Understanding the principles of selective outrage: Aditya Sachdev vs Prashant Poojary vs Kanhaiya Kumar

The day was May 8, which also happened to be Mothers’ Day. In Bihar’s Gaya, a young boy of Class XII by the name of Aditya Sachdev was returning from celebrating his 19th birthday when he overtook an expensive Land Rover on the road. Unfortunately for Aditya, his act of intolerance had challenged the secular authority of Rocky Yadav, son of Nitish Kumar’s JDU legislator Manorama Devi. Rocky Yadav got out of his Land Rover and shot Aditya Sachdev dead. 

( http://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/crime/080516/gaya-road-rage-jd-u-legislator-s-son-kills-youth-for-overtaking.html)

Sweet sweet secularism in Nitish Kumar’s “sushasan”…

But today’s post is not about Aditya Sachdev. It is more about trying to understand the principles of selective outrage that govern the ways of the narrative makers in the mainstream media. For which we will compare the cases of three Indian citizens who have recently suffered violence, all three presumably equal human beings:

(A) Name: Aditya Sachdev  ( Current Status : peacefully shot dead  by bullets)

(B) Name: Prashant Poojary (Current Status: peacefully hacked to pieces by a mob )

(C) Name: Kanhaiya Kumar (Current Status: writhing in pain from the dastardly attack by 3 people armed with fists after which he needed multiple band-aids)

After some “bhakts” raised a ruckus on Twitter and the rest of social media about how India’s conscience keepers were ignoring the murder  of Prashant Poojary in Moodabidri, India’s finest journalist (and internationally known boxer) Rajdeep Sardesai gracefully agreed to publish an article in Troll.in explaining why Prashant Poojary’s mourners should suck it…

The killing of a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri in Karnataka on Tuesday has sparked off the charge of selective outrage once again: why hasn’t the media covered Moodbidri with the same intensity as Dadri, we are asked…..when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory…. Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri…. The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities (don’t believe me, meet Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat or listen to him in a Tehelka expose). Poojary has been allegedly involved in cases of intimidation and violence in the region.  …. Can his killing be compared to Mohammed Akhlaq, an innocent householder whose only crime was that he was the victim of a rumour that he had stored beef and belonged to a particular religion.


Ah…that settles it beautifully! As DailyO would have put it, Rajdeep has delivered a masterstroke. Now, can we compare the outrage levels over the murder of Aditya Sachdev to the outrage over the beating up of Kanhaiya Kumar ?  Can we ask why India’s intellectuals are not spilling out on the streets, or pompously returning their ill gotten favors from Dynasty sponsored Congress regimes of the past? Can we ask why not a compensation of Rs 45 lakh for Aditya’s parents along with expensive apartments in prime locations for each member of his family? Can we ask why our academics are not writing in the New York Times about Aditya’s murder? Can we ask Aditya’s parents haven’t been offered an aerial tour of the country in  business class, with top politicians personally driving their convoy whenever they arrive at the airport?

Of course not! Because as Rajdeep explained, when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine  the political context, we are in dangerous territory. Aditya Sachdev was a teenager in Class XII. Teenagers have self admittedly celebrated their birthdays (don’t believe me…check out their Facebook pages). Aditya was allegedly involved in overspeeding his car and possibly even illegal overtaking. Can Aditya’s killing be compared to the brutal physical assault on Kanhaiya Kumar, an innocent Communist, whose only crime was that he was a leader of a political party that has mass murdered millions of people around the world? 

Solved! Thank you Rajdeep.

Nevertheless, Aditya was an Indian, a fellow human being.  He didn’t deserve to die. The forever fair-minded Huffington Post passionately followed the story and dutifully reported on Rocky Yadav’s arrest.


If you are wondering why the picture shows violent ABVP workers rather than the secular JDU leaders who carried out the murder, Huff Post editor Ms. Rituparna Chatterjee has a nice explanation:


Is this Modi’s acche din? A prominent media outlet like the Huffington Post does not even have the working capital to buy a picture of JDU workers or leaders… ABVP and BJP tweeps have only themselves to blame for having their pictures in the public domain. No wonder Huffington Post had no option to pick up ABVP pics and associate them to this story. For ABVP it is a matter of having basic streetsmarts …just look at this public domain picture which Huffpost used to illustrate the story of Kashmiri students threatening to rape girls at NIT Srinagar:


Now, look at this picture of the guy brandishing the blade. This picture can now easily be used by Huffington Post to illustrate the story from yesterday of the peaceful German guy who stabbed a man to death near Munich while chanting “Allah hu Akbar”...

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23 thoughts on “Understanding the principles of selective outrage: Aditya Sachdev vs Prashant Poojary vs Kanhaiya Kumar

  1. Good post ,CW you have completely and effectively exposed their double standard!….MSM are a bunch of third class hypocrites!

    ‘(C) Name: Kanhaiya Kumar (Current Status: writhing in pain from the dastardly attack by 3 people armed with fists after which he needed multiple band-aids)’…..this I would say is pretty serious !! nation wants to know…LOL LOL LOL!!


  2. Somehow the cold-blooded killing of this young boy makes me want to vomit. Even by the decidedly low standards of Bihar, this must be a new low. One can perhaps forgive Delhi-wallahs for having voted for Crazy-wal in February 2015 because at that time his true nature hadn’t fully come out. But no one in Bihar can claim that they did not know what lay in wait for them if they voted for the Mahaghatbandhan — and they voted for it anyway. One could almost say that they are getting what they deserve — except that they are our fellow countrymen, and the victims will be innocent by-standers like Aditya. Can anyone suggest a positive way forward instead of just lamenting from the sidelines?

    I stopped watching TV news a few years ago. Is it true that Arnab Goswami highlighted this murder and talked to the boy’s mother on national TV?

    BTW yesterday yet another BJP worker was hacked to death in “God’s own country”.


    1. Even if the impacted family per se had voted for bjp – the overall lopsided democracy offers no hope ..
      If BJP workers mauling too does not move /heckle Modi – we have indeed voted for a feku bubblechand .

      Modi is more bent on completing his term his way and all such casualties are just plain ‘collateral damage’ – so that so called ‘pro hindu’ party could rule ( namesake).

      But what he does not seem to know nor realize is that “this is a random but connected world of indeterminate consequences ” . anything can happen any moment . And if one is too linient towards ones adversaries ( political, media, foreigners ) – one cannot expect the same tolerance from them. And even half an opportunity they will not hesitate to pull the ground from the feet ( aka UK fiasco to cite one recent example).

      Modi has forgotten bhagwad gita . “Krishan nay kaha arjun say , na pyar jata dushman say – Yudh kar” …

      But feku jumlachand is busy empowering women !!!!” ( just now got an email as part of subscription to mygov website) …

      Carry on Modi.. You are epitome of patience and tolerance. Your commitments be damned! !!


    2. Hehe…me too…I have stopped watching TV long ago. My wife pointed out yesterday that we hadnt even switched it on in last 3 days. I see some snippets on Twitter. It does seem that Arnab spoke to the boy’s mother and Times Now followed this story vigorously…


      1. CW,
        Yes.. Modi has plenty to worry of completing his term . that is my view because i completely believe ‘Uncertanity’ principle.

        But he does not seem to be worried and neither supporters like you – because your life experiences may be different.

        And i believe in proactive right action to stem threats than reactive.

        People have lost lives from sanju rathore to the recent bjp worker in kerela – yes Modi has been relaxed only.

        For me it is important that casualties and collateral damages are to the minimum especially amongst supporter/ bjp workers.

        You’ll may think expediently- your choice..

        Even when i had highlighted about the bungling of Kanhaiya issue by home ministry – you sought to trivialize it then – only to you yourself writing quite a few articles on Kanhaiya !!

        If you are content to get fodder for your write ups and pass times – then your outlook.

        I believe in actual concrete real solutions not playing with words! !!

        For me every moment of delay in taking right action against crooks, criminals , evil contrived opponents is unpadonable laxity !##

        Who the f### wants empowerment of women and appeasement of castes when ones own backyard is in fire !!!!!!

        Modi certainly has got his priorities mixed up.. You can continue to be his loyal follower I will be what I am.

        Ultimately it is indeed to each his or her own as per their own at ones own risk and choice.


  3. IQ44s acting like IQ44s is not surprising.Hard to feel sympathy for Bihari people who voted for JDU and RJD jokers.Anyways,there is some nice,positive news that came out yesterday.The Bankruptcy Code was passed by Rajya Sabha yesterday along with 4 other bills in just a few hours which is apparently a record and they stayed up till night apparently.Bankruptcy Code is a really important reform.It will really help in the clean up of banks and will really boost India’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking.Was really happy when I learned that they passed it.Seems as though RS people have become a lot less obstructionist in the last few days.I wonder why.Many important reforms have been passed.Just Land reforms,Labour reforms and GST remain(I think).First two will probably be passed next year once we get a new Pres and VP and hopefully,the other one will get passed too.


  4. I am very much surprised that Indian politicians (and his/her family members) can copy right their pictures. Even if so, if the person commits a crime, that copy right should get forfeited. Any way, for Mr. Yadav’s crime showing pictures of ABVP workers’ picture is like “Andheri Nagari, Gandu Raja” story when the noose was too big for the culprit, bring up somebody with thicker neck kind of thing.

    Also, our Presstitute Sardesais of media had covered up and/or mislead general public. Muhmmad Akhlaq was attacked because the attackers THOUGHT he was stealing cattle and killing them. That is why they were looking for beef in his house and not for eating beef so to speak. Whether the attackers were mistaken or not, that is entirely a different matter.


  5. I really appreciate your blog and every morning eagerly look forward to read your very original and incisive take on the wrong doers of the day.
    But some times I wonder whether our outrage on the cunning and slimy tricks of the MSM in defaming BJP or Modi is worth the bother.
    I am saying this due to the sucking up the BJP leaders do the to the

    Channels like NDTV,recently the Ministry of textile has given a contract to NDTV,day before yesterday Gadkari was giving exclusive interview
    to NDTVwhere he was admitting that he has friends across party lines including Kejriwal and Sharad Pawar etc and they scractch each others back.
    So all the fights we see are nothing but shadow boxing to fool the bhakts and behind closed doors the BJP leaders must be good laugh at the Bhakts and their outrage.
    In fact I was reading some where that during the long reign of Congress/NCP in Maharashtra the under the table earnings were shared with the opposition parties .
    So in way BJP as a party is part of the entire set.
    While I am not an admirer of the left,one has to acknowledge that this is the only group which has remained true to their ideolgy and is rarely named in any scam
    One misses this steadifastness in BJP which has compromised on all their core beliefs in their bid for power,which is of no use if they are going to just drift and finish their 5 years in lackluster manner.
    Your take on the above would really be appreciated.


  6. The imbalanced people who have supported corrupt and incompetent people throughout their life, fattened purses of ugly, old movie monkeys khans are blabbering about short strategic tolerance of Modi to choose his own timing to pick up fights. OK, Modi may be over cautious, but even Sugriv had become lethargic in his promise to Ayodhya brothers!


  7. Jerikiwal yesterday accused ABP that real reason they are running Aditya Sachdeva murder story is to malign Anti Modi block. Now that’s what I call a true cold blooded Politician. Slow claps for MoFo. He accused Lefts own ABP. And ABP didn’t took it lying down. They ran a 9PM Prime time on it. Something very very unusual for ABP.

    Also Gods Own Country is no more than a joke when it comes to employment. This is the reason why if somebody gets kidnapped or trapped in Arab countries there’s a high chance of him being a Keralite. So much for high literacy rate. All those remittance ain’t worth shit when the man itself don’t comeback. But it’s very hard to convince those Left fed mindsets. Plus you have half a population of Abrahamic Foreign religious bigots. They all vote in herd as if their own opinion is shit indent of the Missionaries and Maulvis.

    And the Omen CHANDY . This Chrislamic Thug is Keralas own Sheila Dixit. Best of luck to Keralites. Keep choosing these Leftist who will keep Choosing (read sucking) you. Keep working away from your home, while your families live under the shadow of leftist murderers.

    And BJP will pay for not standing up for its brethren. NDTV. We had started reading it as RNDTV for a reason. An epitome pressetitution.

    As they say in GOT, North remembers. So will we.


    1. Mr. Mayur u r right. When it come to employment ( including self employment ) for most of the Keralites the burden is on other states of India or other countries of the world. The commie culture never allowed Industries to come up in their state. The commies pushed their populace to other states of our own country and also other countries especially the ‘gelf ‘ In fact commies started the Po Mone Maleyali trend post independence. Now when the reverse trend- po mone maleyali – starts in the gulf countries what will happen to Kerala? Will the state be able provide employment to all gelf returnees ? Here again the burden will be on other states !


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