Dear Congress, why insult Hindus?

Ok …ok…stupid question…I know.

However, in politics, it sometimes pays to repeat stupid questions so that people don’t forget.

Okay, so Modi went to Kerala and speaking of the plight of Kerala tribals, he pointed out that some of their development parameters were worse than even Somalia, something he got 100% right. And the Congi-Commie Mahagathbandhan pounced on it, claiming that Modi had insulted the people of the state by comparing the place to Somalia.

I don’t complain one bit about Congis-Commies twisting Modi’s words. That’s good solid politics. In fact, that is Politics 101. I am sure that a moment of thought will reveal numerous occasions when the BJP has played the exact same kind of politics.

But, I will complain about this:


Madam ji, this is the official handle of your party. Why attack a bunch of Naga sadhus, Madam ji? In this picture, there is no poster, no banner, no flag visible either of BJP or of its sister organizations. Then, why take a swipe at some random Hindu sadhus and their customs? What exactly have they done to you? 

Ah! They are Hindus, that’s what, right? That is their crime, isn’t it?


You know, we could just as easily take customs from either the Religion of Peace or the Religion of Love and put political captions on them related to your party. Ok ok…we can’t do it just as easily…because if we did that we would get beheaded at worst or go to jail for several years at best. After all, this is a democracy. All Religions are equal before the law, but some religions are more equal than others…

Yes, Madam ji, we know you can afford to step on the Hindus. You can afford to belittle them and mock them without fear of the electoral blowback. Because Hindu votes are divided. And in a place like Kerala, even a united Hindu vote would barely cross 50%.

And so Commies and Congis step on Hindu customs with careless abandon in Kerala. From God’s own country, they think it has become “Madam’s own country”. But they are making a mistake. Despite all the Hardik Patels and stage managed Jat, Maratha and Kapu agitations in the world, Hindu votes are beginning to make themselves felt. The fact that Congis and Commies have dissolved their differences in Kerala to fight a united battle to stop BJP (which has 0 MPs and 0 MLAs in the state) shows what the future looks like for your “secular” parties….

In any case, Madam’s Mameluks all jumped in to follow the script and mount an offensive against Modi about “Somalia”. I just wanted to talk about one of these attempts, because it really made me feel a mixture of contempt and pity for the pathetic semi-literate journalists who have to carry out the propaganda. Here is Liz Mathew, a “Senior Editor” of the Indian Express:


Ah! So much anemia in Modi’s home state of Gujarat…Completely exposes Modi’s claims about development in Gujarat, right?

Dear Liz Mathew, where is your Class XII certificate? Or do BA journalism etc courses don’t even require that much for admission? I must say I also feel pity for Liz Mathew and these low IQ semi-literate backbenchers who have now been thrust into positions like “Senior Editor” and now must pretend like they have the smarts to clear a Class XII exam.

Listen Liz, sickle cell anemia happens if you are unlucky enough to inherit the wrong kind of genes from your parents. You know “genes”, right? I don’t have the patience to explain them to you, since it would require you to first attain a Class 5 level biology background. Just know that you can’t catch sickle cell anemia and its got nothing to do with nutrition and standards of living… And that’s a scientific FACT. It’s science, so that fact is not really open for debate. Ok?

Friends, THIS is why journalists complain about social media so much. Think about it, a bunch of backbenchers who barely scored 35% in their Board Exams and had to take admission in journalism courses have to act suddenly as if they are opinion makers and intellectuals for the whole nation. Suddenly, they have to claim like they have “scientific temper”, when the only “scientific temper” they know is that their science  teacher in school lost her temper every time they brought in their homework 🙂 🙂

Just look at Liz Mathew’s bio; it says “Absolutely logical”   🙂 🙂 🙂

And now suddenly, there are all these people on social media pointing out the stupidity of journalists. These people are not trolls.  They just happen to work in fields other than media.  The journos are left with no option but to call them trolls. They have to play to their strengths, the only things they know. Wait and see, I am sure Liz Mathew will soon say that people pointing out the scientific facts to her are all trolls, then she will call them sexists….and all that bullshit they learn in journalism school…

Let me make one last try. Hey Liz, see …Sickle Cell Anemia is inherited, just like …you know…corruption and stocks of black money. Dynasty fans should understand this concept…

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30 thoughts on “Dear Congress, why insult Hindus?

  1. Lizy baby only knows ‘jeans’!!

    The propaganda by Congress & Left is giving Wrong Interpretations about NaMO’s speech.

    Original comment by Modi was : “Infant mortality rate of some Scheduled tribes of Kerala is as bad as when compared to Somalia”.

    Apparently similar comment was made by someone earlier – “the pathetic condition of the Tribals of Attapadi, is turning the heartland into a Somalia type situation : V S Achuthanandan” 

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    1. This is part of episode of “The Newsroom” of HBO. It is not an acknowledgement by a senior politician or person in authority from USA. Let us stop kidding and face reality. No politician is going to do soul searching and definitely not in Public.

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  2. Not enough proof against Sadhvi Pargya says NIA. Guess what Congis stooges in NIA were up to for 8 years. Soon Col Purohit will be acquitted too.
    Expect some shit from Dogvijay. There’ll be flurry of Interview of him to India Toady and CNN 18+.

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  3. Regardless of what Modi said,I don’t think BJP will ever win an election in Kerala.That’s because the % of Hindus is 54%(I think) and Hindus will almost surely lose their majority.And it’s not like Nagaland,which is an NDA state(even though it has a Christian majority)because BJP is in alliance with the main party there but in Kerala,both the main parties are fiercely anti-BJP.BJP will most probably never win in Kerala but it can hope to pick up LS seats in Hindu-majority areas.


    1. They say demographics is destiny. Read the article by Saswati and Shanmukh about how Western UP is becoming another Kerala.

      Coming to Kerala, as an optimist, I think the only way to win Kerala is to woo Christians. Generally, Christians in India stick with peacefuls because Christian numbers are small. But in Kerala, their numbers are now large enough…and Christians Keralites are also slowly coming on radar of peacefuls.


  4. This Liz Mathew is stupid.The Christians and Muslimes really infuriate me.They live in a Hindu country and they have the gall to support a party that hates Hindus.Hindus could easily harm them if we want but we won’t and they are safe here but the slimy b@!%&*$# don’t show even a bit of gratitude,especially the Muslimes who don’t belong here in the 1st place(they asked for a Muslim country and got it but many of them stayed back and Hindus gracefully allowed that).They have no shame and only think about themselves and not the country.When Christians and Muslimes vote,they choose the party which appeases them the most but Hindus and other non-Christian,non-Muslim people wish to vote for the parties that will bring development to the country(UP and Bihar are notable exceptions).They don’t care about the country.They just care about themselves.Makes my blood boil.But I will also say that it’s just Christians and Muslims who do this.Zoroastrains(ie Parsis and Iranis) who fled Persia(present day Iran)and found refuge in India are grateful.So are the Tibetan Buddhist refugees who fled China and found a home here.Of course,Jainism,Sikhism and Buddhism are Indian religions too and the followers of these religions have a good equation with Hindus.Jews are also natural allies of Hindus.It’s just the Christians and Muslims.Sorry for the long rant but this is something that makes me really angry.

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    1. Well said enigma. Bitter truth. I know all my Muslim and Christian friends, who always support congress no matter they know that it is worst. Well one of the solution is do an economical boycott of them. This was happened after Gujarat riots. I have experienced that, Hindus used to boycott Muslims in each and every matter during that time in Gujarat. If Muslims do not want to integrate with mainstream society, just show them their place. Unfortunately this is difficult,since we Hindus have very soft DNA which is inbuilt.


    1. Apparently the MoU stands cancelled. Probably the outrage of Twitterati forced the government’s hand. I wish we could create enough outrage to persuade Modiji to get rid of Jaitley. For two years now that guy has been counselling Modiji to go soft on the Corruption Queen, and all that it achieved was total stalling of the Rajya Sabha. Two weeks of Dr. SS in the RS and Congress has rolled over and played dead, allowing various bills including the bankruptcy bill to pass. If Modiji doesn’t learn from this, then he really isn’t a very smart man.


  5. It is an open secret that the Congre- ss is extremely anti-Hindu. For once 31% of Hindus used their brains and voted them out. This has forced the Congress to throw out all the masks and show their true face.

    And their true face is ugly, ugly beyond belief. The true face of the Congress is one that has no culture, no respect for Hindus but only greed for power and money. It shows up in crass, third rate tweets like the one you have highlighted. And BTW, the Naga Sadhus are everything the Congress is not. The Sadhus neither want power nor want scams. All they want is to be far away from the kind of wretched culture that parties like the Congress have inserted in the land of gods.

    It is a pity that we let such culture-less folks rule this country for seventy years. As the Jews say, we should resolve – NEVER AGAIN. Never again will Hindus elect crass culture-less people into positions of power.


    1. “And BTW, the Naga Sadhus are everything the Congress is not. The Sadhus neither want power nor want scams. ”

      Indeed, they have renounced everything worldly…even the love of their own body.


  6. Very hard hitting. This anti-Modi, anti-BJP, anti-Hindu brigade have become so transparent that (as Trump says) you wouldn’t believe. When Sadhvi Pragya is given clean chit, they blame Modi Sarkar. When accused Muslims were set free by Modi Sarkar, do they give credit to Modi Sarkar? NO. They ask who is going to give them back lost years. Do they blame Manmohan Singh Sarkar which incarcerated them? NO. Do they ask who will give back lost years to Sadhvi Pragya? NO.


  7. We Hindus fight among ourselves on the basis of caste and are ever ready to please other religionists. First let us treat all fellow hindus as equals, then talk about other religions. RSS and VHP are doing yeomen service in this regard. Let us get to know them and highlight them wherever possible.

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    1. “First let us treat all fellow hindus as equals, then talk about other religions. ”

      This is 100% true. Now another divisive fire has been started by seculars in Jharkhand over domicile policy…


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