How the RSS is unfairly singled out and blamed for everything

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Ok, now to the topic at hand, an issue which I have been pondering about for a while. So, last week, it was Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday and like every other political party in the country, the RSS/BJP went all out to celebrate it. But pick up any political website, Firstpost, Troll, DailyO, not to mention rags like Wire and Catchnews and you will find these articles giving “gyaan” to the RSS and mocking them for celebrating Dr. AmbedkarWell, what kind of “gyaan”? You know, contemptuously telling the RSS to “first do this or that” if they want to be worthy of celebrating Ambedkar. You know, something like this:

I am not gonna pick on this one article, because I want to hit out at the whole genre. The crux of all these articles is quite the same, something like : caste system caused great injustices and Dr. Ambedkar was against those injustices and therefore it is hypocritical for RSS to celebrate him.  In other words, they want the RSS for some reason to have a guilty conscience when it comes to Dr. Ambedkar and the injustices caused by the caste system. 

What? Why on earth? Why on earth, why?

Yet, this underlying assumption runs through the entire gamut of India’s liberal intelligentsia. But the more you think about it, the less sense it makes. And the RSS does not have the ecosystem to fight back. So be it the birthday of Dr. Ambedkar or the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, the RSS is singled out and made to stand in a corner by our intellectuals as punishment for crimes it had absolutely nothing to do with. 

First, take Dr. Ambedkar and the injustices of the caste system:

Did the RSS invent the caste system? No, the caste system had existed for a minimum of 3500 years before the RSS was created.

Did the RSS cause the injustices due to the caste system? No! Even the history books written by Commies attribute the rise of Buddhism and Jainism in India to injustices of the caste system in the so called “Later Vedic Age”. Those are the years 1100 BCE to 500 BCE and therefore nearly 2500 years before the RSS was born!

What about the upper caste domination of the RSS leadership? Yes, what about it? Due to their historical advantages, upper castes typically had the education and the wealth to lead political and intellectual movements during British rule. The exact same thing holds for the Congress and the Commies. In fact, the feudal leadership of the Congress, based purely on bloodline, is *exactly* the inherited privilege that systematically oppressed lower castes.  As Rohith Vemula pointed out, the Commies haven’t had a Dalit in their politburo for 51 years! The BJP has just formed its first majority government ever and has already provided a Prime Minister from a backward caste! At the very first opportunity, the RSS is trying to diversify its appeal and bring the socially backward within its fold. What is wrong with that? Lest people have forgotten, the BJP casually cast aside veteran Brahmin leader Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi in Varanasi to make way for Narendra Modi. Because Modi was more qualified at that moment. When is the Dynasty going to make way in Amethi? They can’t find someone more qualified than Pappu? Really 🙂 ?

What about Arun Shourie being critical of Dr. Ambedkar? Again, what about it? It’s a democracy…of course there is one guy who doesn’t like Ambedkar. What about the Congress that opposed Ambedkar tooth and nail and prevented him from being elected to the Lok Sabha multiple times? What about the Congress that didn’t give him a Bharat Ratna, even as Nehru and Indira were busy giving themselves that honor?

What about Dr. Ambedkar criticizing Hinduism? The RSS is pro-Hindu, so it must be anti-Ambedkar, right? Again, why on earth? Dr. Ambedkar said that the real aim of Commies is to overthrow the Indian state. So, how come the Commies can happily claim to be “Ambedkarites” on every campus and no one calls them hypocrites? Ambedkar was a fierce opponent of Article 370, so how come he can’t be “natural allies” with Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee? Ambedkar actually wanted a complete exchange of religious populations at the time of partition….so you know he would be the most “communal” person ever 🙂 Even Pravin Togadia won’t dare to tell every single peaceful to go to Pakistan.

As you can see, the strange accusations made against the RSS are so silly that they can be refuted by  less than  2-3 minutes of thought each. The problem is that we don’t have people in the intellectual sphere repeating these arguments out aloud for everyone to hear. 

This kind of unfair historical blame heaped on the RSS goes far beyond the caste system and Ambedkar. Another favorite argument of the liberals is that the RSS is “fascist” and allegedly an “admirer” of Adolf Hitler. I have never actually been shown real evidence of this, but the evidence is rumored to consist of some quotes and writings from RSS members admiring Hitler in the 1930s.

This smear is pathetic. And the only reason the RSS is stuck with it is because it has no hold among the liberal ecosystem. We are talking about pre-independence India here, where a conquered nation was trying to cope intellectually in various ways with its subjugation. There were several visions of India at that time, various paths and they actually all respected each other. If we were take “who admired who” at that time and stretch the blame to the modern era, we would be going around in silly circles…indeed let’s have some fun with this:

A) Bhagat Singh was a Communist. He was hanged for killing police officer John  Saunders. And why did Bhagat Singh kill Saunders? Because he wanted to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai of the Hindu Mahasabha!!! So, Bhagat Singh was actually a Wahabi Hindu 🙂

B) Mahatma Gandhi led the Khilafat movement for the creation of an Islamic Khalifa in the Middle East. Umm…Islamic Khalifa…you mean…like the Caliph Abu Baqr Al-Baghdadi? There you have it folks, Mahatma Gandhi was actually a supporter of ISIS 🙂 ROFL! 

C) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose actually went to Germany and Japan and raised an army to fight the British in the Second World War. So, there you have it again, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a NAZI!

So, who’s the patriot? Who’s the Nazi admirer? Who’s the ISIS supporter? The only sensible thing to admit would be that World War-II marked a great upheaval in human history and thought. To go pre-war now and pull out a couple of quotes here and there as “evidence” is just plain malafide. It is time for Right Wing voices in India to speak up against this unfair victimization in the public sphere.

You know who actually deserves to be shamed? The bloody Comrades who STILL have portraits of mass murderers like Stalin and Mao on their walls. Pick up any issue of “People’s Democracy” and you can read the party boss exhorting his cadres to be like Stalin and Mao. EVEN TODAY. If someone needs to be shamed, those would be the guys…


25 thoughts on “How the RSS is unfairly singled out and blamed for everything

  1. Actually the caste system is dated to be 1500 to 2000 years old according to genetic research.The caste system is in no way a part of Hinduism,it is a social evil.
    RSS is a Anti-caste organisation,when Dr.Ambedkar first visited the RSS he said that he saw equality in the organisation.Dr.Ambedkar was a proponent of Hindutva and he had complemented Hindu society as one willing to reform.
    Jainism and Buddhism lost popularity due to a corrupt clergy (just like Christianity and Peace).
    The RSS should just file for defamation,the money will be useful for their charities.
    (Regarding Ban in Chattisgarh:It is true,actually it has been there for a while.I found out about it after the Hindoo published a letter by 34 American “law”-makers asking Modi to revoke the ban.Indiafacts has a good reply to the letter.)

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    1. Fantastic to know about the ban in Chhattisgarh. Did some American “lawmakers” write a letter against it? Yay! They should collect all their tears and send it to me…I would love to swim in them 🙂


  2. These people admire war criminals like H.Kissinger and W.Churchill who have actually hurt people in the sub-continent monumentally and they have the nerve to complain about admiring Hitler.To be honest we got Freedom because of Hitler initiating WW2 which led to a bankrupt British Government.So admiration of Hitler is more acceptable.The Indian “Liberal” is the most racist species on the planet,from mourning for white skinned Jews while whitewashing genocide in the Raj to admiring Dowager Queen Sonia for her European “refinement” these people don’t care for people of colour,in fact they despise the brown skinned.

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    1. Logic of our “Liberals”
      Admire Islamic invaders who killed around 100M Hindus/Bharatiyas,condemn Hitler,Musolini who haven’t even scratched an asian.
      Admire terrorists like Ishrat Jahan and the Batla House Jihadis and condemn Martyrs like Officer Sharma.
      They admire H.Kissinger who colluded with Pakistan in 1971 leading to about 3M dead ( mostly Hindu).
      They sing praise of War-Criminal Churchill who is responsible for The Bengal Famine,genocide in Kenya among other crimes.
      They love Mao who is responsible for 20M+ deaths.
      They go to jihadis like Mushraf for advice (NDTV).
      They concot terms like “Hindu Taliban” and “Wahabbi Hindu”,but will never use a term like “Nazi Jew”.
      They keep spitting on the face of peaceful people,all the while apeasing “Peacefuls”.
      The “Liberal” around the globe,despises peace and humanity and quite ironically,preaches the same.


    2. The greatest lie the Indian people have been told is that the Congress got them independence. It was because of World War-2 bankrupting the British. The British people barely could afford food when the war ended, let alone an empire.


  3. If most Dalits and other non UCs become pro-BJP,it will be very hard for the opposition parties to stop BJP in elections(both state and national).That is why they are desperately trying to wean Dalits and other non-UCs away from BJP/NDA.But I think Dalits are moving towards BJP.I don’t have data to show it but I read it somewhere.Would love to see the data showing Dalits and other non-UCs moving towards BJP.I think you mentioned that in your post after the Bihar elections.If most Dalits and other non UCs move towards BJP,the votebank of Congress and others will consist of Muslims and Christians only.

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    1. Yes, Cvoter did a very detailed analysis after Bihar elections. Despite all the fears, the Dalits did actually vote in large numbers for BJP and the youth among them did so by an overwhelming margin. The only caste bloc that rejected BJP completely was Yadavs, which is understandable. In 2019, BJP’s gameplan should be to point out how Lalu has been turned into a footmat by Nitish and attract the Yadav votes. Indeed, Yadavs voted for Mahagathbandhan hoping to see a muscular Lalu in control, but they have got an emaciated helpless Lalu…


  4. The below statements surely explains what is RSS and not what these stupid people propagate!!

    High castes Brahmins and low caste Bhanghis shared the same water tumblers. 

    Mahatma Gandhi said  “When I visited the RSS Camp, I was very much surprised by your discipline and absence of untouchablity.” He personally inquired to low caste Swayamsevaks and found that they were living and eating together in the camp without bothering to know their castes.  This was Utopia .

    Even a high strung character like BR Ambedkar, who could NOT see outside the Dalit prism, said ” This is the first time that I am visiting the camp of Sangh volunters. I am happy to find absolute equality between Savarniyas (Upper cast) and Harijans (Lower cast) without any one being aware of such difference existing. When I asked asked Dr Hedgewar whether there were any untouchables in the camp, he replied that there are neither “touchables” nor “untouchables” but only Hindus.”.

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  5. Its good that, there are predictions of good monsoon. If not, these commies and gang will even crucify RSS for bad monsoon and polluting weather.I think last year only Chennai floods were exception, where RSS was not blamed.

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  6. I just wish to make two points:
    1. RSS has never practiced caste distinction within the organization. I have been its member long back and my shaka leader was not from forward caste.

    2. Till Germany attacked Russia, our Indian Communist Comrades did not oppose Hitler as he had pact with their leader Stalin. Comrades also did not participate in 1942 Quit India Movement after Stalin entered into pact with Allies (UK, USA, France etc).


    1. Please Venu40, get the RSS to promote themselves, publish their aims and show people that they are a humanitarian organisation. At the moment the media portrays them as an Indian equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan.


    2. Thanks for reminding people about No. 2. One of the least known facts about WW-2 is that Poland was jointly invaded by Hitler and Stalin in 1939. The country was then divided up between the two powers. Stalin ordered all Polish army officers arrested and then executed. 22,000 Polish officers were massacred by Commies in a place called Katyn forest.


  7. So, reading article and comments, it is found and proved that there was no caste distinction in RSS on records of even Gandhi and Ambdekar. Then how come commies and congis are getting away with damages? RSS should expose some commie and useless Dalit friends of Rohith who are spreading poison of lies and take into confidence larger Dalit Hindu brothers that Hindus are all same and Aryas ( meaning, noble) and any one trying to divide Hindus will be severally punished by Hindus. For the unity and integrity of the nation, the govt. should strictly deal with rougue journalists and anti national politicians.


    1. For sure. Just look at the Commies and Congis act as if caste injustices are the fault of RSS. Ridiculous. The RSS is rarely able to hit back due to complete absence of RSS voices in popular discourse.


  8. This is a long awaited debate on print. Good that you began this in an excellent manner. In reality, RSS is the only organization which is capable of uniting all nationalists. That is the real scary scene for politicians who survive on diving people on religion and castes. These scums play on the psychology of minorities by screaming RSS as a Hindu organization and a threat to other religions. Of course united Hindus are a disappointment to those who harvest souls in the slums and also those who dream of isis rule in India.


    1. Yes, the RSS is the most defamed organization in India. The RSS is absurdly and unfairly blamed for almost everything. This is an era of PR. The RSS needs to take steps to shake off these unfair smears.


  9. Since most Indians were against Britishers, it should make sense to all liberals that most Indians supported Hitler ONLY because ‘enemy of my enemy is a friend’ psychology. Indians did not support because what Hitler was doing to Jews. Those who has suffered from natural disaster like earth quake, tsunami etc. would be the staunch supporters of RSS because RSS supporters helped them.


    1. For sure. During World War -2, Indians were faced with a difficult choice. We had to choose between the monsters of British imperialism and Nazism. To go back now and blame those who chose Hitler over Churchill is just silly.


  10. If govt does nothing to liars, Provocateurs, instigators, trouble mongers and that too a govt supposedly blessed by RSS ( up, mp maha ,bihar etc results of 2014 in favour of bjp would not have been possible without the campaigning and support of RSS and baba ramdev ) then ofcourse the crooks and criminals will continue unabated and with aplomb.

    You may write a few hundred more articles exposing the crooks but as an individual one can only do so much. Especially when the govt ( and the deaf, blind, thickskinned bhakts – that could have brought some pressure ) seems to be in a world of its own with its own assumptions and agendas.

    Modi govt seems to have completely lost touch with the pulse of its voter base . It is not even paying heed to the criticism of its supporters like mediacrooks…

    So not sure where we are heading… It is pointless trying to regain lost time and lost ground especially when proactive preventive measures were possible.

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