Queen comes down a couple more notches

Some people have asked me why I have the faces of the Dynasty on top of this blog. Many of you are annoyed by the smiling faces of the Dynasty staring back each time they load this page. It’s very deliberate. The Dynasty is right there, taunting all of us, mocking all of us…as if telling us: we are not in jail. We own the media, we own the academics, we own the intellectuals, what can you do about it?

So, each time Madam and her Mameluks are taken down a couple of notches, it gives me immense joy. I feel like the struggle for freedom has advanced one more inch.

Imagine my delight when I woke up yesterday to find out that the Queen was on the road, marching with her stool pigeons to “Save Democracy” (ROFL!)


I wonder if there is even one common man or woman in the entire country who did not feel some pleasure at this scene yesterday. Even if you are a Congress supporter, everyone likes to see the big boss humbled… Last year, after speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended 25   Congress MPs from the Lok Sabha, it was a feast for the eyes to see the Sultana screaming and sloganeering in the courtyard of Parliament.. Last December, it was another treat to see the Queen in court as a defendant, seeking bail. Thanks, Dr. Swamy…

Imagine my joy when I found her outside Parliament, outside the courtyard of Parliament, marching on the road. Boundless joy..

Now, protest marches, sit-ins, courting arrest, getting bail etc. are part of every politician’s normal career. But the sense of special joy comes from the fact that the Gandhis have so far been privileged to live far outside the normal career of politicians. No sweat, no tears, no toil…the Dynasty’s Mameluks would do all the dirty work in their name, while the Dynasty spent their days in their palaces, taking secret trips to exotic foreign lands and collecting “tributes”. The Dynasty is only beginning it’s life in the rough and tumble of politics now…and watching the mighty fall gives tremendous delight.

In fact, it is so rare to see the Dynasty having to protest in person that the media tremble when it happens. Last year, when 25 Congress MPs were suspended, Sonia and Rahul came out to protest in the Parliament complex. For a day the media was filled with commentary of how the two royals coming out would result in a storm of sympathy and how the Modi government would be forced by public opinion to revoke the suspension. Nothing of the sort happened. Sonia came out and screamed. The nation enjoyed her plight. Modi ignored their protest. The suspensions continued. Sonia had to shut up and deal with it

Even during the National Herald case, you could see commentators gushing about how the court appearance had “revitalized” the Congress. Ha! No, it didn’t. People nowadays simply enjoy the plight of these disgraced former monarchs.

Here is a picture of Rahul baba’s toy robot at the police barricades yesterday:


Look who is hiding behind the toy robot? Yes, behind his shoulder…Look carefully… Poor robot had to face the brunt, as usual.

If Madam was counting on a huge groundswell of public support over her plight, the joke is on her. This isn’t the 70s and the “aura” around the Dynasty is gone. You the Dynasts have generations of scams to thank for that. The only people still feeling the aura are your stool pigeons like Jyotiraditya:

So morons, did you march? What happened? Nothing…people watched the show, licked their lips with delight and moved on with their lives. You came back to Parliament where Manohar Parrikar was waiting for you.

Parrikar, not a naturally aggressive speaker, vastly improved upon his Rajya Sabha speech the other day. And this time he spoke in Hindi. His 42 minute speech was peppered with jibes at Italy. Maybe the Congress should reconsider if shouting down any mention of Sonia’s name was a good idea. It has led to much more sinister insinuations constantly being made…

Halfway into his speech, the heat got too much for the Congress to handle and the handful of people who form the entire Congress Lok Sabha contingent walked out of the House. Parrikar barely noticed…as it is the Lok Sabha looked just as full even with Madam’s handful of MPs gone 🙂

That’s just Parrikar. Here is the man you have to worry about, Madam.

How will you reply to these attacks, your Majesty?

But the most important line of yesterday was this one.

We will remember this line, Manohar Parrikar. And we will hold you accountable for this line.

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37 thoughts on “Queen comes down a couple more notches

  1. “Save Democracy”march!…..pathetic and stupid!!…LOL LOL LOL!

    Enjoyed watching Manohar Parrikar’s 42 minute speech!! The best part was he steadfastly was addressing the chair and did not care for the opposition!

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  2. The govt. now has to start cleansing all the institutions corrupted by these commies.We can’t have CONgress Mukth Bharat with all there clones functioning.As for this “Save Democracy” March,its like the devil preaching the scripture.

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  3. Do you think that Sonia and Rahul will try to escape to Italy if they feel that the noose is tightening?Would the Congress party will get disbanded if Sonia and Rahul are convicted or if they escape to Italy?Only time will tell.


  4. By the way,CW,you probably have read about this girl named Gurmehar Kaur who was in the news recently(if you haven’t,search her name in Google news).What do you think about her and what she said?I personally loathe these Aman ki asha types.I wonder how someone can be so naive.Liberalism is truly a disease.If these Aman ki asha types love that country so much,maybe they should go there.I hate the Aman ki asha symptom more than any other symptom of the disease called liberalism.


      1. Her father who gave up his life would be really ashamed. Expecting peace from a god forsaken Nation is pure Stupidity. You don’t expect peace from aggressors whose sole purpose is to destroy your nation. Aman ki asha is the biggest scam by our liberals. Just check what Tarik Fateh has to say about it.


  5. CW an apt recall , lest the SM forgets to acknowledge the pathetic situation the Congis have put themselves in. Remember , the Congis said that the NDA does not have experience to handle issues and that Congis handle all situations very well. Well, Well, the NDA seems to be working inside surely and we look forward to them getting these Desh Dhrohis accountable to the law and the people of the country.
    What a sight it would be to see these guttersnipes approaching the courts several times for bail against each case. Please mentally recall their faces in the LS when in session. A demoralised, lost out lot of fools trying to salvage what is left of the dynasty . They will grovel and lick boots just so prove their loyalty. Once the dynasty loses its control ( soon to be ), lets see how many still want to support . You will see a war for the coveted posts and a further split as well. I sincerely hope I am right.

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    1. The biggest problem the Congress faces right now is that the Dynasty’s plight has emboldened the small “secular” parties, who now want Cong to play second fiddle in an anti-Modi alliance. It was awesome to watch Akhilesh tell RG to become Deputy PM under Mulayam 🙂 Cong’s plight has created a huge fight for the opposition space…


  6. If democracy is to be saved in India, Congress has to be decimated. Because they were the ones often subverted democracy in India. Who dismisses several duly elected governments? Who imposed emergency and took away fundamental rights of citizens?


  7. Save democracy march!%$

    The dynasty has no ideas in their chest. I mean it was always barren, but they have never had to face this type of heat before and now it really shows.

    Save democracy! – it really was Save Dynasty.

    I mean the party that brought you the Emergency really has nothing to say on democracy now, right? That it was, was made clear by the fact that the morons carried placards which had Robert Vadra in the middle along with the Duo. What more is left to say?

    And here’s the kicker. SG and her NAC ignored and bypassed MMS for 10 years. Yet, they keep dragging him into the streets now whenever they hit it. Sadly, he keeps running out and puts up with everything, even now keeping his mouth shut. He is such a shame on the proud Sikhs. I am sure the Gandhis want him on a tight leash lest he speak out some truth. Still, one would think he’d at least keep some amount of his dignity and just stay away. Sad indeed.

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  8. I do not wish to see Gandhis in jail. That will end the matter. And that gives them a opportunity to claim victimhood and who knows, we stupid Indian voters may be carried away with emotions and succumb too. Dynasty looters and their sycophant darbaris should be mauled everyday on every issue till the public gets a total aversion towards this dynasty. That will be the severest punishment meted to any political leader.


    1. Indeed, I plan to write a post about this soon. BJP currently has the Congress by the scruff of the neck. BJP needs to keep the Congress incapacitated, but not destroy it completely.


  9. I have this terrible feeling that Sonia was like a mother who was secretly slowly poisoning her child but maintaining a venerable fascade. She consorted with the enemy, perverted the security agencies for her political designs, demoralised and weakened the armed forces and instigated an insidious campaign of religious conversion. To her India was a cash cow and if it means some ‘ Pagans’ suffer, then to hell with them. Her end game would be the breaking up of India by the weakening of the state, economy and armed forces.
    Jai Hind


  10. Every time I look at the picture of the old man MMS in front and Sonia, Rahul in the back, it reminds me of the show on Discovery Channel. The show was about breeding race horses. For race horse mare an ordinary male horse is brought up. When the mare is not in hit, she kicks hell out of the male horse. When she is ready, the beaten male horse is ready to give her the business. Right at that time the handlers take him away and a male race horse is brought up for the mare. I see MMS in that ordinary male horse who suffered all beating and when it comes to reward, he is taken away.

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      1. How do we know only all ordinary horses were not rewarded beyond their ordinary dreams for last 10 years? That seems only reason they are all waging tails all the time before queen. The problem is khanbhaktinis and all aman ki ashas of Punjab, Delhi, Bihar, Kerala and Bengal voting corrupt devil and its illegitimate clones against their own self interest not building up BJP only nationalists at present.


  11. Check out how this dimwitted pipsqueak and midget Karan Thapar tries his level try to defend the waitress on agustawestland scam,instead gets miserably thrashed by Dr Subramanya Swamy!!

    This guy is so thick skinned he was trying to say that Arun Jai Italy has made a statement which is ‘satya vachan’…and everyone has to accept!!

    It is becoming clear that as long as Arun Jai Italy is there he will protect the waitress!

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    1. Why doesn’t Shehzada retire from politics? He has enough black money stashed abroad to feed seven generations… But indeed, Dynasty must be worried about the 8th generation…


  12. This is not enough for these ivory tower idols who thought themselves as celestial beings descended from the heaven to save India. Non-sense.

    As we the public are pushed to the boiling point, am sure Sonia Maino and their ilks will meet with the same fate as that of Marcos of Philippines who was chased out of the country during the 80s. Am waiting for one such mass upheavel of the society where no police or army will be able to control the angered public.


  13. Dear CW, As a democracy would like to see Congress around minus the Dynasty.Am sure in good time society will rise against this family.We could then see them leaving this country having no other choice.CW you are doing a great service to this Nation.Please keep up the great work.In fact ,eagerly wait for your Posts.How do you find the time for such well researched posts?Regards& Good Day.


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