Why Manish Tewari is holistically the most vile person on the planet

Personally, I think people like Manish Tewari, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Kapil Sibal are the biggest assets of the Indian right and Narendra Modi. There was no doubt that Modi would have won 2014 even without them, but surely the fact that the public could no longer stand their smug, arrogant faces played a role in getting the BJP a handy 10-12 seats that enabled it to score 272+.

And it is nice to see that sitting in the Opposition, these scum have learned no lesson at all. They will not stop until they go from 44 to 4, even then. So, this Easter, certain terrorists (who have no religion) in the Middle East threatened to crucify an Indian Catholic priest they had kidnapped from Yemen. And then, Manish Tewari said this:


Keep it up Mr. Tewari. Thank you for pouring out your gutter level thoughts for the whole world to see. We don’t even need to talk about Father Alexis who Modi govt rescued from peaceful terrorists. We don’t even need to talk about the religion of the Malayali nurses that Modi government brought back home. What you have done here is shown us the dirty mind of the Congress party…when an Indian is in danger somewhere, you will rescue him/her based on your vote bank concerns. Does Madam Sonia Gandhi support this statement? Do India’s elite liberals support this statement?

Actually, was Manish Tewari’s tweet a signal to “intellectuals” to start another round of “intolerance debate” over this Christian priest? How far will the wretched intellectuals go to divide the country for their votebank politics. The answer is : pretty low. Lest people have forgotten, let me remind them of what the Congress did in 2006:

“It’s by now a settled fact that the UPA government, at the instance of the Rajindar Sachar committee, tried to seek a Muslim headcount in the armed forces.”


Why o why did you do that? Which soldiers did you not trust enough: the Hindu soldiers or the Muslim soldiers? The UPA government had many low points, but I think this was by far their lowest. Be very certain…if Madam Sonia Gandhi ever comes back to power, they will not just chop up the Army by religion, they will also break it down by Jat, Gujjar, Brahmin, Sikh, Dalit, Thakur, Rajput…anything and everything they can think of…    Next time Congress creates a  quota riot in Haryana or Rajasthan and the Army has to come in, they will check the caste of each officer and soldier in the regiment.

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj did the right thing by not dignifying Manish Tewari with a response. Instead, all she did was this:

Indeed, Manish Tewari’s statement did not deserve a reply from a Cabinet Minister. It is for the people of India to reply to this vile creature called Manish Tewari.  And this vile creature even began to complain:

Mr. Tewari, she had guts. And she also had class. That is why she left it up to the people to answer your question. The only pervert here is you. You will find out the day Congress goes down from 44 to 4. Keep doing what you are doing here. Excellent job.


24 thoughts on “Why Manish Tewari is holistically the most vile person on the planet

  1. I think Mani Shankar Aiyar is worse.That chaiwalla comment that he made during the 2014 campaign must have definitely done some damage to the INC.You are very right when you say that they are assets.Rahul Gandhi hit a double fault when he supported Kanhaiya,the guy who wanted to break India into pieces.I hope they keep it coming.By the way,CBI thinks that it has enough evidence against the HP CM.HP could be next.

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  2. Manish Tiwari is a big mouth in Khangress, who is a powerful dynamite to blow Congress. We very much need him to support BJP, every often he would yap through his stinking big mouth only to be disowned by Congis. Hope here again a rejoinder will come from Congis, that the statement was of his own and congress does not endorse his view. Let us not take him seriously, he is a harmless bomb for BJP.

    Mani Shankar Aiyar – One person in Indian politics for whom the entire Indian citizens should be indebted forever. Through his one single Chaiwallah comment he paved a big way for BJP to create history. His ass will envy his mouth that it generates so much shit.

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  3. This Tewari guy is said to be a lawyer. I’m starting to wonder if his LLB was one of those Bihar-based mail order degrees of the Laloo days. Even the dynasty-loyal TOI carried this news yesterday:

    The Pakistani Christians are in real deep shit these days, not the make-believe shit created by our desi Libs and their NGO handlers. They wrote to Modi asking India to allow Pak Christians (and Hindus) to take refuge in India. That’s Intolerance for you, Tewari.

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  4. Good post!

    Manish Tewari is stupid to have tweeted this way,that to after seeing PM Modi/Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj/General V.K. Singh in action on several occasions in helping, rescuing Indians abroad!!

    The inaction during UPA govt, in such situation is unbelivable!

    Tweepeople has given it nicely!

    Now that Manish Tewari has brought in religious angle to Fr Tom incident,let us ask him what did Sonia do when a Hindu was abducted in Afghan?

    2005,ManiapanRamankutty was abducted by Taliban.Congress didnt take the 48hr deadline seriously.Taliban beheaded him.

    Ramankutty was the sole breadwinner of d family. His kids were aged 8&3.Wat did your Govt do to rescue him.

    A statement like “We’re suspending all construction works” could’ve saved Ramankuttys life.you did nothing.

    unlike Fr Tom, Maniappan was working for a Govt of India org and he was sent to Afghanistan by Govt

    Most important -Ramankutty was the direct responsibility of the then GOI given that he was working on their project.

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      1. ‘Low’ is an understatement!! These guys masquerade as if they are God’s gift to mankind itself, leave alone India! And their claim to fame is the fancy jargon they use. Most of them are just Macaulay puthras/puthris!! They just cant stomach being out of power. Like fish out of water, they are gasping for air (power) and every minute is a torture for them to see an ‘effective and able’ Goverment, where there is at least some element of ‘honesty’, ‘integrity’, ‘hardwork’, ‘independence’ to do their respective jobs in their respective portfolios and the nation is lapping it all up, not because they are ‘BJP’ but because people see value proposition in this Government.


  5. Where was the Congresses feeling of Indianess when the Kashmori Pandits were ethinically cleansed?Where was it when Mumtaz Begum and Mr.Gogoi were allowing Bangladeshi peacefuls massacare Indians?Were was their feeling of Indianess when they were allowing conversion activities to destabalize the NE?Where was there feeling of Indianess when in 1984they conducted a pogrom was conducted against the Sikhs?Aren’t Sikhs Indians?Or is that title only for secular religions of Peace and Love?
    The INC should rename it self as The Anti-India Congress.Congress was never really for the betterment of the Bharatiya janata,it was started by AO Hume to keep tabs on dissent from the “natives”.Any good that has happened in the country should be viewed as despite The INC.
    Further I’d like to know what this “Father” Thomas was doing in Yemen.Isn’t it sufficient that they’ve been practicing their corrupt conversion activities in Bharat (which in my opinion should be brought to a stop),now should they go and start harassing countries which already suffer one sort of fanatacism?It is well observed that countries in Africa with almost equal proportions of Peacefuls and Lovers have plunged into darkness due to Rabid fanatacism.

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      1. No.The “I”NC has always been Anti-Hindu and Anti-Indian (to a lesser extent), only now that they are in Emergency Mode,they are revealing their true colors thinking that it will get them “Minority” support.(at around 7% and 14% they shouldn’t be called minorities.Meanwhile the actual religious minorities are an Industrious and hard working lot.).Even if they do get “minority” support,they are just consolidating Hindu votes through their “secular” and blatantly Anti-National statements.


  6. How low someone can stoop to please his master. It’s a god forsaken party with no leader or vision. Manish Tiwari and his “Yeti” like colleague Sibal don’t know where to stop. They had done more damage to INC than all those scams. Bharat Congress Mukt ban ke rahega….inshallah…..inshallah..


  7. Manish Tewari is a gutter mouth. His brain (if he has any) is at the wrong end of his body. Hope some doctor has advised him not to take a purgative for he can lose what is left of it. Shame on you, you idiot for such crass comments. Learn to behave responsibly and try to imbibe some dignity in your dealings. I know this is a very high expectation form the likes of you, however.

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      1. I would rather say that what oozed out of their foul mouths is what made their faces look so ghastly!! These clowns keep flaunting their western pedigrees! Anything to do with Sanskrit, Indianness, patriotism is all akin to ‘communalism’ to these bums! Imagine the temerity of the ‘zero-loss’ theory guru! So very condescending these guys that they drove the neutral voters to hate them and their party!!


  8. Whatever, the Christians in India are not that critical of Modiji or BJP., as dynastycrooks pretend. Most of the Indian Christians are well educated and can think out of religious diktats. They also know that only in India they are well respected/protected among all Non-Christian countries. That is also the reason few sold out media Christians abuse Hindus is a different matter. But Muslims are different. I have never seen many grateful comments by Muslims when Gen. VK Singh personally stood in rescue operations in war torn Libya. The whole world admired Sushmaji and VK Singh. If you leave aside their foxy way of conversions, every Indian Christian is Loyal to Motherland and also a patriot.


    1. I don’t trust Christians.My Amamma’s friend who lives by herself used to own an apartment where everyone except her was a Christian.They wanted her to move out and sell her apartment to another Christian so they cut her electricity and water and did not allow her drinking water and mail in the building.She caved in finally and moved out.I have lost what little regard that I had towards Christians.How can they behave so barbarously?And latter they complain that Hindus ghettoize them,we are attacked,our sentiments etc. etc.Quite frankly the sentiments and oppression thing bother me the most.These Krantikaris practice Caste in an even more obscene manner and complain about Hindus.They publish pamphlets that denigrate cherished Hindu beliefs and revered Gods and Godesses but get offended by comedians,movies and comments.


  9. I don’t know. I still think Sanjay Jha is the most repulsive , disgusting, slimy, waste of space on this earth( I refuse to call him Human). Of course, he’s the darling of ndtv and other mameluk media houses. Every time he opens his mouth, the IQ of the entire human race dips. I get so disgusted and irritated by him, I feel that someone should run him over with a bus. But then I remember..we must use bug spray for dirty pests.
    Abhishek Manu singhvi
    Sanjay Jha
    Manish tewari
    The yucky trio of the congress. We must’ve committed some grave sins in a past life that we have to keep seeing these faces constantly.


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