Why are American liberals so angry with Modi?

Believe it or not, I am quite pleased with American political circles (primarily liberal) going after Modi right before he visits the United States to deliver a lecture to the House of Congress. Very good. Gone are the days when India was the land of harmless / helpless snake charmers who were coddled by everyone. If we aren’t getting bashed, it means we are not making a mark. I was secretly thrilled when losers shone that infamous hologram on the building of the British Parliament depicting Modi as a Nazi. Unless someone somewhere is calling you a Nazi, it means you are achieving nothing… if everyone out there was talking about how cute and cuddly India is, I would be worried. If you have to stand up, you have to piss people off… as the Americans say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…

So anybody wishing to bash big bad evil India while Modi is in America …please go right ahead 🙂 I look forward to the day when India bashing replaces China bashing during the US election campaign 🙂 In fact, I remember reading an article somewhere that Donald Trump has become very popular in Chinese cyberspace, with most Chinese users treating his China bashing as an ego boost 🙂

First it was some US Commission on Religious Freedom or something that wanted a visa to visit India to “evaluate” us. Well done Modi government for slamming the door on them … and telling them to their face that they have absolutely no locus standi in the matter. They have been whining ever since. Hey, USCIRF, do yourself a favor and read your own US Constitution. Please show me where it says in your US Consitution that the job of the Federal Government is to go and investigate religious freedom in faraway foreign countries. You guys haven’t read your own Constitution and you want to teach us how to respect ours…you losers at the USCIRF are a disgrace to your founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson…

In fact, I would turn the finger of accusation back at you losers in the USCIRF and accuse you of looting American taxpayers by spending their money doing things the American Constitution never allowed you to do.

Then, there was Ben Cardin, the Maryland Senator shooting his mouth off about Modi. Really…that figures. Who else would be so perturbed than Ben Cardin about Narendra Modi? After Ben Cardin is a political shehzada himself, beginning his political career by winning a  “family seat”. And right now, he is one of those Hillary bots shilling for the “establishment”. Indeed, who else but Ben Cardin? Cardin would need 10 births to become a politician who is worthy of tying the bootlaces of Narendra Modi…

But the main thrust of this post is showing how deeply the well has been poisoned against Hinduism by leftie discourse. I don’t mind the barbs against Modi, as I mentioned before. What I mind is remarks like this:

Change comes slowly to India, whose culture is heavily influenced by a Hindu philosophy that doesn’t emphasize urgency. Hinduism teaches that after death comes reincarnation in another form of life, so Hindu followers don’t need to get everything accomplished in this life since they can get more done in later lives.


The irony is that this article is not even bashing India! In fact, the title of the article is “What’s India got over China“! Indeed, it is a POSITIVE article trying to explain to an American audience the several reasons why India’s economy, though much smaller than China’s economy, is actually a much better long term prospect! And the article is written by a portfolio manager, not some South Asia studies academic.

But even in an article like this, you find truly pathetic remarks taking absolutely pathetic potshots at Hinduism. This is what happens when a deeply disrespectful and belittling attitude towards Hinduism is ingrained inside American society, caused by zealous left wing academics who have poisoned every page of world history textbooks from schools to college.

Can you imagine Bloomberg publishing an article that says Muslim culture teaches people to go on a murdering spree by promising them lots of wild sex in heaven? Why just Muslims? Would Bloomberg say that Christians don’t believe in doing much in this life because they believe that people can rise back from the dead and finish off all their important work? Or that Christians are always lying and cheating because they believe that Jesus already died for all their sins and so there is no reason to have any morals any more?

Stuff like that would never get published. But such horrible remarks about Hinduism make the cut at Bloomberg. This is what happens when the University of California kicks out private donations of $4 million for research chairs in Hinduism but goes and offers public money to Muslim student associations that call for Jews to gather in Israel so that Muslims don’t have to hunt them down globally…

This is not happening in some backwater in Kansas. Bloomberg is based in New York. The University of California is in freaking California! That such anti-Hindu bigotry could survive in New York and California is a success story of the global Left.

If you read the article, you find other stuff such as this:

Say what you want about colonialism, but British control of India for centuries left a vigorous democracy and a parliamentary form of government, which is useful for running a large, diverse country. The British also left India with a railway system that facilitates the movement of people and goods over a vast geography. And of course the British gave India the English language — useful in a world that conducts most business in English and as a unifying force in a country with hundreds of languages and dialects. India also inherited a free press and a legal system from the U.K.

I have always found this kind of statement puzzling. No, it’s not really the content that I find puzzling (because there is a substantial amount of truth to it) but the fact that people feel at liberty to pointedly remind Indians about the benefits coming from a painful period in their past. You know, what really brought global colonialism to an end was World War-2, so I guess we could say:

“Say what you will about Hitler, but Nazis caused the liberation of hundreds of millions of people worldwide…”

Is this sentence getting published any time soon in Bloomberg? I didn’t think so. Because everything is temporary and history always goes on, by definition, you could always argue that every event had some “positive” consequence.  It takes a special kind of jerk to then throw these “positive” consequences in the face of the victims. What is amazing is that people at large do realize this fact, except when it comes to India. Imagine a mainstream American publication telling blacks:

“Say, what you will about slavery, but surely you guys are better off here than in Africa right now…”

I will end with an anecdote of my own from a lunch table somewhere in Europe..

XYZ: Would it be okay to say that the British built a united and modern India?

Me: Absolutely. Just like the Americans built a united and modern Europe.

XYZ: Huh?

Me: Well, you know, before the Americans came in, all the groups in Europe were fighting each other. Two world wars, 50 million dead. Then America stepped in and placed Europe under  US control in NATO. The continent was  rebuilt  by Americans under the Marshall Plan.  Now we have the European Union instead of a bunch of warring states; peace on the continent finally! You may argue that European countries technically still have sovereignty. You would be surprised to know that the British Empire in India did much the same with local kings, who all technically kept their sovereignty under various “treaties of friendship” with the British monarch.

Suffice to say, a few fragile European egos were quite butthurt that day…

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20 thoughts on “Why are American liberals so angry with Modi?

  1. The US lordship over european union part was extremely hard hitting..gave me a fresh perspective today..in today’s world or limited and hardcoded perspectives, this was a huge achievement..u made my day!


      1. You could have posted a appropriate meme . That would had been cherry on top. That comment must have riled them.


  2. A perfect answer to the so called liberals of self proclaimed “gendarmerie” of the World. American intelligensia have a habit of preaching to be righteous to the others.
    Interestingly their own backyard is sullied and marred with what they attempt to disdain. They have a fixed syntax to write about India.
    And it goes like this
    “India was a land blah blah blah blah…..Aryan Invasion blah blah blah……Secular Mughals blah blah blah…then came British which gave railway , democracy adrak lasan (But never mention the atrocities committed by the Raaj)……Nehru……Hindu rate of growth……and cutting short…. Hindu Hitler…..Modi the Marauder who drinks Muslim Blood daily…..”
    I may have exaggerated but what do you expect from the low lifes like us when liberals are smoking pot and publishing half wit articles.


  3. You are right about the self-righteous Left-Libs of America. Mayur M Manapure in his post above is also correct. He may have added the Hindu caste system which is a favourite stick to beat the Hindus with.

    For whole generations the US students have been taught a simplistic view of Hinduism which they’ve internalised. It starts and ends with the caste system. The missionaries may have left the US education business but they’ve left their mark on it. I’ve seen otherwise well-informed Americans rant on about the evil castists of India. For this reason, during the Bangladesh lib war the massacre of Hindus by the Pak army wasn’t seen as something truly shocking; Nixon and Kissinger are recorded on tape making tasteless jokes about the killings (read the Blood Telegram). Modi and most of India aren’t up against mere Left-Lib lies. The prejudices run much deeper.


    1. Oh ya…how can we forget the caste system. Even if Indians start walking on water, NYT and all will ask if only upper castes are allowed to walk on water… they must be inspired by Ravish Kumar 🙂


  4. Good post…….unusual angle but quite right!

    You are right….USCIRF….can F@#$% O@# !! GOI under Modi jindabad!

    Bloomberg is ‘Davos’ peoples mouthpiece everything they say has a agenda!

    Good ‘anecdote’….enjoyed your kick in their collective balls!

    Hope Mr.Narendra Modi in this visit do not bow to arm twisting by Americans,lot of indicators in this direction are being talked.


    1. Bloomberg is a financial services group. I doubt they are genuinely anti-India in the sense intellectuals are. Just that the commonplace lies about India have been embedded deeply at every level of the education system.


  5. Leftists and old colonists rolled in one holy mix have double problems with Trump. He is spoiling liberal communists democratic plan to retain white house and he is reciting Modi’s similar victory war cry India first, like USA first. Unlike in India but everywhere else, both parties in USA are mationalists but one party or the other at different times more unsecured against Hindus, because of facing them.


  6. Sometime I wonder which side of political divide in America is more anti-Modi, the left or the right? The main reason evangelicals hate Narendra Modi is, because Modi’s control of Proselytization in India. Most evangelicals are right wingers like Pet Robertson. However, left- liberal organization like USCIRF have blinders for what happens in America like agitation, “Black Lives Matter”. If American Society was so just, why there would be any need for such agitation? In America, after becoming independent, it took almost two hundred years to make racial discrimination illegal (and still you see some signs of its existence). India did that right away (of course we still see signs of its existence in India).


    1. The Left is clearly more anti-Modi. The Christian right has a generalized dislike of all non-Christians and at the moment the Muslims are a much bigger worry for them. The Left however, gives Muslims a free pass and therefore is forced to look for an enemy in places like India.


  7. Quote:
    In a phone interview with Press TV, Lendman said China and Russia – the two countries that share similar positions on a raft of international issues – are “last frontier for America and “they represent a major threat to America’s desire for global hegemony.”
    “America is targeting the BRICS countries, Brazil, India, China, and Russia South Africa… Now America is eyeing India. India is a major country, just the way Brazil is. America has gotten Brazil isolated from China and Russia, now it wants to get India isolated from the two,” he noted.

    Lendman said India has “good relations with China, good relations with Russia and wants to keep it that way. Washington, however, “is trying to change all that to bring India into its camp against Russia.”



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