Why didn’t media support Kejriwal’s #Odd-Even 2?

From what I heard, the Odd-Even part 2 scheme has come to an end. Why didn’t it decrease pollution? That’s no mystery at all…after all the numerous assumptions, a mere 6-7% of all vehicles were to be kept off the road. And on top of that, the rule often forced people to go for two wheelers, which actually pollute MORE than cars and yet were kept exempt from Kejriwal’s dog and pony show.

The real mystery is headlines like this:


Or this:


What happened? How come the Delhi CM, who usually has the media eating out of his hands, is being mocked for OddEven-2? While Odd Even-1 in January was declared a success within hours of being kicked off, how come Odd-Even 2 has been mocked and ridiculed by the same media from the get go? What changed? How come 526 crore is not having an effect? How come we do not have journos on Twitter gushing about the brilliant plan to ban cars to reduce congestion?

Mysterious, no?

Actually, no. They say, family is family.


Elections in Punjab are approaching. In mid-2017, the Congress will be hoping for its FIRST victory in FOUR years! Yes, the Congress, India’s most successful party, the ruling party of 55 years, hasn’t won an election in FOUR years. This is the condition of the Congress. For the Congress party, the importance of Punjab can hardly be overestimated.

And guess what’s happening in Punjab? The AAP is well placed to eat Madam ji’s lunch. After four years of shattering and humiliating defeats, Punjab is the one bit of light for the Congress at the end of the tunnel. A whole state for the taking…a cash rich state moreover, which the Congress can milk. The Congress’ cash sources are currently limited to Karnataka. And Karnataka will be lost by the Congress in mid-2018, exactly one year before the general election, when they will need the cash the most. This means that if they lose Punjab, the Congress will be left penniless in the 2019 General Elections.

The Congress simply can’t afford to lose Punjab. And for the journos, family is family.

So, a media Mameluk may get a generous slice of AAP’s 526 crore pie, but a Mameluk cannot go against the Queen. Generations of Mameluks have been fed and looked after by the family. So, the memo from HQ is: project Kejriwal’s scheme as a giant failure.

The Delhi CM is finding out the hard way that you cannot just purchase generations of loyalty so quickly. They love you in the media, but they don’t love you as much as they love Rahul Gandhi. If Kejriwal thought that the media would support him on odd days and Rahul Gandhi on even days, he is badly mistaken 🙂 The media royals remember the political royals who have fed them for generations… Kejriwal must know that the media will pick Rahul over him EVERY SINGLE TIME! The Dynasty has a 67 year proven track record of fattening its Mameluks, one spending spree of 526 crore is not enough to get the presstitutes to change teams overnight. They’ll accept the payment nevertheless, but they will go with the safe investment that has been giving massive returns for decades…. Tough luck for you Kejriwal…the walls of Delhi are higher than you thought. The price of admission is more than Rs 526 crore…Sorry.

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25 thoughts on “Why didn’t media support Kejriwal’s #Odd-Even 2?

  1. Incredibly thankful that we have a weak opposition that is unable to stay united and even if they do,not for long.AAP could be of great help to BJP in the coming national elections since it would split the anti-BJP votes.


  2. By the way,CW,which states in your opinion does Congress realistically have a chance of winning before 2019.I think they will win Meghalaya and Mizoram for sure.They probably have a huge edge in Manipur as well.Apart from these,are there any other states?Can’t think of any except Punjab and Chhattisgarh.


    1. Heard that Cong is in dire straits in Manipur with one faction in open revolt. Arunachal repeat was likely. 10JP called rebels at last moment to pacify after Uttarakhand happened.

      Looking ahead, I think their best chance is in Chhattisgarh, even though I think its unlikely they will win. The state has been fully infiltrated by BJP and Ajit Jogi is BJP’s man in Congress.


  3. Brilliant analysis CW. BTW, media knows that adopted son (yugpurush) can never take place of biological son (pappu). step son is step son, no matter biological son is how much mentally retarded. They have to promote biological son first (pappu), since that is the source of vitamin M for them.
    BTW, there are reports that, pappu will is CM face of congress in UP. If that is the case, then BJP will have to put minimum efforts.


    1. Exactly…adopted son can never be real son.

      I am hoping Pappu will be CM candidate. From PM candidate to CM candidate. Next, Zila Pramukh candidate, next Mayor candidate, finally gram pradhan 🙂


  4. Nitish Kumar should learn from this. When it came to a choice between Nitish Kumar and Pappu, he should know which side our Presstitute media is going to go. It seems though, Nitish Kumar is not Kejriwal. He has planted Prashant Kishor with Congress and seems like Mr. Kishor has successfully, removed “Pappu Thorn”. Frustrated Congress party leaders have fallen for Kishor/Kumar ploy. Congress will not win in UP, Pappu will not become CM and his competion with Kumar for PM-ship will suffer.


    1. Nitish and Kejru should learn but they wont. If they wanted to learn, they would have talked to Mulayam Singh. Spent his whole life in futile search for PM post.


  5. I think the fact that most of these morons live in Delhi is influencing their decision to dump their affair with AK and completely return to their master and the Dark Empress.


  6. Kejri deserves this and much more. His hangover of Delhi win will soon comedown and by then he will realize a leader cannot keep floating like a bollywood hero just by bad mouthing a popular PM. As far the sold out journos, India is waiting to see few of them convicted in chopper scam and teach a lesson or two to new generation journalists.


  7. Off topic!
    Look at this,somebody made a research to check the no. of times NDTV has uttered these two words!

    NDTV Site Search results:
    Islamic Terror: 47 Results
    Saffron Terror: 2830 Results.


    1. Good one. But, 47 times utterance of “Islamic terror” is too much for NDTV. I thought instead of that they might have used “terror” to exclude islam from terrorism.


  8. Nobody I repeat nobody can beat congress in “innovative corruption”. Their way of corruption is beyond imagination of a normal human being.


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