When has Ahmed Patel, the creature of darkness, ever been in “public life”?

This makes me feel old and might make you feel old as well. Remember the Kolkata Test match from 2001? You know what I am talking about…

In an inspired move, Captain Sourav Ganguly  decides to promote V V S Laxman up the batting order. The rest (all 281 runs of it!) is history.

For the first two years since this government came to power, we have seen the tyranny of the unelected. Never before in history has the Rajya Sabha exercised so much power. The Congress party, kicked out of the Lok Sabha  by the will of the people, dug in its heels in the Chamber of the Unelected. Be it the Land Acquisition Bill or something as timid as an amendment to include electric cars in the Motor Vehicles Bill, the Congress blocked anything and everything.

Of course, here I don’t even want to mention the OTHER group of unelected people who wield unlimited power over all of us and have been more active than usual ever since Modi government came to power.   I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings lest they burst out crying…

The Congress expected their applecart could go on forever, unchallenged. But Modi has finally had enough of this nonsense. In an inspired move, Modi has brought Swamy into the Rajya Sabha. And as luck would have it, the same week the Agusta judgement arrived from the Milan Court, putting the Dynasty in the dock. The Prime Minister directly coordinated with Swamy during his attack on the Congress yesterday:


The BJP benches all took position to support Swamy as we went out to bat. Venkaiah was there, lending lung power directly to Swamy whenever the Congress tried to shout him down. In comparison, Manohar Parrikar played a measured innings, much like Rahul Dravid’s 180 on the other end as V V S Laxman scored 281.

As the Congress discovered much to its dismay, creating an uproar over Sonia’s name being mentioned is a stupid strategy. Sonia’s name is already out there and people are already talking about it. It made the people even more sure that the Congress is trying to hide something. Shouting the names  down resulted in a bunch of innuendos that are more damaging than just letting them say Sonia and Rahul, like this:

nor did he name Congress president Sonia Gandhi directly, but referred to her as “person whom I can’t name otherwise you (Chair) will expunge it”. That was a smart move on his part, he knew that by saying so, he was making it more than clear as to whom he was referring yet not giving an opportunity to Congress to object him. So much so that while explaining as to who “AP”, as mentioned in supposed list of bribe takers was, he said, “I know who he is but will not name him” and a little later he said quoting a portion from Milan Court of Appeal judgment papers he said AP was “political secretary” but “I am not saying to who…” When there was uproar from the Congress benches over this, he repeated “I have not said political secretary to whom”. On further provocation and challenges from the Congress “Italians must be crazy to refer someone (AP as political secretary) who was not connected to UPA government“. He then used the term “blank blank”, to fill up two names in the judgment papers where it refers that Haschke had identified all the Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel “


The Congress should understand that sidewise references hurt much more than direct references. It gives the listener an added sense of thrill. In his 2014 campaign, Modi rarely if ever named the Dynasty. Jibes like “Ma Beta” and “Shehzada” were actually much better than naming them. In the previous sitting of Parliament, when Modi struck with : “Maut aur Congress ka kabhi naam nahin aata”  (no one names either Death or Congress), it cut deep.

However, there was one strategic mistake indeed, in which I agree with Firstpost:

two main speakers from its side, Subramanian Swamy and Manohar Parrikar spoke in English, something which the Aam Aadmi on the streets don’t understand, howsoever keenly he/she may have wanted to watch this debate live.”

Agreed. If possible (I don’t know if Swamy speaks Hindi, but I am guessing he probably does), BJP leaders should try to make these high value speeches in Hindi, or a mix of the two. The way Smriti Irani’s Hindi-English mixed speech on the Rohith Vemula took the internet and the media by storm should be a case in point. For approximately 48 hours after the speech, the Opposition was too stunned to react.

For me, however, this was the most ironic part of the day’s events:

Ahmed Patel admitted that his name has been mentioned four times in Italian court judgment papers but “where is the indictment, has anybody made an accused. If gentleman sitting there can prove, I will resign. If you can find an iota of truth after investigations are done, I will resign and quit from public life.”


Ahmed Patel promising to quit “public life”? Really? When was Ahmed Patel, the creature of darkness, ever in “public life”? What about Ahmed Patel or his life or his actions is ever “public”? Hasn’t he always been the pilot car into the land of darkness? When I hear his name, I think of long dark nights where everyone from weapon dalals to media dalals gather to strike shady deals and plan dirty tricks… Yeah, Ahmed Patel, please feel free to quit “public life”. You won’t be missed. ROFL! The question is whether you will quit your “secret life”… 

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27 thoughts on “When has Ahmed Patel, the creature of darkness, ever been in “public life”?

  1. When Swamy repeatedly says words like, “… person whom I can’t name otherwise you (Chair) will expunge it” he actually attacks two people. Sonia is Target No 1 and the Speaker is Target No.2. It was a nice way of exposing the bias of the “honourable” Chair.


    1. Hi Joginer,
      Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂 Indeed, Swamy has done a good job of hitting the Congress and P J Kurien at the same time. Congress will realize that telling him not to name Sonia ji was a bad idea.

      By the way, I slightly edited your original comment, because, you know…our enemies can use such words against us. Hope you don’t mind.

      Please keep reading and commenting 🙂


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  2. Much ado over nothing! !!
    BJP too seems more interested in keeping the matter alive than in concluding investigations.

    Two years on after Modi Govt took over – investigations have not concluded and they are only now questioning Tyagi !!!

    This is not even going the Bofors way. And yes , Kanchan Gupta was right. BJP is scared of Sonia and Co ( and so PM advises SS ( and MP) to not even take names; and that is deemed as strategy! !!! Phew … ).

    This govt wants to play it safe … So be it. It is Modi who got elected as PM. It is his choice. If he prefers nature/events to take its own course. Again it is his discretion. And in the interim if some unpleasant surprises happen ( like the jat agitation or the setback in bihar elections to cite a few examples) , so be it. Life goes on.

    It seems to bother nobody that precious time and resources are getting wasted over petty issues and inanities. Our public discourse has gone wayward. The Indian Govt seems to be intent on placating Muslims by adopting ‘halal’ methods even here (pun) ( painfully slow circuitous methods beating around the bush vis a vis efficient immediate termination) .

    And as an offshoot if India stagnates, suffers , misses opportunities , crawls the trodden path , crooks get emboldened ( after all 55 years of mess takes time to resolve and people have to be patient !!!!!) and we have to miss many more buses – it will all be trivialized as just plain ‘collateral’ damage or overwhelmed thru more hackneyed schemes ( info overload) and acronyms !!!

    Carry on Modi – you have to strengthen reservations and play vote banks politics ( for your own survival – and survival justifies everything – bringing about revolutionary change be damned!) , give more concessions to women ( even pappu talked about women empowerment – and you want to take congress and everyone along !!), write off debts / taxes of corporate india/ FIIs ( there is anyway the complacent salaried middle class to harass and exploit and keep everyone preoccupied) , forget about prosecution of corrupt ( by moving it quitely off the radar ), celebrate miniscule recovery of black money as grandiose achievement , allow the media crooks to be footloose and fancy free as their mediocrity tends to help you more ( selective expediency) and ofcourse real issues like corruption, exploitation, misuse of system and practices, illegal immigrants, galloping population, pathetic administration and legal system etc etc etc can continue to come handy for future elections . And your reach in social media ( bolstered by your blind deaf clueless senseless supporters ) will always help you white wash your lapses and hype up anything as achievement.

    Ppersonally to me – your govt’s award of PadmaVibhushan to Dhirubhai and writing off of 40000 crores of tribunal approved tax liability of Foreigners says it all . You too have damned India ( and continue to damn it ) in your own way. If there is a legacy of nehru/fake gandhis , you too are carrying forward a legacy of political expediency of your own kind. No big deal!!!


    1. Rightwinger, with due respect to your views, you are totally wrong on this one. By constantly referring to Sonia in imaginative ways without taking her name, there is much more damage. Everyone knows that she is being accused, even channels like Aaj Tak have labelled it “BJP vs Sonia Defense League”. There’s no way to keep her name from being taken. You only tell me which has more impact: “Rahul” or “Shehzada”? The word “Shehzada” evokes an image that is much more powerful than just taking Pappu’s real name…

      By repeatedly referring to Sonia as “person who cannot be named”, the BJP is only increasing the impact by giving the viewer a sense of her being sinister and wicked.


      1. Hahahaha.
        What else do you think i mean when i say “BJP too is interested in keeping the matter alive”??
        Ofcourse bjp reactions /handling of this case it is only to drag the matter on. I however always prefer conclusive efficient investigations. . otherwise over a period of time even such open and shut cases could get labeled as ‘witchhunts’ and loose credibility.

        In life – honest straightforward transparent objectivity consistently with efficiency is indeed the best policy. Not politicking. Not games.


      2. That’s right. Shehzada has an aroma of decadence about it. I’ve also heard him referred to as the Dauphin, the French prince who never became king.

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  3. Dr Swamy had yesterday alleged that it was the IAF that had mandated in 1999 that the service ceiling of the VVIP helicopter be 6,000 metres so as to stay clear of MANPADS. In reality, the Igla-S has a height ceiling of 3,500 metres (11,000 feet), FN-6 3,800 metres & the FIM-92A Stinger 3,046 metres 10,000 feet–all below the 4,500-metre height ceiling of the VVIP helicopter. Therefore, there’s no way the IAF would have insisted on a height ceiling of the to-be-chosen VVIP transportation helicopter to be 6,000 metres.

    Now, if we have MPs of the calibre of Dr Swamy who can deliberately distort facts (for instance, by stating that the IAF had benchmarked the figure of 8 helicopters as being Rs.793 crores, while conveniently forgetting to mention that this figure was due to a directive from the NSA back in December 2003 to stick to operating parameters that closely mimmick those of the Mi-8T) & LIE through his teeth to his fellow Parliamentarians.

    This tells us one thing, keep Subbu Swamy away from the matters of defence. He don’t know shit, and will spread same that emanates in his brain. His intuitions and assumptions are only going to hurt the defence of India more.

    This whole AW scam has only one outcome
    That is to fine AW for financial misappropriation and resume the deal.
    No Politician is going to jail. Mark my words.


    1. Defense deals should not be canceled. Every defense firm in the world has paid bribes to Indian officials. If we ban them for this, we will not be able to buy anything ever. Example: field guns because of Bofors.


  4. LOL LOL LOL…haaa…enjoyed watching Dr.Subramniam Swamy in RS!!

    Authenticate…. Pathetic! That is all this congi’s could come out with! That to they were doing half heartedly……or else they will get it from their dictator waitress!!

    It was real fun to watch all those congi’s scurrying around prompting carrying out ‘play acting’ to please the waitress!!

    Dr.Subramniam Swamy has completely and effectively changed the atmosphere of RS!!..Hats off to him!

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  5. Yes,Swamy has really changed the game.I won’t be surprised though if Congress tries to distance Sonia and Rahul and makes Ahmed Patel the scapegoat.I like the new aggressive BJP.My only concern is the timing.Do you think that they could have timed this assault better?IMO,they could have started the assault in early 2018(when people start thinking about the election) or after June-August next year when they get control of RS.I get a feeling that the National Herald case will deliver the blow first and not the AW case.


  6. By the way,Trump is the Republican Party nominee and Hillary will most likely be the Democratic Party nominee.So it will most probably be Trump vs Hillary.CW,you said that you don’t trust Trump but who are you going to support?Personally speaking,I am hoping that Trump will win(will be tough) because Hillary will just continue Obummer’s policies and the Republican Party has always been better for India when it comes to India-US relations.So who are you going to support?

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    1. Whoa 😦 I have been deliberately avoiding that question for months 😦 I am so sorely disappointed with the Republicans this cycle. I am going to find it *really* *really* hard to support Trump. The Clintons have had a disastrous policy towards India 😦
      But hey, I am a big believer in opportunist deal making in diplomacy. So, well, *if* Trump is going to stop pussyfooting around Pakistan, maybe.

      What worries me most about Trump is his economic policies. He is openly batting for protectionism. A protectionist USA will set off panic globally, especially in China. The world is already panicking over China and now this… If China’s $10 trillion economy hits a wall, we could see a 2008 like situation. Can’t hope for that.

      I am hearing that Trump is likely to pick John Kasich as running mate. Kasich is a fantastic politician, a genuine economic right winger who has done miracles for Ohio’s economy. If Kasich is brought into the ticket, it might mean that Trump is ready to go back on his disastrous economic ideas. In which case I would breathe easy…


      1. As we all know election noise is just that.

        Even NaMo has settled into a different role than we expected and even he had projected during elections.

        In all countries, it is babudom that runs the show, at the micro level, no matter what the leader says at the macro. The US is no exception.

        As an eg, no matter who is President, Rep or Dem, it is the State Dept and its babus that decide on India policy; and that hasn’t changed vis-a-vis Pak, no matter who the leader was.

        So, for all the noise Trump makes now, he can’t move much – esp when it comes to economic policies where big business and their lobbies really hold sway with the Congress.

        I do understand that Trump sounds crazy. But at least he is no crook, unlike the seasoned politician likely pitted against him.


      2. We shouldn’t judge any US President’s feelings towards India and make it a final call. Nehru’s fake non-alignment posture while completely leaning towards Russia has been the guiding force for America-India love-hate relationship. We shouldn’t forget that it was Bill Clinton who scolded Mr. Sharif when his military leader was seriously preparing to attack India with a nuclear bomb. So my belief is, American presidents will be different towards India now with BJP (pro-Isareal) government than they were with Congress government and that will be true for Hilary Clinton too.

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  7. “here I don’t even want to mention the OTHER group of unelected people who wield unlimited power over all of us … wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings lest they burst out crying…” – LOL. Wonder who that is?

    I agree with NaMo on this – better to play it smart; don’t give the oppn the fodder it wants to disrupt. Of course, they will do so at any behest as was seen during Parrikar’s speech yesterday.

    What I worry about is – what will the BJP do to actually bring this to closure? Media trials will fizzle. They are after ratings and money and not justice. I am even ok with the govt waiting till now when something happenened. But now that it has happened, if the BJP goes the route of just making noises in RS with Swamy, but actually doing nothing against SG with legal proceedings, for whatever reason they feel that she is a holy cow, then I will be sorely disappointed – again.

    Drawing parallels to IG, the sympathy vote, etc is hogwash. You do whats’s right for this country. The people will decide your fate no matter what.

    It is hear that I fear the likes of Arun J the most. He is the veteran babu in the capital and will always scratch someone’s back to protect his hide in the future. If NM listens to such ppl, then the disappointments will continue.


  8. Btw, isn’t it hilarious that AP gets to decide his punishment. Prove me guilty and I will resign and hide from public life. Case closed. Eh!?


    1. And that too look at the punishment he is willing to accept 🙂 First time today I learned that AP is even a member of Rajya Sabha. The man spends his whole life underground and is now threatening to quit public life…rofl..


  9. I don’t know why, but for the first time in my adult life, I am getting impatient. Everyone knows the sins of the congis but we’ve never ever seen one punished. Maybe it is the brazen nature of their defiance this time that is pissing me off more. Add to it, a parasite like kurien in the RS chair, behaving as he wants, is pissing me off more. India has always been a country where everyone knows politicians are criminals but can never say or prove anything specifically – the main reason being , the other group whom you didn’t want to name have made sure that the law is powerless. I can only hope that the rest of the country gets angry along with me.


  10. I saw Ahmed Patel first time on TV in my whole life , and this thug says that, he will quit public life. Joke of century.


  11. Facts are on the table that Crores of Rupees were handed out as bribes. The bribe givers are in jail. Who in his right mind would believe that when so much money is going to the bribe takers, only low level bureaucrats would benefit? Granted our corrupt politicians have mastered the arts of bribe taking, hence very difficult to prove, but to believe highest level of politicians must not have gotten a lion share of this money would be very naive.

    By the way, what is this ‘authenticating documents’? Mere signing would make a document authenticated? And how that would help Congress leaders in this case?

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    1. Various procedural details, to delay things. Like Manohar Parrikar quoted the Akbar-Birbal story in the Rajya Sabha…Birbal says he has given all the servants a “magic bamboo” each and the thief’s bamboo will grow 4 inches by next morning… Naturally the servant who has stolen the golden spoon cuts his bamboo by four inches in advance 🙂


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