#FeelTheBernout : As liberals burn with anger and jealousy, let’s enjoy the day!

This is one of those days when I am the evil me… you know the one who feels great joy at the plight of others. Just thinking about liberals burning in anger and jealousy when they see this:


On any average day, the anti-Modi venom from liberals is always through the roof. When Modi ji sits in a plane and goes abroad, the venom level rises. And the venom reaches a crescendo when he happens to be in the United States.

Again, liberals, let me rub salt on your wounds by explaining to you just why this picture hurts you so much. After all, what’s the big deal with the Indian PM going to America? He’s Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, travelling abroad and receiving lots of respect from other powerful people across the world is kinda routine, almost boring for him, no? But why does it hurt you so much when Modi is accorded the same respect?

I will tell you why. Because you looked down on the man, you belittled the man for so long that you cannot digest even the routine respect that comes with being Prime Minister. Long ago, you losers lobbied hard with the US government to deny him a simple entry visa. As 3 term Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had already achieved more in ten years than you will achieve in 10 of your pathetic lifetimes, but you guys seriously thought you could humiliate him over a simple US visa? Ha! I know that there are eminent liberals in this country who have spent lifetimes on the payrolls of ISI before they qualified for one trip to USA …ha! Just ask ISI agent Ghulam Nabi Fai and how cheaply he would get Indian liberal clowns to abuse India in exchange for one trip to USA…lol…

Dear liberals…Modi was already CM of a major state you fools…your whole life may have been validated by a US visa, but he certainly didn’t need one. And when the time came, the Americans came to his door asking that he address the American House of Congress. Lol. Take that. That is why it hurts you all so much now. And believe me, I am loving this.

In retrospect, was it worth it, dear liberals? Was it worth hassling Narendra Modi over a lowly US visa? Was it worth investing all that time and effort and money in something so small?

To make this day even sweeter, there was the Bernout! So after months of bullsh*tting, the Commie is out of the race for the Democratic nomination for President. Now, I would not have taken much interest in the US Presidential race, but when I saw the “intellectuals” around me getting so emotionally invested in the Commie candidate for President, I couldn’t help myself.

I have been waiting several months to say what I wanted to say about Bernie Sanders and now I will. It’s been sweetest watching the Commie “social justice warrior” candidate put up by guilty white liberals (and for some reason, their Indian Gunga Dins) get crushed because the “minorities” wouldn’t vote for him…lol! After all that the white liberals did for them, those ungrateful colored people sank Sanders’ candidacy. I mean…just how stupid are they?  Dont the colored people realize that rich white liberals have handpicked Bernie Sanders to finally give justice to people of the lower races… 🙂

The Southern states voted first in the primaries and Sanders was washed out over there… obviously because of the large black populations there. It was awesome to watch these guilty white liberals complaining about Hillary’s  “unfair” advantage among black voters. Yay! Who knew the day would come when liberals would complain about black people having too much power. Then they came to the North East, where Bernie easily swept milk white states like Vermont and New Hampshire. But then, alas…it was time for people in New York to vote. And what a shame that there’s so many colored people in New York…if only every place in America looked as white as New Hampshire, the great social justice warrior would triumph.

So, Bernie sank in New York without a trace. Then, he got wiped out in Maryland and Pennsylvannia. What a shame… Maryland should really do something about too many black people voting. Isn’t it so, white liberals? I really enjoyed your arguments and how certain states “shouldn’t really count”. First you had to say that  the South Eastern United States (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia) shouldn’t count because they have too many blacks, and then, to compound your woes, you liberals had to say that the South Western United States (Texas, Arizona) shouldn’t count either because they have too many Hispanics. I’m loving the liberalism. Damn, why can’t the US just look exactly like New Hampshire? Bernie could have won that…

Then, of course, the arguments took a more sinister and deeply Orwellian turn. In January and February, all we heard was that the “Super Delegates” on the Democratic side, (who are not elected but are just party insiders), have a plan to snatch the nomination from Sanders and give it to Hillary despite Sanders winning the mandate of the voters. There was a huge brouhaha from Sanders about making sure the Super Delegates follow the will of the people. As the campaign progressed and it became clear that Hillary was millions of votes ahead in the popular mandate, the Sanders campaign suddenly discovered that the actual role of Super Delegates is to “correct” the decision made by popular will. Suddenly, from being asked to bend before the will of the people, the Super Delegates were asked to make the people bend before them…Nice! Seems, Sanders couldn’t keep his inner Commie hidden for long…

Last I checked, Sanders promises to go on. There’s only 1 election left…that’s next week in DC . The place is 56% Black / Hispanic so guess who is gonna win there 🙂 Anyways, after that, Comrade Sanders will be spending his time convincing party insiders why they should intervene and overrule the will of the people… Well done, Comrade …I look forward to the Democratic Party  convention in Philadelphia when you lose, covered with disgrace.

Can’t believe Bernie made Hillary look good. When Hillary delivered her victory speech tonight, lie detectors across the world exploded.

Anyway, coming back to India, let’s not forget to give credit to the man who really deserves it : Raghuram Rajan

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15 thoughts on “#FeelTheBernout : As liberals burn with anger and jealousy, let’s enjoy the day!

  1. MTCR…. Italians had their way. The Marines had to let go for that treaty.
    But the good part is, India’s going to get Predator C Avenger drones. Say bye bye to slow and lumbering Israeli Herons. Plus we get to extend the range of Brahmos. The possibilities are endless.


    1. Well, at least getting into MTCR was a massive step. I am reading that India was the first country in 12 yrs to be allowed in. Slowly but surely all doors opening for India.


    1. Believe me, there are actually liberals who are angry that the monsoon is on time and predicted to be bountiful this year. I will be posting about this in a day or two.


  2. All the liberals have turned green colour due to successful 5 country visit of PM N Modi ,that too in 5 days!!

    Sale of burnol has increased so much that ‘no stock’ sign put up in all shops!!

    Congi’s got burned literally at ghaziabad while trying to burn Modi’s effigy,somewhere else they try to black paint poster of Modi and paint fell on them. Even divine forces are helping Modi!


    1. I am telling na…getting respect in foreign countries is a daily routine for a Prime Minister. But Modi makes it special because the faces of the liberals fall each time he is given a grand welcome…


  3. CW you should have waited one more day for this blog. Today, Narendra Modi received Rock Star reception at US Congress House. His speech received many many ovation and numerous standing ovation.

    Mr. Saunder’s supporters were stupid. Most middle income supporters just did not know how much their Pension Funds, which invest in the stock market, would have lost value if Mr. Saunder would go anywhere near to US Presidency.


    1. Don’t worry, P B Josh, I am always there to rub green and red chillies multiple times into the wounds of liberals… just the idea of all the liberals squirming and moaning in anguish as Modi takes the stage in DC makes it so special 🙂










    1. ha ha ha….when history is written, this Mani Shankar Aiyar of St. Stephens and Kanhaiya of JNU will thank their stars that they became a footnote at least thanks to Narendra Modi.


  5. I have been living in the US for the past 15 years and never have I felt more proud to be an Indian in the US. Narendra Modi’s speech was direct, purposeful, hard-hitting, and witty….and, quite incredibly, extempore. Two standout quotes for me:
    – we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on Yoga
    – India lives as one. India grows as one. India celebrates as one
    True masterclass! Kudos to our PM!!


    1. And he showed people that you can hold your head high as an Indian and get respect for it. We dont have to project ourselves as beggars. We dont need to apologize to anyone. We are from a 5000 year old civilization. Greece, Rome and Egypt are forgotten, but we stand.


  6. Off the topic.
    Guys, sorry for becoming pessimistic. But I pray that, Modi does not have same fate as Shastriji. With so many successes foreign powers especially like china and Pakistan must be worried. and these are two countries which will be so jealous now. (off course along with crooks in India). We really need Modi till 2029. But we have to understand we have many enemies, both internal and external. I just hope Modi is making all necessary precautions. I am just worried, because Modi is making many foreign trips, where his security is always at stake.


    1. At the moment, there is no such worry. But believe me, after May 16, 2014 when Modi took off from Gujarat to reach Delhi for his victory march to Parliament, I was quite worried until the plane landed. You cannot trust these people at all. They could have done anything. I was relieved when Modi was finally sworn in. Two years into his tenure, chances of them doing mischief have subsided.


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