Mameluk media complains that Modi is ignoring them!

So folks, I am sorry I goofed up yesterday. I spent the day before trying to think of something really funny to post for April Fool’s Day, but let me just admit that I ust couldn’t think of anything 😦 So, now I am back to the usual stuff today, covering an article by Ashok Singh that I planned to debunk a week ago, but it got pushed down the line. So Modi has been called a dictator for multiple reasons by Mameluks, but this one is going to make you laugh for sure 🙂 Apparently, he is a “dictator” because he ignores the “independent media”. Folks, did you hear that? Someone just described NDTV and HT and Indian Express and all as “independent media”. Let’s get to the article:

Let’s get started:

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a social media junkie. He is also a news junkie. Yet, he ignores the mainstream and traditional form of media and prefers to communicate through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.”

Okay…you got that right. So, what’s your complaint?

“Modi’s strategy of using Twitter over traditional media as a form of communication hides a dangerous tendency. Firstly, it speaks of his proclivity to have complete control over information and information channels….



Yes, I  also prefer to use Google maps  to find my way around the city instead of the more “traditional” way of asking people  for directions as I drive around. As you can see Mr. Ashok Singh, this attitude speaks of my “dangerous tendency” to have complete control over the city!

As a journalist, it is obvious that Mr. Ashok Singh sees forms of direct communication as a threat. After all, his friends have worked as middlemen making careers off controlling the flow of information. They see this both as their livelihood and their privilege. Now, direct forms of communication are supplanting the traditional ones and Ashok Singh is angry. More generally, as a typical Commie journo loser, I can understand why Ashok Singh sees any deviation from the “traditional” as a dangerous tendency. As unproductive parasites, Commies spend decades infecting social institutions…and when new institutions come along, you see frustrated Commies complain that they have to start all over again.

His complaints continue:

Twitter users enjoy absolute control over the medium. One can say whatever one likes and wishes to communicate in 140 characters.

You would think that cheerleaders of freedom of expression would see that as a good thing. ROFL 🙂

“Unlike newspapers, radio and television, social media doesn’t obligate users to observe the ethics of fairness and impartiality.”

At first, this might sound like a joke to you. Describing our mainstream media as “obligated to observe ethics of fairness and impartiality” may seem like a sick joke. But on a second reading, you will realize that the language being used is deeply Orwellian. The problem as Ashok Singh points out is that Twitter allows people to say whatever they like outside the control of those who think they have the birthright to formulate the ethics of “fairness and impartiality”.

It’s true that like any other medium, a Twitter user gets feedback both for and against from other users who comprise supporters as well as trolls.

Like any other medium? Seriously? Do you mean the letters to the editor section of a newspaper? Yes, traditional media can get feedback both for and against as long as people are not free to say whatever they like and are obligated to observe the “ethics of fairness and impartiality”… I see…

However, Modi’s stratospheric list of Twitter followers stands like a virtual protective wall around him to keep his tweets inviolate. His millions of followers transform themselves into trolls and are ready to wage war for him whenever there is an attempt to critique his tweets that may be a policy announcement or an expression of views.

Actually, this is the first time Ashok Singh makes a decent point. Yes, the Prime Minister has so many supporters that it is hard to criticize him on Twitter, because of his “protective wall” of admirers. But ha! What about the traditional media? If the protective wall of supporters scares you, what about the million dollar protective walls around the traditional media? I am a citizen of India as much as Burqa Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai, except that they have access to millions of $$$ to run their own news channels. I don’t. There are 1.25 billion Indian citizens and maybe 10 mega media houses. How are we supposed to break through those walls? Of course you don’t want us to…that is your whole point. If a couple of people praising Modi’s tweets on his timeline feels to you like such a mountain to climb, imagine how I feel when I see the million dollar wall that separates my opinion from that of Burqa Dutt’s.

This sort of communication is a one-way process. It forecloses the option of Modi’s interactions with those who don’t necessarily agree with the government. Basically, it stifles dissent.

And TV channels and newspapers are two way processes…

As a Commie journo, you should be in favor of individual people coordinating on social media to take on these giant corporate media machines, no? But of course you don’t want that. Commies don’t believe in democracy, just in control.

It’s because of this mistrust of the media that Modi has avoided holding press conferences during nearly two years of his government. He doesn’t give interviews, and even during his many foreign visits, he keeps the media at bay.

Ouch…the lack of free foreign trips is something many ethical and fair minded journos have been complaining about for a while… 🙂

Modi has friends among media czars. He has friends among senior journalists. But he hasn’t given them many interviews…

In a rational world, that would be seen as proof of the Prime Minister’s supreme integrity. But in the world of Mameluks, what this means is that even if a journo becomes a “Modi bhakt”, chances of receiving favors from Modi are a BIG ZERO. The frustration is driving them crazy 🙂 🙂 The government simply isn’t interested in buying … 🙂

This sort of antagonism arises because Twitter with its 140-character limit encourages blunt, non-varnished messaging.”

Blunt, non-varnished messaging? Of course, professional “varnish workers” in the media don’t like that…

But the prime minister doesn’t realise that in the absence of proper interactions through newspapers and television, his government is impeding the process of participation of the common people in the political process and thereby, alienating them.

I might not have been able to write a decent April Fool joke, but I can offer you this piece… Did you hear that? By not giving interviews to cable news and newspapers, Modi is stopping people from participating in the political process…. By common people, he means the “experts” who sit on TV panel debates…ROFL. A sick joke or Orwellian, you decide….


29 thoughts on “Mameluk media complains that Modi is ignoring them!

  1. Modi is doing the right thing by speaking directly to the people.He knows that journalists have lost their integrity and he also knows that many of them have an agenda.Let the journos bark.Looking forward to the day when journos are replaced by robots.And I notice how journalists use the word “troll” so often.They hate it when someone else calls them a “presstitute” but they brand those who don’t share their worldview as “trolls”.From now on,I am going to use the word IQ44 to describe journalists.That’s because an IQ of 44 is very low and also,44 is a number that their masters are probably very familiar with and it’s a number that they will become even more familiar with in the future.Keep barking IQ44s.Your days are numbered.

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  2. I have been an ardent follower of your blog .not only I admire your approach to any subject your way of in depth analysis is awesome. I also fwd to many of my friends the moment I receive your posts which have been well appreciated. Keep the good work going.wishing you all the best.


  3. Ouch ! Ouch !! , Ouch !!!. You have just hurt these pseudos where it hurts most. According to them what they opiate is the voice of the masses and that and that alone must be heard, respected and acted upon. What high handedness and shameless display of self aggrandizement. It is really nice that Mr. Modi decided to speak directly to the masses and continue to do so. We do not need these Mameluks any way as they are only acting as disruption to progress & development process getting established after many many years.
    Very correct your observation that these IQ44s are feeling the heat under their collar with the lack of free trips, lunch, drinks, snax and dinner parties. They have been deriding the country in such melas with active support from the 44s. Really what has been their contribution to the development of the nation? Speaking of Print media has any one of them reported the positive aspects that the government lined up on various fronts since the present Govt took over? Reporting mindless violent incidents, every day, has exposed their intent , to bring discredit to the government and country. Is there nothing good to report in the country as vast as ours? Let these Mameluks get stifled and suffer for the betterment of the nation.
    Congratulations on your increasing hits every day. Pray God gives you the strength and the Mameluks the opportunities unlimited to “Troll” them in the media.

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    1. Thank you very much. 10 years of sitting at the computer from 2004 to 2014 fuming at the media helplessly…it gives me the energy to keep blogging against them with all my might.


  4. What a high class whining moron this guy is!

    The way you have broken up the article and analyzed it becomes obvious that the stupid media has lost it and nobody cares for them anymore. Also the PM ignoring the media is so right.

    Imagine the media interviewing the PM regarding his favorite fruit. He says he likes apple.
    The media reporting that the PM is dead against and hates mango,banana and orange!!

    Every news, be it about the government and its development of the country or any information anywhere in the world you get accurate version instantaneously on SM!

    Like how Freedom of Expression in India has been patented by Adarsh Liberals & persecuted Minorities. News was patented by these stupid presstiutes ….not any more in this Internet era!!

    Let us name them DC-IQ44(Dynasty Crooks with IQ of 44)!!

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  5. Awwwwww. Ashok Singh necked out to represent the so called journalists never mind at the cost of being shamed. I pity him.

    Left alone for some more time, he will start weeping uncontollobly and unconsolobly tears welling up his eyes blurring his vision.

    Modi ji, just in two years you have made them as infants.. Awwwwww….


  6. ‘Vinashakale viparitha bhuddi’ The frustration and desperation is complete among these useless journalists. So much as so they are not even thinking through or comprehending their own writings and statements.


  7. What came first? Chicken or egg? Did Modi decide to ignore media first or media became unfair to Modi first is a 64 thousand dollars question. Did Modi cry foul when the media was totally unfair to him? He just got even. That is all.


  8. “in the absence of proper interactions through newspapers and television, his government is impeding the process of participation of the common people in the political process and thereby, alienating them.”

    Hahahaha …. OMG … ROTFL.


  9. If there is anyone who hurt Modi more than the opposition parties, it is these sold out media agents who pursued him even to his personal life. Now Modi is killing them by just looking through them and the scums are dying without any job. Next in line are ‘Intellectuals’ who are useless to the society.

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    1. China is making the same mistake as America. Like America, China thinks that they can push through their diplomatic interests by playing footsie with Pakistan. They have learned nothing from America’s experience. Heck, even Americans haven’t learned anything from their own experience with Pakistan.


  10. By the way,did you guys watch the ad that mocked Kanhaiya?Liberals downgrading that app.Love it when they get angry lol.


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