One year of this blog and a bit of news…

Friends, this post must start with a hat tip to reader Enigma, who was kind enough to remember that yesterday was the 1st anniversary of this blog! I have been insanely busy the last couple of weeks and been only skimming through the news (believe it or not, I didn’t know about the latest Vadra scam until my wife told me yesterday). But the fact that a reader remembered the anniversary instead of me and pointed it out makes it well and truly special 🙂 Thanks, that meant a lot.

Why did I start this blog? Because for years and years, I remember myself screaming all alone at the television set or seething in rage as I scrolled down online articles. I was up late one night when it suddenly struck me to open up a blog and just get writing. Even then, I was pretty sure that my enthusiasm would flame out in a couple of days. In any case, my blog was sure to go totally unnoticed, a piece of flotsam in the endless online universe. But, then the blog started getting some views…about 150-200 a day. And I guess I underestimated how much anger I had been accumulating in my belly through a decade of watching the media and Mameluk ecosystem in action. So, I kept going.


We clocked 21, 279 views in May 2016, which is obviously the highest ever. I say WE because this is hardly about me, me and me. It’s about us…there is no way I would have kept on writing every single day (well, almost) if it had not been for the encouragement of all of you! I know that recently, I had been slacking off a little on replying to comments…but now I have picked up the pace again. So, if you will, please please leave a comment 🙂

I am a person who generally finds it impossible to stick to a routine. So, when I opened up this blog last year with a plan to write every single day, I was sure that my resolution would become a burden on me in no time and that I would rebel against myself and give up.  But, over the last one year, this blog has lifted me up in ways that I never imagined were possible. I think it was in December that I was having one of my toughest weeks+weekends at work, stuck in a daze from 5 AM in the morning to midnight on back to back days…and I couldn’t post anything that Saturday. Sunday came and things were looking no better for me at work…it was only towards late Sunday night that I felt I had made a little headway and decided I couldn’t go home without blogging for the day. Within minutes of posting, I got a bunch of eager comments anxiously asking how I had been and worried why I hadn’t posted…

Thanks folks! That really lifted me up that day. My cold sense of helplessness was replaced by warmth. That night, I walked home smiling.  I needed that. Really.

And this blog has gone on, accumulating 339 posts, 1.8 lakh views and some 5800 comments!


Okay, now for a little bit of bad news. You wont believe the kinds of places I have posted this blog from: all night layovers on airport floors, bus stations in strange countries (with my job allowing me to travel a lot and me being a travel buff). You won’t believe the things I have done for a little WiFi….

BUT…there is always a but…starting later this month, from June 18 to July 2, I will have to be away.  I have to travel for work to a country where political blogging is genuinely physically dangerous and most of the internet as we know it is blocked anyway.  I have been waiting until now to tell you about this and I have been worried I would lose all my viewers accumulated over the last one year when I stop posting for over two weeks… So please please don’t go away and don’t lose hope. I promise that the first thing I will do when I reach Delhi airport is to post on my blog again!

Of course things will go on as usual until June 17 and I am pretty sure I am gonna blog on June 18 before I leave…

So, please stay tuned and please stay connected with this blog.


39 thoughts on “One year of this blog and a bit of news…

  1. I hope you are not traveling to Pyongyang or some Central Asian country like Azerbaijan.
    Jokes apart, the reason why you and we have came so far is that before this, there were few who had ability to answer the Commies and the sycophants in their own language. There’s OPIndia which is tad amateurish and Swaraj which I hardly visit, and then there’s DC ( short for Dynasty Crooks). And also we have fellow commentators like M.Vidyasagar, Enigma, Usha Kiran, Srinivas. Wish you luck and have safe journey.


  2. It’s been a year already ? That’s amazing. I started working at a bank about a year ago. And every day, in my 30 min lunch time, I gulp down my food as fast as I can and sit down to read this blog. I have been disappointed at times if there were no updates. But that’s just over expectant consumer behaviour. Even when I’m out with people, sometimes I find myself unconsciously opening dc(it’s bookmarked on all my devices). Great going chaiwallah. This blog is informative, interesting, entertaining and most importantly, honest. It is the main reason why there are so many who follow it. wish you safe travels and hope that your trip is successful.

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  3. Hi CW!…..Congratulations on this land mark!!

    Nice to read all the statistics of your blog,we really appreciate all the trouble you have gone through to blog during your travel!!

    We will miss you and your blog for 14 days. Wish you a fruitful trip and a safe journey!

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  4. Hi CW! Wishing you the best in your trip to wherever. Honestly, your posts are so good and candid and laced with good lot of humor that no reader would want to miss you and would definitely bee looking up to see the ‘accumulated and pent up’ posts being posted en masse, when you return from your work after 02nd July! Thanks for all the efforts. It is just not easy to balance work, family and the blog!!

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  5. Congratulations CW. Every morning, my first task is to read your blogs before opening any other website. Sometimes, If I find time in between busy work, I read same blog multiple times. You have been slapping all crooks very nicely in all your posts.Keep growing in terms of fan base and keep slapping all dynasty crooks.

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  6. Thanks for thanking me.As for how,I found your blog,after the Bihar election result,many emotional RWs(barring Diptarup and a few others)were giving their doomsday scenarios for 2019 and all this because BJP lost an election which it had very little chance of winning in the 1st place(it lost the day MGB was formed) and I did a Google search and was looking for rational voices and saw a blog post of yours reg 2019 and I gave my insights reg 2019 explaining why Modi will most probably be re-elected in 2019 and I got hooked after that.Keep writing.I am not a computer whiz but is there any which in which you can introduce edit and delete functions for the comment section?


    1. Hi Enigma,
      I guess the RW has still not fully recovered (neither have I) from the crash of 2004. They have been obsessively searching for reasons to predict that 2019 = 2004, perhaps not realizing that we are dealing with a much weaker Congress now.

      I think you should be able to edit your comments as long as you are logged in to WordPress. But let me try to check; I am no computer whiz either…


  7. I too will probably be away for sometime starting from tomorrow till the 9th(might comment for a couple of days in between) because of exams.Hopefully,I will become as good at acing exams as Modi,Shah and Ram Madhav are at acing elections.


  8. I will miss reading your posts for the duration you are in that godforsaken country, now that i am fully addicted to your posts.


    1. Haha….sometimes we forget to appreciate the wonderful democratic freedoms we have in our country…until we happen to be going to dictatorships. Thanks, I will be missing you folks too!


  9. First of all, I cannot believe it has been a year already! Time does fly. To echo the sentiment of several other who have commented here, I start my day at work with a cup of coffee and your blog. Your blog channels the frustrations of every Indian who has put up with dynastic, sycophantic, and puppet rulers over 60+ odd years. Thanks for taking the dynasty head-on, particularly its hidden members among our media and other institutions.

    Finally, have a safe trip to wherever you are going and I can assure you that you are certainly not going to lose this reader. I am going to have to manage with Cricinfo website for those two weeks 🙂

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    1. Indeed, I never knew how much anger I had accumulated towards the Mameluk ecosystem all these years. I cannot believe I could keep this blog going so far and that all these people came to read… Thanks so much for your support 🙂


  10. First I found Ravinar and then you. You have made our year not just bearable, but happy when we pro-BJP, pro-Modi brigade were drowning in anti-BJP, anti-Modi ‘Sailab’ from presstitute media. Hope Ravinar fills some gap when you are gone by posting more blogs than usual. Good luck for your trip. Doesn’t seem like exciting country where you are going.


    1. Ha ha…
      I wish one day I reach Ravinar’s level. As soon as he writes a post, it starts trending on twitter…

      Well, it’s a work thing. I guess we dont fully appreciate all the democratic freedoms we have in India until we find ourselves going to a place where most of the internet is blocked and people are really scared to speak their mind.


  11. Congratulations, Chaiwalaji, keep up the good work. Readers who are blinded from decades of lies are now reading the real side of the stories. Wish your articles are made available in South Indian languages too.


    1. Hi Sane,
      I wish the Indian school system made kids in the North to learn a language from the South and vice versa. In fact, it is a pity we all communicate only in English.


  12. I used to visit First Post website very frequently. Since we knew authors and the flow of their thought the practice used to be going straight and directly to comment section read the comments. On one such occasion I came across your appeals to visit your newly started blog. Then onwards it’s daily affair with Dynasty Crook pages. Jaggi left for Swarajya. I seldom visit First Post now ! Thank u Chaiwala. We will definitely bear with no-blog days. Wish u success in ur assignment and safe return.


    1. Hi Martya,
      Welcome to commenting on my blog 🙂 It seems that you have been reading this site for a long long time indeed. I am glad just a couple of my comments “advertising” my blog in the comments section on Firstpost had such a great effect. Indeed, I have also stopped visiting Firstpost myself. I promise to keep blogging with greater enthusiasm when I am back 🙂


  13. Congratulations on one year of blogging! Your blogs are pretty addictive! Can’t start my morning until I read the latest article. Have a great break. I’m sure we will all miss you and look forward to July 2nd.


  14. Hey CW,

    Congrats on the first anniversary. I have said it b4 and I will say it again – when you speak the truth, your words shine and the readers feel it. Alternate that with what the DCs write and you can feel the diff instantly. No wonder ur readership keeps growing. Someday, hopefully, ur voice will be heard in the mainstream as well.

    Coming to ur vacation – u cannot deprive us of our daily dose of sunshine for 2 weeks :-). I suggest u write 2 weeks of blogs beforehand and ask us to read one each day – LOL. Given the amount of nonsense written by DCs and the stream of scams coming out daily, there should be no dearth of topics for u to cover for 14 days.

    Kidding aside, I do wish you a safe and pleasant journey. It sounds like u r heading to some crazy country – guessing work related. Please be careful and return safe and sound.



    1. He he…actually, I might consider it. Looking at Congress track record, a scam so huge and juicy might roll out of the cupboard that I might have to end up doing just that 🙂

      Yes, its a work thing. Will love it when I am back. Sometimes perhaps we don’t fully appreciate all the wonderful democratic freedoms we have here.


      1. Indeed, and yet the crooks in this country would have us believe that we are intolerant.

        Btw, saw a NGO head complain in an interview that middle class Hindu is voting as a bloack and how that’s a bad thing. Yet, he feels that minorities voting as a block is not wrong. There is no end to this crookery.


  15. Congratulations on completing an year of blogging!!!Enjoy your 2 weeks of vaction,but please post blogs if possible.


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