Jadavpur University: “Model code of conduct” reimposed in Bengal

The basic reason this blog goes on is to dissect and expose articles published in the media by Mameluks of the Dynasty. Today, I think I am going to go for something different. We don’t always have to criticize. So, today I am going to spend my time praising an article by Sreemoy Talukdar that appeared in Firstpost, titled:

JU fracas over film: Left’s most blatant display of intellectual tyranny


It is a fantastic sign that such clear, tough talking articles are beginning to appear on mainstream websites. Who knows, if this continues, this poor blogger’s efforts might not be needed at all in a few years 🙂 But until then, I’m not going anywhere 🙂 🙂

Let’s read Talukdar’s article:

There are two parts to the development that took place in Kolkata’s Jadavpur University on Friday over the screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s film Buddha In A Traffic Jam.One, it is the regressive Left’s one of the most blatant displays of intellectual tyranny.

Thank you for bringing the term “regressive Left” into the Indian lexicon. This is the first article I have read in India that uses this powerful term. From what I know, it’s one of those guys Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris who coined the term “regressive left” as opposed to the “progressive left”. All 3 of them are lifelong left liberals who found themselves decisively kicked out of elite left liberal circles because they wanted to demand the same standards of civilized conduct from peacefuls that are applied to everyone else.  Three cheers to them for coining the term and three cheers for Sreemoy Talukdar for bringing this term to India…

Two, it is also a manifestation of the turf war that is taking place right now between the Right, which has political power but lacks the intellectual heft and Left, which shall not cede an inch of space from the last vestiges of its still considerable power — the citadels of illiberalism that our Universities have become…

Well put. The importance of a right wing intellectual ecosystem can hardly be overestimated. While the Indian right has built itself brick by brick among common people, they have been quite flat footed in building an intellectual ecosystem. The Left understood the importance of narrative. Even as it became electorally irrelevant, the Lefties were able to retreat into fortresses  within academia where they received power, prestige and money showered by the Congress.  What more could they want? They didn’t have to work their tails off in the heat and dust of Indian elections, they got to propagate their agenda and they got to make money. What more could a comrade want?

First let us focus attention on the neat way in which the totalitarian Left has managed to sell itself as the “liberal voice” in India. …This seems almost a Houdini act. How did the Left get away by such blatant subversion? This became possible because it tightly controls the supply line of thought.

It IS a Houdini act. How is it that a Commie putting up posters of Stalin and Mao manages to be seen as being on the side of “free speech”? This has puzzled me all my life. How is it that with tens of millions of people massacred, Communists still manage to be taken seriously in popular discourse? Hardly anyone votes for them, they are supporters of history’s most brutal regimes, yet they are always in arc lights, an essential part of mainstream discourse. The Nazis and Jihadis have reason to be jealous of Commies… How many people did Osama bin Laden kill? Surely not more than Stalin… But while Osama bin Laden’s cheerleaders in India (you know who they are) have to advance their argument subtly, Stalin’s cheerleaders operate openly.

Economist Sanjeev Sanyal has written in a recent column: “Ethnic cleansing of all non-Left thinkers since the 1950s…the result of the systematic cleansing was that there were no non-Left academics remaining in the social sciences field in India by the early 1990s.”

Good to see tough talk emerge. The Left has no monopoly on calling others “fascist” and “mass murderers”. The Right can do it too. Make sure that the word “Left” is constantly taken in the same breath as “mass murder”, “ethnic cleansing”, etc.

So the rules of the game are clear. The Left can stop screening of movies, label false charges, censure thoughts, ban books, kick authors out of India and yet if anyone accuses them of intolerance, the accusers are charged with intolerance insteadIn the political sphere, the Left has inflicted blood-curdling violence on its opposition. In West Bengal alone, political murders when it was at the helm for over three decades run well over 55000. The Left can call for an Afzal Guru to emerge from every home, but Baba Ramdev has no right to address students in JNU.

Ah..those unfortunate 55,000 who perished in Bengal under Communist rule. Their memories were thrust into the gas chambers of history and then crushed into fine powder under the weight of tonnes of lies written by Ramchandra Guha and Romila Thapar and company.

ABVP-linked Think India had sought permission for Agnihotri’s movie, a political satire against radical fundamentalism, to be screened in a JU auditorium. “We received a confirmation on May 3. But on May 5, a letter signed by the Alumni Association’s secretary, Sipra Patra, stated that the screening wouldn’t be allowed,” research scholar Sumit Mazumdar was quoted, as saying in a Times of India report. What was the official reason? It could violate “model code of conduct prevailing due to state election”. Incidentally, the last phase of state election of held on 5 May. Surely a more imaginative reason could have been given?”

You don’t understand, Sreemoy Talukdar. Elections have ended in Bengal and the “model code of conduct” imposed by the Commie rulers has come back into effect. That’s what they were talking about…

So, what happened when Vivek Agnihotri broke the model code of conduct?

Soon, the simmering tension escalated into full-blown fisticuffs. FAS and DSF students claimed two of their members had been molested by outsiders and held four persons captive. Think India members, however, countered the allegation, claiming they had been assaulted while leaving the ground. “Several of our members were beaten up. Two of them were seriously injured and have been admitted to KPC Medical College. Four of our members are still being held captive by JU students on the basis of false allegations,“ ABVP national executive member Indranil Khan told Times of India “

You bet…yeah…in Bengal…ABVP guys will dare to molest Commie girls and hold Commie students captive!  Who knows…maybe it was actually the Jews who put the Nazis into concentration camps…  And dear ABVP, good luck getting sympathy and/or justice for some guys getting beaten up. You have to scream “Bharat ki barbaadi” to get sympathy in this country. The Hon. CM of Bengal told a woman (Suzette Jordan)  from the minority community that she was faking a gangrape, you think the Hon. CM of Bengal will give a damn about you…

Nevertheless, it is heartening to see the left liberal stranglehold beginning to take hits in the mainstream media. Call me a wild eyed optimist, but I cannot help noticing that there is now a growing media presence for right wing views. India TV is establishing itself as the leader in Hindi news space and we have Zee News and India News. In the English space, there is NewsX and of course big hitter Arnab…

Who knows….maybe one of these days the Model Code of conduct will be lifted in Bengal…

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14 thoughts on “Jadavpur University: “Model code of conduct” reimposed in Bengal

  1. Good post!…looks like there is a subtle change happening in MSM!

    Communism was designed by a ‘set of people’ for selfish atheists –and this is why wherever Communism went bloodbath and corruption followed.  


  2. Nice post.Surprised that firstpost.com(one of the trashiest websites) allowed such an article to be posted.Just one correction.NewsX doesn’t deserve a mention.They just try to sensationalize everything(on a scale bigger than many other channels).NewsX is disgusting.As a news channel,they are supposed to be unbiased but they blatantly display their bias on many issues.


  3. One thing that I admire about the liberal ecosystem is their aggressiveness.But we are passive.They have created a culture of political correctness in which even though you have the right to speak whatever you want,you may be fired from a company or be the victim of an outrage campaign because you said something that they don’t like.We must fight fire with fire.Discredit “left/liberal institutions like JNU,Jadavpur,St. Stephens,etc so much that recruiters will think twice before hiring from them.We are in the process of planting the seeds.Commercial boycott is a tactic that has worked very well for us(against SRK,Aamir,etc).Culture Minister is also removing many leftist/liberal members from organizations dealing with culture,history,art,etc and replacing them with right wing members(feel that his work is very underrated).We need to establish a strong foothold in academia and the film censor board as well.We are in the process of planting the seeds but it will take some time before they grow into trees.


    1. The right has all the political power now. The only thing is the sustained will to stand up to the shrill whining of the liberals. The trick is not to have any more Prithviraj Chauhan moments…


  4. Yes.. Yes. Achhe Dins are here it seems. First Post today has on its headline a positive report and that too from a staunch anti-Modi media outlet from London called ‘Economists’. The positive report praising Mr. Modi is about Crony Capital.

    With Commie, it is like “So Chuhe Mar Ke Billi…” After killing so many political opponents, they claim they are against ‘Death Penalty’. Hypocrisy Galore !!


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