#IshratFile: “Murder, SHE wrote”

First of all, let me start by giving a thunderous applause to Sambit Patra (finally!) for daring to openly point a finger at HER and saying : “Murder SHE wrote”. You know…her…she who must not be named…she who must be obeyed.

Indeed, this is so HUGE that the orders could only have come from HER.

Let’s think about this for a second. In 2009, India’s Home Ministry files a signed affidavit from the Home Minister giving Ishrat Jahan a clean chit. But then, it emerges that there was a first affidavit in this case and the Home Minister Chidambaram admits to making only “editorial changes” in it. And what kind of editorial changes? Commas and full stops?

I don’t think any of the files that came to me went back without making a change. That is a habit to make small changes here and there.”


And what did the affidavit draft look like before the Home Minister made those “small changes”? In fact, PC goes on the offensive here…can you believe it!! He asks:

Why is the draft affidavit in the Ishrat Jahan case vetted by A-G missing? It will show who drafted it, who vetted it & who approved it,”

Indeed, who approved it Mr. Chidambaram? Yesterday, Times Now has pulled out the actual first draft affidavit and guess who approved it? India’s Home Minister himself! 


Then, why was Chidambaram asking “who approved the first affidavit?” Is that not his signature? If that isn’t his signature, why won’t Chidambaram come out and say that it isn’t his signature? Go, sue Times Now for millions of $$$ for creating a fake document.. If you don’t deny the signature, what else can a reasonable person possibly conclude except that Chidambaram was LYING?

Even more explosive than the fact that Chidambaram approved the first affidavit is what the first affidavit contained:

The Ishrat Jahan controversy flared afresh with the 51-page home ministry file on the case recording that former home minister P Chidambaram had signed the original affidavit describing the Mumbra teen as part of a Lashkar module. The latest revelations, telecast by Times Now, mean that Chidambaram approved the original affidavit as well as the one amended within two months in 2009 that stated there was no conclusive evidence against Ishrat.


So, the first affidavit said that Ishrat was a terrorist and the second one said that Ishrat was not a terrorist. And Chidambaram signed BOTH of them. 

There are so many questions that the Congress party and Chidambaram need to answer that it will take a while to list all of them:

  1. What was the reason that Chidambaram signed BOTH versions, first stating that Ishrat is a terrorist and the next stating that Ishrat is not a terrorist? What made him change his mind?
  2. Did Chidambaram change his mind under pressure from someone? If there was pressure on him, who was it? Party leadership or something even worse…
  3. Even if there was new evidence that came to the fore that led PC to change his mind, why did he LIE that there were only editorial changes made between the two affidavits?
  4. Why did Chidambaram ask “who approved the first affidavit”, when he himself approved it?

The fact that Chidambaram signed two contradicting affidavits within two months and later told us that there were only small changes is simply breathtaking in its audacity. The UPA government between 2004 and 2014 shamed our nation more than we ever could have imagined. Today I am more thankful than ever before for May 16, 2014. It is only now that we are beginning to piece together and see just how bad the nightmare really was.

Now, where did they get such audacity? Because of such well planted stooges in the intelligentsia everywhere:

What!!! No madam, the issue is now MASSIVE…much much bigger than a fake encounter. The Home Minister quietly changed his own affidavit without admitting it. An affidavit that pertains to the case of Lashkar terrorists coming to assassinate a sitting Chief Minister. Do you realize what this means for India? This means that the world can now point to India and say that the Central Government cannot be trusted with the physical security of Opposition Chief Ministers. The UPA’s actions have brought us to the brink of becoming a failed state. And you only find it “awkward”?  

Indeed, the expose yesterday is so big that in any other democracy the Congress party would have come crashing down. But they will survive, thanks to their stooges planted everywhere in the ecosystem. At least as of this moment, I cannot even find this news item listed on the website of Aaj Tak


How pathetic! This is the kind of shameless bootlicking because of which Aaj Tak has lost its position as No. 1 Hindi News Channel in the country to India TV:

Indeed, here is the website of India TV at this very moment:


Well done, viewers! Made the right choice….

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21 thoughts on “#IshratFile: “Murder, SHE wrote”

  1. Mameluks like Malini should know that it is for the concerned people to decide when,where and how to eliminate terrorists and the govt..should extend all help like the killing of Osama by US force watched LIVE by Obama.Instead Sonia govt. made martyr out of the terrorist and the people who liquidated the terror module were disgraced. Modi govt. should file a fresh case in the court and reward the victimised people with honors.


    1. Hi Jagannathan, a warm welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂

      Indeed, I am wondering what would happen if India had done an Obama like operation to eliminate a terrorist in full public view. Mameluks like Malini would be crying their eyes out 🙂


  2. Why are we even surprised that PC lied?!!!CONgress has always had a tradition of lying,looting and endangering the country (For some reason The SC thinks Hindus have backward traditions of not allowing women having menstrual cycles in Sabarimala,what will they say to Congress?)
    The Ishrat Jahan case was always sketchy.Our dishonorable Morons should give their defences a rest and admit what everyone already knows ie. UPA was the most corrupt,anti-national,communal and ****** up government Independent Bharat has ever had.
    PC has a lot to answer,unfortunately BJP is going soft on these crooks.The BJP should understandthat Anti-Nationals don’t get sympathy votes

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    1. He he… the Congress has been on a disastrous path for a long time, but honestly even I did not think they had started outright treason as yet. Chidambaram has shamed the nation. What is worse is that many networks have blacked out the story.

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  3. The waitress with Italian DNA and mafia background has to be the one to have ordered for elimination of NM ,conspiracy theory of those congi leaders who mysteriously died in “accidents” has to be investigated ,then everything will be connected and open for the world to see!

    Why is Chidambaram not in jail? He has been exposed & PROVEN of being complicit in helping Pakistani terrorists!

    Ishrat Jahan case….What is extraordinary is that…everything has been exposed …this girl with other guys were indeed terrorist,the cops who were doing their duty was jailed for eight years,PC the former home minister has lied,changed affidavit etc…..after all this,what is happening?…nothing!!

    Will this also be another storm which will be happily ridden by the congi’s with the support of their vast eco system??….or do we see some action being taken by the present government?!

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  4. Just goes to show the lengths that these people can go to in order to get rid of their nemesis/stay in power.I hope the people of India see this and give a big boo to INC and the rest electorally.By the way,this may sound strange but whatever happened to Modi in his political career has turned out to be very good if you ask me.This might be long so bear with me.Congress tried everything to put him in Jail for his alleged role in the Gujarat riots.He came through that unscathed and stronger.Just a few months after the riots,he convincingly won Gujarat.Modi had limited experience till the Gujarat riots but that was the moment when the transition from “betaness” to “alphaness” occured.They tried the Ishrat thing as well.Modi came through that as well and became even stronger mentally.There was a “Gang of four” in BJP(Advani,Joshi,Yashwant Sinha and Shanta Kumar)that didn’t like(and still doesn’t like)Modi much and he quelled the Internal rebellion well.I love comparing Modi to Deng Xiaoping(the man who transformed China).I think he has the potential to be the Deng Xiaoping of India.There are so many similarities between the two and it’s fascinating to compare them.Modi was born into a poor family.Deng was born to a family that was okay to do but poor off just generation ago.Modi was fascinated by Hindutva and RSS and join the RSS and became a Pracharak.Deng was interested in the cause of revolutionary nationalism and joined the CCP and became involved in the civil war against the Kuomintang via activism(went underground too)and also in the war against the Japanese Invaders.Modi too was involved in a lot of activism and went underground during emergency.Deng was initially mayor and then vice president(finance) before he became the paramount leader of China.Modi was CM before he became PM.Deng was targeted with a lot of intensity twice.Once during the Cultural Revolution and once during the Criticize Deng Campaign.Modi was targeted for Gujarat Riots,Ishrat Jahan and during the 2014 elections.Interestingly,there was a lot of opposition to Deng within the CCP by the Gang of four.Modi too faced opposition from a Gang of 4 within the BJP(have mentioned the names).YET,despite all the things thrown at him,Deng came out of it stronger,absorbed all the attacks and the rest of what he did is history and one of the greatest stories of national transformation and human history.All these things have just made Modi stronger.All the problems that he is facing right now are nothing for him.He won Gujarat election convincingly just a few months which gives me the confidence(and to him too)that he can handle anything.Destiny has prepared him well.We know what Deng did after coming through all the opposition and becoming the Paramount Leader of China.Modi came through all the opposition and I have a good inkling of what he will do in the future and what his place in India’s future will be.Sorry for the long essay but the Ishrat thing prompted me to think about and admire Modi and the way he came through all the difficulties,just like how Deng did.I have loads of admiration for both of them.


    1. I agree with everything except the Deng part.Don’t compare good Bharatiyas with Chunese dictators and oligarchs.Deng is the one who implemented the brutal One child polict which is going to lead to future problems for China.

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    2. Modi has had a providential escape. Now that we are finally getting to know the darkest secrets of the UPA, it is getting too scary for words. More than ever before, I am thankful for May 16, 2014. And more than ever before, I am praying for a BJP win in 2019 no matter what…

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  5. In any other country, PC would have been arrested, interrogated, and made to confess even with third degree methods to expose those who wanted to harm Modi. India is a pathetic democracy where SC is busy settling a temple entry issue raised by a tapori like Dipti Desai. National security takes a back seat with such courts and maladministration. And you don’t need an Einstein brain to know who wanted to harm Modi except Congress because he is the only hurdle between Pappu and PM ship. Garbage mouth MNS Ayier unknowingly omitted some truth recently. This is not a surprise for people with common sense. Congress and particularly Sonia Gandhi damn cares for India except power and wealth to rule. Added to this, we have local traitors like Nitish kumar, the scum bag of Bihar, who refers a terrorist like Ishrat as ‘Bihar ki beti’. The only way to protect ourselves is Unity of Nationalists irrespective of the caste and religion, and bury Congress and their anti-national followers once and for all.

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  6. As Chaiwallah pointed out, even if there were new information requiring changes resulting in a revised 2nd affidavit, the lie in hiding, the total alteration of an earlier approved affidavit gave away the criminal conspiracy of now fully exposed congi anti nationals.

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    1. Exactly…the clue is in the lying. If there is new information, the affidavit should change. But the key is that it should be done in PUBLIC VIEW. The fact that it was changed secretly and then the HM lied about not signing the first affidavit and making only “small changes” means that the change did not happen because of new information, but because orders came from the top…

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  7. We, as a nation are lucky that the decision makers (Sonia mainly) did not know about this terrorist girl and her co-terrorists before they were gunned down. If Sonia had been briefed by IB (in America such briefing take place every morning to the President) about the intention of the group earlier, she could have prevented IB from warning Gujarat police or worse, could have facilitated the terrorists with better intelligence.

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      1. In fact the IB was indeed told not to let the Guj cops know that a gang of killers is on the way. The IB chief ignored the “advice” and the encounter took place. The idea was that the IB chief is a Muslim so he will willingly play ball and let Modi get assassinated. Too bad for Sonia that he turned out to be a patriot. The gang of terrorists would have been killed anyway, but AFTER their successful completion of the mission. They were three dead men and one dead woman walking even as they stepped into that Indica car. The crude “fake encounter” story had to be cooked up hastily to make the best of a bad job. Never underestimate the cunning of an illiterate or semi-literate person.

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    1. @MaddDogg8

      Have any of the former home ministry officials and/or IB officers said this yet? That IB was told to withhold information from the Gujarat police? Things have become so sinister now, we have to start thinking along such lines…


  8. Irony – Pappu kept on about how Cong brought RTI and now it bites them in the butt. LOL. I am glad they did it though.

    Now, everyone is after PC. But we know that he was one of the pawns. Senior, yes – but only a pawn still, beneath the “family”. I hope he gets his ass canned and starts spilling the beans – though he would need Z+++++ security if he did.

    The mameluks are going mad of course. First it was IJ was moon faced innocent, Bihar ki Beti etc. Now, faced with proof of her LeT connections, it is “she was murdered in a fake encounter”. Yesterday we had a lawyer, SH who claimed that it is a fake encounter even while questioning NIA affidavits and data. The affrontery of these buffons is amazing to say the least. Next it would be, she is a Muslim; she is a woman; she was young; blah blah blah. The excuses never end.

    And the last refuge of these scoundrels – “why doesn’t BJP go to court then?” Yep. Don’t ask us to explain our treachery. You go to court. Of course, if the court decides against them, then they will question the judiciary. So admittance of guilt is never on their cards.


    1. Remember how they started spreading canards about some judge giving bail to Amit Shah and all? They went after prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam. They have a huge army of “assets” at all levels of intelligentsia to join in such a push…


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