So it’s true! Seculars are planning to invade Dalits demographically!

Last year at the heat of the Bihar election, the Prime Minister spoke of a conspiracy by India’s secular establishment to eat into reservation for “lower” caste Hindus. At that time, angry seculars dismissed as a desperate ploy by Modi to undo the damage caused by Mohan Bhagwat’s statement about “reconsidering” the basis for reservations. Take this article for instance:

To serve his aim of polarising votes along religious lines, Modi dredged up a stillborn idea mooted in 2012 by the United Progressive Alliance government which said it would carve out a sub-quota of 4.5% for Muslims within the 27% OBC quota.”


Well, now that seculars feel emboldened after the sweep in Bihar election, they are beginning to reveal their true colors. Yesterday, Nitish Kumar made it explicit:

I am referencing Janta ka reporter, the footmat of Nitish’s dear friend Shri Kejriwal so as to avoid any accusations that I am deliberately misquoting him.

There you have it people…you heard the man. You heard what he said. He wants his secular voters to get their hands on reservations given to “lower” caste Hindus. If you think about it from Nitish Kumar’s point of view, it makes perfect sense to become a “Maulana” Nitish. Despite the confusion about reservations due to Bhagwat’s comments, post poll studies show that Dalits and Mahadalits mostly opted for the BJP and the youth in these communities did so by an overwhelming margin. It’s absolutely clear:

Seculars feel that they cannot trust Dalits any more!

So what do the idea of India seculars do? They do the most obvious thing…they turn to their most loyal voters…the peacefuls for help. You see the secular parties have long given up the battle for the “upper” caste Hindu vote and large sections of “middle castes” and OBCs. The arena of conflict has shifted to the “lower” castes. In 2014 and beyond, BJP has been increasingly attracting the Dalit vote. In fact, it is possible that in 2015, more Dalits voted BJP than even in 2014. Coming from a heartland state like Bihar, this is reason for seculars to panic. Seculars are now suspicious of Dalits increasingly embracing their Hindu identity. Modi’s efforts like MUDRA and Stand up India which aim to turn Dalits from job seekers to job creators are unnerving them. Indian “secularism” runs by keeping Dalits poor and Muslims scared. With Dalits rising, the pillars of Indian “secularism” are shaking.

It is no surprise then that the idea of India crowd is working on a new grand plan. They propose to create a new community altogether: Dalits + Muslims + Christian. This is a clear demographic attack on the Dalit community, an effort to dilute and snatch away their Hindu identity. The Chinese, for instance, were unsure of the loyalty of Tibetians, so they brought a whole bunch of Han Chinese from their heartland and settled them in Tibet. During the early 20th century, the government formed by white colonists in Australia made it official policy to “breed out the color” from the aboriginal people…i.e., absorb the aborigines till their genes had almost disappeared through dilution and of course their culture and identity had been wiped out. This was basically an allegedly humane form of genocide devised in Australia! But there is no such thing as “humane genocide”. It’s GENOCIDE!

Seculars are doing the same thing in India. Now that they can feel the “lower” castes shifting their loyalties, they have decided to change the identity of Dalits by importing their most loyal voters from the peaceful community and creating a new identity. This also fits in perfectly with the larger design to cleanse India of its pagan civilizational values and force feed us with a monotheistic, doctrinaire, stifling dose of Abrahamism. It is time to recognize this threat for what it is…it is time to stand up for the rights of our Dalit brothers and stop this demographic invasion by seculars .. this is for the very soul of our Bharat!

25 thoughts on “So it’s true! Seculars are planning to invade Dalits demographically!

  1. Brilliant take Chaiwala. Since the dalits are now moving away from secular parties they are completely in panic. Lokk at WB Mumtaz Bano is in completely numb state after finding that Peaceful are not voting in her favour. So now she has reached a kind of tacit arrangement with BJP. Mumtaz has been wiped out in North Bengal. Now only in South Bengal she can save her butt.


  2. There can never be a substitute for merit.Reservation is a horrible idea.In a way,it is actually insulting to the group that gets the reservation because it gives a message that they can’t achieve on their own and need to be helped.This has created a situation in which quality is affected.No wonder why Govt enterprises aren’t exactly known for their efficiency and the private sector(no reservations) is way more efficient because they don’t compromise on merit.Congress is responsible for opening this Pandora’s Box and it’s a box that is very difficult to close.I am a Brahmin myself and I would like reservations to go but I do understand that BJP will get affected badly electorally if it scraps reservation.I just hope that this reservation stuff comes to an end one day.We praise and revere people like Pichai(Google CEO),Nadella(Microsoft CEO),Shantanu Narayen(Adobe CEO),etc for making us proud.But It is politically incorrect to mention that all of them are Brahmins.If reservation hadn’t been there,imagine how much these talented people would have contributed to our country.South Africa is a good example of the bad effects of reservation.After Apartheid got over,the ANC decided to supposedly implement a policy called the BEE in which Blacks got preference for jobs.Even for admission to colleges,the threshold for Blacks is way lower and Whites and Indians have to get more marks in order to get admitted.The end result?They have an 85% failure rate and many drop out.In 12th standard out of 7 subjects,you need to just get 40% in 3 subjects,just 30% in 3 others and you can still pass even if you fail the 7th subject!They didn’t give respect to merit and paid the price and SA is going down rapidly and the fact that their ruling party and president are incompetent does not help matters.Upper castes are made to feel guilt even though most of us would never think of discriminating against lower castes.The argument goes that our ancestors oppressed them(true)so we have to pay the price but they ignore the fact that we haven’t done anything wrong.They are using the same justification against Whites in SA too and I’ve heard that there is a lot of reverse discrimination there(Whites are killed regularly) and that Whites and Indians are fleeing the country.Thankfully,our non upper caste brothers and sisters never harm us physically and I hope that what is happening in SA doesn’t happen here.I am proud to be a Brahmin but that doesn’t mean that I hate non upper caste people.I just hope they realize that we have nothing to do with what our ancestors did.I always believe in empowerment but not entitlement.Instead of bridging the caste divide,reservation has only increased it.By giving them reservations,the Congress and other parties are actually insulting them and their abilities and are denying them the chance to hone their abilities in a healthy,competitive environment.We as human beings can do incredible things if we are given the right kind of competitive environment and if we have the drive.The easy reservations don’t give them the competitive environment or the drive which is very unfortunate.I actually think that we upper castes are lucky because we have to work harder and this brings out the best in us.I hope to see the day in which merit gets the respect that it deserves.Sorry for the long rant but I just felt the need to vent.Cheers.


    1. Ha ha…rant as much as you want, friend 🙂 We are all ears.

      When constitution was written, reservation was supposed to last just 10 years. Now reservation is being used to create a community that is opposed to Hindus as a whole.


    2. You should not be proud to be Brahmin. You should be proud to be a Hindu. And be proud of your personal prowess in brain, sports etc.


  3. First of poverty doesn’t have a caste.
    Secondly I find the followers of love and peace hypocritical.Thet simply accuse Hindus of casteism but they are more racist and casteist themselves.They propagate all sorts of pseudo-scientific racist theories (like The AIT and abbetting genocide in Rawanda).The Christians keep seperate churches for different sub-castes and are extremely discriminatory.Even the Peacefuls have a full fledged caste system.And unlike Hindu society they don’t even attempt reformation(these days in many temples in south India priests are trained from all sections of society).
    It annoys me how the Hindus are accused of casteism and on top of that SC/ST intrests are thrown into the sacrificial altar of “secularism”.
    Our “seculars” are wondering why the so-called lower castes are attracted to BJP.Well the main reason is that they are identifying as Hindu and are sick and tired of their well-being compromised due to caste politics


    1. In India, everything has caste. Mobs have caste. Even trolling can have a religion, which is why she calls us internet Hindus. Only terror has no religion, when, you know, a certain religion strikes.


  4. Well reservation is for a limited period so that communities which have been not in mainstream and aren’t educated on par with other communities. Sadly even after so many years, reservations exist because our beloved Congress believed in keeping Dalits poor. As far as Muslims are concerned, they are responsible for their own mess. They always want everything separate… Separate Personal laws…Separate reservation… they have alienated themselves so much that every thing associated with majority (Read Hindu) is somehow infringement of so called secular ethos. Now Bihar Ke Beti Ke abba wants reservation in Private sector too. How low can these people purge. Private sector is their to provide jobs and employment irrespective of caste , colour and religion. It’s not their fault that backward communities are still backward. Don’t shove the responsibilities of govt on the private sector’s throat who are already under pressure to create employment. Reservations are must for SC and STs. OBC reservation should reformed. Too many communities are under OBC. Beats the purpose of former.


    1. And communities should reaponsible for their own upliftment.Govt. dhols only keep people poor.Instead of wasting money on handouts the government should increase no. of schools and quality of education.Same goes for primary health centres.The govt. should incentivize the middle class to send their children to Govt. schools as middle class parents are good at keeping a check on teachers and facilities.Instead they are keeping the poor in poverty with imbecile schemes like 1 rupee rice and free TVs and Sarees.The seculars are friends of poverty not the poor.


      1. Indeed, if I believe that there is one thing that the government should spend on, it is education. In a country like ours where lots of people come from very poor background, education is the bridge.


  5. Modi has turned out to be a messiah of only feminist women, dalits and minorities . so why should any hindu middle class person vote for BJP ?? Just for being a namesake Hindutwa party which in reality is hurting Hindus more ( most dalits use their inclusion into Hinduism fold to blackmailand extract more from govt)??

    So long as we continue to be divided along caste , gender,language, religious line – this country will remain mediocre and pathetic.

    In that sense even Modi is similar to manmohan singg. Inorder to remain PM and ensure BJP rules, even Modi is stooping to conquer. ( MMS stooped to SG , Modi to specific voter class).

    We blame british for our plight but continue to follow their tendencies only. Reason, Balance, Fairplay is lost in this country. Modi is doing his own thing. Some sections of populace are getting benefiitted and maybe will vote for Modi- but then what about those that are not benefitting ? Why should they tolerate the ways of Modi especially if things for them is not changing for better under modi govt ??

    UPA 1 does seem to be a better comparatively. BJP inexperience in showing off. For example : In Maharashtra the drought situation is very bad – the efforts of BJP govt not withstwnding. People that suffer ( across caste, religion, gender) will definitely not forget .. No matter what more sops BJP entering. Strict restriction on population and migration is a must … Or else not much time left where situations of conflicts become more and apparent.

    And on top of it we have BJP govt capitulating before desk thumpers and activists and hooligans ( now women and men both enter inner shrine of shani shingnapur and trimbakeshwar( next) … I wonder what era of wayward hindu rule we are entering. !!! Shastraartha anyone ????? Hahahahaha


    1. I believe that the efforts of Fadnavis Govt to ensure drought free Maharashtra will definitely bear fruit by the time the election actually arrives. People have also not forgotten how the previous government offered to piss when the farmers needed water. Plus we are gonna see good monsoon this year.

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  6. Barkha tries whatabouttery in a debate very specific to Islam and gets slapped for it. Not only that, but she also peddles a lie that menstruating women are not allowed in temples – a sweeping lie, based on on temple Sabarimala.


    1. Barkha and her ilk will have their way. Soon high court or supreme court will allow menstruating women to do abhishek of idols with menses blood and even allow to copulate with linga !!! In india everything goes. A true free for all ..feminists and sickulars are thriving as of the present. And which hindu can do what ?? Hinduism is nowa potpourri of non abrahamic human population dictated to primarily by feminists, commies , irreverent momentarists.

      Though many of you’ll may not agree with my view – but i hold weakling statesman modi as directly responsible even for the courts ruling against traditional Hindus! !! They all know that Modi is keen to project himself as statesman and so they are making hay while modi is in ‘development’ and ‘statesman mode’.


  7. So, here is a golden opportunity for we all Hindus. Why not for once we use our dynamic reformist policy work for our unity. Open all temples in every inch of Bharat for all Hindus. After all we opened our temples for all women even for Shani Dev, which was one refugee for all male Hindus. Then we make our temples hub of our civilizational & human development. The lucrative priest positions are made from all castes based on 18 years thorough positive religious, cultural Bharat history studies and certification. The Dalits and other Hindus should be given increased subsidies for certifications and solve once for all all Hindus lined up as all Hindus. I guarantee in 10 years dalitgiri absorbed in main stream and we find next reservations on economic ground and we open for Ghar wapsi subsidy.
    This is how you match brand for brand and create Arya (noble) brand.


    1. To join the debate on reservation, it is bad idea the day it is more than 10 years maximum limit because beyond 10 years that narration of upper or lower cast in Hinduism disqualifies Hindus to sit on the table. So, to catch up on equal opportunities a head start is humane for a limited period. But like everything else, anti nationals in sixty years built a wall and cemented a permanent divide of High Hindus and low Hindus, where all Hindus turned lower than all other humans for having 50% recognized as such and other for subscribing to such notion certified by on going reservation. To turn the table make all Hindus high, Arya (noble). Give all equal opportunities in lucrative Hindu hailing professions in Hindu temples, in arts and film industries. It is better to have stars from Hindu tribals and Hindu lower (dalit, OBC) profession than having role model and stars from foreign butcher and malechh tribal cultures.


    2. Modi has mooted the idea of Dalit priests several times. Somehow they have never gotten around to actually acting on this. Methinks they are nervous about the possible blowback for such a revolutionary step.


  8. The most potent (at least in their mind) criticism of Hindus by Christians and Muslims is caste system in Hinduism. In most cases they successfully converted Dalits to Christianity (and Muslims too) by claiming they don’t have Dalits and everybody is equal among them. Now when it came to reservation, lo and behold they have Dalits too!!

    I must add that SC/ST, BC/OBC etc. remained where they were during forties is their own fault. They are 40 Crores in India. Of them hardly one or two percent of them even qualify for reservation (even at 45 percent, they have to pass first, you must be able to read and write to qualify for clerk’s jobs), yet they vote like ship for any party supporting reservation or vote like ship against any party trying to change reservation. So any party does not feel like doing anything for rest 98-99 percent. They take their votes for granted. In order to improve, these people should demand that the party in power do something for all of them not just few of them.


    1. This is what Modi is trying to change by turning Dalits into job creators. I feel we are at the cusp of something big. Dalit youth are beginning to break out of the old mindset and join the bandwagon of aspiration.


  9. No good leader can be democratic, hum hindustaani, danda ki bhasha samjhtey hai, Democracy, FOE is just bull crap. “Work is Worship” should be the motto for all.
    In the name of democracy & FOE, every kutta, billi & chuha vomits(verbal diarrheea)


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