Liberals begin rewriting the history of what happened at NIT Srinagar

It had to happen. Sooner or later, the liberals would start revising and smoothening out the narrative of what happened at NIT Srinagar, to ensure total conformity with their preferred narrative. You have to almost admire the dedication of liberals, their determination to make sure that not even a single event stands out in public memory against their narrative…no they must work on it and revise its history till we only have one single Orwellian narrative of what happened. And now, it is time for the events at NIT Srinagar to be subsumed by this narrative…no they accept the fact that a handful of nationalist students faced intimidation and rape from a violent majority of Kashmiris. No, that would go against the sacred narrative of peaceful Kashmiris being oppressed by the evil Hindus.

And so it is that Mameluk Sandeep Pandey takes to the DailyO to begin the formal revision of what happened at NIT Srinagar:

I want to point out this article for THREE reasons. The first is about how liberals have begun to rewrite the narrative of what happened at NIT Srinagar. The second reason is to discuss the fallacious Commie economic views of the author that we will find out in course of the article. The third reason is to explain how people like Sandeep Pandey do the maximum damage to Hindus of India, which I will do at the end. If my memory serves me correctly, this Sandeep Pandey is a Commie prof who used to teach at BHU and got kicked out recently. Whoever it was that got this Mameluk kicked out, whether it was Modi or RSS or ABVP or Israel or America or CIA or Mossad, thank you for it. One less Commie preacher on campus…

First, let’s read:

Some Kashmiri students have been alleged to have raised anti-India slogans and burst firecrackers upon India’s defeat. The Kashmiri students allege that the violence was started by non-Kashmiri students the next day when a group waving tricolour and chanting “Bharat Mata ki jai” attacked a group of Kashmiri students returning from Friday prayers.

Beautiful. That thing about attacking Kashmiri students returning from Friday prayers is beautifully planted to put the blame squarely on the nationalist students! Once this accusation has been planted, the rest of the liberals will build upon it, referencing each other until it becomes the established truth. And what about the allegations made by the nationalist students that the other side began the violence, the intimidation and even made rape threats? Is there any space for that? No, of course not…instead we get this:

The police used lathicharge to control students in which some non-Kashmiri students were hurt and subsequently Central Reserve Police Force, actually a paramilitary, has replaced the Jammu & Kashmir police on campus.”

The construction of that sentence is a work of art. Let’s analyze it piece by piece:

a) “The police used lathicharge to control students“: the word “control” here used to imply that the nationalist kids were the hoodlums.

b) “ some non-Kashmiri students were hurt” :  a quick acknowledgement of reality.

c) “subsequently Central Reserve Police Force, actually a paramilitary, has replaced the Jammu & Kashmir police on campus.” : Focus shifted immediately to CRPF and calling it a paramilitary to imply that it is the state which is being oppressive.

Wonderfully done.  Slip in a short sentence acknowledging the truth in between two lines of diverting rhetoric that conforms to your agenda and no one will notice the slice of truth.

Thus ends Sandeep Pandey’s description of events at NIT Srinagar. No mention of how badly the nationalist students were bullied and how they received rape threats. The narrative is being revised to fit the agenda. The next liberal who writes about NIT Srinagar will make the next small revision, perhaps something like this: “The J&K police stepped in to save Kashmiri students from violence. For this effort, the J&K police was punished by replacing them with the CRPF, a paramilitary force“. The next liberal will work on the story some more and so on…until the final narrative looks something like this a few months from now:

“Innocent Kashmiri students were returning after Friday prayers when NIT Srinagar students affiliated with ABVP attacked them violently and made rape threats. The J&K police stepped in to protect the Kashmiri students. At this, the Home Ministry in Delhi removed the J&K police and  deployed the CRPF, a paramilitary force, to intimidate Kashmiri students”.

Sandeep Pandey’s article now shifts to condemning people for having nationalist feelings around the Indian cricket team. As I hinted before, here we will see an example of  the kind of fallacious Commie thinking that has kept Commie ruled West Bengal behind for 40 years:

BCCI itself claims to be a private body inspite of its pompous name. How could a team constituted by it be considered a national team?

Now, BCCI is a den of corruption and no one in their right mind would have anything kind to say about its functioning. And for sure the BCCI’s team cannot in fact be considered a “national team”. But let us see if Sandeep Pandey would apply this line of questioning to other things… Ok, for instance, what about our “national media”? How come a bunch of private channels with headquarters in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon get to be called the “national media”?

As for BCCI having a pompous name, what about the National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) of which Sandeep Pandey is a part? How many actual people do you have in your so called “National Alliance” of people’s movements for a nation of 1.25 billion? Why is it that you get to call it a “national alliance”?

That BCCI refuses to have a representative of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) on its governing council shows that it doesn’t want to be held accountable to the people at large..”

Let’s see NGOs like yours agreeing to be held accountable to the people at large by coming under RTI. The BCCI does not want to be held accountable to anyone because we all know that the BCCI is corrupt. Why is your so called “National Alliance” also hiding from being accountable to the people? What are you hiding? 

Students from both sides whether they raised pro- or anti-India slogans have demonstrated immaturity in asserting their nationalistic preference based on the outcome of a game of cricket.

Yes, no doubt its immature. But it is definitely much better than the Commies who assert their nationalist preference based on the decisions of the Chinese government. Just take this statement from V S Achutanandan, the top Commie in Kerala, who is in the running for Chief Ministership when LDF wins the state in May:


Do you see that? Please…please dont harm Achutanandan’s image by spreading the malicious rumor that he donated blood for Indian soldiers in the 1962 war… 

No, you read that correctly. There’s no typo in that sentence. In Commie circles, your stock goes down if they find out that you might have supported the Indian Army! These are the Commies who have come to teach us now that we are being too immature by associating patriotism with BCCI’s cricket team! At least we are not tying our patriotism to the Supreme Commander of the Red Army!

IPL has also highlighted that these are professional players who can be bought and sold, which implies that they play for money. In IPL, they can switch teams depending on who pays them more. Similarly, even when they play in national teams the prime motivating factor for the players is money. It is unthinkable that any player would play for his national team merely out of a feeling of patriotism without any payment in exchange.”

This is the fallacious Commie thinking that has resulted in West Bengal losing 4 decades in a row. Yes, Sandeep Pandey, like everyone else in the whole world, the players in the Indian cricket team play for money and we already know that. I know you feel very smart and wise pointing that out. By pointing it out, you think you are giving us some great new insight. But the joke is on you because we already knew that. You see, Mr. Commie, we are grown ups and we live in the grown up world. We know that everyone works for money or its equivalent in terms of fame, etc: doctors, teachers, movie stars, scientists, sportsmen… And WE are grown up enough to understand that when everyone is free to pursue his personal interest, we are better off as a society. The ambitions of Edison gave us the light bulb. The ambitions of Mark Zuckerberg gave us Facebook. WE are adults who realize that society is always better off when everyone pursues his own happiness.

So, the joke is really on you, Commie Pandey. WE are grown up, you are still the CHILD who hopes that utopia will come if you share half your lunch with others. That is YOUR childish Commie fantasy. In the grown up world, we let people pursue their ambitions and find ways to actually make the pie bigger so that everyone has enough to eat.

When the game of cricket and its management is so highly commercialised does it make any sense to associate nationalistic feelings with these teams? In fact, the commercial interests exploit our nationalistic feelings.

Agreed. Now let’s say the same about NGOs and the media. If the commercial interests exploit our nationalistic feelings, NGOs exploit our charitable feelings and natural empathy for fellow human beings. In fact, these people end up crowning themselves as guardians of the “idea of India” and what not. Ha! They claim to be protecting our democracy…lolz! How could these commercialized jokers be protecting our democracy and freedom of expression? The CRPF jawan who falls to Commie bullets in Chhattisgarh is the real protector of our democracy and free speech, don’t you think?

I am including the next line purely for fun:

When writer and activist Arun***ti Roy was once asked to convey her best wishes to the Indian team before an international event she said her favourite team was Sri Lanka. Why should every Indian be expected to endorse the Indian team in a sporting event and worse why should this determine out commitment to nationalism?

Indeed, intolerance is rising 🙂 It was extremely impolite of someone to ask a Pakistani to convey best wishes to the Indian team 🙂

BJP leader and BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur has said, Maharashtra will lose Rs 100 crore if IPL were to be moved out of Maharashtra….What people like Thakur don’t realise is money cannot be a substitute for water or food. If you have money, but there is no potable water left, how would you quench your thirst?

Again with the childish Commie economics. What people like Sandeep Pandey don’t realize is that it is actually money that brings food and water to the table. Do you grow your own food, Sandeep Pandey? Do you go to the river or lake everyday to fetch your own water? Have you thought how food reaches your table and how water reaches your tap? It’s because trade made it possible for food to come to the market. How come people die of starvation in Africa but not in America? Does Africa not have water in its rivers, sun in its sky and soil in its ground? Yet, small farmers who actually grow food in Africa die of starvation but people in New York who may never have seen a farm in their whole life get enough to eat. It’s because America has a functioning economy and Africa doesn’t.

Again, this is the fallacious Commie philosophy of people like Sandeep Pandey that made West Bengal a wasteland.

I will now come to my final point about how Commies like Sandeep Pandey pose the biggest headache for Hindus. It’s not just because he hates us Hindus. Rather, I am angry with Sandeep Pandey because people like him make it possible for the BJP to get away with doing nearly nothing for Hindus. A few days back I wrote about NIT Srinagar and I severely criticized the BJP’s lack of willingness to stand up for the nationalist students. But look what a guy like Sandeep Pandey has done. By mounting an offensive on the nationalist students, he has now relieved the pressure on the BJP. All that BJP has to do to stay in business is not  be actively anti-Hindu.  They don’t actually have to do anything for us because we have to support them. People like Sandeep Pandey and the liberal establishment leave us with no choice. 

17 thoughts on “Liberals begin rewriting the history of what happened at NIT Srinagar

  1. Ha!By the way,Gogoi held a press conference yesterday and violated EC norms.Claimed that EC was biased.Case filed against him.He seems to be desperate.Looks as though BJP will not only win but win convincingly.I personally think that this is the best campaign that they have run since 2014 and they will get the fruits of their hard work on May 19.Pity that we have to wait for a month to get the results.Also,Bloomberg released an article recently which talked about the impending commodity boom that India will experience,similar to China’s boom.And yesterday,UPI was launched which will revolutionize India’s banking(esp digital banking) system.Good news all around.I think RWs should not obsess too much over what liberals say(not many agree with them anyway)and we should not obsess too much over what a channel like NDTV(very low TRP)does.As right wingers,it’s our duty to spread positive news instead of negative news.And there’s plenty of positive news,especially on the economic front.We should be talking about these positive things more on Twitter and we should ignore what the liberals say(we are giving them unnecessary attention by focusing on them).Sure,we should criticize the Govt when it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do(like in the NIT Srinagar fiasco)but overall,we should mainly talk about positive developments,shun negativity,be faithful and patient and most importantly,be positive ourselves.


  2. The best part in this blog I found was that this guy Pandey has become unemployed. He apparently believes that people will ignore footage or the absence of footage of ‘nationalist students’ being violent, yet they were being lathicharged, which we all have seen. In the past we have seen how Kashmiri youngsters throw rocks at police and we have also seen that police got hurt. Nothing of that sort was seen in the case of these ‘nationalist students’.


  3. This loon seems really incoherent!!!
    How can they go around spreading lies as if they were on the scene.If this fellow wrote like this to a Scientific Journol they wouldn’t accept.He didn’t even state that he got this from Amit/Ahmed from NIT.


  4. what a slap! I heard it from so far. This commie pandey will die of shame if he reads this article. Unfortunately the commies are shameless lot & keep barking at wrong trees.


  5. After rightly demolishing his spiel about course of events at NIT Srinagar as an attempt to develop a narrative that gives a spin to the incident in a way that it appears like an attack on local students returning from Friday prayers, I’m afraid you lost the plot in your determination to trash the author for his left leanings. Cricket nationalism is totally childish becomes India doesn’t have a cricket team that represents it. BCCI and its employees who form the team BCCI, deceive unsuspecting fanatical fans using nationalistic iconography and manipulate their obsession with the game to market it and rein in the millions. This deception is blatant, unabashed and a systematic inception through media and television. Therefore I completely agree that allegiance to BCCI team is not allegiance to India and as a corollary, lack of allegiance is not antinational. But are those young men or women of NIT to blame because they are victims of systematic manipulation by BCCI? Both sides were party to this venal game of deception, those celebrating India’s loss and those outraged by it both believed than an Indian team had lost…. when it was a BCCI team. Cricket nationalism is an advertisement campaign for BCCI to make more money. I think the author has emphasised that.
    I fail to see what is wrong with his contention that if there is no water left and you have 100 Crores you will not be able to drink it. Your criticism of that statement is totally facetious. According to you since everyone doesn’t grow their own food or fetch their own water, it is fine to trade natural resources for money because that money can be used to buy food and drink. Normally I agree with many things you write but if everyone lived by the same notion, all food and water would be gone and lots of cash would remain with no food and water to buy … and you call it a grown up way of thinking. Now what the closet commie may have written may betray his proclivities towards the left, yours I am afraid in this post seem more like a diatribe against him on the pretext of critiquing the article. I am sure you can do better than this.


    1. Hi friend,
      I fully agree that BCCI makes a fool of us all. But the same goes for shady NGOs which the author is associated with.

      As for the food and water vs money issue, what I am trying to explain is that it is actually trade and the economy that makes food and water come to us. It is actually impossible to have a situation where we have lots of money and no food/water. Because rich people are always able to clean up their surroundings and get food/water for themselves. Food and water is not really a finite resource, if you think about it. If we went back to the farming methods of 200 years ago, half the people of the world would starve.

      Whenever there is a shortage of something, its prices go up and there is always a new breakthrough that makes it more readily available to us all. This is how the economy shapes civilization. We have a lot of water in the ocean, for instance. We don’t desalinate it as yet because we still have enough fresh water. As we begin to run out, water will become more valuable and we will start using ocean water. Along with that will come faster and cheaper ways to desalinate. There will be better ways to get more fresh water. There are always lots of possibilities when humanity thinks hard enough.

      Think of it this way. No matter how hard we try to “conserve” water without finding new ways of getting fresh water, the increasing population means that some day we won’t have water left to drink. The only way out is to find better and cheaper ways of obtaining fresh water. If the economy doesn’t develop, we will be stuck in the same old rut. The lake will always run out eventually if the population keeps growing.


      1. Your long prose about water and economy is hardly related to the point you were making.

        My comment was intended to point out that is your single minded attempt to disparage against the journalist for his left leanings and political narrative, you ended up dropping the ball. Since I know you are capable of a better construct, and as a regular reader of your blog, felt constrained to let you know.


      2. Hi Rahul,
        I appreciate your feedback. Perhaps I did a shoddy job of explaining. Please give me one more chance, since this issue is actually at the core of my right wing economic beliefs.

        Take water. Leftists visualize the resource as a single bucket. They see that water is constantly poured out of this bucket to generate wealth. That is why they begin to worry about a scenario where all the water has been poured out. The bucket has become empty and we are left with only money and no water.

        This is where I disagree. Let me explain why it is impossible to be left with only money and no water.

        As water is poured out of the bucket and the level of the water in the bucket goes down, the water becomes more precious. As such, people begin to find ways to perform the task with less water. This is a natural consequence of the price system. Since the water is now more precious, the profit margins from using that water begins to get squeezed. In fact, people realize that there is now money to be made in trying to fill the bucket rather than pour the water out. The same “greed” that caused us to pour out too much water now works in reverse, driving us to make money by pouring in water!

        Let me know how you feel about this. At the very least, I can assure you that this is not something I whipped up because I was angry at this author. This is at the very core of my beliefs regarding natural resources and the environmental movement. I wish I had done a better job of explaining it before. In fact, what say I do a blog post on this specific issue and we discuss and see how everyone feels. There is no doubt that it’s a contentious belief. Let me know what you think.

        Chaiwallah 🙂


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