#Modi’s degree: “But you said, it isn’t real….”

By the time I was grown up enough to understand anything about politics, the legendary cartoonist R K Laxman was already way past his prime. However, I have seen some of his most famous cartoons, of which my favorite has always been this one.


It’s titled “But you said, it isn’t real” and refers to how President Nixon and his advisers led America down a path of idiocy in trying to support Pakistan during the 1971 war. Indian forces wiped out Pakistani resistance so swiftly and decisively in such a short span of time that American troops found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to go, because the war had already ended.

Nixon ignored all the signs: “DONT”, “DANGER”, “THINK”, “NO ROAD AHEAD”, ‘YIELD TO REASON” and finally just “STOP”. But Nixon didn’t listen. He was drunk on his own stupidity….until US prestige crashed onto a rock of reality.

On Monday, the pied piper of AAPtards ignored all the cautionary signs  as he decided to go on a warpath to somehow prove that Modi’s degree is fake. LOL. When Gujarat University released Modi’s MA records, including even the original handwritten record of his name and roll number, Kejriwal should have stopped there…


He should have quietly gone back to his daily routine of reviewing movies and retweeting random anti-Modi journos and publishing ads. But that was not to be. It seems that the 3.72 lakh vote thrashing in Varanasi  still stings the Delhi CM.So, the Delhi CM has decided to set himself up for a 10.72 lakh vote thrashing in 2019, if he has the courage to run again from Varanasi…. Then, Kejriwal wanted his BA degree…and when that came out…he wanted the marksheets and then he descended into total madness yesterday after this happened:


Actually, Kejriwal had a golden chance yesterday to actually apologize and make a half-graceful exit from the whole matter. Instead, the pied piper refused to back down. His mice like Ashutosh and Ashish Khetan held a bizarre press conference at 2 pm, asking questions like this:

It was not to be. AAP’s mice can’t stop. As R K Laxman would have said, Kejriwal told them it isn’t real. So, Modi’s degree just had to be as fake as Ashutosh’s tears… Accept it, Kejriwal, Modi’s degree is just as real as his 3.72 lakh vote victory over you. And it is just as real as the fact that you are the Chief Minister of a Union Territory and he is the Prime Minister of the Union of India.

But Kejriwal won’t listen. He’s sending a “team” to Delhi University to “check records”. He won’t see the signs that say:







He’s gonna ram it. Go ahead. Go ahead and make a fool of yourself when you crash into the rock called reality. Believe me, your image would have been a lot better if you had quit yesterday with some fake tears:


There’s actually important work that Kejriwal could be doing right now. On Sunday, the secular son of a JDU MLC shot a young boy in  Gaya dead for being intolerant enough to overtake his land rover. They are saying the dead boy Aditya had taken his Class XII exams and was waiting for his results. Kejriwalji, this case is giving much grief to the image of your friend Mr. Nitish Kumar. This is a golden chance for you Kejriwal to jump in and prove that the Class XI marksheet of the dead boy is a fake…

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42 thoughts on “#Modi’s degree: “But you said, it isn’t real….”

  1. Wonder how Delhiites feel about him now.Do they regret voting for him?I wonder who would win if a state election is held in Delhi right now.


    1. I think there is something fishy with Modi’s degree. Just like his unfortunate marriage. This kejrifart slimeball has sniffed something. That Jaitley idiot. That idiot and Amit Shah. These fools should not have come with explanations. They should have just led some BJP spokesperson person tweet. When will they learn.


  2. CW, the whole of yesterday was bubbling with two contrarian views on social media, one that supported NAMO, and a tiny minority of those supporting AK and his brigade. Of the group supporting NAMO, there was one majority sentiment, that NAMO must initiate criminal defamation against AK for spreading such baseless lies and deflecting the national discourse from Agusta Westland to Modi degree. But, to each of his supporters’ surprise, it was officially made known through the PC that no such action shall be initiated. I was shocked and nonplussed. Why on earth do you want such blasphemous talks to continue in the national media. How can you allow someone to spread lies against you and allow him to roam free. Will such inaction not embolden this wretch and his coterie further. Is it not desirable to finally crush such venomous serpents right under your feet when you have an apt opportunity. I hope someone of NAMO’s lieutenants pass this general sentiment of his supporters to him that we want strict, unrelenting, fierce and precise direct penal action against vermin who are out spreading lies unrepentantly, unabashedly and with impunity. Mind you Mr. Modi, never underestimate your opponents. Delhi today is governed by a self declared anarchist, because, you and your advisors did not act in time right after Lok Sabha elections. You let the opportunity slip, you procrastinated, and Hamlets often end in misery when they procrastinate. The time is ripe, opportunity god sent, all that is needed is decisive blow to shatter the detractors’ sinister designs. Remember you got 282 for decisiveness, for strict action against corrupt brigade, for ushering in an era of decent, disciplined and accountable political discourse. Also remember, it is just the power of masses through those 282 that you are the PM of India. You are hounded by an antagonist Media, a coterie of self acclaimed prejudiced intelligentsia, a cabal of joint opposition, all of whom want you to fail miserably, because all their free gifts and travels, their governmental largesse are since withdrawn. So, you have only the support of masses, and masses want you to act against such prejudiced, motivated brigands, whose only motive is to derail the development process, usher in the old power structure and enjoy the loot. With the power of 282 you have the strength, so also gather the courage. Remember, bowing to your adversaries is cowardice, and I am sure, you are not a coward, but a Hero, a gallant warrior of Maa Bharti.

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    1. Agree with you,why is Modi being so pacifist about the open name calling by the media ,Congress and AAP,he has been called psychopath,coward,impotent,feku,fraud etc and yet there is absolutely no rejoinders from his side,he is being ridiculed,his dignity as PM is torn to shreds.
      Media too plays mischievous role by purposely egging his detractors to further vilify him on stage managed interviews giving them enough time to besmirch Modis name, eg see recent interview of Arun Shourie on INDIA TODAY tv where he was given full 30 minutes to abuse Modi.
      This is simply unacceptable,Modi has to show some teeth,at least to maintain the dignity of his office if not for his personal self respect.

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    2. “You have the support of masses, and masses want you to act against such prejudiced, motivated brigands, whose only motive is to derail the development process, usher in the old power structure and enjoy the loot.”…….I second that!!


      1. Jaitley has already initiated a defamation case against him.Let’s hope that something comes out of that.What is the maximum punishment for defamation?


    3. Rajinder,
      I think BJP has already given more exposure to this silly degree issue than it deserved. I think AK will welcome a defamation suit on this, because it will help him to keep the issue alive. Evidence is already there for everyone to see. Even anti-Modi media like ABP seemed to accept the obvious. BJP should not let this drag on any more.


  3. “But you said, it isn’t real”…..R K Laxman’s famous cartoon took me down memory lane….CW taking this as a reference is nice and a masterstroke.

    Yes this stupid AK and party do not do any work and has made a fool of themselves!.I think BJP is wasting their time responding to this stupid man!

    Why should BJP be again on the back-foot, show-casing PM Modi’s degrees to world, in response to the usual shoot and scoot tactics of the self-styled Prophet of Honesty, AK !

    AK and his sidekicks-all are spit and run party,liars scum hypocrites!!

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  4. I love your posts. Hard hitting well researched biting sarcasm and everything. I fwd these to a lot of my friends.very well appreciated by them too. God bless you.p


  5. I am probably in the minority here, but I don’t believe that NaMo should file a criminal defamation suit or anything like that against Crazywal. That is just what Crazywal wants — more attention. But, having his degrees in the public domain, NaMo should refrain from responding to future taunts (e.g. “Did Modi finish his degree during the Emergency?”)

    My guess is that many who got taken in by him back in 2014 (or early 2015) are repenting now, but then Delhi-wallahs have quite a different culture. They are totally hooked on freebies and entitlements, and it is by no means clear that the AAP wouldn’t win if a fresh election were held in Delhi today.

    More than Delhi, the BJP needs to worry about the Punjab Assembly elections, where according to current opinion, the AAP is seen as a credible alternative by some persons. I would expect Punjabis to be a lot more sensible than Delhi-wallahs, and the more Crazywal and cohort get discredited, the better it would be for the BJP.

    Far from dragging Crazywal to court over this, the BJP should (overtly or covertly) make a big issue of whether Crazywal got into IIT Kharagpur through the back door, without taking the JEE.

    And more than countering Crazywal, the BJP should follow through on the myriad UPA-era scams, the latest being the Air India scam. In my view, THAT is what his supporters expect, not scurrying after rats.

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    1. In some of my earlier responses to CW’s blogs, I have said, Good Economics is not Good Politics. And that unfortunately is Indian voters’ psyche. You cannot win over the masses by prudent economic policies devoid of populism. Somewhere, Modi is missing on this populism front in luring voters. His economic policies may be very good in the long run, but for a nation where despite 67 years of independence, around 20% still below poverty line, demands much more than prudent economics. These people hardly care for the economic stability or political rhetoric. They are interested and influenced by anyone who is willing to provide them two meals a day. A patient in the ICU needs life saving drugs, not vitamin pills. First cure the patient of his malady through short term direct interventional economic policies, then strengthen him with vitamin pills of long term economic policies. For all the economic policies of Modi, which like Jandhan, Insurance or Crop insurance are great instruments of socio economic transformation, but have hardly influenced the BJP’s electoral prospects. Delhi and Bihar are reminders of abject poverty people are forced into. Have we seen any political or administrative action in ameliorating the abjectness to which the lower rung of the society is subjected. Have we seen any socio political awakening? Have we seen political support to this dispossessed section of society? Do we see any perceptible change in social hierarchy since Modi’s ascent to power? I am afraid NO. Unless Modi targets this section, the destitute, the dispossessed, the lower rung of the population, I am afraid another term may be elusive. I for one believe that any political victory devoid of social transformation is just futile, just an extension of previous regimes. So, if Modi really cares for the masses, he shall have to discard his obsession with fiscal deficit and employ his resources to target these silent decision makers.


      1. Mr. Sharma, no matter how long Mr. Modi remains our PM, there will always something remain undone. I doubt Mr. Modi will fulfill that each person in India in ICU will get necessary medicine. Simply not possible for such large population. It is human nature that on a white sheet, there is a black spot, people will see the black spot rather that so much white parts. We need to learn to think who else can even achieve this much? And vote accordingly.


    2. I agree with you. Modi should not bogged down in petty revenge. Not just Kejriwal but entire Presstitute media is waiting for Modi to fall at the level of Kejriwal. Modi has a lot more important work to do. Even if Kejriwal succeeded in knocking Agusta Scam off front page, behind the stage investigation is going on as before and if and when enough evidence is accumulated, Modi Sarkar will pounce on Congress. In the mean time BJP is enjoying Kejriwal making fool of himself.


    3. Prof. Vidyasagar,
      Totally agree with you. Kejriwal would love to keep the story alive. Enough evidence has been given now. All of their stupid questions have been answered. BJP should not wrestle the pig on this any longer.

      And turn the screws in UPA scams, which are STILL coming out, latest being Air India scam…my god…


  6. AK is just that – a crazy. But a smart crazy. Using SG’s lapdogs in media, he has built a strawman for them to go after trying to ignore the 800 lb gorilla in the room – namely Scamgress. And as I feared, the treason led by PC has been completely ignored now.

    But it does not behoove Amit Shah and others to entertain him by answering. They should leave it to some loonies in BJP so the conversation is reduced to the level AK belongs.

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  7. Btw, this is what Huff Post had to say on the arrest of Rocky Yadav.

    Look at the pic they have selected. Tires burning and ABVP protesting.
    Wnen questioned, MasalBai aka Rituparna CHatterjee claimed they had no photo of RY and the one’s they had were copyrighted. Wow! The brazenness of these “journalists” has no bounds.


  8. May be after that Kejru will ask for Modi’s 10th, 12th, school, nursery certificates. And even if Modi comes clean, he will ask the degree certificates of of the person who provided degree to Modi. Its a typical Kejri style of torturing Indians. BJP should ignore him.
    But I am wondering that, when RTI was already filed for asking IIT Kharagpur about authenticity of Kejru’s degree, and when IIT Kharagpur itself has said that, they do not have records, then what the heck BJP is doing?? Why can’t they expose him when they have all proofs. You see a joker like Kejri without any proof is jumping on the roof, while BJP having all proofs against him, is silent and defending themselves like they have committed some crime. IIT kharagpur has clearly said that, they do not have proof of Kejru getting admission with JEE. His AIR is not available.

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    1. Issue with BJP is, other than Swamy, they don’t have people with the smarts to take a battle to the opposition. Modi too showed that in the past, but post elections he has gone a different route.

      What Kejri, SG et al do against Modi is true vendetta politics. Yet no one from BJP with seniority will say it, even while watching Congis and media crying vendetta when true scams are unearthed.

      Asking Modi for proof on education – even while AAP and Congi lead that area in fraud. Yet, they quietly produce the records and use senior leaders to acknowledge AK. Why don’t they go on the offensive against SG, RG and others on this, I don’t know?

      They had Ishrat Jehan, Agusta, now Air India – all in their hands. Yet they choose to go slow, ignore some, feel happy just discussing it etc. Except for National Herald, which was Swamy’s baby, I don’t see them taking the fake Gandhi’s or even PC to court.

      I almost feel that NM and AJ are behind this – asking the party to take it easy – and focus on “development” agenda. I am all for development agenda. But ignoring crimes is anti development. May be some day it will get into their heads – that the snakes in Cong will not show same leniency to BJP, esp NM, if they get back into power.


    2. I have been myself thinking on this issue. If BJP jumps on Kejriwal’s IIT rank, I am worried it might look like they have something to hide on Modi’s degree. Perhaps it is better to let this issue circulate on social media. Maybe 5-6 months later, when Kejru’s shoot and scoot is rather forgotten, BJP Delhi leadership can raise this issue.


  9. CW, I am sure you must be aware why Nixon had gone crazy and went berserk against India and Indira Gandhi in particular. He was obsessed with making history. He wanted his name in History as the one who opened the door to China. And Pakistani leader was the conduit for helping him. So he owed Pakistani leader a helping hand. Nixon’s name did come in history, but for different reason.


  10. If Modi took all the lying mediawallas, jholawallas, khadiwallas to court who have defamed him, even libelled him, he would be fighting court cases 24×7 (as Rupa Subramanya tweeted). In fact, the last 13 odd years have seen him vilified as no other democratic leader has been so far. Kejriwal is a creature born of the corrupt media and midwifed by some dubious NGOs. Until he suffers burn-out he will continue to be a pain in the a$$ for the country.

    I am more inclined to agree with those who state that all this degree nonsense is to provide a smoke screen cover to the Scam Queen, who is seeing skeletons pop out of her apparently well endowed closet faster than ever. And Kejri isn’t one to provide free service, whatever be his claims of being a distributor of freebies. This service ought to have cost the Scam Queen – the one who cannot be named – a nice packet. “Chor ko kha gaye mor”.


  11. One very important thing people are forgetting is, at the time of issuing degrees, Mr. Modi was a nobody. There was no reason for university to pay special attention to his degree certificates and proof read for any small mistakes. There was no reason for the university to make a special arrangement for him to get degree if such arrangement was not available for other students.


    1. I only just noticed that Modi was a student at the time of Emergency. Back in those days, fighting for “Azaadi” while enjoying in business class travel wasnt an option. Now these people are even asking why he has such low marks…

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  12. IDK if you guys was News hour, but today was not the day to miss it. Ashish Khetan brazenly came on National Television and States that degrees were typed and handwritten. That means the types one are fake as no computer existed in DU that time. He got owned big time by BJP spokesperson Ms Nupoor who showed her own markesheets with handwritten marks and typed one. Even Arnab was thinking “yeh chutiya journalist tha”. He was trying to hide his desperation to call him Chutiya. God. Today’s Newshour was as bad and as good as Mithun’s Gunda. You guys should seriously watch it. Idk how Aaptards can gulp this logic. Their arguments are so stupid.

    And some fuel for BJP


    Although IITs don’t keep records such as AIR as it’s maintained by CBSE, it’s a good shit to be smeared on Jerikiwals face.


    1. Nupur Sharma’s performance on the Newshour was fantastic and she whacked Ashish Khetan left and right. As usual, BJP women are more articulate and combative than BJP’s men. I often wonder why Nupur isn’t the spokesperson for BJP on every show. A good explanation might be that Delhi BJP is one of the worst state units, riddled with favoritism and cowardice.


    1. He is right when he says what is Govt going to do with money. Govt job is to conclude the Investigation and punish the bribetakers. Also deal with Augusta need to b concluded with rest of the Choppers delivered. it’s a huge embarrassment when PM and others travel in Soviet era Mi-8 whose TTSL ended way back in 2006. Govt should fine AW and go ahead with the deal to deliver 9 remaining iterations.


    2. Raghuram Rajan sees himself as an elite, comfortable with Lutyens Delhi and is wondering where these “desis” came from. He has been resolved to insult and belittle this government from Day 1.


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