In Modi’s Hindu rashtra, Mumtaz Bano has to take oath in the name of Ishwar!

In yet another outrageous instance of Hindu fascism in Modi’s India, this happened:

While being administered the oath of office by Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi, Mamata raised eyebrows by pledging to both “Ishwar” and “Allah” while taking the vow. “I, Mamata Banerjee, do pledge by the name of Ishwar and Allah that I shall…”


Mumtaz Bano won a sweeping electoral victory with 211/294 seats. Even the good Commies who kept Bengal under their tender loving care for 35 years never got numbers like that. Mumtaz Bano’s victory is, in fact, only second to Bidhan Chandra Ray’s 216/294 achieved in the 60s! And to think that Mumtaz Bano achieved this feat despite stiff opposition from her fellow secularists in the Congress, her fellow Communists in the CPIM and of course the trishul of fascism coming from Delhi…

And even though the BJP managed just 3 seats and just over 10% of the popular vote, the long shadow of Hindu fascism could be seen at Mumtaz’s swearing in ceremony, where she was forced to say:

I swear in the name of Ishwar AND Allah

Why Ishwar? And that too why does she have to say Ishwar before she says Allah? Can’t we as a nation accept Mumtaz Bano swearing only in the name of Allah? In Modi’s India, does an elected Chief Minister who just won a 2/3rd majority compulsorily have to invoke the name of Ishwar presumably to prove her patriotism? Is this how bad things have become?

If this is the condition of West Bengal, a state that has always followed forward looking policies of secularism and socialism, imagine how bad things must be elsewhere…

Following Mumtaz’s lead, a number of her ministers also took their oaths both in the name of Ishwar and Allah. Only a handful of ministers such as Abdur Rezzak Mollah, Firhad Hakim, Javed Khan and Giasuddin Mollah withstood the pressure to conform to majoritarian instincts of the Bengali people and took their oaths in the name of Allah alone.

This is another instance of how the unthinking fascists who are currently running riot in Indian public discourse undermine the sanctity of our nation, our constitution, our elected public offices, the legacy of our composite culture and indeed the  Hindu religion which bhakts consider sacred.

It was not meant to be this way. This was NOT the idea of India. When a high ranking elected representative takes oath, it is a very sacred moment. Forcing them to invoke Ishwar  makes a mockery out of a solemn occasion. Moreover, bhakts should understand that an  insincere mention of Ishwar undermines the Hindu religion they consider to be sacred. I am not saying there is anything sacred about Hinduism, just saying that bhakts feel that it’s sacred…


That a great administrator like Mumtaz Bano had to invoke Ishwar is yet another example of the Hindu right blackening the face of India. Decades later, maybe centuries later, long after Modi is forgotten and Mumtaz Bano is remembered as a magnificent worldwide symbol of good governance, I am sure that jealous Bhakts of the future will hatch conspiracy theories like Mumtaz Bano started her life as a Hindu called Mamata Banerjee…  😉

Pathetic, historically challenged, illiterate Hindu bhakts …

Okay, jokes apart 🙂  Mamata deserves some credit here! Every secular politician in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is shaking her/his head right now and wondering why they didn’t think of this before! Nitish Kumar must be kicking himself. He believed in all those Prashant Kishore strategies but still ended up far behind Lalu who won with this “charming”, “witty” and “earthy” message of casteism that all Delhi based journalists find so endearing… And still PK couldn’t come up with something so elementary. And Nitish thinks PK can strategize all the way to the PM’s chair! Ha!  This is definitely the beginning of a trend…

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7 thoughts on “In Modi’s Hindu rashtra, Mumtaz Bano has to take oath in the name of Ishwar!

  1. Slightly unrelated.I can’t believe that a smart man like Derek O’ Brien is with a party like TMC.Quizzing used to be a hobby of mine during my school and I used to have a lot of admiration for Derek(still do to a certain extent) and have read some of his books and he comes across as a very knowledgeable man.He might be a non-Hindu but still,it is very strange that he is with Mamata and TMC.It looks odd when he is with Mamata.Two individuals who are poles apart.I guess knowledgeable is ≠ being wise


    1. So true. In school days, I used to be a huge fan of Derek and the BQC. I couldnt believe when he joined TMC. As of now, he is one of Mamata’s closest confidantes…


  2. Obviously she does not believe in what Gandhiji believed in, that is, Ishwar, Allah Tero Naam. Indian Muslims never believed in that phrase and apparently Mamtabano does not believe in that either otherwise why she has to separate the two?


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