Please take 14 minutes out of your life to watch this video

Friends, late last night, I was browsing through Youtube when I came upon this powerful speech of Atal ji.

It is so extraordinary that I cannot help sharing it. In just 14 minutes, Vajpayee has laid out every bit of the Sangh’s philosophy. While the uploader of the video has labelled it as a speech only on caste, caste is only a part (though the most important part) of his speech.

Indeed, he starts off with a scintillating bit on how walls created by caste are responsible for every single misfortune that Bharat has ever faced, starting from Mahmud Ghazni raiding Somnath. Show this old video of a younger Vajpayee to anyone who has been misinformed by mainstream media on what is the Sangh’s view on caste divisions in Hindu society. From Dalits being denied entry to temples to bigotry of priests, Vajpayee covers all, in a truly heartfelt and scathing criticism of the injustices of the caste system. Ask them to compare it to the opportunistic diatribes of Commies and other family owned social justice parties (lol!) pretending to give a damn about the injustices of the caste system.

But Vajpayee does not stop there. He goes on to discuss the notion of “Hindu rashtra” and how laws in a “Hindu rashtra” should not be bound to any one religion. From his words, it appears that the person who spoke at the ceremony right before him is an atheist. Not just respecting and being fair and justful to other religions, Vajpayee goes into detail explaining his admiration for atheists! This is TRUE secularism. Fairness and justice for all, for believers of every stripe and for non-believers. And he says all this while proudly declaring for himself:

हिन्दू तन-मन, हिन्दू जीवन, रग-रग हिन्दू मेरा परिचय ! 

Again, this is the TRUE secularism. Please send this video to anyone who you think is not a Congi slave but perhaps overwhelmed by endless media lies about the Sangh’s secularism.

He doesn’t even stop there. Indeed, he goes into talking about how the Sangh is not opposed to any inter-religious marriages, to love transcending borders, castes and faiths. Hindutva is large hearted, Hindutva is broad minded, Hindutva wants to embrace the whole world while maintaining pride in its ancient origins. That’s true secularism. That’s sincerity for justice!

And of course, folks, I want to thank you all because April was the first month when this blog crossed as many as 20,000 hits ! Whoa!



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8 thoughts on “Please take 14 minutes out of your life to watch this video

    1. OMG! We should all fall at the feet of this great man. I salute to him. I bow down to him. This is the kind of desperate bootlicking that will embarrass even the Queen.


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