Modiji, please end all censorship : Liberals will be *begging* to get it back

At the peak of the Lok Sabha election campaign in early 2014, Her Highness Princess Priyanka Gandhi described then PM candidate Narendra Modi as a “neech”. No one cared. Life moved on.

In late 2014, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, a mere first time MP and Minister of State, described the BJP’s rivals as “haraamzade“. The nation ground to a halt. Parliament came to a standstill. The Prime Minister personally apologized on behalf of Niranjan Jyoti in both houses. It was more than 2 weeks before the nation recovered from the shock of Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s intemperate language. At the exact same time, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Bengal, ex-Cabinet minister and multiple term MP/MLA threatened to put bamboos into the backsides of her political opponents. Not even a leaf stirred. In fact, an eminent writer for Firstpost wrote back to back articles within 24 hours, the first decrying Niranjan Jyoti for shocking the nation and the second decrying a handful of BJP purists who were refusing to see the earthy humor in Mamata Banerjee’s words.. Secularism made all the difference.

Of course it helped that Mamata Banerjee was born as a Hindu Brahmin and Niranjan Jyoti was from a very “low” caste.

Cut to 2016. The same week CPI worker Kanhaiya Kumar was famously sent to jail for sedition, Commies slaughtered a BJP worker in Kerala. While Kanhaiya’s few days in jail became evidence of fascism, the BJP worker’s death was smoothly written off for purposes of secularism.

And now, with film censors wanting to make deep cuts in Anurag Kashyap’s film Udta Punjab, the free speech frauds have begun their dog and pony show once again. I take free speech extremely seriously.  I’ll come back in a moment to why I call them free speech  frauds. 

India’s record on free speech has always been abysmal. Well, almost. For a brief window of time, the Indian Republic allowed  real free speech. Until the RSS began using it. Pandit Nehru promptly corrected this defect in the Constitution by passing the First Amendment in 1951, imposing “reasonable restrictions” on free speech, along with a monopoly for himself on the definition of “reasonable”.

But even as the free speech situation in India sucked, there was at least a hint of fairness to it because it sucked equally for everyone. You were dragged in front of the courts if you insulted Hindu gods (or painted them in the nude). Neither could you make any insults or jokes about Jesus or Prophet M. In the political sphere, the rightwing was slowly granted an increasing right to speak and the oppression became less blatant over the years. The Indian citizens who were members of the RSS were granted their fundamental human right to speak their mind on the condition that they give up their fundamental human right to take part in the politics of their own country! Even today the Leftists in India actually boast of this and other day I even saw AAP spokesperson Ashutosh on TV demanding that the RSS/BJP be banned for “breaking the promise”of not participating in politics. The idea that prominent left wing parties can hold their head high and say openly that India’s largest political party with 170 million votes, 281 elected LS MPs and 9 Chief Ministers should be shut down by force of law for the “crime” of contesting elections says everything you could possibly say about free speech in India.

But hey, at least these days they don’t actually ban the RSS/BJP, they just talk about it. The last attempt to ban the BJP was made in 2007, when the Election Commission summoned them to a de-recognition hearing because the EC felt a campaign CD produced by them was “communal”. Yes, the country’s biggest opposition party made a CD that the state did not approve of and so they tried to ban the opposition…this does not just happen in Gaddafi’s Libya, Stalin’s USSR, Kim Il Sung’s North Korea and Hitler’s Germany…it also happened in India. If any of the so called intellectuals who support free speech and dissent nowadays have spoken up for the right of the BJP to exist in 2007, please let me know…

So, this is what I am saying. At least the EC didn’t ban the BJP. No one went too far. The compromise sucked, but at least everyone had to compromise a little bit. But recent events have led to a shattering of the compromise. Of late, there is a section that is pushing for full scale free speech apartheid, effectively asking for the creation of two classes, one that will enjoy full free speech rights and the other that will have absolutely none.

What does this mean? They want full freedom of speech for Commies like Kanhaiya Kumar. Scum like him have been repeatedly thrown into jail by various governments. But not any more now. Here is what they are demanding now: you don’t like what Kanhaiya says? No more sedition. They tell us right wingers  to get used to it. And with that,  they also tell us that we  should get used to right wingers being slaughtered by Commies. They get to do ALL the speaking. WE get to do all the tolerating. These are the contours of the new free speech apartheid being created in India. 

So, an Aam Aadmi Party gets to go on TV and demand that the RSS/BJP should be banned for the “crime” of participating in politics. And they get to demand that censor board should not use their scissors on the film Udta Punjab. And Arvind Kejriwal gets to go to the Supreme Court demanding that anyone who makes Santa Banta jokes should go to jail!

Get it? THEY will have ALL the rights. WE will have none.

That’s the free speech apartheid they are pushing for now.

So Kamlesh Tiwari must go to jail. The kid in Karnataka who put up an FB post against Tipu Sultan must go to jail. Salman Rushdie must stay banned. The Bengali movie “Macho Mustafa” must be renamed due to a fatwa by UPA’s censor board to “Macho Mastana”(because apparently Mustafa is some name for the Prophet!), but BJP’s censor board should be silent. You will notice that all the protests are against the person currently occupying the censor board chief’s position, rather than the position itself. The protest is not against censorship, but against WHO is doing the censorship.

The ploy is being executed very cleverly by selectively highlighting the cases where the secular side gets the short end of the stick. BJP governments at various levels are still stuck enforcing the old rules where ALL SIDES get  screwed. For instance, Sanal Edamaraku is still on the run because the Church of Mumbai is angry with him. But Maharashtra has transitioned to a BJP government. Has Fadnavis dropped the case against Sanal Edamaraku and invited him back? No, because BJP is still playing by the old rules of censorship. Attack Hindu gods and go to jail. Attack the Church and go to jail.  Equal oppression for all. The BJP is caught completely unawares that someone is trying to change the rules of the game on censorship.

But Modi ji, it is very very easy to turn the game on its head. SIMPLY REMOVE ALL CENSORSHIP.  End the censor board, get rid of the anti-free speech laws against spreading “communal disharmony” and insulting religious sentiments, repeal sedition laws, repeal the defamation laws, repeal the laws against “insulting modesty of women” (see further note on this), strip the Election Commission of its powers to decide what can be said and cannot be said in rallies and election propaganda! Give us free speech and then see!

(Important Note on insulting modesty of women: This is a law that is often confused with the completely separate law against “outraging the modesty of women”. Insulting modesty is quite literally a law against talking rudely to a woman…this is the law most often used by female Lutyensites to silence RW tweeters. Please do not confuse this law with the law against “outraging the modesty of women”, which deals with the completely separate topic of molesting women, etc.) 

And here is my bet. Repeal all censorship and within a week, you will see the liberal types begging to get censorship back! 

You know why? Because WE right wingers are USED to getting treated like crap. It is the liberal whiny babies who will be the most butthurt should there be free speech. To take a trivial example, AIB’s comedian Tanmay Bhatt refers to Ganesh idols literally as pieces of shit. We have already learned to take stuff like that on the chin. But can the Archbishop take it? Imagine how pissed off the Archbishop will be when he finds out that he no longer has the fascist laws to chase Sanal Edamaraku out of the country or make AIB apologize. WE are already used to every Hindu symbol being trampled and insulted. But will seculars be able to live with Prophet cartoons?

Modi ji, what do YOU have to lose by abolishing censorship? They have already called you every possible name in the book. When your 95 year old mother has to go to hospital, TV channels run entire programs accusing her of faking her illness. What more can they do to you? They already mock you as a “Gangu Teli” and a “Chaiwallah”. But Congress can’t live with a book on Sonia ji like “El Sari Rojo”. Some visitor to a museum in Odisha leaves a comment against Nehru and Congress files FIR against him. Can the delicate Congress egos handle free speech? Modi is called a Nazi everyday….what new slur does he have to fear?

There are Commie malcontents at JNU already circulating posters depicting Durga as a prostitute. What more do we Hindus have to fear from free speech? What fresh insult is left for Hindus to face in this country? But will seculars be able to handle Salman Rushdie? Will seculars be able to handle it when Kamlesh Tiwari comes out of jail? Will seculars be able to handle it when “alternative interpretations” of the Book of Peace and the Book of Love begin to roll out. Secular whiny babies couldn’t tolerate a fantastic thriller movie like Da Vinci code, how will they handle *real free speech* when it is decriminalized?

Here, for instance, is the language the Censor Board wants to delete from Udta Punjab, which seculars are protesting:


I beg you Modi ji, please remove the Censor Board and let this language become legal. Let someone dump this free speech on the Twitter timeline of some respected Lutyensite, possibly in more imaginative ways. Let the angry Lutyensite rush to the police station only to find out that the fascist laws she/he was using all these days to put the boot on RW tweets have all disappeared. Forget strong language, a certain top Lutyens journo once sued and silenced a poor blogger because he criticized her reporting…you think these people can handle free speech?

My favorite moment ever on social media was when “Reverend John Dayal” was so fed up with RW tweets against his crusade for freedom of expression that he went to the Delhi police to have these tweeters arrested for expressing their opinion 🙂 And at the police station, he was told that Twitter’s servers are located in the US and John Dayal came back grumbling about American style free speech laws. Which is funny, because Johnny likes to fly to the US to complain about freedom in India 🙂

So, let them have it. Give them what they are asking for. Let them find out what free speech is like 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Modiji, please end all censorship : Liberals will be *begging* to get it back

  1. The libs accuse the BJP of being a “fascist” party.Unfortunate that BJP isn’t a fascist party.India needs a dose of fascism,maybe not full fledged fascism but at least a diluted version of it.I want BJP to impose it’s own free speech apartheid.They have to be treated like the filth they are and force is the only language that they will understand.I know I will get a lot of brickbats for this but i said it anyway.By the way,CW,what is your stance on gun ownership in India?


    1. Yes, if only BJP had been fascist…ha! I wish Modi were half the things he is constantly accused of being…

      Well, guns…I know people might call me crazy, but I will have to take a principled stand that people have a right to own guns for self protection. I know there are a lot of good practical arguments against this, but call me an ideological nutcase…

      In the US, I spent a lot of time around gun nuts myself. They are not as evil as they are made out to be. They are simple people who take pride in themselves and their hard work. But yes, they are crazy…one of them introduced me to an actual KKK knight. Now this might sound super crazy, but KKK guys these days are harmless; they are like overgrown rebellious kids who have joined something because its sooo “counter-cultural”. I had a beer with the KKK guy and he was really friendly…lol


      1. So glad that you also believe people should be given the right to own firearms.Currently,the laws are very strict.BJP apparently has plans to liberalize the law but not by much.I hope they liberalize the law fully.The KKK anecdote of yours is interesting.Switzerland has very liberal gun laws and the homicide rate is very low.Surprising that this has never been a major issue in India.


  2. The best political party in the world(according to me) would be one that has the economic policies of the People’s Action Party(the party that has ruled Singapore since independence and the party that made Singapore a developed country and the most pro-business country in the world) combined with the nationalism of the Golden Dawn Party(Greece) and the organization structure of CCP or BJP(Karyakartas form the backbone of BJP just like the cadres do for CCP).


  3. CW ,you are spot on!!
    The way you have put it,I was trying to imagine once the gates are open then ‘free for all ‘……RW’s will eat , masticate and spit these liberals out,they will literally will be begging for restrictions as earlier!


    1. RWs have been taking it on the chin because our inherent tendency is not to whine. Let the gates of free speech open…liberals whiny babies will be really sorry they asked for it.


  4. This post is undoubtedly your best post till date. Now a days it has become a trend to target censor board without going into finer details.
    Yesterday Jaitley mentioned that Censor board would have to go through a sea change, i wish they remove it altogether. I wish and i wait!


  5. Aah, but you’re forgetting the supreme control freaks (SC for short). Even if such a law is passed by both houses , they will strike it down citing some communal-harmony-babble. Modi or anyone with an agenda to develop this country first needs to deal with the infected institution that is the judiciary. LW, commies, hypocrites, mameluks… will all be small potatoes after that


    1. Ah…the Lordships… our overworked masters who start crying like kindergarten kids at the drop of a hat. I feel the time is ripe for Modi to seize the initiative and change the game. Go for full free speech, liberals will be shaking in their boots.


  6. Hindus are being hacked to death in Bangladesh. But Modi has time to collect award from Saudi and Afghanistan. And for sharia finance.

    The sheer Congressisation of this Govt on ideological issues is mind numbing.

    Except ability to build roads faster and other such economic matters, this Govt is a Congress-Chrislamic Govt.

    And Hindus need to wake up from your slumber. The 5000yr old civilization crap that we keep parroting like buffoons means nothing if we can’t do anything to protect Hindus of even Bangladesh. We have just seen in our living memories the entire annihilation of Hindus from Pakistan. We should be ashamed of ourselves.


    1. It is time for India to take a proactive role in its neighborhood. But A S you have to understand that the springboard for such issues simply hasn’t arrived yet. You have a Congress establishment that is knocked unconscious right now, but a few missteps and they will be alive and kicking again. At this moment, it is near impossible for us to stretch our resources for Hindu causes outside our borders.


      1. The process is already began by granting citizenship to persecuted minorities, most of them Hindus in Islamic neighborhoods. It is for us Hindus to wake up to support them to live respectfully in our society. We need to help them financially through RSS, VHP or any NGO till they integrate as Indians.


  7. CW, I think this is one of ur best blog. Let liberals cry. First it was gajendra Chauhan from FTII. And then nihalani from censor board. In past, even anurag kashyap’s movie had many cuts like black friday. Where the hell he was at that time? This is just yugpurush’ new drama to gain sympathy for Punjab elections. Your views are really good. If they become reality, liberals are gone to hell.


  8. Didn’t UPA government create some law called ‘something66’ to control us right wingers? Facts of the matter is, any film on any kind menace like drugs, drinking or smoking actually ends up glorifying the menace. When people remember dialog like “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” what they remember is how stylish Clark Gable looked when he lighted the cigarette. If filming about menace of smoking is not bad why it is censored? I have read Sharmila Tagore censored heavily some of the films of Anurag Kashyap. Why he never went to court before?


    1. I am kind of a free speech fundamentalist and I will definitely agree with you on the smoking thing. Indeed, the disclaimers on smoking these days in films are just silly. Smoking is also a personal freedom issue.


  9. These people have the attitude:I am free to speak what I want and you are free to speak whatever I want. Sickening really.But we can’t say it sucks for everyone equally.You insult Hindus you go to court and may land injail but for insulting anyone else be prepared to pay with your head.
    They set up censor boards,institutionalize blasphemy laws and muzzling laws with all the 50+ years they had and then go attacking the govt. of 2 years of censorship while demanding for political bans!!
    We should stop giving importance to these hypocrites.I am surprised that these people still have followers.To be honest everytime I hear a fiberal I just feel annoyed with their lack logic rant.The Lefty is an idealist,just a dreamer whereas the RW is a pessimistic realist.Maybe thats why we are still working on our brand image?Afterall people enjoy masala movies more than documentries.


  10. While we are discussing the fundamental rights of citizens, together with free speech, another fundamental right to keep and bear arms should be given to Indian citizens. The nationalist organization like RSS should train citizens to defend themselves and their culture. The second amendment in USA guarantees right to bear arms to defend themselves. Why Indian citizens are deprived of this democratic right? Yes, misuse, violence, suicide, homicide etc. are pitfalls but as a mature democracy we have to overcome it. Indian culture and religions can guarantee justice, security, equality despite propaganda to the contrary. If Hindus were trained and bearing arms and not only warrior caste, India’s history would be different. Therefore all Indian citizens should be trained by nationalist organizations and should bear arms under amended constitution.


    1. Yes, bearing arms should be a fundamental right. Few people know that the right to bear arms in India is still restricted by the Arms Act enacted by the Brits. After 1857 uprising, the first thing the Brits did is ban Indians from carrying weapons.


  11. Whatever strict precaution, rules and law should be in place to prevent any criminal activity, violence, misuse, suicide, homicide, injustice to balance with the preservation of fundamental right to bear and keep arms.


  12. This guy who was embarrassed of our national anthem in front of white people,who is pro congi ,who was belittling India for not having any inventions!

    He seems to have reluctantly accepted the greatness of our PM after Americans have shown respect!!

    I think all those guys who had belittled Mr. Narendra Modi even before he became PM and after are slowly but surely realizing his worth!

    Narayana Murthy :

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time i watched PM’s speech other than that on 15th august

    I don’t say Modi is the best , but its first time i know my country is safe

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time 20k indians gathered in for a politicians speech on a foreign land

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time every NRI is proud

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time 80 countries are listening to Indian PM.

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time when pakistan is totally screwed up and china is scared

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time USA knows it not the sole power

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time Obama realised, he is not the most famous politician

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time INDIA seems a superpower

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time The World Knows WHY WE ARE THE WORLDS LARGEST DEMOCRACY

    I don’t say Modi is the best PM, but its the first time i know I AM A PROUD INDIAN !!!


    1. Mr. Srinivas, did NRNM the arch-hypocrite say all of these things? Is there a link?

      Hmm, he must be angling to become President after Pranab Mukherjee retires. He first started getting ideas after the one and only Dr. Kalam (my boss during my DRDO days) became President in 2002. Then Murthy blew his chances with the national anthem episode that you mentioned I don’t think that he is either pro-Congress or pro-BJP — just pro-himself.

      Disclaimer: For nearly ten years I was an Executive Vice President of Tata Consultancy Services. I resigned from DRDO once Dr. Kalam stepped down as DG DRDO.


      1. Mr.Vidyasagar it is a real honor to interact with someone who has really worked with the one and only Dr.A.P.J. Kalam. For me he is ultimate in humbleness…these so called ‘Nata’s’ should learn from him!


        1. Mr. Srinivas, I am replying to all of your comments at one go.

          1. The first comment after the jagruk article says that NRNM clarified that he never said any of these things.

          2. Unlike people like NRNM who carefully cultivate a public personality, Dr. Kalam was exactly what he appeared to be. Those of us who had the privilege of working with him (not FOR him) knew this. More important, those who are just themselves (like Dr. Kalam) never “slip up” and reveal flashes of their true selves, unlike NRNM and the national anthem incident.

          3. Whether NRNM said all of those things or not, most of us on this forum would surely agree with the sentiments expressed. NaMo must however start addressing some core Hindutva issues soon.

          Thank you for replying to my comment!


          1. Dr. Kalam was like a god in our midst. He lived like a god. Died in an instant, doing what he loved. Only a very fortunate and blessed person can go like he did. Who knows the suffering ordinary mortals like us have to go through before we pass away…


    1. Dear Unmesh,
      Welcome to commenting on this blog. Sadly it seems that your comment got lost in the spam folder, for which I am really sorry. I hope you keep reading and commenting.


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