modi!

  1. Good exposure,these liberals still believe that they can become ‘judge’ for whatever they feel is right!?

    All these overconfident full of themselves guys thought it would be easy to belittle and find faults with Modi, by day they found it next to impossible,also with the powerful SM support and thrashing all their stupid moves!!

    This guy of“chota mota blasts” fame……I wonder how his conscience allowed such blatant lie….now the cat is out of the bag!

    Tejpal and his ‘magic fingers’….lol lol lol!


  2. Unrelated.Only a few days have passed since the BJP won Assam but this BJP government has already:1)introduced ease of doing business bill to make it easier to do business which includes single window clearance and land bank among other things,2)announced that India-Bangladesh border(not sure whether it’s only the Assam stretch or the entire border)will be fenced by June next year to stop illegal immigrants,3)introduced strategy to stop rhino poaching and 4)introduced white paper on state of the poor financial situation of the state due to the previous Congress Govt.They are moving at lightning speed.It seems as though they really want to showcase Assam as an example of good governance in order to woo other NE states.Speaking of other NE states,I commented about the Imphal civic polls a few days ago and mentioned how they would be an indicator of the progress that BJP is making in that state.BJP had won 0 seats in the previous election but they won 10 seats this time and were only 2 behind INC and INC was only able to win with the help of independents.BJP almost on par with INC there now.If HBS works his magic,BJP will go ahead of Cong and win the election there in 2017.


    1. And BJP has done well in Imphal polls too.. BJP now hoping to actually win Manipur. Modi working to genuinely flush out Congress from its last possible bastions. True Congress mukt Bharat.


  3. I thought I read somewhere that the article in support of Tejpal was written by of all people, by a lady named Malvika somebody!! Now that pedofile Hasan Saroor got home free, what is the fault of Tejpal? I am sure this Malvika lady would exchange herself with Tejpal’s victim any time.


  4. Im going to make some very crass observations here ….
    Now when I saw your post on Facebook of the same , my blood was boiling beyond any limits. Normally I don’t react to most of the feeds ,but this caught my attention. Here we are trying to bring the perpetrators of Nirbhaya raoe to speedy justice, and there exist a bunch of thugs who brazenly calls for exoneration of an accused just because he aligns to your ideology. I mean seriously, if God forbid her/his relative gets assaulted sexually, will she go around asking the bastards ideology to make her act against him. Doesn’t her views gives the likes of SUSU president KK to freely rape any body as it will be just an error.Error can be kept aside as fighting t he Marauder Modi is of utmost importance.
    It’s up to court to decide whether Tarun Tejpal is guilty or not but why support thebastard until the verdict? Just because he gives you orgasmic pangs with his Tehelka Kaari investigation against the RIGHT Wing.

    “Let the great warrior wrap his magic fingers around the axe of truth and let out his war cry”
    This line of yours is double meaning for sure or its just I’m too damaged up there…

    Anyways….I seriously want TT to make a comeback ……as is I said earlier…..Arnab Goswami won’t sit back….he did a prime time debate on this mid day article… he will for sure make some people’s lives miserable if TT raises his head back..


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