#2years: It’s May 16

This has to be one of my most favorite days ever. Who can forget what happened exactly 2 years ago? A twelve year long campaign of calumny involving strike forces all the way from Lutyens Delhi to the New York Times all the way on America’s east coast was crash landed by a sweeping democratic mandate…

The story began on February 27, 2002 near Signal Falia in Godhra in S-6 bogey of Sabarmati Express. The innocent human beings who were burned to death that day were spat upon by the keepers of India’s so called liberal conscience. They said that some guy on that train may have refused to pay a peaceful tea-seller…which of course meant that they had brought it all upon themselves. The cost of 59 Hindu lives? Just Rs. 2… It’s the same  common theme of wanton disregard for the value of Hindu lives that continues till this day when top Lutyens reporters tell us why Prashant Poojary’s murder deserves no outrage. The life of a Hindu doesn’t matter and even more so if the Hindu is politically active. Ha! And we expect them to worry about the 8 years that Sadhvi Pragya lost in jail….

Thus began the greatest campaign of calumny ever in human history. The intelligentsia in India even tapped their contacts abroad and lobbied foreign governments. With most of the Indian diaspora engaged in gainful employment, the control of the narrative about India was left in the hands of literature professors with nothing to do. These were the people who lobbied governments across North America and Europe to impose travel bans on Narendra Modi.


But Modi kept moving forward, crushing the opposition with aplomb in election after election. In Dec 2007, when Modi was ready to sweep Gujarat for the second time, a desperate Karan Thapar told us that only the “sudden removal” of Modi could stop him from becoming the future of the BJP.

By Dec 2012, Modi had swept his third election and was knocking on the doors of Delhi. No one in Delhi wanted him and the heavily compromised old guard of the BJP led by Advani couldn’t care less for him. My favorite thing about the 2014 election is the process that led up to it. Modi didn’t just upstage the Dynasty, he also upstaged the BJP leadership itself. In Indian politics where almost all parties operate like personal fiefdoms, this was like a breath of fresh air. The common BJP worker, the common BJP supporter showed his strength. The party does not belong to anyone, not even Advani.

I must mention here that I consider Advani to be the greatest electoral champion of independent India. He is the only man who built a truly national party since 1950. So many have tried and failed miserably. I know political pundits are huge admirers of Kanshi Ram’s political genius, but I can only laugh at them. Yes, UP is massive. Building a party in Uttar Pradesh is no mean feat. But … ROFL… Advani built a party that spanned UP+Uttarakhand+Himachal+MP+Chhattisgarh+Bihar+Jharkhand+Delhi+Rajasthan+Gujarat+Maharashtra! You will rarely see a political pundit talk about how great Advani’s achievement  was… this is because the Commie pundits cannot bring themselves to admit the truth.

But 2014 was not about Advani. His time had passed. He might have built the party but that does not mean he owned the party. The fact that a groundswell of support from common BJP workers brutally sidelined Advani showed a side to the BJP that made it truly remarkable. This ability to pick competence over entitlement gave the party a competitive edge others are struggling to achieve.

No discussion on May 16 can be complete without talking about the historic innings of Amit Shah in Uttar Pradesh. Shah arrived in the state about nine months before the election and walked away with 73/80. For comparison, Mayawati has spent her entire life campaigning in Uttar Pradesh and her career best is 19/80. The next time you see a Yogendra Yadav style jholawallah “analyst” going ga-ga over the great strategies of the BSP, throw this fact in their face. 

Speaking of faces, who can forget this expression?


This was not just Rahul Gandhi’s face, this was the face of every compromised crook in academia and journalism and intelligentsia who thought the Hindus would never speak up…

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20 thoughts on “#2years: It’s May 16

    1. LOL! It was always about Hindus finally asserting themselves. And yes, development too…seeking escape from Congress and caste based parties doing nothing and demanding support.


  1. Probably the best day of my life.Won’t be surprised if 16th May 2014 is celebrated as India’s Independence Day 50-60 years in the future.


  2. I just hope you keep going with this blog till 2019 at least.All Dynasty Crooks readers can together celebrate the end of the dynasty and we can all live happily ever after.


    1. Ha ha….friend I am trying to keep this blog going as long as Mameluk power exists. When I began this blog, I did not know if I could keep it going for even one week. But it’s gone on for a year now, lets see how long I can keep up 🙂


  3. CW, a good reminder . Feels good to recall we achieved what was not conceived as possible some years ago. Indians Unite. Hindus Unite. May 16th could be considered as ” Deliverance Day ” being a watershed event in our history.

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  4. Anyways,coming back to the present.There are elections in 4 states and 1 UT.Here are my thoughts1)TN-I live in TN(not a Tamilian though).Until the Chennai floods last year,I was 100% sure that Jaya would end the trend of electing DMK and AIADMK alternately but not sure after that.I think she will suffer losses in the Chennai and Tiruvallur regions which were affected by the floods but I think she will win albeit with a reduced margin thanks to the freebies that she gives away.I am not particularly fond of either party but AIADMK is surely the lesser evil since it’s pro-NDA and also because DMK allied with Congress.2)Assam-This is the most important one for me and probably for all of us here since it is the only state(in this election round) in which BJP has a chance of winning.I lurk on Twitter and based on what I have read,BJP+ will scrape through.3)Kerala-both the mainstream parties are bad but I want LDF to win it and make this state Congress mukt as well(Congress is the main enemy).And they have a good chance of doing so.4)WB-you are a Bengali so you would know better than me but based on what I have read on Twitter,TMC will win albeit with a reduced majority.That’s good because I don’t want Congress and Left to come to power.5)Pondicherry-not sure about this one.Would want NDA ally AINRC(ruling party)to win it but I have heard that there is anti-incumbency.Surjit Bhalla predicted the 2014 election and the Bihar election correctly and he thinks that:1)BJP+ will win Assam with 70 seats(Congress 40,AIUDF 16),2)AIADMK will win TN with 150 seats(DMK 70,BJP 7(I think this is unlikely but would be great if it happens) ,others 7),3)LDF will win Kerala with 80 seats(Cong 46,BJP 6,others 8),4)TMC would win WB with 183 seats(Left+Congress 93,BJP 16,others 2).I think he has predicted the winners correctly but he has probably given BJP a bit too many seats in TN,Kerala and WB but if his prediction comes true,it would mean that BJP has won 29 seats in WB,Kerala and TN combined and I would be really happy if that happens.He usually gets it right and I hope he gets it right this time too.Your thoughts?

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    1. Well, Assam seems to be in the bag for sure. In Bengal, TMC is surely winning. But I had expected more for BJP. Seems they will pay the price for not having a genuine shot at power. After all, if I was in Bengal, even I would have worried about a vote for BJP indirectly becoming a vote for Left 😦

      The true surprise seems to be TamilNad…where I had expected Amma to win easily. Exit polls painting totally different picture. If DMK comes, conversion mafia will run riot in the state.


    1. Yes Indeed.I have heard that many liberals in the US have said that they will move to Canada if Trump becomes the President.In India too,many threatened to leave the country if Modi becomes PM but none of them said that they would move to Pakistan(even though the losers like that country).Quite telling eh?

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      1. This “threat” of leaving India was a fad these liberals copied from their American friends who talk about moving to Canada. They were just saying it to be fashionable…


  5. Even British media declared that on 16th of May 2014, Britishers left India finally !! I agree one hundred percent about what you said about Advaniji. He is true patriot and has served India well. Too bad he expected to be a PM but Modi mania usurped his entitlement desire. Mr. Advaniji’s stars started going down when our Mameluk Presstitute media unfairly jumped on him when he quoted from a rare liberal speech of Mr. Jinah in Pakistan. That attack on Mr. Advaniji by Pseudo Secular brigade helped Narendra Modi’s stars to shine brighter when compared to Advaniji among BJP supporters. It proves that some times the bad intention (of Pseudo Secular) comes back to bite you in the ass. Of course Pseudo Secular brigade’s intention was to take away support from presumptive competition (which Advaniji was in their mind and they believed BJP will never accept ‘Maut Ka Saudagar nationally) and when they realized that Modi is the face now of BJP, they started to admire CM of MP, but that did not work.


    1. Of course…it was laughable to suddenly see so many Advani cheerleaders among the secular press. Advani was unlucky…well…that is life. He has every right to feel hard done by. But his time had passed. As great as he is, country, party and ideology is greater than him.


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