On Babasaheb Ambedkar’s 125th birthday, Kejriwal offers Grade-IV job to Rohith Vemula’s brother


Perhaps it was many years ago that a young son of Bharat Mata was fascinated by the sun, the sky and the stars. He wanted to grow up and become a science writer like Carl Sagan. In course of time, he arrived at the University of Hyderabad to pursue his PhD. It was here that the political vultures got to him and tore his life apart. Here, he was led on a path of self-hatred, away from his dreams, away from his bright future by soulless Commies. Occasionally, his inner scientific spirit would wake up and he would  begin to ask questions of his masters:


But his masters didn’t care to answer why they wouldn’t let a Dalit into their politburo for 51 years. They didn’t care about him, they didn’t know about him, until a few months ago, when the angry and disillusioned young man decided to try to kill himself. Suddenly, they all cared. They didn’t even try to see if he could be revived, for his dead body was much too valuable to the political vultures. The elite class of liberal Indians howled in ecstasy, see for instance the reaction of the political editor of the Hindustan Times Mumbai:


Amid these howls of joy and excitement, how could the vultures hear the last words of poor Rohith:

The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing.

How could they have possibly listened. Today, it’s the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Ask these vultures who Dr. Ambedkar was and the only thing they will tell you is that he was a Dalit. They forget that he was a brilliant economist, with doctorates in economics from both Columbia University AND the London School of Economics. They forget that he was a vocal opponent of Communism, a bold thinker who rejected the Aryan Invasion Theory long long before the rest of the world debunked it. The only thing they remember about Ambedkar is that he was a Dalit. When they reduced Dr. B R Ambedkar to nothing more than his caste identity, what hope was there for poor Rohith Vemula? 

So, a couple of days before Ambedkar’s 125th birthday, secular vulture Arvind Kejriwal decided that he had not feasted enough on the death of Rohith Vemula. He wanted more. So, he decided to do this:

The Delhi government has offered a clerical job to the brother of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula



A Grade-IV temporary clerk job for Raja Vemula, the brother of Rohith Vemula? One can only imagine the Delhi CM rubbing his hands with delight, hoping to unleash another Rs 526 cr of taxpayer funded advertisements from Kashmir to Kanyakumari about the generosity shown by his “honest” government at rescuing a poor Dalit family.

Of course, Kejriwal in his glee, had done exactly what Rohith Vemula had begged India’s secular vultures not to do in his dying words:

The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing.


The Delhi Chief Minister decided not to find out anything about Raja Vemula. Instead of judging Raja Vemula as a person, Shri Kejriwal judged him by an identity, as a number, as a thing. The only thing about Raja Vemula that mattered to Kejriwal was that he was Dalit. And in Kejriwal’s secular mind, Dalits can only be poor and stupid, fit to do only menial tasks. So, Kejriwal in his infinite grace, offered to make him a temporary Grade-IV clerk!

Ha! Here is what Kejriwal didn’t know about Raja Vemula and didn’t care to find out: Raja Vemula not only has an MSc in Geology, but has also cleared the NET exam, thus qualifying him to be an Assistant Professor in a college! And Kejriwal offered to make him a Grade-IV temporary clerk! This is precisely the kind of error that happens when you are shedding crocodile tears over a tragedy, something  like this:


The lessons are simply obvious here. Blinded by his greed for votes, Kejriwal saw Raja Vemula as a member of a caste rather than as an individual. And to the liberal mind, Dalits are only good for doing menial tasks and voting for the so called secular parties.  Never in his liberal imagination could Kejriwal conceive of the possibility that Raja Vemula could be a smart educated young man worthy of becoming a professor!

This is a moment for all Dalit youth to see the true face of the so called secular liberal class. All the secular liberal talk of Dalit empowerment is only so that they can have a stick to beat Hinduism with. They despise Dalits and the so called “upper castes” alike. They despise all Hindus and want us to return to our former status as slaves of the Islamic elite. Behind the scenes, the secular liberal class has nothing but contempt for the Dalits. Kejriwal didn’t think that Raja Vemula was smart enough to be fascinated by science nor worthy enough to be a professor. Kejriwal only wants the Dalits to be temporary clerks and permanent victims.  Mr. Kejriwal, you want the Dalits to work only in the gutter because it suits your politics. But you are horribly mistaken. The Dalit youth of this country are ready to unleash their entrepreneurial energy. They are ready to reach for the sky. If anyone belongs in the gutter, it is secular vultures like you who will be left behind in the dustbin of history.

25 thoughts on “On Babasaheb Ambedkar’s 125th birthday, Kejriwal offers Grade-IV job to Rohith Vemula’s brother

  1. A man’s birth can’t decide his worth. Even if he’s born to a tea seller and a domestic help, he can aspire to become a PM. Well that’s what NaMo has shown to these elites (Rajabhoj), and they haven’t recovered from the rude shock they suffered from a Gangu Teli.
    Apparently what these vultures don’t understand is that people aspire to be much more than what these dicks want them to be. A chaparasi job for a Post graduate and that too with NET clearance , it’s a contempt. Kejrifart stooped to a new low with this stunt. A young and brilliant kid was lost. Every soul is precious irrespective of his caste and Creed.


  2. Kejriwal and his party are pathetic.By the way,speaking of AAP,21 AAP MLAs face disqualification.If that happens and if some more disqualifications happen and their MLA tally falls below 35 in a house of 70,what would happen?


  3. AAP’s this stunt is pathetic,but really such stupid stunt will it fetch the result?

    This reminds me of waitress stunt,making Tandulkar a RS member with expectation of getting all the cricket fans to vote for congs!…LOL.


  4. See the difference between the two different era. There was a time when a Brahmin saw a brilliant Dalit boy and saw a big potential in him, so he took the Dalit boy under his own wings, educated him even gave him his own surname. And today, we have a political leader, who assumed a Dalit boy could not have been educated enough to qualify for any position other than the lowest rung in government service.

    Today on 125th anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s birth we hear politicians from all parties paying tribute to Dr. Ambedkar, without even naming, let alone giving credit to the Brahmin mentor of Dr. Ambedkar. Today nobody even wonders how a Dalit got Ambedkar surname? God knows what would have happened to this brilliant Dalit boy hundred and twenty five years ago if it were not for this Brahmin mentor? If today’s CPM leader can’t find ‘qualified’ Dalit, the older time was much worse for Dalits.

    (Note: I must say, Rohith Vemula wrote better than many of the present day reporters).


    1. Indeed, reading the letter that Rohith Vemula wrote, there can be no doubt that he was a very talented young man, with depth of thought and analysis. It is a terrible tragedy that instead of letting such minds work for the nation, the Commies led him down a path of self-destruction…quite literally in his case.


  5. This is a master stroke! A vulture is caught scavenging live feasting on Dalit corpse for all to know the truth. Now even neive Indians should understand the plight of we divided vulnerable Hindus at the mercy of rule of jungle.


  6. In my opinion those who claim to be secular are most bigotted in every way possible.
    These people have completely desecrated the memory of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar in every way possible.Now I may not agree with all of his opinions but I do admire him mainly for his intelligence and self-respect.If he were alive today, he would probably be the most active opposer of those who invoke his name.


    1. Exactly. Dr. B R Ambedkar despised Commies. He didnt believe the ridiculous Aryan Invasion Theory. And he always spoke his mind clearly on how the peacefuls resist all change. If Ambedkar were alive today, liberals would want him jailed for hate speech.


    1. I have heard these claims too. As you say, at the moment what matters is that a bright young person was led down a path of self destruction by poisonous Commies who do not contribute anything to civilization.


  7. why this kujliwala poking his nose everywhere as if he is assigned by God to look after the whole world? There are many BJP/non-BJP CMs in other States who are busy in their own business. This dirty mufflerman with constant running nose will contaminate everything before going down.


    1. Since no eunuch congress leaders except the prince from dynasty can dare to dream to become PM in last sixty years, all other perverts illegitimate clones from parties of Aaptards, BSP, SP, JDU & Scores of others are making it up by fantatizing to rule India by abusing Hindus as happened in last 1000 years.


  8. As said in the article, most of the Indians are not aware of the accomplishments of Dr. Ambedkar since Congress reduced him to a mere dalit leader, claiming all his credit for the dynasty. Modi/BJP is doing admirable work in re-identifying and celebrating the contributions of the many great patriots which Indians would otherwise have either ignored or forgot.


  9. Every Indian in general, and dalits in particular must be made aware of that Dr. Ambedkar was dead against Communism and Islamic expansionism in India. More than any Historian, Dr. Ambedkar had accurate knowledge of History and hence he could foresee these threats decades ago.


    1. Yes, he was a great scholar and one of the first to reject the Aryan Invasion Theory. Ambedkar even said out aloud that Hindus at least try to reform their social ills but Muslims have no interest in any kind of reform. He openly said that partition would be totally fair only if all the peacefuls went to Pakistan. If he was around now, Rajdeep would want him jailed for hate speech.


  10. All said and done, this Raja Vemula could not give a befitting reply by throwing the job that too a temporary one on Kujiliwal’s face that he is unfit to take this mean job but capable of much more than that. This proves the deplorable mentality of dalits too that they also want only to be sympathized under caste basis than proving their mettle, but unreasonably taking a virulent view against brahmins under the garb of casteism who are not here to block their progress. It has become fashionable nowadays to mark their caste in bold in CVs while seeking a job, than highlighting their qualifications and strength for what they are capable of.

    Why do they want to even give an impression to the society that they belong to dalit community? that is because of your own lack of confidence in the competition, hence hiding behind caste and reservation.

    It’s only a self-infliction and the dalits can only blame themselves for their state of affairs.


    1. Actually, Vemula’s family has let him down. They did say that the job offer is humiliating, but did not follow it up. It was not in their interest to make the seculars angry.


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