From “Bharat” to “India” and finally to nothing at all

The graph of Indian liberal discourse has been trending downwards for a while now, but as I pointed out a few days ago, they have now started to fall over the cliff. Things are moving rapidly now and the Indian liberal is diving into a cascade of idiocy. Nobody knows where the rock bottom for Indian liberalism is…

The constant denigration of Hindus has been a story that is decades long. Then came the few years of constantly attacking Hindu festivals. They slowly got tired of it. The latest game in libtown was to attack Bharat Mata. Within a matter of weeks, Troll has churned out as many as 6 articles sneering at  “Bharat Mata”, with the latest one appearing yesterday:

  1. Far from being eternal, Bharat Mata is only a little more than 100 years old:

2. This 3 minute video tells you how Bharat Mata was turned into a goddess.

3. Who was Bharat and why are we calling him mata?

4. How Bharat Mata became the code word for a theocratic Hindu state

5. Why is is time to demand Azaadi from Mother India

6. How the Sangh Parivar transformed Bharat Mata into a militant goddess.

In these articles, Bharat Mata has been called everything from a “militant Hindu goddess” to an enforcer of Brahmin male privilege. The sheer amount of energy that has put into destroying the reputation of their latest arch-rival “Bharat mata” baffles me.

We get it yaar: the image of Bharat mata irritates the eye of Hinduphobic Indian liberals. Sounds of Vande Mataram make their ears explode. Sanskrit drives them crazy. Yoga drives them crazy…

Till a few days ago, at least the liberals would give us some alternatives. If not the word “Bharat” with its ugly Hindu/Sanskrit origins, you could opt to say the more Western word “India” and the liberal thought police would let you be. In fact, liberals themselves used the term “idea of India” as shorthand for the vision of a “liberal Bharat” allegedly imagined by Nehru. Ha! Not any more! In a matter of days, the cascade of liberal foolishness has moved ahead and now “India” itself is a bad word.

The war on the word “India” has started in earnest. Here is the latest article in the DailyO:


Beautiful. From being a term used by the liberal elite to sneer at lowly desis, “idea of India” has now been declared a term that is being stuffed down the throats of liberals. Must say this new move has caught me unawares. Here we were used to mocking arrogant liberals for talking about the “idea of India”…and in no time, they have turned it around, disowned the  term and are now demonizing its usage as yet another Hindu male conspiracy!

And what is the term in there they object to? The word is “India” itself:

What does one mean by the word “India”? Does it have only one meaning? What does it mean to call oneself an Indian, or rather, the more pertinent question is: who is an Indian? Is there any monochromatic form of nationalism that encompasses the views of all the people living within this territorially bound landmass called India?

This had to happen. The article goes on and on about how “India” was a term coined by foreigners and how it’s silly to use the word. The funny part is: he’s right! We used to say Bharat, we switched to “India” in the hope that the liberals would stop bothering us. Now you tell me how foolish it is to talk about “India” and “Indians”.

Of course, the war on “India” started in the West, with liberals in California demanding that the term be removed from textbooks:

And no surprise that Sagarika Ghose too chimed in, bashing the term “India” :

So, what word would they rather have me use? Can I go back to saying “Bharat” then if India sounds foolish to them? The real answer to this is chilling. Their answer is: NOTHING AT ALL. They don’t want us to name it because they don’t want it to exist at all. That was the whole idea all these years. They led us to the edge from “Bharat” to India…and now they will mock us with: Ha! There never was an “India” and kick us over the edge into nothingness… That’s the liberal project. They want this nation gone. Wiped out of maps and memories.  The unfinished chapter of Christian-Islamic-Communist conquest needs to be ripped out of history.  These people were always talking about it.

It was our fault for not paying attention. Bengali, Malayali, Tamil, Kashmiri, Naga…they see this nation of ours as a fortress prison to be stormed…to be torn into pieces and destroyed. The three great expansionist religious superpowers: Islam, Chrisitianity and Communism already divided the world among themselves. The three of them hate each other but they all agree that there is no place for us. That’s why they need to BREAK INDIA. Winston Churchill laid it out long ago:

India is merely a geographical expression. It is no more a single country than the Equator

The idea that India needs to be ripped to pieces is an article of faith among these forces. In fact, they have put tremendous intellectual (and actual) capital into this project and convinced themselves that Indians themselves want to rip their country apart. Which is why our unity confounds them. Unable to accept the essential oneness of the Indian civilization, these three forces claim that this oneness is some kind of artificial construct thrust upon the Indian people. The imaginary offenders here could be anyone…from crony capitalists to Hindu males to a vast army of Brahmin-Baniya supremacists. Anything except the acceptance of the reality that the cultural oneness of India comes from within. Like orthodox Christians denying evolution, the leftists shake their heads and their fists at India and promise to free us. ROFL! 

Finally, let me briefly note two things:

  1. First, despite all his contempt for Hindus and admiration for Commies, Nehru himself was not arrogant enough to proclaim that he had come up with the “idea of India”. In fact, his famous book is titled the “Discovery of India”.
  2. If Owaisi thinks that his alternative of saying “Hindustan” instead of “Bharat Mata”  will stand the test of Indian liberalism, he is doomed. That term contains the H-word, after all…


This is Indian liberalism, more Commie than Nehru and more Islamist than Owaisi 🙂

39 thoughts on “From “Bharat” to “India” and finally to nothing at all

  1. And that is the staggering truth. This article needs to be marked and shared everywhere.

    This is a global faction now – that simply wants “India” to be relegated to the dust. Much like the Greek, Roman, Chinese etc civilizations, they want the Indian civilization to be gone – to be replaced by the ‘evolved’ modern society and it’s few hundred to a couple thousand year old cultures and religions.

    And there are enough “Jaichands” within India, not to mention others who have embraced and piggybacked on these new cultures, that India has started on a backfoot and is now being pushed around by everyone. I mean, how ridiculous is that the California Education Board actually thinks it can eliminate the word itself from its texts. In another time and place, we’d laugh at this ‘fiction’ and yet it is a serious reality today.

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    1. Indeed…Bharat has been slated for destruction. They simply want us gone…wiped out….destroyed. Unless we open our eyes and recognize as a nation that they want to break us, the Jaichands will sell us out and make merry.

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  2. Lol.Liberalism is a mental disorder.Anyways,Assam registered a turnour of more than 80%(I think) in Phase 1.High turnout is a sign of anti-incumbency.This is good news for BJP and its allies.Hope they win it and make one more state Congress-mukt.I have a feeling that the negative mood that RWs have will go away or at least reduce considerably if BJP wins Assam.

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    1. Pretty sure Assam is in our pocket now. With BJP coming to power, the focus shifts to responsibility. Need to keep the promise of not letting illegals flood into India. Fortunately these illegals directly affect BJP’s electoral interests, so I am pretty sure we will see some real action now.

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  3. Excellent and highly researched post!

    If not for SM this small set of people with this agenda would have got away with it ,the way commies got away with distortion of Indian history!

    As the IIT lady professor was urging the Hindus to awaken the kshatirya factor in each of us to counter such forces whose agenda is to break India!

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  4. If Owaisi thinks that his alternative of saying “Hindustan” instead of “Bharat Mata” will stand the test of Indian liberalism, he is doomed. That term contains the H-word, after all…

    Lol this line is my favorite. Lol

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  5. CWji this article is an eye opener for all citizens who wish their next generation walk with their heads held high. Our Hindu ancestors were very brave people. Despite centuries of foreigners ruling them, majority of them could not be forced to give up their inherited culture & religion. That was the level of respect they had for their forefathers. They just refused to address someone else’ father as their own. As proud descendants we need not feel inferior to others. We don’t have to allow these characterless liberals to intimidate us. We shall call ourselves ‘proud Hindu’ instead of just ‘Hindu’. Keep up the inspiring work.

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  6. We should tell them that India came into existence in 1947 to make them them shut up.But we must assert Bharat has existed since time immemorial.Even in our rituals and scriptures it is mentioned.In many rituals we say “Jambudweepe Bharata khande”.India and Nepal are the sucessors,or rather continuances, of Bharat.
    The problem with these “liberals”,Peacefuls,Christians and HINOs (Hindus in name only) is that they don’t consider Bharat sacred or their Matrubhoomi, for them it is kabza kiye hua bhoomi or their Jagir by birth right.We shouldn’t give these “journalists”(in my opinion they are lousy fiction writers) any importance.The textbook issue should be pursued though.IRs(Indian religionists) should assert that Bharats existence is the most ancient and continuous.All this nonsense of alleged Hindu extemism and majoritariansm should be debunked.In Independent India there has been an instance each of genocide and ethnic cleansing they are the genocide of the Raeng tribe in the NE by Xtian terrorists (the tribe is mentioned in Hindu scriptures) and the Ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri Pandits by “Peacefuls”.
    All patriotic Bharatvasis should ignore and if possible debunk the propaganda of “Seculars” &”Human rights activists”.
    Zaid Hamids response to that creature called a Sagarika Ghose:
    And they formed an “East from Burma to Afghanistan Company”.

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  7. This is related to the word riot.
    What happened in 1984 was a pogrom or genocode or state sponsored terrorism.Secular goons (most Peaceful) massacared Bharats Sikhs living in India.
    What happened in Godhra in 2002 was also genocide as the Karsevaks were targeted for their religion by Peaceful Jihadis.
    What ensued were riots as people from both sides of the violence died and were displaced
    Note for “Seculars”:I am not using Gandhi Mathematics where,
    1 Muslim=3 humans
    so the number of dead Muslims is 790 not 2000+
    And I am not using Secular/Peaceful/PseudoMinorityMath where,
    1 Hindu= 1/10000000000th of a human.
    So No. of Hindus who passed away in the Post-Godhra riots (NEVER CALL IT GUJRAT RIOTS 2002,IN FACT CORRECT PEOPLE)is 252 not tends to zero.

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    1. That is the ‘secular’ media and world for you. One Muslim death in Dadri, cause for which is still not clear, meant entire Hindu population was intolerant. But the way they rant, you’d think only Muslims died in it. The 25-30% of Hindu deaths, which is a couple of hundred, just does not count.


      1. Dadri was a case of stolen property.Akhlaq stole a calf.When the owner confronted him,the owner was shot by one of Akhlaqs family nembers.A fight ensued and 5 people started lynching him and his son, a group of Hindus stopped the lynch mob.


      1. I understand their sentiment.In my locality we collectively take care of stray cats and dogs.So when outsiders (ie.pecefuls from the adjoining colony harass the animals there is a lot of vocal objection.It is natural for attachment to come from taking care of a living being.


  8. Amount of bakchodi we “Bharatiya” tolerate on daily basis is no joke. These people have lost it long ago and want others to go insane by spewing this nonsense. For these chutiyas what foreigners or leftist say is patthar ki lakeer. See it goes like this, what Dhongi Babas do is dhong and blind faith, but what Teresa does is miracle. Bharat gained freedom in 1947 and a Constitutional Republic came into existence but sadly all these Jaichand’s are stuck in Colonial era. IDK who these bastards are trying to please and that too with this zeal. Our own history is shit to them but what white people say is ultimate truth.

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    1. Isn’t there morality and credebility exposed by them quoting that creature and war criminal called a Winston Churchill.Churchill is responsible for creating the Man/Rakshasa made Bengal Famine that claimed 4 million lives.
      There is a saying in Telugu,”thelupu andani ni kotestundi” ie.White skin takes away beauty.I like to interpret beauty as knowledge/enlightenment,which is the most beautiful thing according to Dharmic tradition.So our elite in accordance to this abandon all truth,rationality and pride as soon as they see the white skin of a moron/”academic”.No matter what our historians say,no matter what or scientists say,they will not be believed just because they happen to have melinin pigments that cause the skin to be brown.Well atleast on the. bright side we will never get skin cancer like the pure whites.


    2. All the ancient Sanskrit texts were stolen by the white invader for patenting knowledge in their own names.

      why did so many white men learn Sanskrit?…..after all it is the language of savages and coolies!!

      Vedic/Hindu/Indian civilization -The Mother of Industrial Revolution – Duplicity of the west

      Worth watching!


      1. This is true,a lot of discoveries and theorems credited to the west are actually from Asian civilisations such as the Indian civilization as well as Chinese and Japanese.The Whites are a very racist lot even today.Infact their racism passes of as scholarship as portrayed by the alleged scholarship of Ms.Doniger.I borrowed her book and I can tell you that if such tripe was written about Africans or Latin Americans it would have been termed as racist.She basically converts philosophy and history into disrespectful pornography.I was bubbling with anger after reading the book.If I ever meet her I will openly insult Judaism,Christianity and “Peace” in her presence (its not that hard,these cults are self insulting if you use a balanced mind)


  9. See this tweet from some Prashant Sareen:
    BJP would probably say just an isolated incident. Only the upper caste can even want to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    This was the alledged Dalit boys stripped case – what was supposed to be a bike theft and punished by a group made of Dalits and others on boys who were known thieves (none of which is justification for mob justice) was cleverly changed into a fake upper caste beating on Dalit story.

    But worse is the fact that this piece of **** connecting that somehow to wanting to celebrate one’s country and claiming no one but upper castes could.

    The acrimony in their minds and the burning desire to blot India out is something we have not seen before. It seems to be a new phenomenon brought on by 2014 and after.

    So long as no one who was openly Hindu ruled this country they were willing to tolerate Hinduism. But now the daggers are out. And in their hatred for NaMo and those who are now openly stating their affinity for Hindu way of life, they are willing to even tear apart India.

    What these morons don’t realize is that, if Hinduism goes, the idea of India will go too. It will become one more hotbed of middle east inspired terrorism. Just look around at the neighbors India has. Guess who will be the first to be sacrificed when that happens? It is these traitors, because other countries and other religions are not as tolerant of traitors as we are.


    1. As usual they are trying to break India. Even Pappu shared this “news” on his official Twitter id. Now it turns out that 4/6 arrested for beating up the boys were also Dalits!


  10. Saying this after reading Shan Shen’s comment.I actually think that the actions of liberals will be counter productive in the end.I actually think that they will end up uniting the Hindu votes.Liberals were the ones who made Modi what he is today.Modi absorbed all their attacks,weathered the storm and dealt a huge blow to the libs.Their efforts to discredit him and BJP will continue to hurt them.A perception that the media,academia,certain celebrities and most parties(except BJP,Shiv Sena and perhaps BJD) are anti-Hindu and that they are attacking Hindu culture is being created and this is making Hindus feel as if they are under siege.This is one of the factors that propelled BJP in 2014 and the liberals seem to have learned nothing and they are just giving free petrol to the BJP race car(by siding with anti nationals in the JNU issue,by staying silent when Hindus or Hindu culture are attacked,etc).The main threat(Congress)is going down electorally and the BJP will most probably inflict a mortal blow on them in 2019.A non-Congress party has never won 2 consecutive terms in India.CW said that these libs would be finished if BJP wins in 2019.I agree with him.


    1. 2019…ah 2019…when will it come! Can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen. If we win 2019, India survives. If they win in 2019, their retaliation against Hindus will be massive!


  11. The geographical area of India might have been ruled by different kings over various regions. Different languages and different sub cultures might have been there. But what held together the people of this country is what everyone calls today as ” Hinduism “. It was a way of life prevelant over a vast region from what is present day Afghanistan to the far east. McCaulay’s education, the infiltration of academia by communists and long years of Congress rule have made all these people deny this fact.


    1. Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂

      Hinduism and its cultural oneness are the soul of Bharat. Without this, our identity would simply disappear. We do not want to hate anyone, we simply want to retain this identity. For the liberals, thats a crime.


    2. I don’t complain about western type of education completely. In fact the technology and Industrialization based education is more relevant for today’s world. My grouse is that the Congress tried to corrupt Indian history by mainly distorting the great Hindu kings and their virtues. It is a pity my next generation have not read Shivaji, Jhansi Rani, Bhagat singh, Bose, Azad and many more in our school history books. All they read was Gandhi, Nehru, his descendants and other Congressmen who were projected as the only freedom fighters. On the other hand, those boys who have had a short stint at RSS shakas had a better knowledge since there were always some inspiring stories told/discussed about other forgotten greats of freedom movement. Now since the commies will not be accommodated in present educational Institutions and academia (at least for another 100 years) and we have a blessing in the form of our PM, we may aspire for a non-corrupt educational system. I must also add the Smriti Irani is certainly doing her best in this regard.


  12. As per the presstitute lady Sagarika Ghosh, the concept of India does not exist because Brtish ruled from Barma to Afghanistan? So as per her loigic all countries’ names like Barma, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. should not be there? Does she even know if she promulgate that hypothesis, how much revenue she would lose?


    1. Ms.Ghose is an idiot.By giving her too much attention we are increasing her self-importance.For long I thought that people like her were cunning but their recent assertions made on shaky foundations has made me join the opinion that they are IQ44s.


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