Get well soon, Vrinda Gopinath

Whoa! It’s been two weeks since this article appeared on DailyO and I haven’t written a response! Friends, if you really want to see what a toxic cocktail of jealousy, obsession, hatred and bitterness looks like, please go click this article by Vrinda Gopinath here:

Why did bhakts go mum when Modi’s mother came to visit him?


First of all, this is yet another example of what I have been talking about recently: the Modi bhakt vilification industry is now almost as big as the Modi vilification industry itself. It goes to show just how pathetic these mediawallahs are at their job that they feel so seriously threatened by tweets and FB posts…or else multi-million $$$ media houses would not be repeatedly losing the propaganda battle to a bunch of twitter accounts..

The second thing I want you to notice is the keywords appearing in the text of the link, which will give you another peek into where this jealousy and personal hatred comes from.


The keywords  are: Modi, Heeraben, 7RCR, Bhakt, Jasodaben.

Perfect! “7RCR” and “bhakt”…these two words reflect their jealousy. They are jealous of the tea seller who made it to 7RCR! How did the tea seller do it?  And they are jealous of the ordinary bhakt beating their multi-million $$$ media houses in the propaganda game every single time…how are the bhakts doing this? Mystery indeed 🙂 And the mention of “Heeraben” and “Jasodaben” show how personal their hatred for Modi is..

Now, let’s get to the article itself:

Whoa, it’s been two days since Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted pictures of him wheeling his mother, 95-year-old, Heeraben, around the 7, RCR garden, his official residence, and there’s been a deadpan reaction from his official bhakts?… They neither made it trend nor was there any gushing online, despite the PM, primping with sentiment, tweeting that he had spent quality time with his mother after a long time…. So what is the story behind the imagery that Modi fans seem so unimpressed?

I know, right? How can it be that Modi “bhakts” are less obsessed about Modi’s family than his official haters are? These pictures came like 2 days before the election results and all that Modi “Bhakts”  could care about was the BJP’s performance in the elections rather than Modi’s family? What mysterious phenomenon is this? The grand old party has long stopped caring about election performance. Instead the grand old party focuses on what is truly important: family! How can it be that Modi’s bhakts aren’t the same way?


Modi has three brothers, a sister, several nieces and nephews, and their families; even an estranged wife, Jashodaben: why are there no family get-togethers or family portraits after Modi became PM?

So true! Good question! Must be investigated by CBI!  In an era when most political leaders can do their family meetings in Parliament Hall itself because they have given party tickets to every niece and every nephew, why is it that Modi doesn’t even put out any family portraits? I mean, Congress  uses family portraits in every piece of political propaganda:


has the fact that he sent her packing off within two days of her arrival, made his fans squeamish?

You know what I am wondering? I am wondering how ABP News sleuths have not gotten to investigating the incident and done an episode of “Viral Jhooth” about it.. Does 95 year old Heeraben really need a wheelchair or is she pretending to need one? Has ABP News become squeamish ever since they got caught lying about the health of the Prime Minister’s mother?


Vrinda Gopinath continues:

It certainly must have burned a hole in the beating hearts of the Hindutva brigade to watch poor Heeraben sent back home, denying her the official privileges of the best healthcare and comfort afforded to the prime minister of the country.

Again with the jealousy, she can’t stop talking about the comfort and privileges of the Prime Minister. Damn, how did a tea seller manage to get into that cool 7RCR when all these Shehzadas can’t ?

Now, Modi fans have a fetish for photo-shopping pictures of the PM, right from his early campaign days…. They were hilarious and even got him the label, “#Feku”.

Well, everyone has their faults. You know Rajiv G’s fans have a fetish for giving him credit for discovering everything from electricity to computers…


This however was taken very seriously and Rajiv G earned a Bharat Ratna for it, instead of a nickname.

the attempts to soften his edges may have propelled him and his propaganda team to tweet the “Mummy” pictures. … So, if his early life was lacklustre and meagre, it’s never too late to have a re-imagined personal history.

See? Didn’t I tell you they just can’t get over this? They just can’t get over the fact that someone whose early life was “lackluster” and “meager” became Prime Minister…While those with a “meager” and “lackluster” early life rule from 7RCR, the righteous ruler by birthright, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, languishes in the corner… Oh the injustice of it all..


And then Vrinda Gopinath wonders out aloud:

is he on the verge of getting a personality transplant? Is he the aggressive, ambitious leader with a killer instinct that is seen during campaigns, or is he the benevolent, unifying and respectful head of the country and doting son, all rolled into one?

A personality transplant for Modi? From “aggressive”  and “ambitious” to “benevolent, unifying and respectful”? You would like that, wouldn’t you 🙂 ?  Especially the “benevolent” and “respectful” parts…you know…”benevolent” to newstraders, “respectful” to the Sahitya Akademi…

Don’t worry Vrinda Gopinath, I get it. At a time when Sonia ji is still straddled with the task of raising Rahul so he can finally grow up and get a job, it is rather mean for Narendra Modi ji to rub it in their faces by tweeting out pictures that show the son dutifully wheeling his proud mother around, showing her what he has achieved with his life… It must be hard on you folks. Take care…

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18 thoughts on “Get well soon, Vrinda Gopinath

  1. According to the idea of India, public money and privileges should be shared with aunts, uncles, relatives of ghaghras, relatives from Pakistani pants, sisters, daughters, brother in law, son in law, Burqua, street thugs, newspaper delivery girls and boys and any one but the citizens. So, Vrinda suspects game plan from Bhakts who want whole pie to themselves.


  2. Like how Britishers peddled about their queen,even today they are still at it,similarity these media bums peddled about the waitress and her family.

    These stupid guys can never understand that humble people like Dr,A P J Kalam,Mr. Narendra Modi will never allow such a thing to happen. Even if they want to show their relatives around,they will do quietly at their expense !!

    Vrinda Gopinath is clearly a b!@#$ like all other presstitutes!!


  3. It is heard that when Modi wanted his mother to extend her stay she declined and told him that if she did he would be devoting his time to her only negleting the interests of the people of the country.


    1. Modi has given up family a long time ago. He just keeps a connection with his mother. Mameluks are bewildered because their own leader spends all his time providing for his family…


  4. A clear sign of frustration.They are frustrated because they are not able to influence people’s opinions anymore(well,at least a majority of the people anyway)Nice take down CW.Social media is a great leveller.


  5. The wheels of the likes of Vrinda Gopinath came off in 2014 and are not going to get fixed – ever. And there is a swamp in front.


  6. I read first few paragraphs and realised that the writer is a loner when a kid( not because of high IQ) when no one cared to listen to her heart. Now these “kind” of writers ( I’m not using the term journalist) just write to vent out all such feelings. I can only pity for her misfortune and just move on to read someone more unfortunate to bother writing another comment!! To be honest I met someone like this ( not so politically motivated or bitter person ) but she became a writer just to vent out all those things she thought weren’t heard but others including friends and sometimes parents


    1. Hi Parth,
      Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂 🙂

      Indeed, even by Mameluk standards, Vrinda Gopinath’s article stands out as an example of extreme bitterness and personal jealousy and makes us wonder if this is coming out of some childhood trauma…


  7. Let me repeat what somebody had said, “If Narendra Modi will walk on water, these Presstitutes will shout from the roof top that Narendra Modi cannot swim”.


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