Letter from a Bhakt: I am ready to forgive you mediawallahs

Narendra Modi can legitimately claim to be the most vilified politician of the last five decades. From domestic Indian media to academia and their contacts in America and Europe and Canada and Australia, who else has faced a campaign of systematic slander as he has? He won the greatest democratic mandate in human history with 170 million votes. And yet the media routinely glorifies groups of thugs (pretending to be “students” for purposes of leeching off the public exchequer) who actually stand in front of giant Stalin and Mao posters and vehemently criticize Modi for being a “dictator” and “mass murderer”!  Oh…the irony…

But this post isn’t about Modi. It’s about how someone else is now beginning to give Modi some very serious competition for the title of “most vilified” in public discourse.

I am talking about the online rightwinger, the Modi bhakt…


Here’s yet another article from an mediawallah complaining about the existence of Modi bhakts:


Indeed, I am going to ask this question today. Why is it that news media is so deeply troubled by Modi bhakts and always tries to put them in the news for the “filthiest of reasons”? All news is manufactured these days…so this has nothing to do with actual actions of Modi bhakts…

If news was real, media would care more about this:

than fighting the “scourge of Modi bhakts”. Mind you that fighting Bhakts is no timepass for mediawallahs, it sometimes seems like their full time job. Earlier this year, when a military base in Pathankot was under terrorist attack, journos spent more time covering the embarrassment of “Modi bhakts” than the actual terrorist attack! Go to their timelines and see…

Isn’t this spectacular? Can you imagine this: terrorists have attacked a military base and all that our journos care about is the reaction of anonymous twitter accounts? Trolling happens all over the planet, but it is hard to imagine journos in some other country worry about trolls during a terror attack…

It’s a symptom of how deeply deeply rattled the MSM in India has become by the emergence of right wingers in social media. If the low IQ morons who work in “journalism” had any brains, they would be analyzing this fascinating phenomenon.

Let’s see. The mediawallahs have huge public platforms to themselves. They are on TV each night. They own the newspapers. Even on the internet, they have established well funded media platforms. On the contrary, the right wing defense consists of near amateur websites like Opindia, one magazine (Swarajya), a blog or two like Mediacrooks thats updated twice a month and Indiafacts which is updated maybe once a week. In contrast, leftie rag Troll.in posts 6-10 articles every single day! What are they so scared of? Sample this moment:

That’s Punya Prasun Bajpai, top primetime news anchor of India’s #2 News channel (#1 channel when Bajpai said these words), complaining to Amit Shah that he can’t get his message across because of online Bhakts!

If there was ever a David vs Goliath battle this is one! The #1 primetime anchor of the #1 news channel vs someone on Twitter or FB! And Punya Prasun Bajpai can’t make himself heard…lol.

Now, for the most part, we on social media have gone with the assumption that the media vilifies Modi bhakts because it is insecure about the rise of new voices outside their control. We assume that the media is LYING when they complain about the scourge of bhakts.. It’s a sane, rational assumption and it may well be true. But today I am going to flip it and ask:

What if the mediawallahs are NOT LYING? What if the mediawallahs are genuinely feeling that their voices are being drowned out by online rightwingers?

Well, the conclusion then is inescapable. The media people REALLY SUCK at their job. And they KNOW that they suck at their job. Indeed, if Punya Prasun Bajpai feels he cannot make himself heard through primetime on Aaj Tak but someone putting out anonymous tweets can, imagine just how badly you SUCK at your job Mr. Punya Prasun Bajpai.

It’s like you are flying a jet plane through the sky scared that I might chase  you down on a bicycle… Shame on you.

You mediawallahs should have admitted that upfront. Perhaps the Bhakts would have taken pity on you then. Perhaps then we wouldn’t have been so severe when fools like you don’t know the colors in the National Flag or that sickle cell anemia has nothing to do with living standards… Recently, Shoaib Daniyal, resident scholar at Troll who writes long articles dissecting Bankim Chandra and Aurangazeb, was asking on Twitter if Konkani is one of India’s recognized languages…evidently he has never seen the back of a currency note…and is too dumb to even look up stuff on Wikipedia…

You know, you mediawallahs could have told us this stuff upfront. You could have said that you with your million dollar media houses are no match for a guy who takes out a little sliver of time each day to quickly tap something out on the keyboard. Apparently, it takes you a lifetime to achieve what bhakts can do in the space of a few minutes…

But instead of just admitting the truth, you people carried the charade too far. The BA journalism types insisted that they were intellectuals, thinking grand thoughts … And now all of you are unnerved because social media provided a pathway for people to toss out your rubbish ideas in a matter of minutes.

Here’s an idea. Back off. Apologize. Admit to your low IQ. Maybe Bhakts will forgive you…Deal?

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31 thoughts on “Letter from a Bhakt: I am ready to forgive you mediawallahs

  1. ‘ media houses are no match for a guy who takes out a little sliver of time each day to quickly tap something out on the keyboard. Apparently, it takes you a lifetime to achieve what bhakts can do in the space of a few minutes…’

    You said it maan ,this is exactly how it happens!….ordinary people have proved beyond doubt that they can out beat these presstitutes hands down with their superior intelligence,common sense,humor,truth,fact based ….sometime this is perfectly communicated in good hinglish!!


    1. Ha ha…thanks a lot! We are just common people with other jobs and families…and the entire media elite is scared of us. They must really suck at getting their point across…


  2. You know Modi is doing a fantastic job when one of the most anti-BJP newspapers calls India’s economic performance in the last 2 years the 2nd best in the last 20 years (also mentions that if monsoon 2016 goes as expected,then 1st 3 years of Modi would have been the 1st 3 years since 1996 and possibly the best 3 years since Independence) http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/modi-government-three-years-best-for-india-economy-since-1996-2822478/


    1. That opinion piece is by Surjit Bhalla, a sensible person who offers investment advice. One column by Mr. Bhalla is not enough to convince me that IE has stopped Modi-bashing.


      1. Oh yeah,forgot to see the name of the author.Surjit Bhalla is a very sensible man.He is one of the few people who consistently call elections correctly.And his economic views are sound too.Still,the fact that they published his article is itself something to be happy about.


  3. Dear Chaiwallah,

    The reason is simply that all of these MSM types are dumb as bricks. In addition, most of them got their jobs through nepotism or connections. This gives them a sense of entitlement that they should be able to get away with saying whatever rubbish occurs to their pea-sized “brains” (using the world in a very loose sense). They really don’t like having their mistakes pointed out by those whom they see as their inferiors. Almost all are also Macaulay-putras/putris and look down on “vernacular medium” types.

    Just yesterday we had the spectacle of Sunetra Choudhury demanding an airport in her hometown of Shillong. When it was pointed out that there WAS already an airport, she said it was not commercial. When it was pointed that Air Inda flew there daily from Kolkata, she claimed that the fare was too high. And so on. (Read the whole thread — it’s hilarious!) This constant shifting of goal posts stems from a simple inability to admit a mistake.

    Twitter has been a great equalizer in exposing not just the stupidity but also the arrogance of these dumb MSM types. Now people like me, who had not seen the original stupid tweet by SC get to know about through follow-up comments and laugh at her.

    It takes both humility and a willingness to look for truth in order to accept that one has made a mistake. MSM people have neither. This is why an “amateur” site like Op-India can beat these MSM freaks pants down. At times Op-India HAS made mistakes, but had the grace to accept it when pointed out. That alone has added to their credibility. This is something that the MSM prostitutes don’t have any longer, and will not have in future either! That is why they are trying so hard to curb social media.


    1. ROFL! Went out and checked that hilarious sequence of tweets… thanks 🙂

      I have always wondered on what basis journos claim to be experts and intellectuals. Surely not their academic curriculum. For sure, one can be an intellectual without a high sounding formal education, but that is rare…it can’t happen to so many people. Truth is that, as you say, these people are dumb as bricks. And yet, our whole nation had to listen to their views in one way communication. Now suddenly SM has given other people voices and part timers working in other fields are making themselves heard…no wonder dumbo mediawallahs are terrified.


      1. Dear Chaiwallah,

        As someone who has been a lifelong educator, let me say that I don’t agree with you when you say “For sure, one can be an intellectual without a high sounding formal education, but that is rare…it can’t happen to so many people.”

        Indeed your own column is a refutation of this statement. On the one side are the MSM jokers, most of whom have a “high sounding formal education,” while on the other side there are thousands of ordinary persons who regularly catch out and expose the MSM jokers. One becomes an “intellectual” (in the true sense of the word) by accepting one’s own ignorance, and improving one’s knowledge. Ordinary people do this routinely, whereas those with a high sounding formal education, but who are actually dumb bricks (like our MSM) don’t do this. All that their high sounding education gives them is a superiority complex and the ability to sound confident while talking absolute drivel.

        So in short, ordinary people should not, repeat NOT, go around in awe of, or with an inferiority complex with, those with a high sounding formal education.

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        1. ‘Ordinary people do this routinely, whereas those with a high sounding formal education, but who are actually dumb bricks (like our MSM) don’t do this. All that their high sounding education gives them is a superiority complex and the ability to sound confident while talking absolute drivel.’

          Well said sir!


        2. Prof. Vidyasagar,
          Perhaps I should have been more precise. I was mostly referring to formal education for say…science, tech, medicine, law, etc… In principle, one could be a scientist in the modern world without a formal education, but that would be quite rare. For the journos etc, I am totally agreeing with you…I was trying to say that the academic curriculum for the “formal education” of journos, etc. is kinda irrelevant (you can certainly call me prejudiced against the general fields like journalism, literature, etc. if you want). So, I am not really counting the formal education of journos and expressing wonder that they feel their so called formal education qualifies them for anything…let alone intellectuals.


          1. Dear Chaiwallah,

            I fully share your contempt for the social “sciences” and for humanities AS THEY ARE CURRENTLY TAUGHT. I said so in an article I wrote for Swarajya, in which I said that the faculty in these disciplines are all third-rate minds. JNU is a prime example. So journalism “training” nowadays is a joke.

            The sad thing is that there IS a place for the humanities, e.g. PROPER English literature such as the works of Jane Austen, Shakespeare etc. Unfortunately what is taught nowadays as “literature” is some “post-modern” rubbish.

            By the way, since I spend a part of the year in the USA, I can attest that the rot in Humanities and Social “Sciences” Faculties is every bit as deep in American universities as it is in India. The only thing missing in the USA is the deep-seated anti-nationalism that we see here.


            1. Prof. Vidyasagar,
              I am relieved to know that you share my contempt for the social sciences (and yes, only as they are currently taught). In fact, I think this stink is coming from America, where the academics in the social sciences has turned into a theater of the absurd. American campuses have become places where the unreal rules over fact…and a strange mixture of postmodern/radical/feminist gibberish has become standard discourse. There are people trying to ban the use of pronouns like “his” and “her” because they promote “gender binaries” and are a form of “gender violence” and what not…and worse is that no one on American campuses dares to take on these people because they are so shrill. The absurdity goes on unchallenged. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.


            2. @RajDharm Indeed, we should create a new genre of jokes… why Sardar jokes… Sardarjis are intelligent, enterprising and hardworking…we should be making mediawallah jokes 🙂


  4. Why care what commie journos cry about? We alleged ‘Bhakts’ were trolled for decades by handful journos in a one way communication. Now we have our teeth and also know our tormentors. Just keep biting them till they will retire or go mad. Time for ‘Shatrunash’


    1. Exactly….they have everything…and we have practically nothing. The fact that we are able to match them move for move says something very pitiable about their abilities…


  5. The media in India has dug its own grave by peddling out lies and fiction in the name of media. And poor fiction at that.

    These MSM guys have never had to make a living by doing honest work and it shows. It shows in their pathetic and boring language, their manufactured outrage and their contempt for the Indian culture and civilization. They just talk and talk all day with no one to listen. They have wasted their lives in hollowness stringing false and meaningless words. And now they have been taken down by honest, intelligent part-timers in social media.


    1. The media in India is in a deep downward spiral. Decades of lying and deceit have destroyed their credibility to bits. And now they know that spread of internet and social media can only go up…there is no possibility of reversing the trend.


  6. What is really needed is a law that bans politicians or their relatives from owning newspapers.Of course,that won’t eliminate the bias completely but it will reduce it.Also,we must put stringent measures in place to ensure that journos don’t distort facts.If they distort facts,they must be penalized heavily.


    1. Being a deeply free market person, somehow I am never comfortable with bans and all. I think the best way is the direction things are going…now finally all patrakars are beginning to admit their political inclinations openly. Ultimately, everyone has biases. The healthiest thing is when people declare them openly.


  7. These fellows remind of the Australian cricketers “sledging is our birth right” you can’t give it back to us attitude. Time to give back!!


  8. These Presstitutes have developed their own definition of “Trolling”. Anybody who exposes their lies or their exaggeration or their hypocrisy is a troll. They are not used to anybody second guessing them or correcting them. Whenever they complain about troll, they invariably point out rare troll who is abusive. They totally ignore abusive trolls who attack Modi supporters like Ravina Tandan or Anupam Kher. A very recent example is what Maneka Gandhi had said or not said. The reporter continually kept changing her version and when pointed out her lie, she insisted that latest version is same except it is just a shorter version to accommodate shorter space. To that the “Troll” pointed out that previous version was 300 some words, but her shorter version was 400 some words!! We get constantly entertained by these dim witted Presstitutes.


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