The Nation wants to know: Seven crucially important issues that can destroy Modi’s web of lies


Friends, with Queen Sonia caught in the middle of Agusta Westland scam, the ecosystem of secularism has decided to rake up all the important issues to save the idea of India. The latest person to end up with omelette on his face is Arvind Kejriwal raising a ruckus over Modi’s degree. As such, I have compiled a helpful list of SEVEN crucially important issues that the opposition should raise against the Modi government. Please pass this on to any secular friends you may have who are committed to stop Modi’s fascism.

(1) Modi’s suit: This is by far the most important problem facing the country.

Here is media house ABP doing hard hitting investigative reporting on Modi’s suit, debating whether it cost Rs 9 lakh or Rs 3 lakh:

If a report of the British newspaper London Standard is to be believed, PM Narendra Modi’s personalised suit must have cost something around £10,000, which as per present conversion rates would be Rs 9,27,500…. However, the cloth was stitched in India at a cost of around Rs 60,000 making the whole suit’s worth close to Rs 3,00,000.


But Shehzada Rahul Gandhi disputes this claim and says the suit was made in UK:

Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his ‘Make in India’ campaign, Rahul Gandhi today said the Rs.10 lakh suit he wore during US President Barack Obama’s visit was “Make in UK”


A few months later, however, Rahul Gandhi received inputs from sources that the suit was not worth Rs 10 lakh, but actually Rs 15 lakh:

“I criticised his Rs. 15 lakh suit and he has not worn suits since,” Gandhi claimed at Sheikhpura.


(2) Modi’s shawl: For this one, we have to thank the sharp eye of fiercely independent journalist Sagarika Ghose.


However, the plot thickened when Louis Vuitton denied that they made that shawl. Which raises the important question…why is Louis Vuitton lying?

Only a Supreme Court appointed SIT probe into Louis Vuitton and Modi’s connections can crack this mystery.

(3) Modi’s headphones: At a meeting in France, the PM was discovered with no headphone visible in the photograph to hear French translations.

This raises a variety of important questions. Does this mean that Modi is imposing other world leaders to speak to him in some Hindu language, like Gujarat or even worse…Sanskrit? How can we stop linguistic fascism of this kind? Or perhaps, Modi speaks French himself, which might mean that he secretly works for European intelligence agencies, seeking to undermine our country’s security. This might explain his repeated foreign trips and also his ability to dictate a judgement on Agusta Westland to the Milan Court. Questions, questions, lots of Questions.

And then this:


Nice try, Mr. IFS officer. But the fact remains that this picture does not show the headphone in the other ear. We cannot accept your defense until GoI releases official photographs of the meeting at this same moment from another angle showing the headphone in the other ear. Of course, it goes without saying that any such photo must also be authenticated by the French government and also a special UN panel to make sure it’s not a fake.

(4) Modi’s wife: The importance of this issue can hardly be underestimated. The mysteries and unanswered questions around Modi’s wife are too many to be ignored. Is Jasodaben secretly a business tycoon doing murky deals for Modi with top corporates? Jasodaben clearly held a very powerful job within the administration of Gujarat as a primary school teacher…was she a spy employed by Modi to keep dissenting academics under control in Gujarat?

Bl5xrjRCUAAhxJC.jpg Here is The Week again doing hard hitting journalism digging out an actual eyewitness for Modi’s marriage. It can hardly get any more damning for the PM.

Oh wait, India Today has gone one step further and exposed the Modi-Ramdev nexus that is keeping Jasodaben under wraps:


(5) Modi’s mother: This is a more recent controversy, adding to the air of mystery around Narendra Modi. Here is ABP News exposing how Modi’s 95 year old mother pretended to be sick.


By pretending to be sick, Modi’s mother, the 95 year old Heeraben plotted to get her picture circulated on social media to collect “dua” (best wishes) from common people. It is fairly obvious that she would then have illegally smuggled all these  best wishes into Modi’s pocket. If this is not a major scam, I don’t know what is.

Even more scary is the fact that Modi government unleashed the secret police upon ABP  News, which had to apologize for exposing the truth.


What we need is an independent investigation by a team of doctors from the World Health Organization to investigate whether 95 year old Heeraben really fell sick in Feb 2016 as is being claimed by members of Modi’s PR team.

(6) Modi’s father: This amazing expose slipped by without anyone noticing, even though this was Modi’s first scam ever. Through an RTI filed through the Railway Ministry, Tehseen Poonawallah unearthed the following shocking details:


Neither Modi nor his father had a license to sell tea on Vadnagar railway station. This proves beyond doubt that Modi’s father was a corrupt man and clearly his son was an accomplice. You know, there is a reason that our Lord Nehru ji put the “License-Quota-Permit Raj” in place. It was to keep out unscrupulous gangs like Modi and his father. We can only imagine the other scams he must have been running. Without a tea selling license, it is very likely that Damodardas Modi and his son were not adhering to standards of food safety set by the government. The percentage of milk in the tea might have been well below officially sanctioned levels…. not to mention that Modi and his father were possibly endangering the safety of everyone around them by creating a fire hazard with their unauthorized tea making… We really got lucky that thousands of people passed by Vadnagar railway station, but none died in a fire caused by Modi’s father’s tea making stove… Shouldn’t Modi resign for recklessly endangering all these people as a child?

(7) Modi’s degree: Again, Modi was trying to cover this one up, but got caught out by the alert Kejriwal. Sure, Modi hastily arranged some documents to be fabricated from Gujarat University establishing that he has an MA degree:


But questions remain:

And most importantly, we have just seen the proof of MA. Where is the BA degree? And, of course after that, we will need to see the 12th marksheet, then the 10th marksheet, then the 9th, then the 8th and so on. Not to mention the full original birth certificate…


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28 thoughts on “The Nation wants to know: Seven crucially important issues that can destroy Modi’s web of lies

  1. This is a good start to compiling all the lies the MSM has been spreading the past two years.But TBH most people didn’t believe any of the nonsense they were trying to sell.
    What I am unable to understand is why all this fuss over Modi jis child marraige which is legally void and which has been amicabally disollved by both parties?Aren’t these people the champions of freedom of choice?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yep, eighth one already in the fray as Enigma pointed out.

    Here’s the kicker though – Does Congress really want to go down the path of checking degrees, birth places, dates etc. Isn’t that like opening Pandora’s box for them? I mean, ‘Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard’ ‘educated’ Gandhi’s holding lord knows what passports from where. One would think they’d steer clear of that. LOL.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha ha… Madam ji’s Cambridge degree was in her 2004 affidavit. Disappeared in her 2009 affidavit. Not to mention all those affidavits calling Rahul a British citizen.


  3. See today’s Indian Express. (I saw it’s online version. There is a story on how Modi’s claim of “chaiwala” is not believable!. Yes! IE has actually published such an article! Did they read your post?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hilarious. Next compile a series of excuses by Pseudo Secular brigade to divert attention of public from Sonia’s Agusta-gate. Latest two I could find are, one that claims Sonia Gandhi was culprit in Bofors scandal but she is completely innocent in Agusta scandal ! So in another words, yes she was a culprit but too late to punish her. Now we accepted her culpability. We gave you what you wanted. Now just don’t waste your time going after her in Agusta-gate. Two, I read an article trying desperately to give impression as balanced account of Agusta-gate, but at the end of the article, the author claims, she took poll of some 3200 tweeters and 65 percent said Modi Sarkar is making mountain of a mole-hill in Agusta-gate !! There are numerous articles about how Dr. Swamy is going to hurt BJP or how Dr. Swamy is giving sleepless night to BJP MPs etc. etc. Also how this Agusta-gate will hurt Modi a lot more than Sonia Gandhi…


    1. Indeed, I noticed this trend and Firstpost has taken the lead in this. Explaining how AW is nothing and how BJP is making a mistake by targetting Sonia. Bottomline is the Lutyens cabal pisses its pants whenever they hear the name of the Queen.


  5. Both Kejriwal and the Shehzada don’t mind babbling in haste and looking silly at leisure. Who knows, they may have gone to the Kumbh mela in childhood, singing the same song, got separated etc etc (you know the rest if you’ve been watching Bollywood films of the 50s to the 80s).

    As for the presstitutes drawing red herrings repeatedly across the Sonia corruption trail; sorry guys, it won’t work. Ordinary people have started reading between the lines and wondering “What the hell is this guy’s agenda”.

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  6. Modi is not corrupt, he does not have dynasty compulsions, he is personally very disciplined with his sound habits and here he is on a mission to pull India out of miserable existence created by 6 decades of misrule. This is not opinion of only urban educated class, but the villagers too. Modi does not even counter the abuses hurled by some crooked politicians and this makes these scumbags go mad day by day. By 2019, these crooks will all end up in mental asylum and Modi will be undisputed PM of India.


    1. The reason they are obsessed with nonsense like this is they cannot imagine a politician who is not looting money. So, they are digging harder and harder to find “scams”.


  7. Surprisingly good article posted on trashy site DailyO titled “10 reasons Congress may not last till 2019 polls”.Author makes a lot of good points.Perhaps this is Modi’s plan as well.Finish them off before 2019 and project BJP+ as the only alternative.I don’t think people would vote for multi party coalitions anymore so that would give NDA a huge advantage.TINA factor itself could be enough to help them sail through.


  8. We should allow them to come out with more and more and more of such ridiculous things, so that at some point in time they get completely exhausted and feel like hit on the wall, nowhere to go. This is when Modi should take them on and punch them straight on face to knock them down once and for all.

    The International media is also watching all these craps being published by so called main stream media proving the absolute deficit of substance in their reporting.


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