Yay for Assam!

Hi friends, I’m relieved and thrilled about Assam like all of you. Will blog about this historic victory in detail tomorrow morning. Let’s take this day off to celebrate 🙂

Right now, the leads look like this in Assam

BJP+  89

Cong+  21


Others 3

But hey, I would advise some caution too! Maybe our celebrations are premature. Who knows… somebody may file a PIL against BJP winning 89/126 seats in Assam and the way judiciary is these days….who knows some honorable overlord might decide to pass an order canceling the election… Honestly…we don’t know…

20 thoughts on “Yay for Assam!

  1. BJP has now won atleast 1 state election in every region of India.1)North(Haryana,Himachal,etc),2)South(Karnataka),3)East(Jharkhand),4)West(Gujarat,Maharashtra,Goa),5)Central(MP and Chhattisgarh) and now 6)NE(Assam).The party has really grown in the last 10 years.


  2. Thankfully,BJP learned its lessons after Bihar and returned to pre 2014 strategy of naming CMs and cultivating strong local leaders and decentralizing campaigns.This is the best campaign that they have run since 2014 without a doubt.They even managed to get a 2/3rd majority!

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  3. The 3 heroes for BJP are 1)HBS,2)Sonowal and 3)Rajat Sethi.Rajat Sethi is BJP’s answer toPrashant Kishore.Most of the media limelight is on Kishore but Rajat has quietly done a fantastic job.Hope BJP keeps him.HBS has probably been the #1 hero for BJP.Since Sonowal will become CM and will no longer be the Sports minister,I hope BJP moves JP Nadda(Health Minister) to Sports ministry and gives HBS the health ministry.I’ve heard that HBS used to do a great job with this ministry in Assam.

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    1. I have been hearing about Rajat Sethi for a while. Is it pukka that Rajat Sethi was the brain behind the campaign?

      Nadda is a dud as health minister. HBS would be a much better choice.


  4. And I’m also really happy that AIADMK broke the trend of anti-incumbency.I was worried after seeing the exit polls but thankfully,she got through.BJP also opened it’s account in Kerala(finished 2nd in 7 other seats apparently) which is a nice added bonus and they really made inroads in WB.


    1. I know, right? Was very very surprised to see the exit polls on TN… BJP was probably expecting a bit more in Kerala…we lost one seat by 89 votes while a dummy candidate (whose name was same as BJP candidate) got 4000 votes 😦


      1. Do you mean to say that in the most literate, most advanced, most developed etc. etc. state in India, voters could not read the party symbol? It appears that illiterates are better in this regard!


        1. It does seem that way, unfortunately 😦 It is an absolute pity that BJP lost a seat in Kerala due to dirty tricks 😦 A second seat for the BJP in Kerala would have come as a massive encouragement…

          But in the defense of the voters, I will say this: since I was in the US for a long time, it was only last year that I got to vote for the first time in my life. And when I did, it actually took me a minute to find out the lotus in the list on the EVM. Each strip with the candidate name and symbol is actually quite narrow and they are not very easily recognizable in the small print…


  5. The assembly results are of any indication to the reality, it goes to show that the dynasty crooks are getting caught everywhere with their pants down. We need one more Pappu to ensure Congress Mukt Bharat soonest possible. As Power is poison to the first family, Raul is very serious enough to understand this and ensuring Congress is detoxified in every other State.


    1. Pappu needs to find a good vacation spot. He is already too tired from doing 1-2 rallies in these poll bound states. He needs some time off to play with his dogs…


  6. I am happy and unhappy about the results of my state Tamil Nadu. I am happy that DMK did not win. But, unhappy that they could get close to 100 seats. They are hand in hand with congress on massive corruption like 2G. Though Amma is not a saint, she is far better than DMK & Congress. But, I couldnt understand how people gave close to 100 seats to DMK & Congress alliance.

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    1. After Andhra Pradesh, the conversion mafia was targetting TN in a huge way. A DMK win would have given them a free run. Glad that Amma came back to put a lid on them…


  7. Ab tera kya hoga Burqua? Prannoy Roy and Burqua every election season come on NDTV hoping Modi wave naturally receding, it is time partying with anti national agenda with congis and their illegitimate clones, whoever they may be. Slowly but surely more and more people are coming out of this curse of abnormal behaviour of acting against their own self interest. Sadly, Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal, TN, Bihar etc. are still localized and displaying their foresight damages of long term trauma of wounded civilization of thousand years. They are not healing or not allowed healing by anti nationals in politics, media, environment, system, outside forces, long term agendists and their agents. That is why we have problem in getting traction naturally and timely. Add to this, a determined block of weak minded predisposed unhinged useful idiots and you have a perspective of a task ahead for dedicated long term works ahead. But at present let us celebrate slow and study march to awakening throughout India.

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    1. Ha ha ha ha… did you see Mani Shankar Aiyar’s face in NDTV studio yesterday. The Congress is performing so poorly that even media pundits are scolding it to wake up…


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