Dynastycrooks is now on Facebook!!!

Hi friends,

As promised, Dynastycrooks is now finally on Facebook. I have started out an FB page for this blog at


All the posts on this blog will simultaneously be shared on this FB page. So, now it will be really easy for folks to like and share the posts among your contacts. So, please would you be so nice as to like this page?

Further, please let me know any further suggestions that any of you might have for this FB page.

Indeed, it has been a wonderful ride for me ever since I began blogging on May 31 last year. I never thought I could get such a fantastic audience. What is amazing is that so many of you comment regularly and engage so constantly with this blog. I have now grown attached to this blog and all of you 🙂

Hopefully with the new FB page, we will be able to take this blog to the next level. Who knows how much further this ride can go. We now have 299 posts and 1.48 Lakh hits on this blog!! Can you believe it? And WE did it…WE did it as a community. And I know WE can do much much more.



20 thoughts on “Dynastycrooks is now on Facebook!!!

  1. I am enjoying reading to your site very much. I visit to your site many times every day and enjoyed your writing. I was very much reading mediacrooks site. It suddenly stopped to some time. I thought that ki some crooks like Darka Butt put court case to him and got him to stopped. Then initially I thought that ki same mediacrooks only started dynastycrooks in the different name to avoid court cases. Now I think that ki may be you and mediacrooks are the different. I am glad that ki you are now writing almost daily. Please keep it up. I wish you well that your blog reaches to and cross the million readership in the quick time.


    1. Hi Bishunath,
      Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂 I try my best to write every single day, but get lazy every now and then 🙂 Please keep reading and commenting 🙂


  2. I just became the 5th person to like the page of the future Prime Minister of India! *Feeling proud* . In some contests,they give a prize to the first 10 or so people who apply.So as a reward,make me the future Finance Minister.


  3. The past year growth has been stupendous. We wish you more strength in bringing to book these scoundrels who call themselves secularists and loot the country of not only money but its values, culture and above all peace. They pit once against the other for personal gains. Lets resolve to dump these by refusing to see them on TV or read their articles or buy their books or anything they do. Trolling is good to shame these people. The entire clan has an agenda and they play to the script. They have fooled many people with their rhetoric. However with the Social Media being strong and alert they will not have it easy in future.
    Once again best wishes to you and your pen ( keyboard).


    1. Thank you so much brother. Speaking of boycotts, it seems that Modi’s supporters are bringing down the curtains upon SRK’s career 🙂 FAN’s collections even lower than Dilwale…ROFL. SRK is scared…he’s become a big time “Bhakt” these days in desperation 😛


      1. After the second flop King Khan has become Bishop Khan. Once we give a third flop he will become a Pawn Khan, will start to chant Bharat Maata Ki Jai. The irony is, he claims to have a very huge fan base in India, but how come a small portion of bhakts not going to his movie brings down his collection so badly??

        Burka & Sardesai, can you both ponder over on this and provide some solution to the Bad-shah?


  4. Hi CW! Congratulations!

    As I don’t have a face book account,my wife who has a FB account has liked.

    Best of luck and more strength to you for exposing and fighting the dynasty crooks!


  5. A gr8 step CW. I liked your page and invited my friends. Keep growing. Really happy to see the strength of Right wingers increasing.


    1. Thanks Mehul. Actually, with the new FB page, it is nice to finally get to see the faces and know something about the people I have been interacting with since last year 🙂


  6. Ever since we lost ‘Niticentral’ I was apprehensive about RW blogs and Home Pages, like ‘Indiafacts’, ‘OpIndia.com’ etc. When I don’t see new article in those pages for some time, I start to worry. Thank God CW you are expanding. Good luck.


    1. Haha…don’t worry. Dynastycrooks is here to stay 🙂 I wont let the Mameluks sleep in peace …. or at least I wont sleep until I have disturbed the sleep of Mameluks 🙂


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