How a motorcycle theft in Rajasthan was given a casteist color by media

This is one of those posts that should ideally have been published at least a week ago. But as it often happens, with Mameluk activity always happening at a frenetic pace, this poor blogger often has to place some incidents in the “waiting room”. As we have been discussing often, the Dynasty and its Mameluks have been in cold sweat ever since the BJP began its offensive to create a truly Hindu nationwide vote covering all castes. No wonder then that the desperation to paint the BJP as anti-Dalit is at an all time high. Take this from India Today:


From looking for azaadi inside Kanhaiya’s pants to caste war in an ordinary bike theft case, the desperate secular brigade will stop at nothing. Just a reminder that India Today is the organization that Rajdeep Sardesai works for. And then Madam Sagarika will blog in ToI accusing social media of giving communal color to “road rage”….


Well, how could Nehru Dynasty Television be far behind? Soon they had put up a whole article about this, for which they received a pat of appreciation from the Shehzada himself!


The Mameluks at Nehru Dynasty TV must have partied late into the night. Such appreciation right from the top!

But where did this juicy story originate from? Who is the Mameluk that sowed the seed? I searched hard and from what I understood, the father of this story is a Mameluk by the name of Shoeb Khan working for ToI. Indeed, I look forward to Madam Sagarika Ghose’s next blog in the ToI accusing social media of being irresponsible:


Indeed, Mameluk Shoeb Khan went a step further. Can you spot it? Instead of merely implying it,  Shoeb Khan went ahead and explicitly said that the Dalit boys had been thrashed by “upper caste”. As if we needed further confirmation, could the Mameluks be more blatant in promoting caste war in a desperate attempt to bring down Modi?

Armed with such hard hitting, responsible reporting from mainstream media, the Congress ecosystem went into overdrive. Here is Prashant Sareen, co-founder of Newslaundry fishing in troubled waters:


For good measure, Mameluk Sareen added the spice with the “Bharat Mata” angle. To be fair, Sareen was not alone in adding the “Bharat Mata” spice to the story. There was another cook called Burqa Dutt who had the same idea:

No wonder, the prospect of  “dying of shame” brought out the animal instincts of the secular vultures. Their mouths began to water.

The pot had been stirred, the cauldron was boiling and a giant feast was being prepared for secular vultures. Vulture Rifat Jawaid of Janatakareporter began to spread far and wide the news of the feast that was ready:


Ah..Rifat Jawad had the video too! The vultures could now let out cries of delight. Together they would make the Hindus “die of shame” so that the secular vultures could eat.

And then, reality poured cold water on the tasty meal that was being prepared:


Ha! Three of the six people who beat up these kids were Dalits themselves! 

All that spice, all that spin and the secular vultures got nothing to eat…one by one they walked out. Some deleted tweets, some confidently got on with blaming Bhakts for the turn of events…But I cannot help feel for one “baby vulture” who really began to cry at the turn of events.


She is a baby vulture fresh out of journalism school. She can’t believe that this feast got away from her… Don’t worry, little vulture, such is life. They say there is “many a slip between the cup and the lip”. This was one such moment. Make your peace with it.  Life goes on.


18 thoughts on “How a motorcycle theft in Rajasthan was given a casteist color by media

  1. Primarily, the Anti-Modi tirade has not subsided. I would hold BJP, Media Cell of BJP and Modi himself for all this vicious campaign against him and the larger community! Of course, I dont expect Modi or BJP to take the side of HIndus, but as they are more secular in genuine terms, unlike the crocodile shedding CONgress, they should address this Media Management much more seriously, by a pro-active campaign to stem this rot!

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    1. I agree with you. Modi too has been stroking such divides sometime overtly. At times covertly.
      Indian politicians refuse to mature. Modi was bestowed with a mandate to rule , change , revolutionise India, catapult it to a different league and entirely by Hindus for a hindutwa govt ; instead Modi has been busy reinventing himself as a sickular fiberal statesman frittering away the mandate given to him.

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  2. Good post and well researched!!

    ‘looking for azaadi inside Kanhaiya’s pants’….LOL LOL!!

    Actually you feel sorry for those teenage boys after seeing the photos. But mob fury is difficult to control that too for those people who got effected similarly!I have seen the same happening to a pickpocket who was caught red handed!

    The Dynasty and its Mameluks are stupid to try these type of cheap tricks knowing very well that they will be caught!

    While they can spread such hatred,they advice SM not to communalise even though SM is telling the truth….what hypocrites!!

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  3. Corollary: It does not matter that a Dalit woman was raped by Dalits. What matters is that she was raped because she was a Dalit !! (And Narendra Modi should be blamed for that).


  4. These people should be taken to court everttime the lie or create false controversies.
    The I&B Ministry should formulate a code of conduct for news outlets and for reporters .Any violation of that code should be met with strict punishment.Punishment should include public apology for spreading false news (the apology should be as prominent as their lies;not some centre page two line apology after making a front page lie) as well as monetary fine that can go into the governments exchequer.
    Also words like “alleged” should not be allowed to give these scums leeway.
    These people should be put in their place.They have long ceased to be news reporters and have infact pecome news fabricators.They should be taken to consumer courts for breach of trust.


    1. P.S. If there biased “News’ coverage causes societal unrest tjey should be suspended and tried in court.
      Giving intel to terrorists,as done by Burqa Dutt,should be punished as a tresonous act.


    2. This time they indeed have gone too far. There should have been some FIRs registered against these people. But we all know that BJP is too weak to do that. I expected better from Vasundhara though…


  5. In the name of Democracy and FOE , everyone has got license to bark. For at least 15 years after independence, this country should have been ruled by Iron Hands(Dandaa)


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