Yes Sagarika, the Indian media is anti-Hindu. Here’s how

So, Sagarika put out her latest blog on ToI, this time trying to prove that the Indian media is not anti-Hindu. Earlier, New York’s most famous secular crusader has also written in the DailyO trying to defend the media. Folks, the most important thing to realize is that the very fact that they are desperately defending themselves means that the accusation is sticking. In fact, the accusation has stuck. Increasingly, the citizens of Lutyens Delhi find themselves being questioned by the wider public. Remember when we began, they used to mock us. Now they know that their reputations are in real danger:

So, let us being with Sagarika’s article here:

Is the Indian media biased against the majority community? Do Hindu grievances find little space in the media? Is a Left-liberal obsession with minority rights leading to a neglect of vital debates on the uniform civil code or the grim realities of Islamist terrorism?

Yes and Yes.

Charges that the media is “anti-Hindu” is only a means to browbeat and intimidate journalists and further shrink the space for raising questions...”

The irony could not be more delicious. By raising questions on the motivations of journalists, the wider public is actually intimidating and browbeating them and somehow shrinking the space for raising questions 🙂 This kind of view can only come from someone who believes that the space for raising questions belongs exclusively to journalists. I ask you Sagarika, how does your so called degree in the so called academic field called “journalism” give you ownership rights to the space for raising questions? How does me and other ordinary people like me asking you questions shrink the space for asking questions?

Recently, the horrifying killing of a dentist in Vikaspuri led to a social media campaign that mainstream media was failing to cover the incident with the same energy as the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri …..there is no evidence to show that the Vikaspuri murder was motivated by religiongiven the area’s demographic profile of upper class enclaves cheek by jowl with slums, it seems to have been the result of terrifying street criminality.”

First of all, since when did the media start caring about evidence? Where did this evidence based approach go when the media covered “church attacks”? As for trying to blame the Vikaspuri muder on class differences, let me remind you of the chilling history of the Indian media on this issue: here is Burqa Dutt blaming the Kashmiri Pandit exodus on class differences.

Yeah…no religious angle there, just class differences and some road rage, right?


Why not focus on the slums in Vikaspuri being full of Bangladeshi illegals from a secular religion, the poor dentist in question celebrating India’s win over Bangladesh and reports of Holi colors being accidentally thrown on someone.

By contrast in Dadri, there may have been some reports that the killing was motivated by a property dispute, yet there is ample evidence of rumours being circulated about Akhlaq’s family storing beef and of a public announcement being made on beef eating by Akhlaq.”

So you admit that there were reports that the killing could be motivated by a property dispute in Dadri. But instead the media chose to focus on the beef angle on the basis of “evidence of rumors being circulated”. However, in Vikaspuri, the media chose to focus on the class difference and road rage angle instead of the Holi colors and India vs Bangladesh angle. So the media gets to pick and choose which angle needs to be played up and which one needs to be played down…and then if we question these choices, we are shrinking the space for questions! Nice!

It’s important here to define what we mean by the media. This newspaper covered the Vikaspuri murder as a front page headline. Local newspapers covered the Kerala killings in detail, as did Bengali channels on Malda. If media is defined exclusively as English language TV then we are inaccurately judging what a major chunk of audiences consume and cries of media neglect are unfounded.

He he…so Sagarika is finally entering confession territory here. Okay, so you admit that English language TV is biased, but you say its okay overall as others in the media may not be. First of all, I am glad that Sagarika has so much respect for her colleagues in the vernacular media. This is indeed touching, coming from the same Sagarika who has shown such extreme contempt in the past for anyone with a less than perfect command of the English language:

We’ll come to the vernacular media separately, but for the moment if Sagarika is openly confessing that the whole media isn’t anti-Hindu, but only the fraction of the media to which she herself belongs, I will take that  gladly 🙂

Now Sagarika echoes Rajdeep :

Utterly condemnable as it was, the Moodbidri killing occurred in the context of spiralling political violence and was not a single attack on an apolitical citizen as in Dadri.

Ha! As I have pointed out in a previous post, saying that murders can be forgotten because they have “context” is a very dangerous and shockingly insensitive argument. There are at least 25 million BJP workers in this country…are these “political citizens” without the right to live? Are you saying that slaughter of these 25 million people, equivalent to 4 holocausts would not be enough to sway the so called liberal conscience of the Indian media because the dead were be “political citizens”.

On a deeper level you can see that the real problem lies with the fact that Sagarika thinks that various categories of citizens have various kinds of rights. If you are so called “political citizen”, you have a lesser right to live. If you are a so called “journalist”, then you have the exclusive right to raise questions. A non-journalist daring to raise questions is a form of intimidation! You don’t get it Sagarika, we are ALL equal citizens, we all have EQUAL right not to be murdered and we all enjoy an EQUAL right to ask questions.

And finally, I have to ask this question. Utterly condemnable as it was, weren’t cases like Best Bakery and Gulberg Society occurring in the context of spiralling communal violence following the Godhra train burning? Oh god…please no Sagarika no…please do not try to pick and choose and classify which of the deaths in 2002 happened to “political citizens” and which ones happened to “apolitical citizens”. Were the VHP workers in the train compartment  “political citizens” or not? Was Congress’ ex-MP Ehsaan Jaffri a “political citizen” or not? Please…I beg you Sagarika…let us not get into these horrifying arguments

More confessions are now in order:

Perhaps the media was guilty of jumping the gun on church attacks some of which were found, upon investigation to be the work of mischief makers…”

Again, thanks! Now please tell me what the media has done to apologize for jumping the gun. And what has it done to correct the perception created by the lying and farcical reporting on the so called “church attacks”? For instance, earlier in your article, you say that:

When politicians like Sakshi Maharaj say, “if somebody kills our mother, we won’t remain silent”, or Sangh leaders like Sadhvi Prachi assert, “those who consume beef deserve such actions”, then the media is surely duty bound to report the murder as a shocking assault on minority rights.

So, you can use random statements from random right wing leaders as evidence to connect any murder to assault on minority rights.  Okay, so when journalists  falsely connect random thefts in churches to assault on “minority rights”, why can’t we use that as evidence that the media is anti-Hindu. Again, the answer must be that asking questions is your personal privilege, not mine, right?

But now Sagarika starts spitting the real venom:

These shrill anti-media campaigns led to attacks on women journalists in a court room at Delhi’s Patiala House.”

This is how the mainstream media elite try actually to intimidate and shut down voices in the social media. By claiming that online anger against a biased media is directly connected to actual violence by hooligans on the ground. What is the evidence, Sagarika, where is the evidence? This is how they seek to tar the social media, paint it as a sinister monster and shut down the ordinary people giving them competition. If assaults on journalists are connected to social media anger, surely mainstream media jumping the gun on the nun rape case in Bengal, painting it as a communal issue, is fuelling Muslim sense of victimhood? So, should I now say that the mainstream media is to blame for the Muslim youths from Mumbai who went to join ISIS? When media falsely says that 72 year old Christian nuns are raped by Hindu fundamentalists, doesn’t it make minorities feel that they will never get justice in India? What about the woman Misbah Qadri who lied about being denied an apartment in Mumbai for being a Muslim and got top billing in the media? Is the media responsible for youths joining ISIS? You tell me…

If the UCC – which deserves to be debated – is sought to be enacted only as a stick to beat minorities, the media needs to ventilate such misgivings….”

When the media decides to ventilate “misgivings” about how equality under the law for all Indian citizens irrespective of religion can be a “stick to beat minorities”, aren’t you pushing the minorities into the arms of ISIS? Tell me Sagarika, if social media anger causes journos to be beaten up in Delhi’s Patiala House court, aren’t mainstream media lies causing people to join ISIS?

The media today is a chaotic, multifarious and diverse platform, where an Owaisi and a Sakshi Maharaj are heard equally. This plurality of almost 400 channels, where beef eating brahmins coexist with prime time patriots, militates against any one ideology being consistently pushed…

This argument is almost obscene in its stupidity. To suggest that it is impossible for any one ideology to be “consistently pushed” because media today is a chaotic, multifarious and diverse platform with “almost 400 channels” and then to turn around in the same article and then say that social media with its 40 million voices (at least) is consistently pushing one single ideology… Ha!

In the past liberals may have been reluctant to claim their Hindu identity leading the fringe to monopolise Hinduism. The press, dominated at one time by the Left-leaning, may have failed to report on the grievances of Hindu upper castes…”

Another satisfying confession, yet with a venomous sting in the tail, trying to break Hindus into upper caste and lower caste.

Today, the pendulum has swung almost to the opposite side with Dalit and marginalised viewpoints falling off the media map and the Hindu zeitgeist aggressively taking centre stage…”

The caste poison continues. Sagarika, as an upper caste Hindu heterosexual Zionist male, let me make this declaration: if the mainstream media decided to give airtime only to atrocities committed by seculars on Dalits and decided to ignore all atrocities by seculars on “upper castes”, I will happily take that. Because more often than not, it is the poor “lower caste” Hindus who are always the first to be sacrificed at the altar of secularism. For example, the government pays for St. Stephens College, for Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia, but seculars will not allow Dalits to get reservation there. When India’s secular forces call for reservation to be given to Muslims, doesn’t it come at the cost of biting off the quota of “lower castes”? So, Sagarika do me a favor and from now on promise to cover ONLY the plight of “lower” caste Hindus being tortured under the boot of Indian secularism. So, when Dalit Class X girl Tuktuki Mondal is kidnapped and gangraped by seculars in Bengal, give it some coverage. When 800 Valmikis have to convert to Islam in Uttar Pradesh to save their houses from demolition:


do me a favor and give it more coverage than that Misbah Qadri and her lies about not getting a house in Mumbai. Thanks…


35 thoughts on “Yes Sagarika, the Indian media is anti-Hindu. Here’s how

  1. One of the worst IQ44s without a doubt.Wonder what the state of English Language Media in India will be 10-15 years from now.


  2. Very good elaborate post!

    Acknowledging that the English news media has ‘jumped the gun’ by this obnoxious female is astonishing! (which we all know was deliberate ….this aspect she will never acknowledge!!)

    She with her pathetic reasoning was trying to prove that Indian media is not anti Hindu!…you have systematically demolished her argument!

    This type of article were they half heartedly acknowledge wrong doing on Hindus is clear indication that they have finally realized that the mighty Hindus who are intelligent,extraordinarily resilient,extremely tolerant,peaceful people have woken up and will not take any more bullshit from these people!!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. CW! I wonder where you get your energy and patience to make such an elaborate rebuttal! Quite interesting. However, you might have heard of the term Category 5 Moron??!! I am also sure you would have read the posts on There is no point CW on addressing the Sagar Ka Ghosh, because they are Macaulay puthris who are beyond anything and everything and live in a world of their own!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha…yes I have heard of Category 5 Moron 🙂

      As for energy to write, I remember the years from 2015 back to like 2004 or so…something like 10 years when I would read the media on my screen and fume with anger, wishing I could make my voice heard. It was only in 2015 that I finally couldn’t take it any longer and decided to start blogging away. Thankfully, my views found a little audience, which delights me. At first, I really doubted if I would have the energy to keep blogging but then I realized that 10 years of fuming at the computer in frustration have given me the energy to carry on..

      Liked by 1 person

  4. CW, Great Post. Nice drubbing you have given this “B***. I fail to undertand how such incompetent nincompoops get a chance to air their view points in print media , unless of course the print media itself wants this opinion floated. More strength to your mind & pen. Keep going and periodically thrash such mameluks & IQ44s without any compunction.


  5. CW Really enjoying each and every post of yours. English media has started to realise that their bullshit is no longer going to be accepted at face value by the audience whom they are trying to influence. It is not only about being anti-hindu. It is also about how they present other events about businesses, politicians etc. If they really think they are alright on other fronts they deserve IQ04 immediately. Their audience now look at news channels more for entertainment value than real news. This will also come down when other entertainment opportunities become more interesting. Ideally the TRPs should be provided across all viewing i.e all channels irrespective of language and content. This will bring out the real value which advertisers get out of english news media and that is when it will start hurting them most. Is it possible to get some data on this?


    1. Wow…thank you very much. Nowadays every single word from these crooks is passed through the ring of fire called social media. Their journalism courses never prepared them for cross questioning. No wonder they are so pissed off.


  6. Fantastic post. I love whenever there is bashing, rightfully so, of notorious and lethal combo of RS and SG. I am sure this is going to make to opindia.
    I can clearly see more denials (veiled confessions) appearing over last one year. It would not have been possible without people like CW and Ravinar.


    1. Dear Chaiwallah,

      Being on travel, I saw this blog only just now. Out of curiosity I went to Pagalika’s blog in ToI, not for the blog itself but for the amusing comments afterwards. Curiously,. there was not a single comment. So Pagalika is being totally ignored, which probably irritates her more than a round of negative comments! Perhaps it is not worth your talent or time to waste on this category 5 moron (or C5M for short) as Mediacrooks calls her.


      1. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,
        Thank you for your comment! I am absolutely thrilled that a person of your caliber is reading and commenting on my blog. Thank you very much sir. It’s a great honor.


  7. Nice try CW. Trying to use logic and facts to reason with C5M. Good luck with that. Don’t you know that you are a bhakt and sanghi and therefore everything you say is to be discarded. 🙂


  8. Heart of her defense is because local news papers and local TV news covered Malda event of BJP worker’s murder in Kerala they are pro-Hindus and to balance them out we have to be anti-Hindus ! If they left Malda for the local media to cover, why did they not leave Dadri incident for local media? CW you have shrunk her space leaving her just enough for her to sit on her fat ass. I must confess that the Church Attacks coverage must not be biting their conscious (as I did not believe they had any), but I was wrong. Not only they covered false Church attacks, they brought in numerous Christians on their shows. I bet those Christians must be feeling very stupid now.


  9. Posted a link to this rebuttal as a comment to C5M’s TOI blog post
    Wonder if the “toilet” people will let my comment stay for too long.


  10. While it is apparent that the honchos of the sickular-liberal cottage industry are ultimately losing the battle, we must not forget, we must not forgive them; ever.


  11. Nice slap on this sold out journo. What I feel is these handful of presstitutes were blindly pushing agendas of sonia/yechuri to get favors without using their brains. They did not know that the we the masses were just ignoring their lies and corrupt articles. We knew that with the collapse of corrupt UPA regime, these sidekicks would wither away like dry leaves. Now it is too late. These soldout media traders are finding difficult to be relevant with common man. They had created themselves as third rated liars in the public mind and now a days whenever they open their stinking mouths, they are furiously silenced by us who were being treated as cattle not too long ago. Now I personally suggest these journos to quit journalism and take up some other professions like singing, dancing or as jesters in the courts of their masters which at least keeps them survive.


    1. Honestly, I expected they would collapse in a heap immediately after May 16, 2014. That did not happen. But off late, I think their anger and jealousy at seeing Modi as PM is causing them to collapse in slow motion. The mental torture is finishing them on the inside. It’s actually beautiful to watch 🙂


  12. Sorry CW, due to certain pressing issues, couldn’t find time to read this blog. Read it just now. Would admit, this piece should go down as one of your finest. As I have said earlier too, I do not comment very often, but when I come across such fine and articulate dismissal of hypocrite’s rants, I genuinely feel like expressing my thanks to you for your relentless efforts at discrediting and exposing these sycophants of dynasty.
    The MSM which decided and directed the national discourse has been thoroughly snubbed and dismissed by SM, its lies exposed, its agenda denuded, its bias, its prejudices, its machinations have been questioned, dismissed, discarded and demeaned by the alert army of unpaid, volunteer nationalist young men and women, who have been fighting the menace of MSM with missionary zeal, whose only interest is protecting the national pride. Thus there is a paradigm shift in the national discourse. MSM does not enjoy the pride and privileges of the bygone Congi era, no more awards and rewards, no more quid pro quos, no more intervention and interference in the national decision making, so obviously they are a disgruntled lot. Now, they grudge that very FOE that they have been vociferously defending for themselves; because, unlike the great old times, now they too are being questioned, not by high and mighty, but by ordinary people like you and me, who previously had no place in the national discourse. The rising influence of SM in all its manifestations has challenged the hegemony of MSM, and it is SM now that is causing ripples even in the political circles. This new found liberty must be protected, and thanks to people like you, I believe no one can usurp my rights in their urge to stifle me and my ilk. So, keep doing the good work, and assure you, many like me are always there to lend their support to you in your sincere and indefatigable efforts to cleanse the deleterious muck.


    1. Rajinder Sharma ….again another set of excellent statements!!

      the alert army of unpaid, volunteer nationalist young men and women, who have been fighting the menace of MSM with missionary zeal, whose only interest is protecting the national pride.

      now they too are being questioned, not by high and mighty, but by ordinary people like you and me, who previously had no place in the national discourse.

       So, keep doing the good work, and assure you, many like me are always there to lend their support to you in your sincere and indefatigable efforts to cleanse the deleterious muck…….I second that ….CW…Hats off!!


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