#NoDeal : “Bhakt” power singes NDTV

I am not going to sugarcoat this. This one hurt:

Felt like a slap on the face. We “Bhakts” have spent countless hours of our lives pointing out the anti-Hindu narrative of NDTV. We put our trust mostly in BJP because it’s the only Indian party that is not actively anti-Hindu. And then we get this….

Who can blame NDTV reporters like Gargi Rawat for having such a great laugh over this?

Even this scumbag joined in the mocking….

Indeed, it was their day. For the scum of Lutyens, it is not so much about the name of the party in power than the perpetuation of privilege for a cozy class. I am sure Barkha Dutt or people like her don’t care exactly who is PM as long as they gets regular rides on the PM’s plane… Give them rides on the PM’s plane, let them get their NGO donations from abroad and they will happily tell you that the “idea of India” is on top of Amit Shah’s little finger.

Their real anger is against “Bhakts”, who are not part of the power establishment. We don’t ask them for money. We don’t offer them any money or privileges. We have no deal with them. And yet WE have a voice…. That is what makes them so angry with us.

As a mirror image of this, what matters to ordinary RW like me is also not the name of the party in government as long as a certain ruling cabal is kicked out of power. Tell me, would any of us RW have felt as strongly in 2014 if the choice was replacing Queen Agusta’s cabal with Advani’s 160 club?

By the next day, angry right wingers had started trending #NoDealwithNDTV on Twitter. This became yet another opportunity for the Congi-AAPtard-secular filth on social media to mock the discomfiture of “Bhakts”.

And then, finally this happened and thankfully so…

First of all, thank you Modi ji for heeding the sentiment of your loyal supporters. Secondly, the question now comes up how Textile Minister Santosh Gangwar could have been so spectacularly incompetent. Is Santosh Gangwar just ignorant of media narratives or are Modi-Shah not in complete control of the government?  Amit Shah has, on more than one occasion, blasted news channels and their bias quite openly. Then, how come these things happen? It is one thing (and a good thing) for Modi ji to not be in total control of the party…after all parties should be democratic. It is quite another thing for Modi  ji to not be in total control of the government. This is his government. He is responsible for each one of  its actions. And in any case, how can Santosh Gangwar not know that NDTV has a one point agenda to destroy the BJP? Do we need ministers like this who are  clueless to such a degree?

Now on to NDTV and the rest of the elite media. LOL! Look at that… Ha! In your face!

Sorry, dear Agusta patrakars, but the “Bhakts” won. Once again you have been reminded that the Bhakts have a voice and its all because of social media. You must be squirming in your Delhi studios… we are not power brokers like you…we have no connections with Finmeccanica or Nira Radia or whoever…we have no foreign donors waiting to pour money into our NGOs…we have no contacts at the New York Times or  Economist. And yet, somehow WE have a voice. This is why you guys HATE social media, don’t you?

Above all, you must be stunned. All you Agusta Patrakars have spent a lifetime acquiring power and influence in Queen Agusta’s court. And suddenly out of nowhere, a bunch of people with no money and no contacts manage to get their voices heard in Modi’s PMO! Really pisses you off, doesn’t it? Welcome to democracy…..

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28 thoughts on “#NoDeal : “Bhakt” power singes NDTV

  1. Hello CW I would ask you to support BJP but don’t be obsessed by them. You will feel lot more relaxed and can go about your business. As a party they don’t deserve our obsessive support.


    1. He he…long ago I used to laugh at people who were not into politics. I thought they were idiots for not giving a damn. Now I actually envy their tension free life 🙂


  2. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Santosh Gangwar might be blameless in this case. Tajinder Pal S. Bagga has said in his twitter line that the MoU was signed by an unnamed bureaucrat. Having spent eleven years in the government, I know that bureaucrats have a great deal of autonomy, and frankly speaking, that is how it should be. The flip side of empowering bureaucrats is that things like this happen occasionally. It is hardly a surprise that there are many “mini-Sakunis” in the bureaucracy, who are waiting for the return of the dynasty so that they can carry on with “business as usual.” It is not clear whether Mr. Bagga knows the identity of this bureaucrat, and has chosen to protect him. I hope not, because that would be a mistake. At the very least, this bureaucrat must be punished for his misdeed, in private if not in public.

    By the way, to your list you can now add “Fincantieri,” which I believe shares an office with “Finmeccanica,” which is the main culprit in the warship scam.

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    1. Hi Vidyasagar,
      Hmmm…this is an interesting issue. On one hand it is certainly important to give bureaucrats autonomy so that they dont do everything on whims of politicians. On the other hand, there can be fiasco like this if we let the Mameluks embedded in the bureaucracy run riot like this. Perhaps there is a middle path, but it is hard to say exactly where the line is. For the moment, Modi cannot discount the fact that Congress has ruled 55+ years and they have staunch loyalists embedded at every level in the bureaucracy.

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      1. CW that middle path is what happened here. An open insult to this Mameluk embedded bureaucrat must have chilled the spines of all such bureaucrats. Nobody would dare to do what this bureaucrat tried to pull. Some good things that came out from this fiasco are, NDTV got bigger exposure as anti-BJP, anti-Modi media outlet. We bhakta also now know that the Modi Sarkar is sensitive to our feelings and other anti-BJP media outlets will take notice. All in all is well that ends well.

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      2. The question is, if they (whoever they be bureaucrat or minister) can openly, blatantly support and make deal with anti national, corrupt media, what they will be doing secretly to betray national interests. We should have several layers of surveillance as in an advanced democracies and several punishment for corruption and conspiracies.


    2. Not every defence deal is a scam. Fincanteiri is also the designer of Indian Aircraft Carrier’s propulsion system paired with GE LM2500. Plus all the Radars and FCs comes from these two companies. For God’s sake, only concentrate on Augusta Westland. Or else our forces will suffer. As far as tankers are considered, only Russia responded with a YES WRT construction of the vessels with DMR-249A or equivalent steel. Fincantieri & Hyundai did not. This created a single-vendor situation & therefore the usage of DH-36 steel was authorised so that both Fincantieri & Hyundai could compete. In the end Fincantieri’s proposal was declared L-1. So where’s the corruption?

      Those 2 tankers have been in service since late 2010 & so far not a single complaint has been received about their lack of seaworthiness, nor have they been reqd to seek any premature structural repairs or refits. So in what way exactly are they inferior or substandard vessels as is being alleged by INDIA TODAY, TIMES NOW & VADM (Ret’d) Shekhar Sinha? In fact, this VADM has an axe to grind against the IN because he was denied the post of CNS by Admiral Nirmal Verma back in 2011 when he deliberately refused to sign on Sinha’s appointment as the new Chief of IDS for a full 3 months, just so that D K Joshi could become the next CNS! Now, as a retired VADM, he is trying to take revenge against Admiral (Ret’d) Verma by alleging corruption in the Fincantieri deal just so that Nirmal Verma’s name too will be dragged through the muck as is now being done with ACN (Ret’d) S P Tyagi. If such tendencies & incidents go unchecked, then the day is not far when the IAC-1/Vikrant too will become a white elephant just because Fincantieri was the prime contractor & consultant to CSL for designing the propulsion system of the aircraft carrier.


  3. Your last post was on Friday the 13th and you didn’t post anything yesterday and so I was worried.But thankfully,you’re back.Phew.


    1. Uffff….the insufferable BBC tone over any report about India. There are more creatures of the dark like this. Basically, Pushp Sharma and Ashish Shaitan are the same class of person. Ashish Shaitan got away…


  4. Each NDTV story is crafted with care to abuse Hindus and protect the dynasty. Multiple lies are woven into each story. They have multiple manufacturing outrage centres located all over the country. NDTV also has a lot of “spinning” experience. All their products are glossy red in colour. Hence they were chosen for advertising handloom products.


  5. After reading about this deal,the disgust was palpable in all those who have been spending incalculable hours on SM supporting/defending and so many other things for this Govt.

    I am glad the deal was canceled,hope Modi ji  realizes all the people who are spending thousands of man hours on SM is doing it for the love of our country!,this is one aspect the congi’s are unable to understand!!

    The congi’s and their supporters keep on trying to prove that they are paid do what they are doing!…LOL LOL!


    1. Yes, the Congis cant believe BJP’s top leadership listened to some supporters on Twitter. In Congress, every single supporter knows that Rahul is worthless, but they are forced to shower praises on him….ROFL.


  6. somebody should send copies of the tv seriel”yes minister and ” yes primeminister” to modiji and all the ministers.this was also made in hindi as” ji mantriji”.it will teach them to be one step ahead of the wiley congi buerocrats.


  7. Let us for a moment put ourselves in the shoes of this Mameluk embedded bureaucrat. How humiliating feelings he must have suffered. Poor guy. But he is just a bureaucrat. Now consider how Manmohan Singh must have felt when Rahul Gandhi torn Ordnance that MMS approved !! And he did that in a public rally.


    1. Sorry to disagree, but the bureaucrat in question wouldn’t have felt any humiliation whatsoever! Instead he will be happy that his name has been kept out of the public spotlight, so that he can pull the same trick again.

      MMS sold his soul to the devil when he agreed to become the ventriloquist’s dummy, and I doubt he would have felt any shame either.

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      1. Agree with you Vidyasagar. This bureaucrat must be feeling relieved he was not kicked out. This is a mistake. BJP is failing to be merciless. Madam would have shown no mercy if a bureaucrat had done something like this to them…


  8. The government has to deal with the ‘enemy within’ since the left over residue of former UPA sympathizers still in control. BJP must be merciless while dealing with them.


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